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Not Re-Applying as of Yet, But I WILL Be Around

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How is it going all?  My name is Alex, or better known around here as Trivium or Triv.  I am an ex vVv member and staff from the Xbox days.  I applied early in Black Ops 2, and had an unusually long application, earning my V's near the end of that game, right before Ghosts came out.  At MLG Columbus, I met a lot of our community at the time, and had one of the most memorable weekends I have ever had.  

That was also the weekend I joined vVv staff as a Call of duty application manager, alongside vVv Bizkit.  We spent a few months together there, and due to Call of Duty as a whole, I rejoined the community members, and shortly after, regrettably left to do staff work for a few low end Call of Duty organizations that never had the same drive for competition like vVv did.

I am an inline hockey player for Penn State, where we earned 1 title, and 2 second place finishes in my 3 years on the team.  I have also earned the accolades of assistant captain (from our coaching staff) and vice president (voted for by team mates) there.

I would love to be involved with vVv again, as well as help grow the community back to the level it used to be!  If applicants have any questions, feel free to ask, but I am sure the application processes are way different than I remember them being.  Any members who are still around from when I was here, feel free to say hi, I will be on here a few times a week just to keep my name around the community.  I will have my discord up and running in the next few days, I am looking forward to seeing you all there!



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