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Zodiac Armor

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So I got the Medium armor for the Zodiac set for my PvP Ranger.

I love the way the chest/legs look but the boots are so...meh...and the helms are the scariest thing I have ever seen. I swear I've had a nightmare about seeing something like it before.


Either way, what I was getting at is that a lot of people have been raising a rucus about the fact that on the female armors the 'breastases' are exposed. Actually they aren't since you are a CELESTIAL BEING. You are then made of stars, so you don't actually have boobies or titties for that matter of fact and that argument becomes completely invalid. There is a ton of people on Dulfy that have been doing nothing but bash Anet and talk down the armor and say they are boycotting it and GW2 until the chest gets covered up and I honestly just sit here and laugh at them for it since they are showing what sort of little kids they really are.


I understand that not everyone has the armor or has seen it so here is a link to the Dulfy thing that I am talking about.


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It's not more revealing then a bathing suit either way, since the approximate position of the nipples are covered as well.

Looks like outrage for the sake of outrage to me.

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