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The Hunt: An Adaptive Ranger Guide [v.BWE3]

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And they never check or falter

For they never miss their kill;

Seasons change and systems alter,

But the hunt is running still.1

Hello and welcome to ’ Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide! Over the course of a few beta weekends, Rangers have seen many changes to their profession – from traits to pet AI. Going forward, as the game inevitably evolves, so will this guide. So be sure to check back often for updates!

The goal of this guide is to provide players with a detailed “one stop shop” source of information ranging from fundamentals to more in-depth analysis and application. Here you will find a basic overview of the profession, Ranger news, a collection of media resources, and a forum that shares a variety of builds – all of which speak to different playstyles and roles.

(Click on a link to visit that section of the guide!)


This is a summary of recent changes and/or current issues relevant to the Ranger profession and will be updated regularly.

Pertinent news that may affect Rangers will also be featured here.


Introduction to the Ranger

Ranger Pros2







Change Log & Current Issues

[updated as of July 22, 2012]

General Ranger:

  • Utilities – Rangers are still currently missing 3 Utility skills. Popular speculation: These are likely to be Shouts.


  • Eagle Eye is changed from 5% longer range to 5% increased longbow damage and 5% longer range.
  • Spotter: Applies +70 Precision to nearby allies


Wilderness Survival:

  • Offhand Training is changed from Offhand skills have a longer range to Offhand skills recharge 20% faster and have a longer range.

Nature Magic:

  • Evasive Purity is changed from removing a condition from yourself and allies when you dodge roll, to Dodging removes Blind and Poison from you.

Beast Mastery:

  • Shout Mastery: Rangers currently have no Shouts, will likely be designed for launch.


  • “Since the last BWE we’ve improved Pet AI, and we’ve also rebalanced a lot of the pets. Their damage should be higher than before, due to the AI changes, and a lot of them had slight tweaks to their defensive stats as well! This means we had to rebalance some ranger skills to account for the fact that their pets work now. Also, there were a number of bugs that had ranger pets stop attacking. We think we have addressed them all now.” (source)

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Introduction to the Ranger

The ranger is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of them all as well, relying on his

keen eye, steady hand, or the power of nature itself. 3

The Guild Wars 2 Ranger is an adventure profession, suited in medium armor and equipped with a variety of melee and long range offense, traps, signets, and spirits. In previous MMOs, the Ranger class was known for ranged combat, particularly his proficiency with bows or guns. In Guild Wars 2, weapon selection for the Ranger is diverse and electing to wield a melee weapon over a ranged weapon does not necessarily translate into “better” or “worse.” This allows the player more freedom when choosing weapons and adapting to different situations. Another traditionally distinguishing feature of the Ranger is his pet companion. The Ranger pet is an ally that can be used offensively and defensively – the variety of pet species a player can choose is vast, and each one brings its own set of unique abilities to the table. Rangers possess control utilities, the potential for unparalleled healing to allies, and the versatility to fill different PvP roles.

Ranger Pros

  • Robust support potential when traited
  • Potent direct or condition damage in certain builds
  • Signets and Spirits offer great utility
  • Long range
  • Crowd control
  • Powerful Lick Wounds ability in the Downed State
  • Mobility (passive movement speed increase, boons, etc.)
  • Pets: offensive/defensive utility, some pets can heal, dispel or chill. Some pets can apply conditions.

Ranger Cons

  • Currently Rangers are generally underrepresented in the community and in game.
  • Ranger overall damage (excl. pet damage) is lower in comparison to other professions. Anet has said this is due to balancing to account for pet damage.
  • Lacking in AoE damage abilities
  • Long range combat can require finesse when dealing with LOS issues and terrain obstructions.
  • Pets: if you don’t enjoy micro-managing more than just yourself, pets will likely not be ‘your thing.’ Currently you can only control one of your pet’s abilities, its “special.”

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In Guild Wars 2, Rangers have a variety of weapons at their disposal. Each weapon (and each weapon combination) has a unique set of abilities. Update: I’ve added some ability discussion to each skill – I have not had a chance to experiment with every weapon available yet but I will update as I do.

For more details on each weapon skill, click on its name to open up the GW2 Wiki page.


