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vVv Gaming Transitions Consoles to the Xbox One!

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Greeting and salutations everyone! vVv Gaming will be transitioning from the Xbox 360 over to the Xbox One starting March 1st.
This transistion over to the next console will include:
-We will no longer be accepting Xbox 360 Applications, Only Xbox One.
-We recommend all members and applicants transition over to the Xbox One
-We expect all future console titles that we support will be on the Xbox One
vVv NaturaL had this to say about the switch,
"With the online qualifiers coming to a close for CoD Champs and the rest of the major LAN events and tournaments being switched over to the Xbox One, we feel that now is the right time to make this transition into the future of console gaming."
Current Xbox One owners (or ordered):


  • vVv Addiction
  • vVv Aman
  • vVv Anaxamander
  • vVv Axios
  • vVv B Easy
  • vVv Bizkit
  • vVv BoDYRoTx
  • vVv BlacK StaRR
  • vVv Bullet
  • vVv Breezy
  • vVv DJAAYY
  • vVv Exodus
  • vVv Enmity
  • vVv Havik
  • vVv NaturaL
  • vVv LordJerith
  • vVv Michs09
  • vVv MikEvil
  • vVv Orion
  • vVv SIN1ST3R
  • vVv Sk1ppY
  • vVv Shadow
  • vVv Stormie
  • vVv SugarBear
  • vVv Tahvvy
  • vVv Trivium
  • vVv Vall
  • vVv Zodyak
  • DeadBlow
  • Minjaaa
  • PretzL
  • WillyWooTang
  • Zedige
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you guys are making it really hard to go to ps4.... fuck

Why would you want a PS4 anyway??? :dash2:

I have my X1 and can not wait to see where it takes competitive gaming. I will continue to support Cod on the 360 but will be available to play on the X1. Know I need a Scuff controller for my X1. Coming soon hopefully. I will also be playing TitanFall like everyone else!!!

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LOVE my Day One X1. However I still feel short changed by MS. Where are my Xbox Live Arcade games? Why do I feel it cant run 1080p 60fps FPS? Cant be more excited about Titanfall yet I wish it looked as good as the PC version and was 1080. It will be great nonetheles AND the best next gen game for at least 2 years. PS4 looks better has better arcade games but wouldnt change my purchase decision at all. X1 is the future and I welcome it but there is still MUCH to be improved. Exc8ted about this transition and my role in vVv. Cheers everyone!



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