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@  vVv C Wide : (01 September 2015 - 09:55 PM)


@  vVv C Wide : (01 September 2015 - 09:55 PM)


@  vVv Bagzli : (01 September 2015 - 09:46 PM)

@vVv Falcodile hey sorry I did not see this message, forgot to check shoutbox after i wrote that. Yes you are more than welcome to join these events. Hopefully we see you on thursday

@  Crispee : (01 September 2015 - 09:24 PM)

@Frosty who are u

@  Frosty : (01 September 2015 - 08:55 PM)

Hello Hello

@  vVv Falcodile : (01 September 2015 - 08:55 PM)

yeah, so many side missions though, exploration, and the best thing... DDog <3 I love that puppy

@  vVv LordJerith : (01 September 2015 - 08:52 PM)

@vVv Falcodile that good, huh?

@  vVv Falcodile : (01 September 2015 - 08:15 PM)

I love this game so muc

@  vVv Falcodile : (01 September 2015 - 08:15 PM)

damn, I haven't played a game this much as I have MGSV

@  Aeroglow : (01 September 2015 - 07:51 PM)

@vvv Bagzil if I have never played rocket league, can I play :D

@  vVv Saturn : (01 September 2015 - 07:51 PM)

HotS Division Townhall meeting in 10 MINUTES!

@  vVv Bagzli : (01 September 2015 - 07:44 PM)

Rocket League Community Game Night starts in 15 minutes! Meet up on mumble!

@  Aeroglow : (01 September 2015 - 07:17 PM)

i know the feeling :D

@  Unacceptable : (01 September 2015 - 07:04 PM)

Eh its okay. I wish I could win the lottery so I wouldn't have to work anymore

@  vVv Vall : (01 September 2015 - 06:59 PM)


@  Crispee : (01 September 2015 - 06:57 PM)

@vVv Papabear chata

@  lookingforag... : (01 September 2015 - 06:56 PM)

i will be attending the meeting tomorrow :) stoked

@  Aeroglow : (01 September 2015 - 06:45 PM)

@unacceptable Great! How about yours?

@  Unacceptable : (01 September 2015 - 06:29 PM)

How was everyone's day today?

@  Arkaine : (01 September 2015 - 06:08 PM)

I think it's time for us to see other people Anthony.


King of Summoner Hill 6: Summer Championship

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#1 Ockiral


    Forum Commando

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 05:48 PM

Hey guys the time to compete in another King of the Summoner Hill 1v1 tournament is here.


Saturday August 18th @ 2p.m. Est (11a.m. PST)


1st - SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse(Donated by SteelSeries) + $30 RP

2nd - $20 RP

3rd - $10 RP

Riot pionts dontated by vVv Ockiral and vVv Plattypus

Sign Up Here


This is the sixth installment in our growing King of Summoner’s Hill tournament series. This 1v1 league of legends tournament is unique, and allows summoners from all over to flex their muscles and compete against each other head on.

For veterans of the tournament, there is only one change, and that is to have breaks in between each round to help with casting the event. This also allows the admins of the tournament to make sure everything is running smoothly, and keep progress moving forward.

For new players, or players needing a recap of the rules to the event, they go as such.

-The tournament is to be played on Summoner's Rift (Summer)

-The game will be made in a custom game with Blind Pick format, the players will then ban 3 champions each in a 1-1-1-1-1-1 format, with the higher seed banning first. If it is not clear who the higher seed is, the person on the right will ban first.

-The opening round is a best of 1 series, the tournament rounds are a best of 3 series.

-The tournament consists of middle lane and jungle only, no player is allowed to farm any minions or damage any towers from any other lane.

-No player is allowed to use the summoner spells Teleport and Revive.

That concludes all of the in game rules, but there are other things worth noting to keep the tournament running smoothly.

1) Each round will begin upon command, do not proceed to your next matchup until instructed to. This is to keep things running smoother, and to open the opportunity to cast each game.

2) If a player is cheating, take a screen shot and prepare to present your case to an administrator.

3) In between each rounds there will be a small delay of up to 5 minutes, this is for the sake of the casters and to make sure the tournament can proceed without complications. If there is a complication, it will be handled after the match it was presented in.

4) You have exactly 20 minutes to sign into the tournament. If you are not present after 20 minutes, you are automatically disqualified. If someone does not appear for the matchup in 20 minutes, please sign yourself as a victory and proceed to the next round. This only applies to the first round.

Communicating with the competitors and other Admins: In order to facilitate the matches better, we ask that ALL competitors and in-game administrators/casters join the KOTSH chat channel in the pvp.net client. This is done by clicking the chat button located at the bottom right-hand side of your pvp.net client (the one in the middle of the three there) and clicking on “Join/Create chat room,” Then entering “KOTSH” without the quotation marks. This will make it easier to not only communicate with administrators inside the game, but also to help with finding your opponent more quickly.
Seeding will be determined at random for this tournament.

Handling Disconnection Issues: In the event that a Summoner has been disconnected from a match, the game may be remade only if these conditions apply:
The summoner disconnected before the game timer has reached 3 Minutes, AND
There has NOT been a First Blood, AND
A tower in either summoner’s middle lane has not fallen.
In the event that a game has to be remade, the bans and picks WILL STAY THE SAME AS IF THE GAME NEVER HAD TO BE REMADE!
If a Summoner has disconnected from the game and these conditions have not been met, the summoner must re-connect as swiftly as he or she possibly can,PLAY WILL CONTINUE.

Edited by vVv Ockiral, 15 August 2012 - 11:42 AM.

Sunday Night Inhouse Information: http://www.vvv-gamin...se-information/
Summoner Name: vVv Ockiral
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vVvOckiral

Join the vVv Chat channel on League of legends to meet players as well as find groups!

#2 vVv Pherzghul

vVv Pherzghul

    Lead Designer

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 06:42 PM

1st place here I go!

#3 xiViET


    Forum Contributor

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 08:03 PM

This is will be awesome to watch hahaha.
I wonder who is going to be in first place ;D

#4 Meelody



  • Active Member
  • 855 posts

Posted 14 July 2012 - 09:15 PM

I signed uupp. If I can actually make it this time I'll beat all of you hoes.
It's the weekend after school starts though, and I might be busy with crosscountry stuff..
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#5 Cosby


    Forum Athlete

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Posted 15 July 2012 - 12:19 PM

"The tournament is to be played on Summoner’s Rift" why not on the new map ?

#6 vVv Pherzghul

vVv Pherzghul

    Lead Designer

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  • 1,312 posts

Posted 15 July 2012 - 01:39 PM

"The tournament is to be played on Summoner’s Rift" why not on the new map ?

I agree

#7 vVv michs09

vVv michs09

    vVv FIFA

  • Xbox Division
  • 695 posts

Posted 15 July 2012 - 06:15 PM

Ya Ya Yaaaa ha
Michael "michs09" LaBelle
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Contact Email: michs09usa@gmail.com
XBL: vVv michs09 PSN: michs09

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    Forum Athlete

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Posted 16 July 2012 - 02:24 AM

Looks like a fun time, I need to hurry up with my build

#9 Beast-


    Ex-vVv Member

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Posted 16 July 2012 - 11:15 AM

I agree

me and Ockiral talked about this. he is supposed to ask Plat about it. so we will see.
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#10 Voided


    Forum Commando

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Posted 21 July 2012 - 02:16 PM

Maybe I won't fight someone as good as Relatively this time, eh?
vVv Donor: Donating $50 a month or your money back--wait, that's not how that quote goes here...
LoL player. Mainly play as AD Ashe, Support Sona/Soraka, and dabbling a little in jungle Malphite.

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