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Karthus Defile CDR = extra dmg?!?!

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I am going to re-post a post I saw on the wiki for defile which is an AoE toggle spell for karthus and I was wondering how much merit this has or if anyone has tried it because I have yet to play karthus but I bought him to see how he plays

"Using 20px-KarthusSquare.png Karthus's 20px-Defile.jpg Defile will deal damage every second to your opponent after activation. With no cooldown reduction, it has a 0.5 second cooldown on both ends (activating and deactivating), making it deal the same damage as just leaving it toggled on. With any cooldown reduction, however, you can increase your damage by rapidly toggling on and off. At 40% cooldown reduction, you can effectively deal damage once every 0.6 seconds, instead of once every 1 second, for 1.67 times as much damage"

I don't know if you guys already know this or not but it surprised me enough that I thought I would post it and see if you guys think it has any merit.

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Toggling on and off constantly while trying to land Q's and a decent wall could be tricky. Making a CDR build may also nerf his damage a lot too and let be honest, if you have a karth, you pretty much want him to suicide a team fight and R, doing huge damage from lots of AP. Maybe this could work with a tankier build, ROA+Frozen heart + Blue + Blue elixer could work maybe

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u would only need to morellos and Blue buff to be CDR capped so its not a big dmg nerf if u build it that way

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well i saw a build that integrated nashors tooth in with hextech gunblade it look viable but idk how much so.

This is the guide BTW: http://www.mobafire....m-jungle-190617

From what I've seen in my many many games in LoL, most of karthus's damage will come simply from his spells after death, where he cannot be silenced or simply enough targeted so it's just constant Q's with a constant E.. Seeing as how nashors tooth/hextech gunblade would be more auto attack focused, I dont think it would be very viable.

Yes, the spellvamp and CDR/iffy AP would be nice. But there's simply just better items to use seeing how mass AP does wonders on karthus ;o.

As someone else said, morellos+blue will get you 40% CDR at level 18 (40% is the cap on CDR for anyone who doesnt know) and morellos also has a very nice weapon active that works as a healing debuff like ignite.

The CDR thing for defile is a nice catch though! Seems like it'd be hard to do with Q's too but if someone can do it, all the better to them xD.

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Typical Karthus build is:

Sorc Shoes



Abyssal Scepter


open to different games. A lot of people like ROA

Anyway, this is a very ap intensive build that allows Karthus to get out a ton of damage before and after death, and as Melody said, Karthus will not be auto attacking. Especially since his range is very short...

Also, the cdr build assumes that the damage output of a cdr build is equal to the damage output of a full ap build, which is typical on Karthus.

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