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Diablo 3 Review!

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Diablo 3 is a fun, fast-paced, Action RPG, that takes the player into a world of angels, demons, the undead, and ponies. That world is known as Sanctuary. Published by the well known, respected and hated Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo 3 will have you traveling through many cities, dungeons and towns. Just like in any traditional RPG, you can expect to spend a lot of time grinding your way through in order to save Sanctuary. There will be twists and turns along the way, and you’ll meet lots of new NPCs that will either have sugar and spice, and everything nice, or you will have to unleash a reign of terror upon in order to survive the apocalypse/ponies. Yes, there are ponies.


Now, if you know anything about the story of Diablo, you know that the world isn’t a kind place. You begin the game learning something about a falling star that crashed into the town of Tristram, the town from Diablo, yeah, THAT town. This star comes with the magical ability to reanimate dead things. Yes, like zombies, but not quite the same. These dead things will eat you alive, just like zombies, but can also, burn you to death, bash you to death, and cut you to pieces plus a whole plethora of other nightmarish things that Blizzard was able to dream up. The Diablo 3 story does a good job of trying, and reflecting on the past Diablo games. Set 20 years after the previous game, very few people are still alive from the original story. One of these people, Deckard Cain, remembers everything that happened in previous Diablo games, and you use him as the game progresses to well… progress. Let's not forget here that Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone in Diablo 2. That's a pretty key thing here, since the Worldstone is basically the stone that protects Sanctuary from the forces of hell. Now, you’re probably sitting there putting two and two together, realizing, that yes. With the Worldstone gone, no wonder demons and such are roaming around, preparing to invade the mortal realm. Now, to get specific about the Diablo 3 story, it is broken up into several “Acts”. In Act 1 you find yourself below the Cathedral that was bombed by the falling star fighting monster after monster and eventually the Skeleton King. Act 2 follows suit so far, as you are moved to the city of Caldeum, where once again you must fight wave of monsters in order to succeed in what you want to do. Now, the rest, you’ll just have to play and find out on your own. All in all, the Diablo 3 story is exhilarating and exciting, and leaves no question as to “how” or “what”.


Slice. Dash. Cut. Dash. Mash. Dash. BOOM. EXPLODE. POW POW, and guess what? More POW. That’s about the general gist of how the gameplay in Diablo 3 works. As is tradition in RPGs, you begin the game by picking one of five classes: Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter. Each class begins the game with simple offensive skills. And as this is an Action RPG, you also have the ability to attack with your weapon of flavor by clicking the “Mouse 1” button. As you play the game, you’ll feel as if you are progressing rather fast. You gain skills almost by the level, sometimes even two skills. In Diablo 3 your class progression depends on "builds”. You can get every skill in the game for your respective class. The only thing you are responsible for is picking a good combination of those skills that helps you survive, as you can only use so many at one time. One of the best things about Diablo 3 is the gearing aspect of the game. After you progress, quite quickly I might add, through the beginning and intermediate stages of the game, you come to a point where you’ll need to gear your character. This can be done through several ways. You can find drops from monsters you have killed, these drops can range anywhere from normal items, to rare items, and sometimes even legendary and set items. The next way, thanks to the amazing Diablo 3 design team, is the auction house. Yes, the game has an auction house. Yes, that does mean that this game is online, in case I didn’t mention that, or you didn’t know that. Now, the game is played through several Acts. In these Acts you can either solo play through them, or you can link up with up to three friends, or just join a random party. The awesome thing about linking up with friends is, thanks to Blizzard once again, you don’t have to fight over loot. You have loot that only you can see, isn’t that fantabulous? No. I never said fantabulous, what’re you talking about? Now, a fault to the developers of Diablo 3 is the way the game starts out. But that’ll be saved for the “Beginnability” category. Now, lets move on to the quite beautiful section, the Graphics section (see what I did there).


