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vVv Samona

Final Fantasy XIV 3.4 Patch notes and thoughts

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Hello, vVv Gaming Final Fantasy Community Final Fantasy XIV(14) is getting a new patch soon! This patch is a cycle patch in where we will be getting: Raids, Dungeons, a trial, and Main story! The name of this patch, as shown above, is “Soul Surrender” and I am personally really excited about this patch in particular as this is the last major patch for the Heavensward Expansion and Square Enix will be focusing more of their efforts on the next Expansion to come!

Main Story



Leaving off with the death of Nidhogg and the end of the Dragonsong war, this patch with set the stage for the next expansion. There isn't much information on the actual main story other then the Patch Trailer they have released all we know as of now is that we will be following Alphinaud and his misdoings through Eorzea. I for one and really excited to see what his story is and what they have to tell us about him. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for this very important character in the story.

Trailer Spoiler: 7 Min 16 Sec 









Alexander, the raid of Heavensward, is about to conclude with the 3.4 patch is a big and exciting way. We are now going to be entering Alexander: The Creator (A9 - A12) and Alexander: The Creator (Savage) (A9S - A12S) and finally get this menace off of the face of Eorzea! In my opinion, Alexander will never live up to the story of the Coils of Bahamut but this iteration of the end game content of FFXIV was definitely something I will remember. Watching the trailer and looking for the Live letter translations over the past couple of days we can expect a challenging new iteration for all of us Raiders and even the not so hardcore crowd. We will be seeing Alexander stand up out of the lake in Divanian Hinterlands near Idlyshire and get to see his final form!

Raid Time Stamp: 33 Sec 









We are entering the Containment Bay line of trials with this patch and the new trial looks amazing. Sophia, The Goddess, Is who we will be facing in this next line in The Fiend line of trials, the last Containment bay Featuring Sephirot, The Fiend. This New trial will come in two flavors in Containment Bay P1T6 and Containment Bay P1T6(Extreme). These will feature the same boss with tweaked mechanics between them. Watching the trailer I was really excited about presentation stage and the look of the fight. This fight definitely doesn't seem like it will be a one and done leaving a lot of members not being able to complete this until later in the cycle and I for one am really excited about the challenge!

Trial Time Stamp: 6 Min 28 Sec 








Continuing with the schedule Square Enix will be releasing two new dungeons with the release of Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender. One will be a brand new experience with a no ties to past content and one will be a remake of an older dungeon. The new experience waiting for us in 3.4 will be “Xelphatol, The Ixal Main Base” and the remake will be “The Great Global Library (Hard)”. They will also be adding an expansion to the Deep Dungeon but unfortunately, they have not told us much about this as they want to keep most of the details a secret. What we do know as of now is they will be adding more transformations, New traps, More floors, and a new challenge mode to the Deep Dungeon! The new floors will be numbered 51 - 100 and the new harder floors that will be strictly for Challenge and Leaderboards will be 101 - 200. 

Dungeons Time Stamp: 3 Min 1 Sec 

Deep Dungeon Time Stamp: 5 Min 48 Sec 








To some PVP is not this game's strong suit, but to most this is a crucial part of FFXIV as it gives the game more to do and adds a way to show off your skills to the others playing the mode. The new PVP mode they are adding this time around will be Duals. Duals will consist of Player Vs Player Combat in teams of 1. This will be Spectate-able and will have a new area to do battle in at the Wolves Den in Limsa Lominsa. They will be also be adding a custom match options with the leaders of a party will select who will do battle in the new area in The Wolves Den. I am very Excited to be able to show off my skills to Enemies, Friends, and Guildmates and get to show them who the better DPS is! This also gives an opportunity for a Tournament based system for 1v1’s within the game and I for one cannot wait to see what the player base.

PVP Time Stamp: 4Min 59Sec





Final Thoughts

My final thoughts for this patch are very positive and I'm very excited to play it. The new raids, Dungeons, Trials, and Story are something I've been wanting to Continue on since the 3.2 patch back in February. The Alexander story is something I have a lot of happy and fond memories with guild and raid members and am extremely happy to see the story continue. The Dungeons I know will become a forgotten experience as we will all be farming them for the New Allagan Tomestones (We do not know the name of them yet) and will be more than likely be in the Duty Finder Extreme set list on release. The trial will be where most of our will be spending out time for the beginning of the patch as and will be a hard but welcoming addition to the Trials list and I cannot wait to get in there for the constant wipes! I hope to see you all in the fray and cannot wait to see who can finish 


Your Thoughts

What do you think about this patch? Did I miss anything important? Let me know in the comments below.

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