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Socketing and Clerics

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#1 vVv Blazek

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Posted 10 October 2009 - 03:30 PM

I felt like I should probably touch on this subject in case anyone was wondering what affects clerics and what are good stones to socket.

Currently the consensus on most forums and even from korean players is that clerics are best when socketed completely with HP manastones. You may be thinking, "Okay, hp is nice, but doesn't magic boost help out our heals?" The answer is yes, but only by a very small margin. While i don't know the exact formula, with 577 magic boost my healing light IV only heals for 994, where base value is 904. Radient Cure II heals for 2438 where base value is 2217. Factoring in boosted healing, its obvious that magic boost doesnt do enough for healing to make it worth while.

What about MP? Due to the low cooldown timers of potions, mana is the least of your worries. A tip tho, use instant recovery pots instead of the mana over time ones. the over time ones are fine for pve, however its better to have the mana ready in pvp as time is very valuable.

Shield Defense/block? Unfortunately we can never block like a templar, and from forum talk it seems that their shield def is on a different scale then clerics (unconfirmed). for example: 1000 block on a templar gives a better block rate then 1000 block on a cleric. while you can still get a decient block rating, you dont get any shield passives, so its really kind of a waste.

Magic resist? This could potentially be viable, more likely in arena. Due to the fact these have just been added in 1.5 it has yet to be tested out much in arenas on the korean servers, however, with the exception of the short duration sorc buff that increases magic acc by a ton, it does prove useful for defeating magic based classes.

Due to the lack of any arena information, the best spec for a cleric would have to be full HP. This is currently what I am using, and i have around an extra 650 hp atm. this adds a nice extra buffer to throw out a quick heal on yourself when you are the target ( and as a cleric.... you pretty much have a target painted on your back).

When info on arenas is released I will dive into specs that could prove useful as a cleric, depending on the format (such as adding Magic Boost or Magic Acc for dmg), till then :3

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