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  1. Muhdewsa

    Rocket League CGN

    Click here to join us on our Discord Server! For more details on this event and how to get involved, as well as how to register to save your spot, visit this link! Want to watch the action? Visit our Twitch.tv channel!
  2. Muhdewsa

    FFXIV Raids

    Click here to join our Discord server! For more details on this event and how to get involved, click here!
  3. vVv Gaming is proud to present the return of the Supersonic Series! Unique game nights each week will allow Teams and individual Rocketeers to bring their A game and level up their gaming skills! Whether the goal is to improve teamwork, find suitable opponents, or just acquire valuable feedback on how to improve one’s gameplay, these events will accomplish just that! Changes from Season 2 It is time to change your schedules! We are now moving days to better accommodate NA players wishing to compete in other tournaments. The Draft will be now on Monday, Showdown on Wednesday, and Saturday nights will now be 2v2 tournaments! We’ve also partnered with Rocket League Central, so Wednesday nights now factor into Power Ranking! We have also made a document with all of the rules which we request ALL participants to look over in order to have the most positive experience in the Supersonic Series. The Supersonic Series Rules & Regulations can be found by clicking on this link NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF! Season 3 starts on Monday, June 6th, 2016 The very first tournament, on June 6th, will be an open tournament that we are calling a "Kick Off". With this kick off tournament we are hoping to raise awareness of Supersonic Series to all rocketeers. Tournament will be streamed on our twitch channel, twitch.tv/livevvvgaming and we invite you all to come and watch what we hope to be a really awesome tournament! Supersonic Draft When: Every Monday night starting at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST) Checkins start at 8:30 PM EST and close at 8:50 PM EST. Where: Our TeamSpeak server (info here) Format: 3 vs 3 - Double Elimination Tournament, Best out of 3 games in winners bracket, Best of 1 games in losers bracket, Captains Draft Mode. How to Participate: Visit http://vvv-gaming.com/RLRegister, follow instructions on how to sign up and then join our TeamSpeak server 15-30 minutes before starting time! You will have to perform these steps for each game night that you participate in. Players with the highest solo ranking will be elected as captains and will pick players that they want on their team. Captains will take turns picking their members in a “snake-style” (A, B, C, C, B, A) draft until all teams have 3 players each. Participating with friends is encouraged, however there is no guarantee that you will be on the same team. The captain’s name will be entered into the bracket and will be used to represent their team. Upon being selected onto a team, administrator will move you to appropriate channel. Channels will be renamed after team captains. Show/hide Supersonic Showdown When: Every Wednesday night starting at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST) Checkins start at 8:30 PM EST and close at 8:50 PM EST. Where: Our TeamSpeak server (info here) Format: 3 vs 3 - Double Elimination Tournament, Best out of 3 games played, Pre-Made Teams Mode. How to participate: Visit http://vvv-gaming.com/RLRegister, follow instructions on how to sign up and then join our TeamSpeak server at least 5 minutes before starting time! You will have to perform these steps for each game night that you participate in. - Participating alone: After filling out the forum above you will be in a free-agent pool available to fill any spot's teams may need. Check-ins will be 15-30 minutes before the start time so we can get everyone organized. A team may contact you to play with them right before the event starts. - Participating with a team: After filling out the form above, you will have secured your spot in the tournament (Provided you connect to our TeamSpeak server at least 15-30 minutes prior to the event starting). If you are seeking a third player of the evening, you can view out Free Agent list located here: http://vvv-gaming.com/RLRegister and contact them to be apart of your team. Should you not acquire a third team member on you own, please show up on TeamSpeak at least 30 minutes prior to the event starting and we will assign you a third team member if one is available for the duration of the night. Note: A channel will be created specifically for your team under your team name that will be for your use throughout the evening. Should a channel not be created upon you joining TeamSpeak, contact one of the event administrators and they will create the channel for you. Show/hide Supersonic Duo When: Every Saturday night starting at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST) Where: Our TeamSpeak server (info here) Format: 2v2 - Double Elimination Tournament, Best out of 3 games, Pre-made teams How to participate: - Participating alone: After filling out the forum above you will be in a free-agent pool available to fill any spot's teams may need. Check-ins will be 15-30 minutes before the start time so we can get everyone organized. A team may contact you to play with them right before the event starts. - Participating with a team: After filling out the form above, you will have secured your spot in the tournament (Provided you connect to our TeamSpeak server at least 15-30 minutes prior to the event starting). If you are seeking a third player of the evening, you can view out Free Agent list located here: http://vvv-gaming.com/RLRegister and contact them to be apart of your team. Should you not acquire a third team member on you own, please show up on TeamSpeak at least 30 minutes prior to the event starting and we will assign you a third team member if one is available for the duration of the night. Note: A channel will be created specifically for your team under your team name that will be for your use throughout the evening. Should a channel not be created upon you joining TeamSpeak, contact one of the event administrators and they will create the channel for you. Show/hide Playing Games and Reporting Results: A tournament bracket will be created and can be accessed via http://www.vvv-gaming.com/RLBracket. (Note this link will take you to an external website that we use for hosting brackets and also this link will be kept up to date with the current active event). For all events above, the Admin will announce via TeamSpeak when the event has started. Once this happens you should contact the opposing team and host a private game among yourselves and play your best out of three matches. After you complete playing your match, one player from your team needs to report your score to the Admin. To keep things clean, please save replays of games you win in case we need to refer to them to prove a winner. Point System: You will receive points for your participation in each tournament. These points will determine the top 8 teams, both from Showdown, top 16 teams from Duo, and top 24 players that will participate in the three season finale tournaments. The first tournament will be hosted for the top 24 players based on the individual scores from Supersonic Draft event. The second tournament will be hosted for the top 8 teams based on points earned during Supersonic Showdown nights. Keep in mind that participating in Supersonic Showdown event will earn Team Points, participating alone earns you no points. Finally, the top 16 teams from the Supersonic Duo nights will compete in their own finale tournament! Breakdown: 2 points for participating 2 points for every match won in the Winner's Bracket 1 point for every match won in the Loser's Bracket 2 additional points for placing 4th 4 additional points for placing 3rd 6 additional points for placing 2nd 10 additional points for placing 1st To stay up to date on everything we do you can: Join out steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vVvGamingRL Join the discussions on our forum: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/ Want to help us with the Supersonic Series? Check out our available jobs page at: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/jobs/rocket-league/ Current open positions: Shout casters Stream Coordinators Tournament Admins If you have a question, just reach out to one of our event administrators via private messages on vVv Forum. Event Administrators: vVv Saturn, vVv Tyty, vVv Cherp, ShiroSan For more information on vVv Gaming and staying up to date with events that we host across various games, visit our Website at http://vVv-Gaming.com or you can follow us on twitter @vVv_Gaming.
