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Advice for applicants on getting endorsements

vVv OrganicBear


So there has been a few common difficulties I've found where applicants have trouble getting endorsements. I decided to write a post about how to improve your chances and getting into vVv with a few simple recommendations:

Hang out before you apply

This advice is really something everyone should consider. It can be pretty difficult to get someone to like you in just three weeks, especially if you only come on every week or so. Members will need to spend time with you to determine whether they like you or think you'd be a good addition to the community. People also have their own schedules, sometimes focusing on team nights or soloqueue/league practice. As a result it can be pretty difficult to get enough game time in with the same people consistently enough to get endorsed. By coming on mumble or XBL and hanging out with us on the forums, it gives people a better chance to get to know you before you submit an application. As a result it's much easier to get your endorsements later on.

This also gives you a chance to see if vVv is the right community for you. Maybe you like the idea of vVv but the people rub you the wrong way, or maybe you like the people, but the direction of the organization isn't a good match for you. Whatever the case, it's best to find out before you put in the effort to put in an application and gather endorsements whether this is the place for you.

Make yourself available to play frequently

Getting to know a group of people can be a time-consuming task, especially when you consider you might not run into the same people every night. Wait to apply until you can consistently get on mumble or XBL at least 2-3 nights per week to play some games with people. This lets members retain their mental picture of you from one meeting to the next and thereby allows members to get to know you faster. Having multiple frequent nights of good interactions will likely get you endorsements without even having to ask for them.

Be outgoing

You might be a great person that everyone will love once they get to know you, but if you are very reserved or quiet on mumble or XBL no one will get the chance to find that out. Try to inject yourself in conversations as much as possible (being polite and trying not to cut people off, of course) or bring up conversations if no one is talking. Although not everyone can avoid being shy it is something you can work on, and being able to converse with people will translate into a great life skill later on.

Be tactful

It's not forbidden to ask people for endorsements, but consider how annoying it could be if someone were heckling you for something repeatedly every time you talked to them. The best way to go about asking for endorsements is to ask someone if they have any feedback for you. If they have nothing negative to say and generally positive things to say, it might be a good time to ask them to endorse you. If they still say no, accept that they might just not know you well enough yet and wait until you spend a few more nights playing with them before asking again.

NEVER try to buy endorsements

If you hear about someone selling endorsements in exchange for Microsoft points, RP, money, skins, etc. IMMEDIATELY contact a staff member. Do not attempt to purchase endorsements from ANYONE as this is 100% against the rules. We want vVv Gaming to be full of people who love to be around each other and add value, not people who can buy their way into the organization.

If all else fails, find SugarBear (for LoL applicants)

Sometimes people have certain personality traits that make people uncomfortable endorsing them, and may not be comfortable giving feedback like this to you. If you have tried the above and are still having trouble, I will find some time to play with you and can give you feedback on anything that might be putting people off and keeping you from getting endorsements. Please keep an open mind during these sessions, as any feedback is meant to be constructive and to help you grow as an individual.

If you don't make it in, don't despair!

Just because you failed to get the necessary endorsements in time to get your interview doesn't necessarily mean we hate you or don't want you here! It might simply be the case that we just didn't get the chance to get to know you well enough, or want to see you grow as a person a little before accepting you as a full member. Feel free to seek out as much feedback as possible and reapply in a few months if your application is closed due to failing to receive an endorsement.

That's it! I hope these are helpful and good luck with your application. If you're a League of Legends applicant, be sure to join us on mumble every Tuesday and Thursday night for orientation and inhouses starting at 7 PM EST.

Additional advice from vVv NaturaL:

You have to understand that we play with applicants whenever we have the time to, some of us compete in tournies, are preparing for events, or have other obligations. I can't speak for everyone but I normally play with applicants a couple nights a week when I have the time. Also as far as getting actual endorsements, it's not supposed to be an easy application process, not everyone who applies can get in as all of you know, which is why you have 3 weeks gracing period in between endorsements until your app is closed. So therefor you need to take advantage of the CGN's, that's why they're their. Keep in mind you need 5 endorsements, which basically means you need to prove to 5 members that you deserve to be apart of vVv and understand completely the pillars in which this organization was built upon. It's not just how well you play but also how you conduct yourself on the forums/shoutbox, as well as just talking in parties/lobbies. We do pay very close attention to that as well so just because you haven't been playing with someone doesn't mean the members don't know who you are. Like Flash said sometimes the shoutbox is a good way to get in touch with members who wanna play so just keep staying active on the forums and keep on trying and i'm sure you'll start getting involved with more members.


Recommended Comments

I completely agree with you vVv Sugarbear!  I was able to start rather quickly with my application because I hung out with some applicants before I started playing.  :)

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Excellent post! Like Soap, I was informed by vVv Natural that it might be a good idea to chat around, and post in the forums, as well as game with some members to let everyone get a chance to learn a little about me, as well as learn about vVv Gaming before posting my app, so I did, just jumped right in, and about a week later posted the app! Great read!!! :)

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Thanks this helps alot, only thing for me is im not aloud to download anything so mumble is out of the pic for me. But if im really needed i have a fb and twitter, and im like always on xbox! I dont really play so many hrs in a row, I ussaully take brakes in between games, then play more. I want to play with some of the same people for the reason of endorsements but yet i want to play with some new people to get to know them. 

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yeah i think my problem can be if we are in a lobby i more likely listen to you guys then rather speak maybe a bit insecure about my lack of english or i don't know what it is but i do see a bit changes lately indeed being more outgoing... and thats thx to you guys

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Great advise. im an applicant and havnt gotten any endorsements yet. im keepin my head up and participating is as much stuff as possible, vVv Forums, SB, CGN's, vVvfantasyfranchiseleague...im very social and outgoing and have recieved alot of nice comment and constructive citisism. i wont b discouraged if my app gets closed, but i sure hope it doesnt, for sure. Im thinking now also of ways i could stand out a bit more to members to show value to the community. i will b a member someday and wont give up trying. vVv is the community i want to b a part of, great people and a well organized community!!! Again that for the advise, SugarBear...

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