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Meat and Potatoes #2



Meat and Potatoes #2: Stress

Hey guys, It’s Tap again. A week late with this M&P’s because of finals so I figure this weeks will be on priorities and stress relief. I’ve currently come under quite a bit of stress with regular life, a death of a friend, family holiday events and all the extra stress that comes with end of semester in college. This wore on me and instead of letting it take over I gave myself a day to relax and “catch up” on my ME time.

That day I can break down into three major things I did to keep sane and regulate myself back into a motivational mindset. First, I broke all my regular scheduling rules. Second, I consciously relaxed. Finally, I let the small things go. With all these things happening at once and consciously, I feel refreshed and relaxed and ready to take on the day.

Break ALL the rules!

You’re taking this day to gather yourself. Don’t worry about when you wake up or when you’re going to eat. You want today to be about semi-controlled chaos. You want very few things necessary to happen. The conscious relaxation and to let go of the small things and the things out of your control are the only things you need to worry about. Do whatever makes you happy, be incredibly selfish.

Today is all about you big cat, make it yours. Those stressors that are around you’re worried about will be there tomorrow. Let them stay there for now. You want to make sure you’re not doing your regular routine and breaking all your rules. Wake up late (preferably on a weekend or day off, obviously) and get out of bed incredibly slow. Usually make a healthy breakfast fit for a health nut? Make pancakes.

Today is your day to do with what you want. Break up your routine and make sure it’s about you today. That breaks up your rigid schedule you may have for yourself and lets you go with the flow. Once you’ve broken your routine and broke all your rules for the day we can start your relaxation! WOO!

Know you’re relaxing

When you do whatever it is you do to relax do it with your mind closed to everything but where you are. Whether your relaxation is reading a book, taking a bubble bath, running, yoga or whatever it is, make sure you know why you’re doing it. Don’t think about taxes, rent, school, work, holidays, life or anything else. They’ll be waiting for you tomorrow. Today just be present and in the moment.

Please oh please, if you get frustrated at losing don’t play video games today. They’ll be there later. This is all about relaxing wholeheartedly and completely. Stay away from all those stressors no matter how small. This is about keeping your mind all about the sensation of relaxation.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Those tiny things that are just on your mind that add stress to your life aren’t useful. They just give your mind more things to worry about. Don’t let them bother you and one of my favorite techniques to get rid of the tiny stuff is to draw a hot bath or a hot shower and plug the drain. While you sit there think hard about all those tiny little stressors you’ve held onto. After about twenty minutes think about all those things being released into the water, unplug the drain and watch them all go away.

Take a day for yourself guys, relax, get your mind going in the right direction again. Let go of things you can’t control or tiny things and finally get ready for the next day when you get back into it. It’s tough during the Holiday season with everything going on and so many things to do but just realize that you made it through many others and you’ll continue making it through the rest of them.

Real Talk:

Holidays are incredibly stressful. If you need to chat with someone about things going on in your life please let me know. I’ve lost entirely too many people to issues that could have been prevented. Send me a message or email me or anything and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you’re uncomfortable about the subject to talk to me, MESSAGE ME ANYWAY. I’ll find someone who can talk to you about it in a more comfortable setting. Do not think that asking for help is what weak people do. I’d rather have more people to play games with than once less because they couldn’t talk to someone.

Game on everyone! Take it easy!

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