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Mystic Forge Recipes

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I am going to start compiling a list of combinations of item combinations for the Mystic Forge in the Heart of the Mists. Here is what I have found so far. Please post any combinations of your own, or make corrects to any errors I may have made. I will try to update this post regularly with new combinations I find.</p>

===Light Armor===

Free Tournament + Crystal = Seer's

Free Tournament + Orb = Rubric

Free Tournament + Silver = Armageddon/Wizards

Rabbit + Orb = Country

Rabbit + Crystal = Embroidered

Rabbit + Silver = Not Possible

Deer + Orb = Magician's

Deer + Crystal = Student's

Deer + Silver = Devout


Free Tournament + Orb = Priory/Vigil

Free Tournament + Crystal = Priory/Vigil

Free Tournament + Silver = Priory/Vigil

Rabbit + Crystal = Peacemaker

Rabbit + Orb = Makeshift

Rabbit + Silver = Not Possible

Deer + Silver = Svanir

Deer + Orb = Grear

Deer + Crystal = Krait

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Good to know this:

Power of Reagents in ascending order:

Arcane Elements: Arcane Orbs < Crystals < Slivers

Tokens: Rabbit < Deer < Dolyak < Wolf < Tiger < Bear < Shark < Phoenix < Dragon < Tournament

I was thinking that crystals were the best...

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Useful info: Yay Dyes!!!


Consumables follow a slightly different pattern to both weapons and armor, typically requireing more arcane materials, and less tokens.


1 Consumable Token

10 Powder

1 Orb

1 Rank Token (Rabbit, Deer etc)

Random Dye

1 Consumable Token

1 Sliver

1 Orb

10 Powder

Tournament Ticket

1 Consumable Token

8 Orbs

4 Crystals

2 Slivers

Glory Booster

1 Consumable Token

1 Crystal

1 Orb

10 Powder

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