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Chapter 10: Back to business



Sup doods.

Last week was kind of a trouble some week. I had a bunch of stuff to do at my Mom's house (getting the laundry done, making sure that the pipes wouldn't freeze, etc etc). I also wasn't feeling to well, and just felt kind of dumpy. I wasn't depressed or anything, just didn't feel quite as motivated as I usually do.

But today, I felt back to my normal self. Maybe it's got to do with the weather (it's been extremely cold here in Phoenix the last couple of days,and today was the first day that was kind of nice.) So today I wanted to go pretty hard at training today. Between my main account and my second account, I probably played 25 games. I started the day at like 225 points, and ended up getting to 300, so still not particularly high, but progressing none the less.

One thing that felt pretty good, Hap was streaming and Robo and I were trying to snipe him and troll him. Razor said, "No offense Hiei, but you're MMR is no where near Hap and Robo's." Sure enough, I hit Robo, and we had a laugh about hitting eachother. I tried to poke forward at like 7:30 and he already had a collosus, I did a weird transition, and all ined with 2-2 and all my SCV's and he barely held. After that, THEN I hit Hap, we both meta-gamed eachother SUUUUPER hard, and he beat me in marine tank game. After that I hit Robo again and I did a super silly all in that killed him. So that felt good just out of spite to Razor (<3).

TvZ is feeling back to normal. I was having a little bit of trouble over the last week or so, just making silly mistakes and losing games I should have won. It feels like my win rate is directly related with the damage I can do with my banshees early on. I think I might have to make some more adjustments to make my play a little less reliant on having to do damage. TvP is still improving. I'm not hitting as many Protoss on ladder as I should be, and when I do hit them, they cheese me. TvT is also feeling better over all. I was starting to get away from mech, saying that Mech is to easily abused. But I've realized that the way I was going about meching wasn't very good. So I've been looking at new mech openings, and have been trying that out, but it needs some more work.

So ya, tomorrow will probably be another pretty heavy ladder day, then Saturday I probably won't play too much, because we have a clan war vs xO's B team. I know one of their A team players and one of their B team players from the Arizona LANs. I never really play a whole lot with either of them, but their both very good, and I REALLY wanna beat them.

I think that's just about it for now. I'm probably gonna go grab some sleep and cuddle with the puppy.

So until next time, I love you all be safe.


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