48px-Long_Range_Shot.pngLong Range Shot

The Longbow’s autoattack. The farther you are from the target, the more damage this shot will do.

Because the damage variant of Long Range Shot is dependent on your distance from the target, positional consideration is important to truly maximize this autoattack. Its damage metrics are bracketed – meaning: from 0-500 range the damage is ~176, from 500-1000 range the damage is ~229, from 1000+ the shot does ~282. Untraited, the Longbow has a 1200 range, with Eagle Eye (from the Marksmanship trait line) the range becomes 1500. On PvP maps such as Kyhlo for example, a longer range can aid in defending Clocktower with the advantage of higher ground. One caveat of this though, is it can be difficult in some situations to sustain max range on your target due to LOS and terrain obstruction issues. Also, when fighting on capture points, your distance is rather restricted in order to stay within the capture radius.

48px-Rapid_Fire.png Rapid Fire

Quick burst damage firing multiple shots at your target.

I found this was your “bread and butter” ability as a Longbow ranger. It’s burst potential is up there when you use offensive cooldowns to pump up its damage. I’ve tried pairing this ability with different skills, for example: with Sharpening Stone, you can quickly stack the 5 bleeds on your target. Or when you’ve popped Rampage as One or activated Signet of the Wild you will get a nice damage boost. If possible, you should try to get a Hunter’s Shot off on your target before using Rapid Fire because the Vulnerability applied by Hunter’s Shot will lower their defense by 30 (at level 80), further maximizing your damage. In my Direct Damage/Survival Build (shown in the Build section), I was running with a 50% crit chance and using Rapid Fire I was critting from 2k to almost 4k in rapid succession. The issue I find is that with Longbow, given that Rapid Fire is your only real offensive ability, if you don’t end up downing your target after that initial burst, you are essentially playing the cooldown game with Rapid Fire. So because the cooldown on Rapid Fire is 10s and the cooldown for in combat weapon swap is 10s, I’ve found that doing a weapon swap right after Rapid Fire, and using my Axe’s Splitblade for Bleed damage, then using Hunter’s Call, and lastly Winter’s Bite (because your Pet’s next attack will inflict Weakness) will set you up for another round of potential burst when swapping back to Longbow.

48px-Hunter%27s_Shot.pngHunter’s Shot

Applies Vulnerability on your target and your Pet gains Swiftness.

Due to the fact that Hunter’s Shot inflicts Vulnerability for 10s on your target, this ability is best used before potential burst sequences. The Vulnerability condition lowers a target’s defense by 30 (level 80) and stacks in intensity. In my experience, when chasing down targets, I would usually try to get a Winter’s Bite on them for chilling purposes. This Chill only lasts 3s, so I’ve found that when possible, I’d Winter’s Bite to gap-close, then switch to Longbow – the inclination then is to bypass Hunter’s Shot for Rapid Fire to try to quickly burst the target down. If I didn’t manage to down my target though, the issue is then waiting on a 10s cooldown as well as the cooldown on weapon swap to do any more significant damage. If you try to get a Hunter’s Shot off first before Rapid Fire, you can not only up your Rapid Fire’s damage but you also grant your pet that Swiftness boon, giving him +33% movement speed. My pet is then more apt to sticking with the running target and helping to finish them off. Keep in mind that this is just another way of looking at the benefits of Hunter’s Shot. Another clear option is to use Call of the Wild in conjunction with Winter’s bite to manage the gap.

48px-Point_Blank_Shot.pngPoint Blank Shot

A shot that pushes your target back, the closer you are to your target, the farther back they get pushed.

This is a gap creator. Whether used defensively – for instance, gaining distance from melee or offensively – like knocking enemies defending capture points out of the capture radius. Point Blank Shot offers numerous options for use. Its cooldown is fairly long (30s) so keep that in mind when using it for ‘kiting’ purposes, you will need to follow up with some form of cc like Muddy Terrain for example. Because Point Blank Shot’s pushback mechanics are proportional to initial distance from your target, positional consideration is significant, at times it may benefit you to forego the max range mentality to move in closer to your target so the knock back is farther. You aren’t limited at all to just the “get melee off you” tactic too. I also like to make use of Point Blank Shot as an interrupt or for control purposes. For example, I’ve used Point Blank Shot as a peel, to knock enemies off squishier or almost-down team mates, or push people off Clocktower to maintain higher ground advantage. As a ‘tactical’ retreat, I’ve also found using Point Blank Shot, then weapon swapping to use Winter’s Bite for the Chill, then Call of the Wild for Swiftness works pretty nicely.


