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Hello To You All

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Hi all, I am Martin aka xSkiLLz. I am from England and I am lets just say 20+. I am a Call of Duty gamer on the PlayStation and have played for many years now both for fun and competitively on both PlayStation and Xbox. I game for around 7 hours a day at least 6 days a week depending on work and family.

I have followed vVv for many years dating back to the days of their Call of Duty teams but did stop for a few years due to the lack of a CoD Team. 

Recently I was looking back through old Call of Duty records and results when the vVv name appeared and I had to come back and see what was happening and how the whole vVv Communtiy was doing nowadays.

So anyway that's a little about me and why I am here. Hope to speak and be active on the forums as well as meet some fellow gamers and eSports enthusiast's 

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