  4. vVv Gaming Town Hall Meeting Recap. Sunday 04/24/16. This weeks Town Hall brought our meeting to an end, we finished up discussing our questions and managed to get some good feedback and answers to our questions. The topics we discussed and our answers this week are as follow: • What is a vVv Staff Member? (Who is accountable and in charge of what.): We decided that it is in best interest to not have "staff" members. Our idea was to have categories that clearly defines what each person is in charge of and their responsibilities as a member to easier find who is accountable for what. • On what basis should the games be picked and supported ? What state are our supported games in?: We felt the best way to support a game is to find or have a vVv Member or applicant who has a passion for a the game, being able to step up and create and run a division for the game they would like to support, building their community around the game. As for our current games that we support. We feel that the current games have no problems which lead us to think they shouldn't support them, they are fine in their current states. There will possibly be a re-introduction of a CS-GO division in the near future. • Finding commited vVv Members and applicants & raising activity: There were a couple of ways discussed to find committed members and applicants. One of the ways was mass recruiting players for our current divisions and filtering through to find the committed people. Another way if to pay attention to the members who show an interest in vVv and an interest in applying, contributing and adding value to vVv. Raising activity ties into this subject as we can also recruit players to come to vVv using the same process. We're also deciding to hold monthly town hall meetings again open to anyone to help introduce more people to vVv and it also gives everyone a chance to get to know more people within the organisation. Our next town hall meeting will be held on 05/01/16, Sunday 1st of may at 7pm EST. This meeting will be open to anyone and will be held on Teamspeak. There will be an announcement with all the details about the meeting posted above the shoutbox if you want to find out more.
  5. It's ADL time again! We're excited to announce that Season 8 starts February 19th and we will be playing every Sunday and Friday at 9pm EST (6pm PST). Once again, we've made some changes to this season but I think this will make everyone much happier! Let's just say that the theme of this season is SIMPLE!... literally. Things were just getting too complicated for everyone involved and it was sometimes hard to understand what was happening and why. Now everything will be easier for everyone! Jump past the Quick Info to get the summary of the changes!! How the Amateur Draft League works (read if you're new!): Show up in TeamSpeak a little before 9pm EST on Sunday or Friday (about 10-15 minutes works). Once in TeamSpeak, right click your name, click "Change Description", enter your Summoner Name, Solo Q Rank, and the Top 3 positions that you would like to play (or a position you absolutely cannot play), then "OK". You will move into the channel that correlates with your current Solo Q rank under Skill Sorting Hat (if you're currently unranked, go based off of what you were last season). The highest ranked players that show up that night are deemed team captain for THAT NIGHT ONLY. Team Captains will begin drafting their team out of the remaining players (dodge-ball style picking, pick order is under rules). People who are picked will be automatically moved into their team's channel. Once teams are drafted, you will play a total of TWO GAMES. After a game, the winners of the match will move into the same channel as the opposing team for a feedback session. Each game is against a DIFFERENT TEAM. Once you're done with BOTH games and your feedback sessions, you're welcome to leave, start inhouses, find someone to Duo Q with, etc. You can attend any night you want; you're not required to follow any type of schedule. If you show up to play, you must play both of your games. All you have to do to play is show up, you don't have to sign up anywhere or do anything beforehand. You must be level 30 and have at least 16 champions (NA only). There is no minimum Solo Q rank requirement. Have questions? Hit up vVv Medusa or vVv Organicbear! Quick Info: TeamSpeak Server: ts65.gameservers.com:9222 (NO PASSWORD) Click Here to Learn How to set up TeamSpeak Start Time: 9 PM EST/6 PM PST every Friday and Sunday Changes based on your suggestions: Scoring system moved from a complex ELO system to a simplified Win-Percentage-based system. One of the things you guys asked for was for us to simplify the scoring system. The ELO system was confusing and made it so it was difficult to understand what was happening with your scores since everything was calculated behind the scenes. As a result, this season we'll be moving back to a spreadsheet system and simplifying the scoring system to Win/Loss percentage. Your score will be displayed in a simple google docs spreadsheet so that you can look it up easily and see all the math involved in calculating your score. Adding an attendance-based bonus to remove the "hidden penalty" of showing up more often and having a lower win rate than someone who shows up a few times and has a win streak Additionally, you guys said that you didn't like that someone could come in at the end of the season and get a lucky 8-2 streak and end up placing higher than people who were showing up the majority of the season and doing relatively well. We agree that this is something that should be addressed, and although it's highly unlikely for someone to go on an 8-2 streak based on luck alone, we are adding a bonus multiplier to help those who show up to more games throughout the season. This will remove the unintended penalty for those showing up to more nights and trending toward a 50% winrate and prevent someone from showing up and doing well late in the season to sweep an easy victory, unless it's truly deserved. If you DO manage to go 8-2, you will still end the season with a relatively high win rate, but those who attend more nights and manage to perform at an above average level will still end up with a greater score. We will no longer be having a "Finals Night" to determine our winners; the winners of the ADL season will be determined by the end of the season Win/Loss Percentage after the attendance bonus is factored in. Since we no longer have ADL ELO, we will no longer have the Champion/Challenger Tiers. If we have 40+ people on a night, we will have the highest ranked players do a separate draft from the lower ranked players. This will make drafting go faster as well as