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vVv Bagzli

GW2 PvP Tournament: Kings of The Mists 2!

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vVv Gaming
(Vision. Valor. Victory)
Est. 2007


Kings of The Mists 2


Greetings, GW2 players!


I am proud to present you with the second Guild Wars 2 PvP tournament hosted by [vVv] Vision. Valor. Victory. Guild from Fort Aspenwood, Kings of the Mists 2. This is an open invite tournament for all the teams in Guild Wars 2, to come have fun and support Guild Wars 2 PvP scene. Tournament will be commented by none other than John ‘Blu’ Mullen and Will ‘Sireph’ Abreu on the official vVv Gaming Twitch Channel



This will be a one day tournament starting on Saturday February 1st at 12:00 pm EST (09:00 am PST). Team captains will be required to sign in their team between 11:20 am EST (08:30 am PST) and 11:50 am EST (08:50 am PST). Failure to sign-in their team on time may result in losing their reserved spot in the tournament.


How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below to sign up your team (If the form is not loading when you click on the spoiler tag, refresh the page once or twice and the form will load). The Signup form will open on Saturday January 11th at 12:00 pm EST (Noon)! After signing up, you will need to get your participation confirmed. To get your participation confirmed, look for my skype contact request and we will discuss everything you need to know about the tournament and couple of other things that you need to provide for me. Your participation is NOT guaranteed by just filling out the form, you have to speak with me through skype so make sure that you include your skype contact in the signup form!   All communication, regarding this tournament, will be done through skype.  If you require my immediate attention, you may also send me an email at bagzlismail@gmail.com and I will respond as soon as I can.


If the form is not showing, reload the page.


Please fill out the form below and submit it to sign up your team. Please only fill it out once per team.


Overflow signup will be allowed in case a team drops out or does not shows up for their sign in period!

There is no sign-up fee for the tournament.


Tournament Format:

  • 16 Teams Tournament, each team consisting of no more and no less than 5 players.
  • All Rounds will be best out of 3 games played, with the exception of finals, which will be best out of 5 games played.
  • No Loser’s Bracket, if you lose your round you are out of the tournament.
  • Overflow registration will be allowed, these teams will play if one of the teams does not register during the sign-in period or drops out before the competition starts.


Streaming & Shoutcasting:

  • John ‘Blu’ Mullen alongside Will ‘Sireph’ Abreu will be our official shoutcasters for the event.
  • Not every match will be streamed. For first round, there will be a total of 2 matches streamed, every game thereafter will be streamed.



  • Each Team must consist of exactly 5 players.
  • Substitute players are allowed, and must be registered with the team, however prizing will be awarded to the main lineup only.
  • Player changes within the team must be registered no later than 15 minutes prior to tournament starting
  • Each player, including substitutes, may only be registered on one team.
  • All matches are best out of 3 matches played, where finals are best out of 5 matches played
  • All games are to be started only after the administrator of the match gives the signal.
  • No spectators allowed, besides the game administrator and shoutcasters.
  • Any type of cheating, use of macros, modified UI’s, or third party software/tools that would give you an advantage is strictly prohibited. Failure to respect this rule will result in tournament disqualification. Exception to this rule is VOIP Programs.
  • Every player will conduct themselves with professionalism and good sportsmanship. Failure to do so could result in a disqualification of the individual player or the whole team and possible ban from future tournaments.
  • If a player disconnects during the first 90 seconds of the match starting, the players team may request a single restart of the match. The player must return within 10 minutes, or round will begin with remaining players.  A substitute is allowed to be put in place providing that the player does not return. If another round is to be played after, that player has another 5 minutes to show for the event or second round will begin with remaining number of players. Same rule applies if there is a third round. The team is allowed to substitute the player only if the match is remade and the original player does not return within allocated time.
  • Player Substitutions are allowed between matches and they are NOT allowed during matches.
  • If a player disconnects after the first 90 seconds of the match, the match will continue on and the disconnected player may return in and continue with the match.  A substitute player is NOT allowed to join in place of the disconnected player.
  • Once a game begins, players may not switch characters or their builds. Failure to follow this rule will result in the loss of that match.
  • Players are allowed to switch their builds/characters in between games, they will have a maximum of 5 minutes to do so.
  • Game admin has the right to reset the game at his/her discretion.
  • vVv Gaming reserves the right to change these rules at any time.


Bracket Selection:

On (Time and Date TBD), a third party (Mistpedia) will be pairing up the teams for the tournament.



1st Place

Each player, registered as the main lineup, will receive the following:

  • SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Mouse
  • SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 QcK Mousepad
  • 1 Gem Card (2000 Gems)

Angle_Image.pngAngle.png       Gem_Card_2000.jpg



2nd Place: 

Each player registered as the main lineup will receive the following:

  • SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Gaming Headset
  • 1 Gem Card (800 Gems)




We will be giving away three of Guild Wars 2 Mousepads as well as six Gem Codes (800 Gems) at random to viewers on Twitch and followers on Twitter!


Angle.pngx3      Gem_Card_800.png    x6



The Headsets, Mice and Mousepads have been generously donated to us by a leading global manufacturer of premium-quality competitive gaming peripherals, SteelSeries!

The Gem cards have kindly been donated to us by ArenaNet.

Big thank you to both, SteelSeries and ArenaNet, for making this tournament possible!


Winners, both tournament and giveaways, that reside within North America may have shipping costs covered by SteelSeries.  International winners will be subject to shipping fees.

Registered Teams:

  • Vision Valor Victory (vVv Gaming)
  • Good Fights (GF)
  • Might Makes You Right (MMYR)
  • Dropbear Death Squad (DDS)
  • Don't Talk To Me Pleb I'm (Pro)
  • We Have No Creativity (FML)
  • Denial ESports NA (Den)
  • Strange World (SW)
  • Being OP is Hard (OP)
  • Players Killing Players (PvP)
  • Cheese Mode (CM)
  • Two Metas Ahead (Pro)
  • Apex Prime (Apex)
  • Disney Channel (Twrk)
  • White Women

Brackets may be found here

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