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vVv Vall

Flappy Birds

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If you don't know what this game is I feel happy for you. This game is what has caused my inner rage. Has it cause yours?

Flappy Bird is a game for Iphones and androids and its also free. Its on the top 10 for what to play apps right now.

Description: Flap your wings to fly... yeah seems simple right just flap to fly, well its not. You have to flap those little wings and its annoying as hell. At times you could've swear you didn't hit the pipes, but you did apparently.


here a little message from a player who has played this before:

"Flappy Bird is by far the most annoying game you will ever play in your life. It will make you so angry you will literally scream (I am not kidding you)."

so your thoughts? have you played it? whats your highest score?

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Hmmm. An irritating game you say? Step into my office, let me show you a fun little game called Dark Souls. Enjoy. :)

Dark Souls is a game that I know very well. That game can crush you but at the same time make you love it.

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they said they are taking the app down due to death threats and hate mail so don't delete the app cause you wont get it back

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