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REVIEW: steelseries Xai Mouse

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#1 Slauney


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Posted 02 May 2011 - 04:43 PM

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vVv Slauney's Review

Hey guys, I have recently picked up the steelseries Xai mouse because of all the good things I have heard about it. Up to this point, the mouse I have generally used was the Logitech G9x because of the high DPI settings and because of the custom weight settings you can adjust. The G9x is the mouse I'm most comfortable with being the one I have used the longest, but it lacks something that steelseries is known for: pinpoint accuracy.

Posted Image

As a gold tier Starcraft 2 player, I am always trying to improve my game and all I can say is that I am amazed with the assistance that the Xai can give for me to reach the top of my game. The Xai mouse is ambidextrous, so although I am a right-handed user, I know many left-handed users who appreciate the Xai, and it's not surprising because it has an amazing feel and molds right to your hand. It is also very customizable, and allows you to set two different settings where as you can have two different speeds and independantly chose one 'on-the-fly' by clicking the middle button on the mouse, they can be set to two different values for how fast the mouse picks up.

The Pros of Xai:
-Overall comfort
-Great, two different, dpi settings
-glides on a hard mousepad (I use a stiff pad)
-smooth surface
-different customized profile for many functions
-a lot of different settings for the set up so you can make it exactly the way you want to the point
-changeable left-click speed
-Does not take a long time to get used to
-lift distance

The Cons of Xai:
-somewhat difficult set-up Configuration when you first start up
-a stiff left-click button (personal preference)
-The price (The Xai is only $89.99, and is not that bad of a price for what you get.)

Overall, the PROs easily out-weigh the CONs, and although the price of the product can always be better ($89.99 is not that bad), it does not affect the quality of the mouse itself. I hope many of the skeptical people out there want to try it because the Xai truly is a great mouse. I highly suggest you try out the mouse.

I would easily give this a 8.5 or 9.0 out of 10. I hope this review will make you want to purchase it!


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#2 Robbie


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Posted 02 May 2011 - 10:00 PM

Great review and i will defiantly be getting this mouse as soon as possible

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#3 Nuff Proto

Nuff Proto

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Posted 03 May 2011 - 11:29 PM

Great review ! :Victory:

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#4 Metaphor


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Posted 04 May 2011 - 12:55 PM

Nice review Salami! :D




#5 Grizzlyy


    I need to post more!

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 04:51 PM

good review, thinking about getting one of these ^-^
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#6 Eminent


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Posted 02 July 2011 - 12:23 PM

hey great review i was looking for a new mouse i think i found it
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#7 Caich


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Posted 03 July 2011 - 10:09 PM

I've also thought about the Xai, I was looking at it today, as I have the steelseries WOW mmo mouse /facepalm Xd

#8 rampd


    Active Forum Contributor

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Posted 17 July 2011 - 07:17 AM

Hey man Good Review. One thing I can suggest is that you compare it to a former mouse you have owned so that maybe others can have a relative idea of the quality of mouse. Also why the switch to the xai what really pulled you in that no other mouse did :D.

Sorry I dont know if its my place to say that.

On a more positive note. I currently on the Xai and love ever aspect of it. You guys won't be disappointed.

#9 Jakekorste


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Posted 18 July 2011 - 12:10 AM

My mouse is going out D:
This looks like a solid replacement !
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