Diablo 3’s graphics. Hmm… what’s the best way to communicate to you about Diablo 3’s graphics? Ahh, of course, with a question. That question is, have you ever wanted to play a game where you can actually see blood, guts, body parts, and bones flying all over the place, as you tear through monster after monster in lands that were quite dark, spooky and scary? Well, in all cases except a few, like the cute and cuddly lands you will come across with fighting teddy bears and such, though the blood, guts, and body parts rule still counts. Luckily for us, the system requirements for Diablo 3 aren’t that bad though. To conclude our short graphics section, this game is quite beautiful for an over-the-head Action RPG game.


I just want to start off by talking about (in my opinion) the awful background music of Diablo 3. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice music, but when I’m running around lopping the heads off of demons, or blasting through a crowd of undead wolves, I want to be pumped up and ready to go, not lulled to sleep by some soothing, and cutesy music. My suggestion, if you play Diablo 3, is to have some music prepared for the long hours of battling you’ll have to go through that gets you excited to kill demons. Though, there are times when you’ll need to pause that music. These times are mostly when meeting other NPCs where Blizzard has done us the favor of having some pretty nice voice-acting. You’ll get to hear the super sexy voice of Claudia Black, and even James Hong, as you traverse the realm of Sanctuary. Back to that background music, isn’t it just annoying? Though, I do say you need your own music when fighting, some of the sound effects of the game are quite nice, and you might miss them if you have your own music pumped up too loud.


First off, blah. Second off, blah. And third off, blah. Battle.net servers suck. This is a widespread problem with the game so far. New players may be deterred from the game when the first thing that happens when they login is they are forced to log back out. Now, if you can get past that, you’ll just be faced with more “beginnability” issues. The game starts you out without much teaching. Though, it is quite easy to learn, you’ll still have to pretty much learn them on your own. That being said, that actually makes the beginning a bit more challenging considering how EXTREMELY EASY your first play through of the game will be. And when I say, EXTREMELY EASY, I really mean that making games difficult and complicating is a thing of the pass it seems. Literally, your first play through will be so easy, that you might as well not even play the game. No, wait, play the game. The game is amazing, if you can force yourself to play through one time. Though, I guess the learning the game is quite nice on the first play through…….. Blah.


Unlike the previous section, this section actually has a lot of plusses about it. Blizzard has blessed us, the players, with different levels of difficulty in which you can play the game on! Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. Once you unlock the harder settings, that game becomes much more fun, and exciting. The game changes, at every corner, in every play through. Sometimes you can fight this monster, and others you fight that horde of monsters. That’s what makes you want to continue playing the game. Because, though every play through is technically the same, what, when and how you fight through the play throughs are completely different, every time! And with the higher difficult settings, not only are mobs stronger, tougher, but they also get smarter. They even get new abilities as you go from normal to inferno.


  • EXCELLENT Story – Due to a wonderful background that ties in the previous Diablo games, the game receives an excellent in it’s story rating.

  • GOOD Gameplay – The game is exciting, and changing at every turn, but due to some issues with the beginning of the game, and battle.net servers, and the fact that this type of continuous clicking RPG may not be for everyone, Diablo 3 receives a good for it’s gameplay.

  • GOOD Graphics – The game is, like has been stated, an over-the-head Action RPG, which has very many limitations on just how attractive the game can be. That being said, Blizzard does a great job showing us enough gore to overcome that so that the game can receive a good in the graphics department.

  • DECENT Sound – The game has wonderful voice acting from some awesome people, and even some awesome sound effects, but all this is dampened because of poor background music that I just can’t get over, and thus the game receives a decent in the sound category.

  • DECENT Beginnability – The game starts off with a lack of a solid tutorial, and with the many problems that battle.net has, accompanied by how easy the game is at first, some new players can be deterred from the game therefore the game receives a decent in the beginnability category.

  • EXCELLENT Continuability – With the ability to continually obtain better gear, and constantly changing waves and abilities of monsters the game receives an excellent in the ability to continue to play the game.

  • EXCELLENT as it’s rating due to how fun, and exciting the game can be if you can make it through the beginning stages of the game.

Matthew "Killzmane" Spaulding is new to the vVv Writing Staff, his first work being this review.

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