help with the "my lane opponent is diamond while I'm in silver" problem. The 20 highest ranked players will be moved into Group A while the other 20 players will be in Group B then drafting will resume as normal. We will have 3 groups if we have 81-120 players. So the maximum a group will ever hold is 40 people. Always be sure to give vVv Organicbear or vVv Medusa any feedback you have! We can always make things better or easier, we just need to be informed that something needs changing! A link to our profiles containing our contact information are at the bottom of this post. Feel free to contact us at any time in any way that is most convenient for you (including chatting on TeamSpeak). How to Participate: Literally all you have to do is show up! Get into our TeamSpeak BEFORE 9pm EST (10-15 minutes), go into the channel Amateur Draft League, then wait for further instruction! NOTE: Anyone can play, regardless of Solo Q rank, as long as you're Level 30 and have at least 16 champions to participate in Custom Tournament Draft. Official ADL Rules: Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the rules! You are expected to know the rules before you join TeamSpeak and participate!!! Are you excited about the beginning of Season 8? Should we have made any other changes? Be sure to communicate with us!! If you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, contact Organicbear or Medusa and we'll be more than happy to help you <3 (srsly, with anything at all... except math). See you on February 19th at 9pm EST (6pm PST) for the Amateur Draft League!! ADL Staff: vVv Organicbear vVv Medusa
  6. Post a link to your steam profile here so you can be added by other vVv community players. My profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/d4rkcide/
  7. vVv has transferred to The Harbinger server which is the highest population server in the game (West coast). If you want an invite to the guiild, please add your characters names here.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to read my first official update since I've come back. After a lot of conversations with staff, community, sponsors, applicants and alumni, it was time to set a direction for vVv for the next 12 months. We want to be transparent with everyone, so you can hold me accountable for working toward these goals. This reflects our commitment to help YOU create awesome community experiences. When I give interviews, I make sure every member knows: "Ask not what vVv can do for you, but what you can do for vVv." As I stated above, vVv Gaming is YOUR community. Staff is here to help YOU make it awesome. Once again, this is YOUR community. We're here to help YOU shape, develop and grow vVv. We've made numerous changes to staff. Here is where we ended up: Application Experience Manager and Forum Admin: vVv SugarBear (Facebook) (Twitter) Business Development Director and Co-Owner: vVv RobZ (Facebook) (Twitter) CoD Community Manager: vVv B Easy (Facebook) (Twitter) LoL Community Manager: vVv C Wide (Facebook) (Twitter) Lead Designer: vVv Pherzghul (Facebook) (Twitter) Lead Web Developer: vVv Bagzli (Twitter) Organized Play Product Manager: vVv NaturaL (Twitter) HotS Organized Play Associate: vVv Saturn (Facebook) (Twitter) LoL Event Manager and Forum Admin: vVv Medusa (Facebook) ( Twitter) LoL Organized Play Associate: vVv Unverclopt (Facebook) (Twitter) (LoLKing) Team Experience Manager: vVv Bardo (Facebook) (Twitter) Coach, mentor, helper and he who shits upon bad kids: vVv LordJerith (Facebook) (Twitter) MISSION (for 2015-2016) "CREATE AWESOME EXPERIENCES FOR COMPETITIVE GAMERS" (for 2015-2016) GOALS have the highest rated organized play events as rated by competitive gamers have the most attended organized play events highest rated is more important than most attended be recognized as one of the best competitive gaming organizations in the world as rated by competitive gamers and our members be known as a talent factory by competitive gamers and sponsors STRATEGY create and run organized play events for competitive gamers sponsor and develop amateur teams to participate in and promote organized play events partner and deliver value to sponsors that create products and services for competitive gamers create and evolve an identity that competitive gamers want create and manage a clear path for competitive gamers who want our identity create and manage an ecosystem that develops competitive gamers and future gaming professionals EXECUTION AND TACTICS We now know where this big vVv Gaming ship is headed. We all know the mission. We know the objectives and goals we want to achieve, and we have strategies that tell us how to achieve these goals. This is actually the easy part. Now comes the hard part. Each of the strategic items above will need executions and tactics. EXECUTIONS are what is done to deliver on or to coordinate a strategy. EXECUTIONS are products and services and experiences we deliver to help us execute our strategy that will help us achieve our goals to accomplish our mission. TACTICS are actions taken to achieve our strategy. For example, the League of Legends Amateur Draft League (LoL ADL) is an EXECUTION (Product/Service) that helps us achieve our strategic objective of “create and run organized play events for competitive gamers.” How we set up the Mumble channels and how we name them are TACTICS. As a vVv community member or applicant your EXECUTIONS should include: Recruiting good community members Engaging with applicants Supporting vVv on social media (Facebook) (Twitter) Being active in our forums, shoutbox & Mumble/XBL/ PS4 I hope this post helps everyone know who is accountable for what, and what we are focused on. I would love and appreciate any feedback, thoughts and/or suggestions. It's YOUR community, we're here to help YOU make it awesome.
  9. Hey everyone, I wanted to update you on something we have discovered that has effected everyone's ADL experience: our site-wide ban on Reddit. So, why was vVv Gaming.com banned? We have been banned for several reasons. I want you to understand why, so that we all become better citizens of the internet. Reasons: members/staff actively engaged in vote brigading. It's when a group of people get together to up vote the same thing, be it a single person, or a group of people representing something. It's just not fair, and hurts what Reddit is all about at it's core. If our events are good or appealing, people will organically upvote the events. Period. Former member, Sundown, who is now IP banned from our site, did two unforgivable things: He basically crossed too many lines in his rage against certain Reddit moderators He used my position at Riot Games to gain clout and attempt to bully Reddit moderators. This was personal. No one should ever do anything like this, ever. Period. What are we going to do about it? We are not going to post Reddit links in the Shoutbox or forums to upvote. Go to Reddit and find the links as anyone would, by your normal Reddit use. We have removed Cam from vVv, and made sure all staff are trained on this C Wide has been working to rebuild our relationship with the moderators. As you already know, if you get caught doing this, expect to be banned use /r/summonerschool and /r/leagueofleglends normally, get involved and be a good Reddit member Finally, our apology to Reddit: I want to apologize to the Reddit moderators and the community for this behavior. It's clear in my absence that a lot of things were not going well, but this topped the cake. Regardless, I'm the owner, and I take full responsibility for this. vVv Gaming is committed to be good citizens of the internet, particularly Reddit. You have my sincere apology and a sincere pledge to make things right.
  10. vVv LordJerith

