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So the 1st DLC for CoD Ghosts came out today...

What do you think of the new multiplayer maps/whats ur favorite?

What do you think of the new weapon AR Maverick & Sniper Maverick?

What do you think of the new extinction map?

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I think that Infinity Ward broke the chains of both the publishers putting out DLCs that were just about "making a DLC" and making "cash". Infinity Ward made Fog which has Michael Myers and a horror film's theme to it.


They also added a map that is 90% a remake of "Shipment" (correct me if I have the wrong map name) which is/ was a very popular map.


The Extinction add-on is fantastic and the new gun settings and the actual gun in Extinction is interesting.


Lastly they added a totally new gun to the series called the "Maverick" which is very cool! Sniper/ AR combo is nice as well.

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I agree with Fog and the Michael Myers thing, im a horror film fanatic for sure and that was very luring. i never play MW2 so the Scrapyard remake means nothing to me with the new Ignition one...dont really like it at all, one of those sniper maps and im not good with sniper riffles. Bay View and Containment are nice to me as well. My favorites from 1-4:

1. Fog

2. Containment

3. Bay View

4. Ignition

I really like the Maverick AR, works really good set up the way i have it. The iron sights are perfect. Im not a sniper like ive mentioned so i still havent used it...

I dont really care at all for the Extinction thing but was never a real fan of Zombies either. But the grafics of Extinction are very nice, looks great, just not my thing.

Over all i like the DLC release and cant wait for the 2nd one...ive heard that Dome is coming back then, thats one of my all time favorite!

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