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Four Teams. Three Eliminations. Too Much Pressure. One Spot Remains…

vVv Paradise



We now know seven of the eight teams that have qualified for Season 3 and will play in the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Four teams still remain in the offline qualifier, but only one can receive a contract from Riot Games this Sunday. Three of these teams will have their dreams denied for at LEAST the next six months. Unfortunately, for the majority of players remaining, the harsh realization is that this might be their last chance to become a professional League of Legends player. Let’s take a look at the competitors facing off later today and what the keys to success are for each team.


Dirtnap Gaming

Overall record this weekend: 3-2

Champions Selected:


Important Champions to Watch For:

Jayce - 100% (2-0)

Maokai - 66% (2-1)

Sona - 66% (2-1)

Graves - 60% (3-2)

Olaf - 50% (2-2)

Keys to Success for DNG against Azure:

  • Dirt Nap has excelled this weekend when Cris is able to make plays. Get Cris early kills against Azure and apply early pressure.
  • PR0LLY succeeded with Jayce in early matches. Expect him to pull out AD Casters instead of picks like Kassadin or Kayle.
  • Graves has been played in all five DNG matches. As that ecKo feels most comfortable with Graves, expect him to stick with what works.



Azure Gaming

Overall record this weekend: 2-3

Champions Selected:


Important Champions to Watch For:

Katarina 100% (1-0)

Nunu - 66% (2-1)

Cho'Gath - 50% (1-1)

Keys to Success for Azure against DNG:

  • Azure was shut down vs. Curse Gaming. Azure needs to pick champions they are comfortable with and play safe and standard. There is a lot of momentum against them. Wait for the opponent to make a mistake and capitalize to gain momentum back on their side.
  • Shut down Cris. DNG rocked through the group stage when Cris was able to make early plays. Never allow him to get to that point.
  • While it might seem like an odd move, a ban of Graves against DNG could potentially throw them off their game. ecKo has only played Graves at this event and it could remove him from his comfort zone.



Meat Playground

Overall record this weekend: 2-3

Champions Selected:


Important Champions to Watch For:

Sona - 66% (2-1)

Vladimir - 50% (1-1)

Malphite - 33% (1-2)

Keys to Success for Meat Playground against MRN:

  • If xHazzard gets his hands on Malphite, make sure to land those Unstopable Forces! We saw just how much of a game changer he could be when Meat Playground eliminated 1 Trick Ponies. xHazzard hasn't had the same luck since. If Malphite is banned, xHazzard is also comfortable on Nidalee. Pick her up and split push to a win.
  • Make Team MRN uncomfortable and never underestimate them. MRN was able to base race a win already this weekend. Meat Playground needs to contain any potential tricks that MRN could have up their sleeves.



Team MRN

Overall record this weekend: 2-2

Champions Selected:


Important Champions to Watch For:


Keys to Success for Meat Playground against MRN:

  • Stay unpredictable! Team MRN has played four games this weekend and they have chosen 19 different champions. The only champion that has been played twice was Cho'Gath. With this spread of champions, the team cannot be banned out. Keep using a variety of champs and keep MP guessing as to what they will do.
  • Use nonstandard play to throw Meat Playground off their game. The base race vs. Cloud9 took everyone by surprise. Pulling out Urgot, the only time in the tournament thus far, was a shock against Azure. If MP cannot react to the off the wall strategies of MRN, this team could be one step closer to a Season 3 contract.

Tune in live at 2:00pm EST as the final day of action unfolds! The last remaining of these four teams will become the 8th and final team added into the North American League of Legends Championship Series!

Which of these four teams will receive the final Season 3 Contract? Leave your predictions in the comments below! If you predict the overall winning team correctly, you'll be entered to win an out of print League of Legends Riot Nasus skin! Enjoy the final day of the Season 3 Offline Qualifiers! Predictions must be entered before the end of the first game today between Azure and DNG!

Credit for graphs to reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends user Polarclaw.


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Entries for the skin contest are closed as of this post,  but I'd still love to hear who everyone thinks will win! DNG is currently up 1-0 but it's looking like it might go to a third game. This is exciting!

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As that Team MRN has won, I have used a random number generator to selected one of the three people that predicted the winners. 

Congratulations to vVv Magicmooch! He was randomly selected to win the out of print Riot Nasus skin! Thanks to everyone that participated!

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