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vVv.CoD: The Road to MLG Dallas


With Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 announced for the MLG Winter Championships and community excitement for the launch of the new title exploding, vVv decided it was time to re-enter the Call of Duty scene. Based on our successes with previous console titles such as Gears of War and Mortal Kombat, our standards were high when it came time to look for a team. Adversity stood out as an exceptional choice. Although not a former pro-team, they were rapidly rising stars on the scene and more importantly, their goals aligned with what is most important to vVv: developing into true eSports professionals and providing an awesome experience for the community.


Adversity's first major Black Ops 2 LAN was at UMG Chicago where they took Top 12, upsetting the fan-favorites of EnVyUs and setting the stage for the team's 2013 season. The team then solidified their roster, acquiring Replays and Realize, and began their search for an organization and partner. Adversity then discovered vVv Gaming, and thus vVv.CoD was born.


With their eyes on a goal, the team began focused preparation for MLG Dallas, avoiding League Play and concentrating solely on practicing with other pro-teams. With no pressure to grind the ladder, the team competed in several of Major League Gaming's "Pro Scrims," taking out teams such as Thrust, nV, Quantic Gaming, Donut Shop and SoaR with convincing wins. As the qualifiers approached, vVv.CoD stood undefeated on the MLG Stream. Now, the team would need to place Top 12 to secure a seed in the Championship Bracket at Dallas.
In the bracket, vVv.CoD took early wins against Aftermath, TEC 1Effort, Team No Sleep and aBnormaL, securing their Top 12 seed without breaking a sweat. Eager to continue their momentum, the team doubled down to improve their seed. In what was their first loss on the MLG Stream, vVv.CoD fell to Team FeaR in triple overtime on CTF Raid. Using the loss as motivation, they stormed through the losers bracket eliminating HeXp Gaming, Donut Shop and Dare, finally losing to Fariko in the Losers Bracket Semi-Finals. The team's dedication and persistence secured them a top 4 seed at MLG Dallas.


We had a chance to sit down with one of the more outspoken member's of vVv.CoD, vVv Realize, to get his thoughts on the road to MLG Dallas and the competition itself. 

Good afternoon Derek, thanks for your time. To start of for the fans who may have just started following you and your team, can you tell me a little about yourself?

No problem, thank's for having me! My name is Derrek Jordan, also known within the eSports Community as "Realize". I am currently a 16 Year old Gamer. I grew up in Deltona, Florida. Growing up, I played many sports such as Football & Basketball, but found love in eSports back in the Black Ops I Season. Ever since then, i've been making a name for myself.

I have to first ask because of how relevant it is in the community right now, what are your initial impression of the patch that Treyarch released? Good or Bad for Dallas?

I honestly feel like this patch was a bad idea. For one they reduced the two main subs in this game which is a huge impact and will affect a lot of situations. For two they released this two days before the most major event of the MLG season. For three Treyarch  took what we asked for and then felt like they needed to fix things that weren't broken.

How prepared do you feel for Dallas? What do you feel is your strongest game-type right now? Why?

I feel very prepared and confident with our team going into Dallas. Our strongest game-type at the moment would definitely be Capture the Flag. Ever since I switched back to a sub we have been a lot more aggressive and it has started to pay off.

Being that this is your first event with a Top 4 seed, how do you feel the team is handling the added pressure and spotlight?

Obviously there is some pressure on myself and the team as a whole but I think we will get past it and we will show up and play our game. We are really focusing on us and we are really ready for this event.

Thoughts on the open bracket? You will most likely have to play the first seed out of open, has that affected you or the team at all?

No, we feel like if we want to win this event or if we want to do well we are going to come across almost every team and we need to be confident and ready to play everyone. We are not going to let stuff like that get to our heads because we feel like it will only come back to bite us in the butt.

You've been with vVv Gaming for just over a month now, what are your initial impressions of the organization?

My honest opinion is I think they are an amazing organization with an amazing purpose. They are huge community based organization and I love it because I can go into the vVv forums and just talk with members. I feel like they want to talk to me and I enjoy it. I couldn't ask for a better organization to be apart of.

I think it's pretty awesome how involved your Dad is with your passion for Call of Duty. When did he first get involved?

He has always known I wanted to get really serious with gaming but he really didn't fully support me until I got onto aDv right after UMG10k and I have been on this team ever since and he now has twitter sits in streams and I believe he enjoys watching and keeping up with the Call of Duty community and he will be at Dallas.

If you could make one change to Black Ops 2 what would it be? Why?

Remove machine pistols. I feel like they take less skill then anything in any cod. I have never enjoyed machine pistols and I truly wish they would take them out.

Excluding your team, what are your Top 4 Predictions for Dallas?

Fariko, coL, UNiTE, ???? 4th is a tossup.

Any final thoughts or mentions?

I would like to thank vVv Gaming for giving us this amazing opportunity to represent them! Also, big shoutouts and Thanks to SteelSeries, my Supporters and my teammates! Without my Supporter's & Teammate's, we wouldn't be in this position! Also, be sure to Follow me on Twitter for updates at the event! @vVv_Realize

Be sure to tune into the MLG Winter Championships all weekend long where the best North American Call of Duty teams will be competing. With a total prize pool of $50,000, the top eight teams will also earn a paid trip to Hollywood to compete for $1,000,000 in the Call of Duty Championships!



In addition to the team, vVv will have dozens of community members in attendance to celebrate MLG and eSports. Be sure to come say hello to everyone from vVv if you plan on attending the event.
If you're watching from home, keep an eye on the stream. If you take a screenshot of the awesome signs that our community will be holding during the event, tweet them @vVv_Gaming for a chance to win some gear! 



We will also be covering the event from our MLG Dallas Coverage Thread, so stay tuned for updates on how all of your favorite teams and players are doing. Lets go vVv!


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I'm excited for the FPS boom around the community and it's always a pleasure seeing COD and Shootmania Streams. Keep up the good work guys, can't wait to see what becomes of Dallas

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A very well written article, I liked that a lot. I will be staying up in the early hours of GMT time to watch MLG because of its entertainment value, but mainly to see our brilliant CoD team in action :)


Good luck guys, have a safe trip and have fun.

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Great article. Wish I could make it out to Dallas, it is an awesome event. People are definitely going to know about vVv after this, if they do not already!

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