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Echo Re-Introduction

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Hello everyone, I used to be active in here years ago then got distracted and kinda forgot about it. Now I'm back for awhile. 

My name is Mason K. I live in Columbus Ohio. I am a 12B Combat Engineer for the Ohio National Guard. I leave for Basic around Oct (legally shouldn't say exact day for security reasons). But after that I will be attending Ohio University so that's where I will be doing most of my gaming, adventuring etc. I'm 18 years old and really good at First Person Shooters.

I play Minecraft, COD, CSGO, Doom, Destiny, Overwatch.

I like to take pictures, make movies and adventure. 

Check out my instagram:


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1 hour ago, vVv Zodyak said:

Lol yeah nothing is an OPSEC issue anymore, thanks Hillary! Good luck tho and have fun with it and welcome back:)

hahaha thanks Hillary love it

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