    Rebuilding the LoL Division

    We hear you. Loudly and clearly.empty mumblepeople resignedlack of leadership in the divisionlack of accountability for membersI hear you. We fucked up. We're going to try and fix it. We can't change the past, but we can make the future better. So, I want to share the vision that I have for the League of Legends division. I believe, and I am asking you to tell me if I am wrong, that what you want is:a place that is fun and feels like your homea place where everyone knows you and accepts youfun events that allow you play with othersthe vVv tag to mean something. You want members who:are active and socialin gameon mumbleon the forumsinvested in the success of applicantsmake others feel welcomerecruit others to play with and help the division growsupport vVv on social mediaenjoy competition, but are not trying to go proAssuming the above is true, then I am making the following changes to the division:Bringing back vVv C Wide to run the vVv LoL DivisionADLs will be overseen by its own product manager, vVv NaturaLvVv Medusa vVv Unverclopt and vVv SugarBear will be handling applicants and running the LoL ADL I invite those of you who strayed away to give us a chance to make it better. Please reach out to vVv C Wide or myself, personally, if you have any questions or concerns. It's going to take some time to rebuild our credibility with some of you, but everyone mentioned above and myself are willing to put in that work. The first opportunity for people to come together will be the ADL this Sunday, July 26th. I also will hold an AMA right after the event. So, I'll be on Mumble, personally, and I invite current members, applicants, previous members and those thinking about applying to come to the AMA and ask questions. We have work to do, and it will take time. We're committed to fixing this. We can't change the past, but we're committed to making a very fun future for vVv Gaming's LoL division.
  11. vVv LordJerith

    Come Join me

    Found this cool browser-based MMORTS called Sparta: War of Empires. It's free to play and basically you complete MMO style quests while performing RTS actions. Really kinda cool, and easy to play. Join by clicking HERE <=======This link is my referral code, so I will gain in-game rewards to sue with our coalition (guild) Add me as a friend in game as Lordjerith If we get some players we can form a coalition which is like a guild. Check it out.
  12. vVv NaturaL

    UMG Dallas Coverage

    vVv Gaming's CoD team will gather together for UMG at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas this upcoming weekend, July 10th-12th. As it is the second-to-last UMG event of the season, the hype is real . It's also the first major LAN after the MLG Columbus relegation tournament, and that means a lot of new rosters. The event starts this Friday, July 10th at 5PM CST with pool play matches. If history serves us well, with vVv breaking into the winners bracket out of the consensus "Pool of Death" at UMG California back in May, the team has another tough road ahead and we're up for the challenge. Pool C (Pools subject to change up until day of event.) brings vVv face-to-face against Denial Esports, Team Kaliber, Isolation Esports, and a team TBD out of open bracket play. The two returning members of vVv, Phillip "Phizzurp" Kelemenov and Johnathan "John" Perez, will be joined by Tyler "Felony" Johnson and Damod "FEARS" Abney. Although the team has a very tough pool ahead of them, they're going into the event with confidence. Watch the matches here: http://tv.majorleaguegaming.com/channel/umg Follow the round by round team coverage below: Pool Play Match 1: vVv vs. Denial eSports [0-3] Map 1 Bio Lab Hardpoint: vVv[125] vs. Denial eSports[250] Map 2 Riot SnD: vVv[4] vs. Denial eSports[6] Map 3 Detroit Uplink: vVv[6] vs. Denial eSports[8] Pool Play Match 2: vVv vs. Isolation Empire [2-3] Map 1 Detroit Hardpoint: vVv[250] vs. iSo[176] Map 2 Solar SnD: vVv[5] vs. iSo[6] Map 3 Comeback Uplink: vVv[9] vs. iSo[20] Map 4 Retreat Hardpoint: vVv[205] vs. iSo[196] Map 5 Recovery SnD: vVv[2] vs. iSo[6] Pool Play Match 3: vVv vs. tK [2-3] Map 1 Solar Hardpoint: vVv[195] vs. tK[208] Map 2 Detroit SnD: vVv[6] vs. tK[3] Map 3 Bio Lab Uplink: vVv[3] vs. tK[14] Map 4 Retreat Hardpoint: vVv[210] vs. tK[178] Map 5 Riot SnD: vVv[5] vs. tK[6] Pool Play Match 4: vVv vs. g4g [1-3] Map 1 Solar Hardpoint: vVv[198] vs. g4g[188] Map 2 Biolab SnD: vVv[2] vs. g4g[6] Map 3 [N/A] Uplink: vVv[N/A] vs. g4g[N/A] Map 4 [N/A] Hardpoint: vVv[N/A] vs. g4g[N/A] Losers Bracket Round 1: vVv vs. Relapsed [3-2] Map 1 Retreat Hardpoint: vVv[225] vs. Relapsed[189] Map 2 Solar SnD: vVv[1] vs. Relapsed[6] Map 3 Comeback Uplink: vVv[4] vs. Relpased[11] Map 4 Bio Lab Hardpoint: vVv[238] vs. Relapsed[185] Map 5 Recovery SnD: vVv[6] vs. Relapsed[1] Losers Bracket Round 2: vVv vs. Optic Nation [3-2] Map 1 Detroit Hardpoint: vVv[188] vs. ON[250] Map 2 Bio Lab SnD: vVv[6] vs. ON[2] Map 3 Detroit Uplink: vVv[9] vs. ON[6] Map 4 Solar Hardpoint: vVv[207] vs. ON[182] Losers Bracket Round 3: vVv vs. XGN [3-0] Map 1 Bio Lab Hardpoint: vVv[213] vs. XGN[183] Map 2 Riot SnD: vVv[6] vs. XGN[5] Map 3 Bio Lab Uplink: vVv[N/A] vs. XGN[N/A] Losers Bracket Round 4: vVv vs. Rod Squad [3-0] Map 1 Solar Hardpoint: vVv[210] vs. RS[203] Map 2 Recovery SnD: vVv[6] vs. RS[1] Map 3 Bio Lab Uplink: vVv[6] vs. RS[4] Losers Bracket Round 5: vVv vs. TCM [1-3] Map 1 Retreat Hardpoint: vVv[147] vs. TCM[249] Map 2 Riot SnD: vVv[3] vs. TCM [6] Map 3 Comeback Uplink: vVv[13] vs. TCM[10] Map 4 Solar Hardpoint: vVv[167] vs. TCM[231]
  13. vVv LordJerith

