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Why vVv Gaming Should Support Rocket League

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  • Competitive Gaming Background?

Not a lot, raided in WoW for 7 years, top player in Chivalry, was a officer in the ArcheAge guild.

  • Release Date?

July 7th, 2015. Top seller on Steam the whole time it's been out, 93% positive reviews on steam. "Why Rocket League could be the next big eSport"

  • What Makes It Different, Why Should We Support It?

Refer to the link above. It will be a major eSport and you should get involved while it's still early. 

  • Developer Support w/LAN & Spectator?

This game is made and supported with eSports in mind, spectator is coming in a patch in the next week or two. The developer support is great.

  • Stream Viewers?

Stays in the top 12 during the day, drops below in the early morning. Just because it's still young, it'll stay in the top 12 with a bit of time.

  • Community Site?



  • Community In 3 Words?

Competitive, Dedicated, Fun

  • Comments?

Not really getting very detailed with this as it's pretty obvious where this game is headed. I'm surprised RL isn't already on the main page here. This is the only game I play now and I'd be happy to help run the division if vVv is interested in the game.

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