A targeted AoE volley that applies Cripple to targets.

I have not had much experience using Barrage in a PvP context as you aren’t often encountering large zerg groups to warrant using it (imo), and arguably, your time and efforts are likely better spent doing something else. I think there are 3 big issues with Barrage: 1) Due to the 2 second activation time, this ability is rather easily noticed and dodged. 2) It does so little damage, your autoattack (Long Range Shot) will outdo its damage easily in comparison. 3) Because it’s a ground targeted ability, you need to try and predict where your enemies will be moving, in which direction. It helps to couple this skill with something like Muddy Terrain to ensure your targets get the full damage/effect from Barrage. (Also you can try enabling “fast ground targeting” in your options.) However, it can have potential perhaps in PvE or even WvW where you will likely run into large packs or people that aren’t focusing you. Another consideration may be to use Barrage as a means of control – i.e. when placed strategically, you can effectively “force” your enemies to travel one way to avoid it, or travel through it. Overall though, I am not excited about this ability and feel it is the weakest of the Longbow’s offerings.



Chain skill: -> Slice -> Power Stab

This skill is a chain, meaning you progress through different abilities sequentially using it. Of note is the fact that this ability is a “cone attack” so you will also do damage to enemies near your target. The last part of the chain, Power Stab also has an evasive effect. This skill is arguably the only high damage ability in the Greatsword’s offerings, since its other slots consist of a charge, counter attack, bleed and stun. In BWE2, this skill could do roughly 2-3k criticals and offered high burst potential on targets when used in conjunction with utilities such as Quickening Zephyr. After BWE3, we’ve seen a decrease in Greatsword damage – reportedly, its damage coefficients have been lowered by half. I think the biggest issue with running a Greatsword Ranger at the moment is that Rangers have lower base hp/survivability and significantly lower melee damage than a Greatsword Warrior, which calls into question the viability of this particular weapon for this Profession. That is not to say though that a Greatsword build isn’t viable, it will just clearly take more consideration now when weapon selecting for builds, now that the GS isn’t the clear choice for up front damage anymore. One of the greatest attributes to this Greatsword chain skill is the mobility – you can move while attacking, you are not rooted in place like other melee ‘counterparts’ like the Warrior or Guardian. I will mention however, that I did not test Greatsword on my Ranger extensively during the BWE3, so I welcome any feedback.


Run and leap at your enemy, hitting them and nearby foes.

This is a charge ability that does some fairly nice damage to your target and nearby enemies, it has a 1200 range and a 12s cooldown. Swoop is a great gap closer and absolutely essential for good distance management. You can also use this ability for mobility, to get to capture points faster or even used defensively if you need to retreat and get away. Its interesting to note, for new starters, that you do not necessarily need to have an active target to use Swoop and that you will charge in the direction you are facing.


Blocks an incoming attack and pushes the enemy back.

This ability has more defensive gain than offensive in that it blocks an incoming attack but it does minimal damage to counter it, roughly about 1k. The important facet of this skill is the push back, which makes it useful if you need to retreat – you can push enemies back a fair distance and then use Swoop to get away. Counterattack is on a 20s cooldown.


Applies Bleeds on your target.

Maul does some initial minor damage, but then also applies 3 Bleeds. This ability is also on a very short cooldown, 6s, so it isn’t too challenging to keep conditions up on your target. Using condition damage builds, this ability becomes a stronger asset – if not, 1500 damage over 4s is comparatively lower than Slash.

48px-Hilt_Bash.pngHilt Bash

Dazes your target. Stuns your target when flanking. Your pet’s next attack does 50% more damage.