    Recruitment Push

    Let's start the recruitment push. Here are the things we can do: PM all the MMO players old and new Recruitment post stays bumped Speak to Mumble and keep people interested Lordjerith, Doomhammer, RobzGod and Enmity will go hard core We want East and West coast leaders to recruit and run game Would love to go across ALL timezones including EU and Oceania Will need to mass recruit Look for smaller guilds to explore Know that crafting, building castles, ships and managing resources in key. We need everyone to give it our all. The big push over the next two weeks. Let me know if you're interested in playing by posting below!
  14. vVv LordJerith

    My past 5 years . . .

    This is hard to write. Not because I am sad. I am very excited to see vVv Gaming grow under the leadership of vVv Doomhammer and our great staff! No, this is hard to write because I am ANGRY. I am angry about all the things I still want to do! But mostly, I am angry because I have failed to tell the vVv Gaming story in a long time. A lot of people in recent interviews ask me, “How did vVv Gaming start?” Well, I’m gonna tell you (yea, right, like you can sum up 5 years in a forum post, lol). The vVv story is one about people. From day one, we wanted only two things from the people who joined vVv Gaming: they added value and they wanted to be here. It was also about being unique and different. It was about being innovative and always looking to the future. We started in 2007 with one Gears of War team. We won the first MLG event for Gears of War. This fact, most everyone knows. That picture was from the second GoW event, MLG Dallas 2007. Yea, we took the second there, not too bad. What most people don’t know is that we were not only the team to win the most money in 2007 for Gears of War, but we would do the same thing in Europe, with our team vVv Focus. After our first year, we were international. By the time we were done with the Gears of War series, 18 of the top 32 MLG players got their start in vVv Gaming. Our talent factory was born. Then the advice started coming. “vVv Gaming will be nothing if you don't support CounterStrike1.6, World of Warcraft, or Warcraft 3.” To this, I simply stuck out my middle finger and said, “Watch us!” In 2008, we started on the PC with Warhammer Online and Left4Dead. We had the second best L4D team, and we had a top guild in Warhammer Online. We would go on to have "Top 5" guilds in Aion, Rift and SWTOR as measured by server and world firsts. We also went on to do something else and that was to formalize one of the most unique mission statements in not only eSports, but all of competitive gaming. Everything we do is to fulfill this mission statement. The more we worked toward this, the more we found our soul. Eventually, we knew that we needed to define “what is vVv Gaming?” We knew that since we did not buy top players, we were not a “talent agency” like most other teams. We had put our community first. We finally defined what is vVv Gaming: I want to share some facts with you that I think you might not know in order to better help you understand how truly fucking awesome we are: We put our partners first! We did all this never taking a single dollar from any sponsor (just products). We never lured players with money or bought talent. We spent less than any other organization. We have a true, value-driven organization. We created culture where "adding value" was in the DNA of the organization. We have always focused on growth. We have had steady website growth for 5 years straight We have always been on the forefront of using social media. Our social media presence has grown over 250% in 1 year (just this last year!). We go beyond traditional eSports and contribute to the broader gaming culture. We are the longest contributing writer to the Chicago Tribune Geek to Me blog. We have faced tough challenges and bounced back stronger and smarter. We have survived being hacked, me being hacked and our YouTube being hacked. We are eSports! We have had someone at over 37 major eSports events on 5 continents! We have always been focused on excellence! We have Top 4 LAN placements on 4 continents. We always keep our promises! We have always kept our promises to our players and fans. Our guilds have been widely successful. We have had Top 5 guild based on server and world firsts in every MMO we played. We have always been transparent and kept our community informed even through large growth spurts. We have produced consistent news and content for 3 years running. We’re consistent. Our podcast show, The Losers Bracket, is in its 3rd year. We’re very selective. We have accepted only 12% of people who applied. A testimony to our high standards. We’re humble. Members know that they are no better gamers the day after they are accepted into vVv Gaming, than they were the day before they were accepted. Our community is not only committed, but generous. We have exceeded every fundraising goal we have ever set. So, back to why I am mad. Every time someone says something negative about vVv Gaming, I think. . . really?! What the fuck MORE could we do? Buy a few Korean Starcraft players? Buy a “traning house” and stick everyone in it? Sorry, that’s not vVv Gaming. I’m so damn proud of what we have done, the speed at which we do it, and how well we serve our community, I just shake my head. So, to all the haters: Seriously?!! What the fuck have you ever done in eSports? Seriously kidddddddd. . . you can’t even hold a fucking team together for 5 weeks, let alone build a global community that is still running strong after 5 years. You're Uncle Fucking Woody. We've denied more people than have applied to your shitty clan/team/organization. Fuck, we have REaccepted more people. So, fuck off. With that being said, I know that Jordan Kahn will have a huge role to fill, but he, much like me, will not do it alone. He has a great staff, an awesome community, and a great history in which to do great things. If you are not proud of who and what it is to be a member of vVv Gaming. . . I’m just not sure what else we could be doing aside from buying talent, and we will NEVER do that. We are a talent factory. People come here to be great, and do great things. Stories start here! Know that we will do amazing things with League of Legends and Guild Wars 2, as well as continue to develop Starcraft players. We will still create great content. We will always look to the future. We will always be hungry for top people who are committed and passionate about vVv Gaming. We are like no other organization in eSports, and we like it that way. Personally, after 5 years, I think we fucking rock! I love you vVv Gaming. I hate turning it over. It’s hard to do. I know, "people survived Auschwitz." I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think it was good for everyone. We have some great people who are ready to lead, and it is time for me to give them that chance. Please give them the love you have given me. I can’t wait to see where Jordan and the team take vVv Gaming in the next 5 years. You have all made me a better person, and I think we all know that I would not have this huge opportunity at Riot Games if it were not for vVv Gaming. I really do leave my role a better person than I was when I started it, and that is because of all of you. I still will own vVv Gaming. I will be on the leadership council of our Guild Wars 2 Guild and playing the game. I will still be in vVv Gaming. I will always ask for nudes when you ask me for favors. vVv for Life!
