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vVv OrganicBear

Wednesday Night Starcraft needs a new cameraman!

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Hey guys,

So most of you know about our weekly show, WNS. We are constantly looking to increase production value of the show, and one of the ways we do so is by providing a cameraman to stream the video for the games for Crota and Matron while they cast. Recently, our previous cameraman left, so we are looking for someone who can replace him full time.

Qualifications include:

- Ability to stream at 720p or better with at least Medium graphics settings without lag periods or jitter. Preference for candidates who can stream at higher quality settings smoothly.

- Must be available most Wednesday nights from 7 PM until 9 PM EST.

- Must be able to use a stream delay feature. If you don't know how to use it, I can provide training.

- Experience or familiarity with camera techniques preferred (i.e. middle click scrolling, ctrl-f or portrait clicking, minimap scrolling, worker boxing, minimap awareness, observer tool hotkeys, etc.)

Please leave a post if you are qualified and interested!

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I should be able to play camera man until May 19th if that would help. Once my daughter is here for the summer I can't commit to any strict schedule. I can play around with my stream settings after MLG and see what the best quality I can stream is. (we aren't having any more WNS until after then, right?)

I know my computer can handle any graphics setting, the limiting factor would be my internet speed.

I wont be around much over the next two weeks, but PM me if you would like to discuss it before the 18th of march when I will be active again.

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I haven't tested 720p+ on my xsplit on SC2 with good graphics but it should be fine.

EDIT : Kids, this is why you don't buy Alienware computers. I can't even run the game in high graphics . . .

Edited by vVv Spike

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I am still looking for someone who can do this permanently. We gave Spike a try this past week, and while everything went smooth during testing, his Internet crapped out for unknown reasons during the show. As a result we still need someone who can be around most Wednesday nights to do this.

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I wish I could commit, but I probably need more time to figure out what I should be centering my screen on again, lol. Spike, I wonder if it would be worth trying it again now that you have Quality of Service setup on your router?

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