This ability is good for control, used both offensively (to stun your target and keep them in melee range) and defensively to slow/stop an enemy and retreat. Positional consideration is also required as it only stuns if you hit your target from behind, otherwise, the Daze applied will simply lock your target out from using their skills for 1s. An important facet of this ability though is the effect that grants your pet’s next attack 50% more damage. This is very pet-synergistic and if you are using a high damage pet, Hilt Bash is a nice asset to the weapon kit. There is a 30s cooldown on this ability.


48px-Cross_Fire.pngCross Fire

Fires an arrow. Will apply Bleed on your target if you hit them from behind or from the side.

Cross Fire is your Shortbow autoattack. Positional consideration is important with this weapon in order to maximize on its damage potential. I’ve found that sustaining a level of mobility while fighting your target helps proc the Bleed condition. Also try strafing back and forth from your target. There may be some difficulty in capitalizing on applying the bleeds in certain situations that restrict a lot of movement. There is a 1200 range on this ability. Shortbow is quite powerful when used in conjunction with a condition damage build.

48px-Poison_Volley.pngPoison Volley

Fires 5 poison arrows in a cone formation. Applies Poison that also reduces your target’s Healing by 33%.

Along with your Bleed damage from Cross Fire, Shortbow’s Poison Volley is a great way to pump up your condition damage as you can potentially stack 5 Poisons on a target that also reduces their Healing by 33%. Because the volley launches in a frontal cone formation, it’s important to try and close in on your target some in order to ideally have most or all your arrows hit and maximize damage. However, I’ve also found that in a more support role for my group during tournaments, in large cluster fights, hitting multiple targets with Poison Volley can still be a viable use of the ability since it will spread the -33% Healing condition around to enemies. From a condition stacking perspective, you can use your Axe’s Splitblade ability (which follows the same directional principle) to apply Bleeds, then swap over to Shortbow and use Poison Volley to stack 5 Poisons on as well. There is a 1200 range on this skill and a 9s cooldown.

48px-Quick_Shot.pngQuick Shot

Fires a shot that grants Swiftness if it hits and can be used while retreating.

This ability is unique in that you can use it while running away. Your character will automatically turn around, shoot, turn and continue running. If it hits, you gain 33% movement speed. You can also use it as a means to create distance between yourself and enemies, if say you are up against melee. Its taken me a bit of time to get used to Quick Shot and using it ideally, but I’ve found that using Quick Shot and following it up with a Crippling Shot will allow you to maintain distance on melee, or allow you to escape more easily. Quick Shot has a 9s cooldown.

48px-Crippling_Shot.pngCrippling Shot

A shot that applies Cripple to your target and your Pet’s next 3 attacks inflict Bleeding.

48px-Concussion_Shot.pngConcussion Shot

Dazes your target. Stuns your target if you hit from behind or from the side.

Main Hand Axe


Your Mainhand Axe autoattack. Will bounce off multiple targets.


Throw 5 axes in a cone formation. Applies Bleed.

48px-Winter%27s_Bite.pngWinter’s Bite

Applies Chill to your target. Your Pet’s next attack inflicts Weakness. Good gap-closer, or used for kiting melee.

Off Hand Axe

Whirling Defense

Blocks projectiles and damages nearby enemies.

Path of Scars

Boomerang that damages your target.

Main Hand Sword


Chain skill: Kick -> Pounce

Hornet Sting / Monarch’s Leap

Stabs your target then evades back / Leap back at your target and apply Cripple.

Serpent Strike

Evasively roll around your target, doing damage and applying Poison.

Off Hand Dagger

Stalker’s Strike

Stabs your target, applying Poison and evading attacks.

Crippling Talon

Throws your dagger and applies Cripple and Bleed to your target.


Throw Torch

Throws your torch and applies Burning on your target.


Sets fire to an area around you, applying Burning to your nearby enemies. Perfect for pyromaniacs!


48px-Hunter%27s_Call.pngHunter’s Call

Summons a bunch of birdies to swarm your target and peck at their eyeballs. (Does damage).

48px-Call_of_the_Wild.pngCall of the Wild

Grants Fury, Might and Swiftness to yourself and nearby allies. Good for gap-closing or retreating. Ideal for popping right as a match starts to give your team that extra speed to cap points.