  15. PRE-ORDER THE STEELSERIES SENSEI WIRELESS GAMING MOUSE NOW - SAVE & ACCESS ALL SETTINGS WITH CLOUDSYNC CHICAGO – March 13, 2014 – SteelSeries, a global leader in the gaming peripherals and accessories market, today announced the Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse is available for pre-order now along with new SteelSeries Engine 3 CloudSync compatibility. The new Sensei Wireless matches every level of performance as the award-winning Sensei Mouse, which has been recognized as the world’s best in tournament-level mice. With an industry-leading 1-millisecond response time, the Sensei Wireless has no detectable lag, meaning full wired-level performance in wireless mode. Available for $159.99/€159.99 MSRP, the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless can be pre-ordered starting today from the SteelSeries Web Shop at http://steelseries.com/senseiwireless. “Until now, a wireless gaming mouse meant compromising performance in exchange for removing the wires. We believe gamers should not be forced to make any sacrifices when it comes to their gear and that wireless doesn’t have to mean there are accepted limitations. The Sensei Wireless finally delivers what gamers should expect in a wireless mouse, said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. On every mark, the Sensei Wireless hits what is considered a tournament-level gaming mouse. We have also delivered it in a beautiful package, with customizable illumination and the industry’s most durable 30-million-click switches. These features are all backed by the power of SteelSeries Engine 3, now available with CloudSync.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQpelhzf6NE Powered by SteelSeries Engine 3 software, the Sensei Wireless mouse will also offer cloud support via SteelSeries’ new CloudSync feature. This opt-in feature provides gamers with the ability to save and access all of their peripheral settings wherever they are. SteelSeries Engine’s privacy policy is provided before signing up and reassures users that their personal information will never be sold or shared with 3rd parties. CloudSync’s unlimited space is available now as an option for all new SteelSeries peripherals that have SteelSeries Engine 3 software support. The full list of compatible products can be found here. For more information regarding CloudSync and the new SteelSeries Engine 3 software please visit: http://steelseries.com/engine. About SteelSeries SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of top quality gaming peripherals from headsets, keyboards and mice to controllers, surfaces and software. For more than a decade, SteelSeries has been on the forefront of designing and creating gear for gamers. The company’s continued innovation also comes in collaboration with the world’s leading professional gaming teams and partners. SteelSeries is a global brand that continues to support the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and electronic sports leagues through professional team sponsorships, partnerships and community support. For more information, please visit www.steelseries.com.
  16. Alright so I've never written a blog before, and I wanted to do one to talk about landmark. With NDA being lifted so early into Alpha being released I just could not resist sharing my thoughts, opinions and creations! So lets get started. First off I purchased EQN Landmark (I know it just wasn't obvious enough), and I bought the Trailblazer package (Yeah I want my name in the credits, can you blame me?). Downloaded the game installed it, clicked play and bam a video. The video was about 20-30 minutes long and it was talking about how alpha works and how there will be glitches and how we should tell them about it, etc... All the standard alpha/beta release stuff. So game finally started and I'm looking at my claim item. Says to place it anywhere on the map. Except the entire map is covered in red indicating there are no available claim spots. Alright, server switch time, off to courage server! So here I am finally found myself a nice hill. I find that building stuff on a hill is much better. So I finally claim a hill for myself and I start thinking what can I do with all this space. And then it hits me, a castle! (Original I know, thank you I am quite proud of the idea. Nobody is going to think of that!) Ok, jokes aside, I need to start small so I can learn all the mechanics and all the stuff that I can do and I think castle will be a perfect learning curve. Alright so I've spent next few days mining and building the outer wall. I've also spent quite a few hours cleaning up my entire box of anything. You can see it in the image below, I have all that empty space to use. Something I didn't really think about but when I dug it all up and felt really happy about it, I realized I can't get out... Luckily I had just enough materials to build a way out. You can see the stairwell in the image above. Well that is it for now. Will keep you updated on my progress with the castle. I'm thinking of building giant wooden doors like Mordar has in Lord of the rings and have some big bulky quaggans from GW2 pull the gate just like the mountain trolls. What do you think? Until next time
  17. Mission Statement The mission of the vVv DotA 2 division is to maintain a competitive DotA 2 community in which gamers can play to improve and help others improve in a friendly competitive environment. Goals Provide a place for players to find other like minded gamers to group with. Host community inhouse games for players to learn and experiment. Host competitive events for community members to test their skills and win prizes. Form community teams to participate in competitive events. Help guide players to play in a competitive environment. Help community members achieve personal goals in DotA 2. Teach players advanced gameplay mechanics. Provide opportunities for individuals interested in an E-Sports career to gain experience.
  18. vVv Gaming Announces Partnership With GUNNAR Optiks! Los Angeles, California – November 12, 2013 – vVv Gaming will now officially join forces with GUNNAR Optiks, the leading manufacturer of digital performance eyewear! While SteelSeries teamed up with GUNNAR Optiks back in 2010, it is now up to vVv Gaming to follow their lead and take a step even further as GUNNAR Optiks will from now on be vVv Gaming's official supplier for advanced gaming eyewear. GUNNAR Optiks glasses help you prevent symptoms known as ‘Digital Eye Fatigue’ and ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’, more commonly experienced as eye-strain and headaches. GUNNARS also give you sharper, clearer vision and have even been known to improve gaming performance. So Why Choose GUNNAR?! Minimizes Eye Fatigue - Reduces visual stress and dry eyes. 20/20 Ready - Ready-to-wear users with 20/20 or 20/20 corrected vision. Amber Tint - Specially formulated yellow tint conditions and shifts the color spectrum to provide superior contrast, detail and resolution. Sharpens Detail - Enhances detail for sharper, clearer vision. Improves Focus - Helps your eyes focus more naturally protecting against fatigue. Ergonomic Fit - Lightweight frame and adjustable nose pads for comfort and style. Reduces Glare - Reduces Glare and improves visual focus. This partnership aligns with the recent announcement of our new League of Legends team and training facility in Southern California. GUNNAR will be supporting our growth and expansion into the PC space as well as our developmental efforts with the newly released Call of Duty: Ghosts! Please join us in welcoming GUNNAR to the vVv family! If you would like to directly support this exciting announcement, for limited time you can receive 20% your entire order using the promo code 'vVv20' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjmcKljeRz8 About GUNNAR Optiks Founded in 2006, GUNNAR Optiks, LLC designs and engineers Computer Eyewear and Gaming Eyewear to protect and enhance vision using patented lens technology. GUNNAR introduced the Technology Eyewear category in 2008 and pioneered eyewear to combat eye strain associated with long-term viewing of digital screens. GUNNAR is a privately held company headquartered in Carlsbad, California. For more information, please visit us at www.gunnars.com About vVv Gaming vVv Gaming is a competitive video game organization with a dynamic and vibrant community. Top players and upcoming talent from numerous video games flock to vVv to have an experience best summed up by our motto: Entertain.Educate.Dominate. With entertaining podcasts, educational articles about teamwork, competition and strategy and dominating finishes at major tournaments around the world, we deliver unparalleled value to anyone interested in competitive video gaming.
  19. I have heard good things so I have transferred to the server Bastion to restart our guild. Will be playing through again. loved the game, and really miss an MMO. We will roll SITH! Name in game: LordJerith and JerithPrime (ADD ME!!) Anyone want to join me?
  20. As you may know, vVv Gaming has just recently partnered with NEEN Media as their official design partner. With that being said, NEEN Media has designed vVv a new Twitter Background and Header which can be located at the following links. Twitter Header Feel free to use them NOTE: On the vVv Twitter Background to make it align to Center on all screens go click the cog tool in the top right. Go to Settings ---> Design And make sure under Background Position make sure CENTER is checked, then Save Changes. Note: To get the fullsize vVv Twitter Background click on the picture and click - Copy Image URL - and then you open a new tab and paste the URL their and save the image to your desktop from there.
  21. vVv LordJerith

