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Chapter 11: Pinball wizard



Sup doods.

I tilted for the frist time in almost 2 months. I've been kind of sticking to the "Train smart, not harder" mentality for the last few weeks, playing around 15 games a day, as well as breaking them up (playing 4-7 games, breaking, a few more games, breaking, etc etc) and it's been working pretty well thus far. Earlier today I had a session where I went 2-2, but I felt ok cause I won a really long TvP, which has been giving me trouble, so I was feel good. Then I started playing again, and it was like the ladder session from the 7th circle of hell. None of the games were even good. Here's a general summation of the games I played, in order

1. TvT, died to proxy Thors

2. TvT, died to a Terran who gasless FE'd, saw I went for a 16 gas, knew I was gonna build a reactor on my Barracks, pulled 4 SCV's with his first 3 marines, my bunker was late and I took to much damage.

3. TvP, Proxy 1 gate which blocked my wall at the ramp, over commted with my SCV's to kill the pylon, ended up building 3 rax and all in-ing, and he had built 3 cannons (Thinking back I think this guy was hacking, I was tilting at this point).

4. TvR, guy leaves in the first 5 seconds.

5. TvP, Same guy as in game 3, I wall at my CC and he's not cheesing me, I just 2 rax and all in him and it doesn't work.

6. TvZ, died to a Roach-Bane Bust after scouting no gas and a spine crawler going up.

7. TvP, he goes Gate-Nexus-Cyber on Cloud Kingdom and skips a Zealot, and I scout him taking a very early second gas, I open Triple CC (After debating to 5 rax and try to punish him). I scout again with an SCV later, and he goes right up to Robo (so an early attack should have worked). I move out with 1/1 stim and medivacs, and he's taking a third (which I kill) But he's got 3 collosus, and I've not even started Vikings. I retreat, and he all ins me with 1/1, collosus, charge, and Archons, so if I had done a 2 base marine attack, he would have died for sure.

8.TvZ, Cross positions on Entombed, my Banshees do a lot of damage and feel pretty good going into the mid-game, but he builds like 7 Mutas, and has good map control, and I can't do anything with my Banshees in the mid-game, I take a really bad fight around my 4th base, but still trade ok, then I decide to move out, onto creep, and get completely surrounded (I'm tilting HAAAAAAAARD at this point).

9. TvZ on Antiga. played a Zerg that was just fucking horrible. He took a super quick third, which I scouted and bunkered up, and forced a cancel. He over produced Slowlings, that my hellions just fried, and he had no detection when my banshees were out, and pretty much just killed him with banshees.

So ya, I've pretty much droped 100 points today. I think the biggest problem is that I was playing tired, and my head just wasn't in the game from the get go. So I either need to not train when I'm in that state, or learn how to detach myself from the game when I am, so that way, when I do lose 7 games in a row, I can just shrug it off, and come back fine in an hour or two.

This blog was kind of just pulled out of my ass, but I didn't want to play anymore SC2, and couldn't play HoTS because of the patch, so I needed a way to kind of distract myself from the game.

Hopefully this wasn't to painful for you guys to read. I don't know when I'll write another blog entry, but hopefully it won't be such a downer of a read next time.

So until then, I love you all, be safe.

P.S. As a consolation for this mopey, sad sack blog entry, here are some Corgi's sleeping in formation

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww xinfinity


Your video makes up for the mopey blog :D  We all have bad days it's just a matter of practicing through it so next time you do better.  Too many people make the mistake of not training except under ideal conditions.

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