Aquatic: Harpoon Gun

Splinter Shot

Coral Shot

Feeding Frenzy

Mercy Shot

Ink Blast

Aquatic: Spear

Stab -> Jab -> Evasive Strike

Swirling Strike


Counter Strike

Man O’ War

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The Ranger is equipped with a vast arsenal of utility skills. These abilities are divided into 4 categories: Survival, Signets, Traps and Spirits. Also note that there may be a 5th category at release, speculatively, Shouts. Below you will find a listing of these utilities. For more details, click on their skill names to open up the corresponding GW2 Wiki page.



Lightning Reflexes

Stun breaker. Evades back, doing minor damage and granting you Vigor.

Quickening Zephyr

You and your pet gain Quickness.

Muddy Terrain

Drops a targeted area of mud, enemies in this area are Crippled and Immobilized.

Sharpening Stone

Applies Bleed on your target with the next 5 attacks.


Signet of the Wild

Passive: health regen to you and your pet. Active: pet deals more damage and gains Stability.

Signet of Renewal

Passive: Removes a condition every 10s. Active: pet pulls all conditions from nearby allies to itself.

Signet of the Hunt

Passive: 10% increased movement speed to you and pet. Active: pet’s next attack deals more damage.

Signet of Stone

Passive: increases Toughness for you and pet. Action: pet takes no damage from incoming attacks for 6s.


Flame Trap – Burning.

Frost Trap – Chilling.

Spike Trap – Bleeding and Crippling.

Viper’s Nest – Poisoning.


Sun Spirit

Passive: Summons a buddy that grants allies a 20% chance to inflict Burning. Active: Blinds enemies for 5s.

Stone Spirit

Passive: Summons another buddy that grants allies a 20% chance to gain Protection. Active: Immobilizes enemies.

Frost Spirit

Passive: Summons a different buddy that has a 20% chance to grand bonus damage to allies. Actiive: Chills enemies.

Storm Spirit

Passive: Summon a buddy that grants allies 20% chance to gain Swiftness when attacking. Active: Lightning AoE.


Heal as One

Low cooldown (20s) direct heal to you and your pet.

Healing Spring

Smaller direct heal to you and your pet (~5k at level 80), and drops an AoE that applies constant regen and periodically removes conditions from allies inside the area.

Troll Unguent

Regens health over time. 40s cooldown.


Rampage as One

You and your pet gain Stability, Fury, and Swiftness. Also grants you and your pet Might when attacking.

Spirit of Nature

Passive: Summons an Elite buddy that heals allies. Active: Command your buddy to revive and remove conditions from nearby allies.


Your target is immobilized until the vines are destroyed.

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Here you’ll find a listing of Ranger Pets divided into 3 categories: Terrestrial (land only), Amphibious (land and water), and Aquatic (water only). Below, the Pets are sorted according to their ‘family’ and Special ability. For more information the pets, click on it’s name to bring up its detailed GW2 Wiki page.

Terrestrial Pets

Dogs –

Alpine Wolf: Chilling Howl (applies Chill to enemies)

Hyena: Howl of the Pack (summons a hyena ally to fight with you)

Krytan Drakehound: Intimidating Howl (Immobilizes enemies)

Fern Hound: Regenerate

Wolf: Terrifying Howl (AoE fear 2s)

Spiders –

Forest Spider: Deadly Venom (next 3 attacks inflict Poison on your target)

Black Widow:Paralyzing Venom (next attack immobilizes your target, 2s stun)

Cave Spider: Weakening Venom (next 2 attacks apply Weakness to your target 5s)

Birds –

White Raven: Blinding Slash (5s Blind)

Owl:Chilling Slash (3s Chill)

Flamingo: Dazing Screech (2s Daze)

Black Moa: Dazing Screech (2s Daze)

Red Moa: Furious Screech (grants 15s Fury to nearby allies)

White Moa: Icy Screech (Chill nearby enemies)

Blue Moa: Protecting Screech (grants 10s Protection to nearby allies)

Hawk: Lacerating Slash (applies 15s Bleed to your target)

Amphibious Pets

Cats –

Snow Leopard: Icy Pounce (leaps at target, applying Chill 2s)