    Something Special

    I've been watching. I probably should tell you that I'm not writing this as the owner of vVv Gaming, or even as someone who works in the video game industry. I'm writing to you as someone who has had the pleasure of experiencing vVv Gaming as a community member. I want to share with you some of the things I've noticed, and I want to point to an observation about something. Let's call it, "something special." I was struggling with where to begin this. I was going to talk about the move to LA and starting at Riot. Those are just facts, though. The right place to start this is at the League of Legends' World Finals. I was sitting between Rob, Kevin and Jordan. Rob leaned over to me, and he showed me a Forbes article that had come out while we were at the world finals. I think it was right there that the journey that has been vVv Gaming culminated in a very special moment for me. Indulge me. I want to take you back in time. I want you to know something very important. Everything about the World Finals moment... I did not know that any of it was possible six months before. In six months, what was possible changed. In that moment, a 14-year-old, annoying, emo kid, who was at best a B+ Gears of War player had grown into a 19-year-old that accomplished a win for himself and vVv Gaming solely because of his passion for eSports and commitment to vVv. After that moment, I've been looking and watching what the people in vVv Gaming have been doing. There is something very special going on here. I'm not sure I can list everyone who has caught my attention. I certainly can't list every act of awesomeness I have observed over the past couple of months. What I can do is share with all of you some of my observations. Friends. I'm just amazed at how many of you are actually friends.Think about it. How many people in vVv Gaming make up a part of your daily life? Just for myself, Kevin, Nick, Rob, Greg, have all visited already. Nick is visiting again in December, Nathan is visiting in January; it's actually pretty amazing. In 2013, I'm going to make it a point to attend many more eSports events. I look forward to meeting more of you in person. Great gamers. Has anyone noticed that even some of the worst vVv Gamers are probably better than a vast majority of players out there? I've played with people in the gaming industry. I've played with people in the eSports industry. You should all know that you're better. If you think for a moment that the people in vVv Gaming are not skilled then I encourage you to actually get a group of your real life friends together and compare them to the people you play with daily in vVv. Personally, I choose vVv every time. eSports. I'm amazed at how much eSports continues to grow and change. 2013 will be a huge year. New games like Hawken arrive. Season 3 for League of Legends. SC2 Heart of the Swarm. And the eSports leagues will finally be coordinating and working together. Each of you are witnessing an industry emerge, driven on passion and a consistent commitment to excellence. Social. The way we socialize has changed. When we were primarily a console organization, everything relied on the vVv Gaming forum shoutbox. XBL limited us to 100 friends. Chat parties were limited. Now that we have a focus on PC gaming, we use Mumble to connect. I want you to think about this the next time you feel the shoutbox is empty. We don't need to type to communicate anymore. We can just hop on Mumble, have a short conversation and build stronger relationships. Finally I want to give a few shoutouts. Sontran. You have that "something special." You make people laugh. Your positive nature and energy are infectious. vVv Gaming is a better place because of people like you. Voided. Your consistent financial contributions to vVv Gaming are deeply appreciated. You demonstrate that vVv Gaming has real value to you, and you're willing to support our humble efforts. What you contribute is critical. From our servers to our Mumble server, your contributions help keep vVv Gaming running. I appreciate your consistent commitment Paradise. I can see you growing up. You're starting to leverage your experience in vVv Gaming to drive positive results and set yourself up for success. Your work is part of the DNA of vVv Gaming. There is not a day that goes by that I am not deeply thankful for your loyalty, commitment and efforts in making vVv Gaming better. Your potential as a leader in vVv Gaming is unlimited. What happens here in vVv Gaming matters. People are watching. Never forget, everything you do counts. Medusa. I miss you. I miss talking to you. I see your work everywhere. Your signs idea, although it may have seemed simple, has changed the way we interact at events. You have made vVv Gaming better. I can't believe that no one had the idea to make signs. Even if someone had the idea, you took the step that counts. You made them. You brought them to events, you raised them high for the world to see. I'm very proud of your work. Every time I get a chance to hop into a staff meeting, I hear the voice of someone who deeply cares about the quality of people in vVv Gaming. Thank you. Sugarbear. You remind me that vVv Gaming can have a positive influence on a wide variety of people. After the opportunity to come interview at Riot, your laser focus on vVv University is awesome. Much as I mentioned to Paradise, what you do with this really matters. There is a larger opportunity here than I think you know. You have quietly guided Starcraft 2, attended and contributed at events, and been a thoughtful, consistent, practical contributor to what we do. Every team needs a Sugarbear. vVv Gaming is so very fortunate to have one. SC2 Aspire. What Babytoss has started here with the help of Sugarbear and others, is very important. What you are trying to do is very hard. This is about the journey. Please remember that. The habits and skills you learn will carry throughout life. It matters what happens here. I don't need to tell you that. What you put into it, you will take out of it and more. I'm watching. Sometimes, when you only have two or three people on stream, one of them could very well be me. This is already too long. There never seems enough space or confidence in peoples' patience to write down everything. There are so many new faces in vVv Gaming. Website traffic is the highest it's been in the history of the organization. Under Jordan and Rob's leadership, vVv Gaming has continued to grow. I have tasked Jordan with grooming Rob to take over vVv