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Coaching/Learning Smite

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Hello everyone!


I'm ecstatic to be able to say that the SMITE community has been growing a lot over these past few weeks. Following this, I thought about creating a little project of our own for those that want to improve and develop their skills!

It consists of having 2-5 coaches (1 for each role or 2-3 that know all of the roles at a high level) and everyone that needs or wants help can partake in this program. Please keep in mind that this is for all those players that feel that they could be better and reach a solid level of gameplay. This takes a big effort from the coaches but I want to see a even bigger effort from the students, so we can have a community where everyone has a comfortable amount of knowledge about the game and how a game should normally play out.


People will say: "I've been playing Smite for months, I'm level 30, there's not much I have to learn!". If you think like this, you could not be more incorrect! I can tell you that 8 out of 10 players of SMITE that are level 30 and go to play ranked for the first time, or go there several times with 0 knowledge, are getting destroyed and wonder "What did I do wrong?". This project is intended to prevent this and help you not only better yourself as a player but provide a better experience for the other players in your games.



So how would it work?


To register and request a coach please make a post below in this thread using the following format:

  • In-Game Name:
  • Role you wish to learn:
  • (Optional) Specific god:
  • Availability:

After you request a coach you will be messaged either in-game or on the vVv forums. The coach will then teach you every important aspect of the game according to which role you have requested to learn. The coach will teach you how to build, how to lane, how XP/Gold is distributed, how/when to rotate, etc... until you feel comfortable with your knowledge of your desired role.


Coaching Sessions:

How each coaching session is performed is up to the discretion of the coach. I personally suggest the following steps because I think it will allow the best use of both the coach and student's time. 

  • Create a custom match with bots, so you can teach the basics of farming, building, when to play aggressive/passive (Yes, Ra bot is dangerous! Trust me.)
  • Party up in a casual game or a few games against real players, so you can guide the student through a real game and prepare them for what more serious games will be like.
  • This one requires a bit of extra effort on the coach's part but it is worth it!: Spectate. It will be extremely beneficial for the student if the coach spectates a game or 2 of the students then goes over what could have been done better, how to improve, and how to fix mistakes that were made. After being told what exactly they could have done better or how their actions negatively impacted the game the student will be more motivated to correct their mistakes because they know what exactly they could have done better.




How do I become a coach?


If you feel like you have the ability, knowledge, and availability to coach then please either catch me on Mumble and chat with me, send me a message on the forums, or send me a message in SMITE. Remember that this program is not only intended to provide newer players with knowledge but teaching is the best way to learn something yourself, you're not only helping them to improve but they are helping you to improve! I really hope that you consider participating in this program because it will make the entire vVv SMITE community a better place.  Not only will it make us better but it will get vVv's name out there in SMITE and provide some credibility for our organization. People want to be part of a strong, competitve community that knows more about the game than just killing monsters and hitting abilities randomly. vVv is about creating the best experiences for social, competitive gamers, lets show them what we're made off!


Registering as a coach (please fill in; I'll use my info as example):

  • In-Game Name: Cadu2204
  • Rank: Gold IV
  • Main Gods: Poseidon, Janus
  • Main Roles: Mid
  • Availability: Everyday, according to people's schedule.
  • How to contact me: cadu2204.gga@gmail.com (email); feel free to pm in-game or trough vVv forums!


I hope to hear from you,




Official Coach List:


These are the coaches we have so far. They have specific roles but since the coaches have global knowledge of the game, feel free to ask anything :)

  • JUNGLE: TaytoChip
  • SUPPORT: Ludacrix; Cadu2204
  • MID: Cadu2204; Sawna
  • SOLO: Ludacrix
  • ADC: Ludacrix; Minjaaa




EDIT: Thanks to vVv C Wide for the awesome work in edition! :)

Edited by Cadu2204

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As soon as I get my computer back I'm gonna take one of you jungling coaches up on their offer. I have Mastery 4 Nemesis that needs to be scary in the jungle. She's amazing in Arena, but I know she could wreck in the jungle, but i'm terrible at jungling.

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I'm trying to gather people that can easily communicate with each other and you still don't have mumble set up or speakers so for now let's say you are on stand-by :) I appreciate your initiative tho ^^

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  • In-Game Name: SúlNathair
  • Role you wish to learn: Support
  • Specific god: Ymir, Geb, maybe Bacchus. Mostly support gods. (I'm flexible)
  • Availability: 7 days a week, 12pm-11pm GMT/UK & 8am-5pm US Central (I can be flexible sometimes for the later time)

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I'm glad to see this thread getting so many replies. I've installed SMITE before but I only played 1 game and quit because I had no idea what I was doing. I might end up trying it if vVv picks up SMITE eventually! Thank you Cadu for helping to improve the community and provide a great gaming experience for social, competitive gamers.

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@vVv C Wide   Even if vVv doesn't pick us up, feel free to pass by and I'm sure anyone will help you out with Smite basics and how the game fully works :) Thanks for the compliment! I hope we can keep up with our efforts and make this a huge thing!

@Burnett_Manoir   Good to see you want to be a all-around player! I'll make sure to talk with Shor or Tera so they can help you out! :)

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Yeah I've added you. my IGN is Thorgrimzz. I've messaged you a few times but something's been going on every time I have. If you don't have anything going on tonight maybe we can rig something up.

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Aw I'm sorry man. I'm in the process of moving, just got te internet up about an hour ago. I did a sweep of my friend's list and may have removed you by accident. If I did I will add you back ASAP and hopefully we can get together.

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