Jungle Stalker:Mighty Roar (grants Might to nearby allies 10s)

Lynx: Rending Pounce (leaps at target, inflicting Bleed 20s)

Jaguar: Stalk (6s stealth)

Drake –

Salamander Drake: Fire Breath-land (cone, 5s Burning) | Boil-aquatic

River Drake: Lightning Breath-land (Chain lightning) | Electrocute-aquatic

Ice Drake: Frost Breath-land (cone, 5s Chill) | Frost Nova-aquatic

Marsh Drake: Insect Swarm-land (3s AoE Poison) | Poison Cloud-aquatic

Bears –

Black Bear: Enfeebling Roar-land (AoE 10s Weakness) | Enfeebling Maul-aquatic

Polar Bear: Icy Roar-land (AoE 3s Chill) | Icy Maul-aquatic

Brown Bear: Shake it Off-land (condition removal) | Purge Conditions-aquatic

Aquatic Pets

Shark: Feeding Frenzy

Armored Fish: Stunning Rush

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Welcome to the section all about how to manage your pets as a Ranger. This Owner’s Manual will cover a variety of information including FAQs and Tips & Tricks. Check back soon for more information as Pet AI will inevitably (fingers crossed) go through some changes as the game progresses.

Pet FAQs:

Q: Pets. How do I get them?

A: Around the world environment, you can encounter the Juvenile form on a pet species. When you are within range, you can Charm the animal by hitting F. Charming an animal unlocks that species in your Pet Management window.

Q: What is a species and what is a family?

A: A pet family is the “group” that animal belongs to. Such as, Bear. Its Species is its type within that family – such as a Polar Bear, or Black Bear. Each family has three basic skills that are consistent, however the species of the animal determines the special skill.

Q: How many pets can a Ranger have?

A: Rangers can charm any number of the pets available in Tyria. However, they have only 3 slots for pets that “accompany” the Ranger. Two slots are pets available for land combat and 1 slots are pets available when fighting underwater. You can only have 1 Active Pet – meaning, only 1 pet out fighting with you at a time. You can also swap between Pets.

Q: How long is the Pet Swap cooldown?

A: In combat Pet swap is 20s, out of combat is pretty much instant. If your pet is dead, you can swap it out for another pet but the cooldown to swap back is 40s.

Q: How do I rename my pet?

A: Open the Pet Management Window [K] and click on the Quill icon.

Q: Do pets go into a downed state?

A: No. Pets only enter a defeated state and need to be revived or swapped out. If you are defeated and revive at a Waypoint, your pet will automatically revive there too.

Q: Which of my Pet’s abilities can I control?

A: You can only control one of your Pet’s abilities, it’s Special skill. You can also send your pet in to Attack, set it’s aggressiveness, and Stow it.

Q: Do my pets get new skills as I level?

A: No. Pets in GW2 do not evolve as you level. Their abilities are fixed based on their family and species.

Tricks & Tips:

Coming soon…

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Condition Damage/Spirit Support Ranger


Traits & Skills:

During BWE3, I tested out a Condition Damage/Spirit Support build. I used this build mainly in tournaments where I was more of a support role for my group. I switched to a Shortbow as my primary weapon for the condition damage, and stayed with the Axe-Warhorn combination for my offset.

For traits, I went 20 points into Skirmishing – picking up chance to apply Bleed on crits and Quick Draw for reduced cooldown on Shortbow skills.

I dropped 20 points into Wilderness Survival to pick up Vigorous Renewal and 20% quicker recharge on Offhand skills. I also get +200 condition damage from this trait line.

Finally, I went 30 points into Nature Magic to pick up double the HP for my spirits, increased chance for Spirit procs, and Spirits Unbound, which allows my spirits to move with me.

My elite is Spirit of Nature which heals allies and when activated will revive and remove conditions from nearby allies.

For utilities, I chose Sun Spirit for the chance for me and my team to proc Burning, and the 5s Blind when activated. Stone Spirit for a chance to proc Protection. And Signet of Renewal for the passive condition removal.

For healing I went with Healing Spring for the constant regen while people are in it, as well as the periodic condition removal.


