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vVv FIFA secures Gold and Silver at WCG USA Nationals

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vVv FIFA secures Gold and Silver at WCG USA Nationals


vVv Gaming takes the hall-of-fame_icon1.png and hall-of-fame_icon2.png for the WCG USA National FIFA 13 tournament. vVv Aman takes 1st place taking down vVv Michs09 in the Finals.



vVv Michs09 and vVv Aman arrive at WCG USA Nationals 2013


vVv Aman made it all the way to the finals through the winners bracket sending vVv Michs09 down to the Losers Bracket to fight his way back to the finals. vVv Michs09 had to defeat Mike Romero in the Losers Bracket final to get a shot to play Aman for the spot on Team USA. vVv Michs09 won 2-0, both matches coming down to Penalty Kicks to decide the victor.


vVv Michs09 vs. Mike Romero in Losers Bracket Final


The Finals were a site to behold, back and fourth Mike and Aman fought. Both were able to score clutch goals when they needed to. Back and forth they went. Mike had to win two best of three matches against Aman to take the title because of coming out of the Losers Bracket. Mike ended up winning the first series 2-1 forcing another best of three with the winner taking the title. After 2 close games Aman takes the second series 2-0 and with that the chance to be on Team USA and compete in Kunshan, China for the WCG World Championship.


vVv Aman Scores a Last Second Goal to Take The Game


vVv is so proud of both vVv Aman and vVv Michs09 for their performance this weekend and we look forward to their promising future in FIFA 14!




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Can't get mad at a vVv Finale at the WCG National - Congrats Aman, super close matches.. all of them could have gone either way 


Hope you guys got to check out some of the games LIVE! on the WCG twitch 


Thanks for all the support from the vVv community :) 

Congratz to both of you! You guys brought it home for vVv! Couldn't be anymore proud of you both! 

Thanks bro ^^ it was really close all the way around 

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All good banter I bet. Well done guys :)

Yea makes for a good time, we've played a lot this year.. so extremely tight matchup

Watching you guys play was awesome and amazing. An Inspiration. I loved how fun y'all had together! Congrats to you both! Aman good luck in China.

If you don't enjoy what you're doing.. then why do it?? :) 

Congrats to both of you and amazing job representing vVv..

We will do our best to rep the organization always..  

Got to watch you guys on stream. Really great matches! Too bad only one of you gets to go to China though. Still great job to the both of you!

I miss that dude Brock though.. Come back to staff homie 

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