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Part 2: A Guide to Get More Followers



Over the past couple of months, twitter has been growing at a phenomenal rate for eSports, and more people are getting involved. This is exactly what the industry needs for it to grow and move on to the next level. Social media has been a big part for pop culture, developing fan basis', sharing quick news and used for meeting new people who have the same interests as you. I've heard the question come up several times before, and hell, even I ask it sometimes; how does one get more followers? I'm here to try to give the best answers possible and help some fellow gamers out.



One of the most obvious ways to get more for eSports related tweets is to be good at a certain competitive title, be good at a few games, or just play a lot of games that people have played and can share game information with. If you are a professional gamer, sometimes it's not even hard to get followers as all you would have to do is compete in tournament and do well. If they engage with the community and their fans a lot as well, only makes it better for them. Communicating with everyone in the community is always a plus for anyone as it shows that you have a personality, can get along with people, and appreciate a possible fan basis that you have.

Here's another way to get followers, and this one is more like a hit or miss type of deal; vVv redvsblue touched on this in one of his blog posts recently that he had gained many followers from just following vVv Gaming's twitter account. This is good for a couple of reasons, one, it builds a relationship with vVv's news content put up on social media, and two, if you associate with vVv's tweets, you can get exposure from vVv as well as retweets of your information you like to share. You can not only follow vVv Gaming, but everyone in vVv and many other organizations that have twitter. The only reason I say this way is a hit or miss is because you wont be guaranteed followers, but it give you a chance to get exposure and publicity for your own twitter account.



This last method to getting followers that I can share; and this one is my personal favorite idea; is to be good at one thing, and one thing only. This is a fantastic thing because if you are really good, or can do good things with something, you will be able to share info from your perspective of it. If you are truly good at something alone and start tweeting about it, people will start coming to you for the info because they wont be able to find it from anyone else. This is why all actors and artists have many followers, not only because they are famous, but because people are interested in their life and what they put on twitter. That is a horrible comparison to the gaming community, I know. I was just making an idea of what you could do with twitter and your own personality. If you're good to people on twitter and know how to make friends, you are only going to look better and your image will grab peoples attention.

Always make sure to connect with people and RT their cool information they share. You just might get rewarded! ;). I hope I have helped some people grab some followers with this information, and I want to give a shoutout to @vVv_Gaming for doing what they do best, and @vVv_redvsblue for giving his insight on how to get followers quickly!

Make sure to throw me a follow on twitter @Slauney for vVv news, eSports content and possible blog ideas. Thanks for reading.


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