6x Rune of the Lich

Rabid Amulet

Rampager’s Jewel


  • It’s a very robust build, even though my HP is fairly low, I have numerous defensive gains with Stone spirit, the blind effect from Sun Spirit, Rejuvenation, and Natural Vigor.
  • I am able to provide defensive support for my team using Spirits, Signet of Renewal, Healing Spring and Spirit of Nature.
  • Spirits unbound allows me to be mobile while keeping my Spirit buffs.
  • Lots of condition removal.
  • I have buffed condition damage and duration
  • Options for control with Crippling Shot, Concussion Shot and Winter’s Bite and my spider pet.


  • Shortbow does require positional consideration, especially to successfully apply Bleeds off Crossfire. As well as to stun targets with Concussion Shot. Not really a con but maybe to situationally.
  • Healing Spring doesn’t really allow for much mobile freedom and sometimes a direct heal will help save a life more easily than regen can.
  • Theres a long cooldown on Spirits when you use their toggle ability, so you have to use it carefully.
  • Going full support build would likely require me to rune differently.

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Direct Damage/Survival Hybrid


Traits & Skills:

The first build I tried out was kind of a mix between direct damage as well as some survivability. I used this build under the pretense that I would be mainly solo queuing and wanted to try to get decent longbow damage but still think about how to keep myself up when in a pinch. For my primary weapon I’m using a Longbow for the burst potential and an axe and warhorn for Winter’s Bite and Call of the Wild.

For traits, I went 30 points into Marksmanship to pick up Signet of the Beastmaster, increased damage and range on my longbow and the reduced cooldown on activated signets.

I went 15 points into Skirmishing to pick up the Swiftness and Fury gains on weapon swap, as well as buff my pet’s damage when I crit. I also get an increase in crit chance and crit damage from the Skirmishing line.

Lastly I went 25 points into Nature Magic for the added HP, regen duration and 10% of vitality given as bonus Power.

For utilities, I went with Signet of Stone for the passive defense and the 6s invulnerability from incoming attacks on activation. Then Signet of the Wild for the passive regen and damage/stability buff on activation. And lastly, Lightning Reflexes for the evade and stunbreak.

I chose Rampage as One as my Elite for the offensive gains as well as the stability and for healing I am going with Heal as One which for its low cooldown.


6x Rune of Divinity

Berserker’s Amulet

Berserker’s Jewel


  • High crit chance with this build, which increases your pet damage as well.
  • Your longbow damage is buffed with the new Eagle Eye, your range is also increased to 1500.
  • You have a potent survivability cooldown and a reliable stunbreak.


The cons in this build became quite apparent to me early on. And in fact, a few matches in, I changed Signet of the Wild out for Signet of Renewal for the condition removal.

  • You’ll find you’re fairly squishy in this build, I’m sitting at just over 21k hp.
  • No condition removal is a big deficiency
  • I find it a bit lacking in gap management (only have Pointblank shot and Winter’s Bite)

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[1] The Old Huntsman by Arthur Conan Doyle

[2] Pros & Cons inspired by

[3] www.guildwars2.comid

Edited by vVv RobZGod

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The profession I'm going to PvE on is going to be a ranger, this is a great guide to have so I don't have to go running around looking for everything. It's right here :)

Good job Sieryss!

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just noticed cripple talon the 2nd dagger skill in your guide says it poisons and cripples, but on your link it says bleed

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good job, this is top notch

I went ahead and threw a link to this on gw2guru.com hope you don't mind


Cwalk, timing is very important. When you make a post about a guide be sure that the video she made with the guide has been uploaded on the official vVvGamingTV channel and is imbedded in her initial post. The goal is to get people who view the guide to watch the video as well, so make sure if you link to something on an external website everything is in order with the video.

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kk, the guide that I posted is not a copy of the guild it is a link to the page

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I'm currently working on updating this to include more discussion on abilities, traits and builds. I will also be finishing off the Pets section and adding to the Media. You'll notice some additions to the Weapon Skills section so far. I appreciate the feedback from those who stopped by, and will do my best to improve the information you find here.

Please feel free to make suggestions and check back again soon!

Thank you for your time.


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