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Halo 5 Community game night

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Hey guys! So last time I did this I ended up just getting distracted by life problems and forgot about this. But now everything is back on track and I'm 100% ready to do this. With Halo 5 just being released and it having it's first tournament last weekend (Iron Gaming Daytona) I can see that people are passionate about Halo again and I think this is the game to bring back the community we once had. So with this I'd like to go a head and promote Community Game night on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Now I still would like for us to play together during the week but those 3 days I would stream. I applied for the Halo clan that was started in another thread and hope to hear from those vVv members soon. If you are interested please post below and feel free to add both my live accounts. Dark G3ngar and GS AnDyB

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