Gaming at some point next year. I'm so excited at what Jordan has done with the organization, and realize that I should have been giving others a greater opportunity to lead. With Rob moving to LA, Jordan will personally be able to groom him. This also means there are many more staff opportunities for the greater community. I expect our current staff to grow in their responsibilities. We are grooming future leaders. Think about that. A tiny group of gamers in 2007 has grown into a global eSports brand that develops players, contributors and leaders. Your efforts as both individuals and a collective community make the lives of others better. Who gets to say that? There is something very special about vVv Gaming. I don't know what it is exactly. I know it has to do with the people. The people of vVv Gaming have created a very special culture. Being able to experience that culture instead of always having to shape and lead it has been so valuable. I look forward to growing old with all of you. I see myself gaming for the rest of my life. I imagine many of you do, as well. I hope that what we are building with vVv Gaming will not only serve all of us as we grow old and game together, but also serve as a special place for future generations of gamers. Some of your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, may very well one day wear the three V's. For many of us, we have gotten more out of vVv Gaming than we have contributed. This place is a force multiplier for success. Onward! Continue to do great things. Stay hungry. Stay humble. Never forget that the world is watching. You are all better collectively than you are individually. Take nothing here for granted. More importantly, this is yours. Own it. Most importantly, become stewards of it. Be stewards for future generations. There is "something special" here.
  22. We are growing. The community is getting bigger. Our social media presence has nearly doubled in 9 months. This is awesome! All this growth speaks to new opportunities. I feel this donation drive is the perfect time to tell you that change is coming. Our staff will be moving from a "family feel" to a "performance sports team." The community will remain one big family, but in order to grow, we need athletes on staff. We don't need people to do "tasks" anymore. We need men and women who like to score big wins. We want the kind of person who is not focused on their "role" or their "tasks" but are focused on scoring goals, making baskets, scoring touchdowns and crossing that finish line. If ANY of this makes sense to you, personally, READ ON. It gets better. The current staff is awesome! Many things are in auto-pilot. Now, we need to grow. So, I want you to know that anyone who is let go from staff leaves it as a friend and an AWESOME contributor. Where we are headed, we need fresh blood, a new breed, we need athletes. This is where I reach out to YOU! vVv Gaming is seeking athletes! Rob and Jordan will be interviewing new staff members. If they really like you, we will fly you out to LA to meet with me, personally, for a final interview. If you feel that you want your life to go in a new direction, you want to experience life as an entrepreneur or simply value experience and actually DOING things, this is for you. Again, our future direction need athletes on staff. Here are some more details: We want people who believe in our mission statement and are passionate about vVv Gaming: We want you to help us deliver on that mission. If you ask, "What should I do?" or "How can I help?" We don't need you. If you can come and say, I want to do THIS and it will help vVv Gaming deliver on the mission, I say. . . Go on. I'm listening. Can't wait to see a few of you in LA real soon. Good Luck!
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  25. A few questions for all of you. I want to ask if you've ever thought about a way to quantify a reduced time in a flip turn vs. an open turn, taking into account where the turn started given a set point in the pool. How long did it really take you to get back to that set point in the pool, and how much energy did you use doing it? Several other factors would come into play even if this was set up in a controlled environment: How fast the swimmer was going, did they start their turn at the exact same point on both runs, how many breaths were taken getting to the turn, how much inertia was carried from the push off of the wall getting back to the set point, etc., but for the sake of preventing cataclysmic frustration and unrealistic expectations for an experiment, we'll assume these as environmental constants if we were to recreate it. The reason I'm asking these questions runs back to social acceptance in relation to techniques used in competitive sports, and the amount of peer pressure that can come with it. I highly doubt any high school swim coach set up a high speed camera to accurately benchmark when a swimmer passed a given point in the pool, and how long it took them to reach that same point upon turning, nor would they even have thought to, as it would've conflicted with their already solidified schema of how "real" swimming should look. Here are some of the common "arguments" for open vs. flip turns that don't even bother taking a numerical standpoint on the issue: - But you look ridonkulous doing open turns - I don't care, I'm not here to look cool, this isn't a popularity contest, and I'm not in high-school. I am here to be the fastest swimmer I can be. - But you don't streamline properly - You can learn to streamline in an open turn or a flip turn. - But it helps you control your breath - So don't breath when taking an open turn. - You can't grab a wall in the open water and take an extra breath - Last I checked you don't flip in open water and push off a wall either. Something I want to point out, "it adds yards" is a really silly standpoint to take if there is a possibility that open turning may be a faster way to get your feet to and off the wall. I will never take linear one-issue-covering counter arguments on variable heavy subjects seriously. "Longer distance swam" means nothing to me if someone can cover that distance in a shorter amount of time by doing something that is "against the grain". In the spirit of the internet, "pics or it didn't happen". If flip turns are quantifiably faster than open turns, then please show me. I could probably talk about this for days, but I'll stop myself here and leave you with some space to ponder. Someone think me up a punch line for swim blogs!