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Found 22 results

  1. Written by Ott Madis "Oakwarrior" Ozolit Hello everybody! My name is Ott Madis "Oakwarrior" Ozolit, a vVv community member and lurker (lol), bringing to you an interview series, with vVv's Aspire team. With the Aspire team in vVv well underway with its endeavours, I was asked by our very own BabyToss to complete the interview series with Team SC2 Aspire. First up, or rather fifth up, is actually Jana “vVv BabyToss” Otahalova herself! As a brief introduction to her doings, Jana is a 27-year-old Protoss player, and team captain for vVv’s Team SC2 Aspire. She joined vVv Gaming in the first half of 2012, and has been working hard on her skill and gamer persona ever since. But enough of that, let's hear from Jana herself Interview with Jana "BabyToss" Otahalova Alrighty then, lets start! How are you doing today? "Hey! Well, I had rather rough week, so kind of tired. But eh, gotta fight when it matters." I see, I hope you will get some rest soon enough. Could you give a short introduction of who you are? "Introductions... I am oh so good at those (laughs). My name is Jana Otahalova, although my StarCraft 2 handle is BabyToss and it's how you'll most likely meet me. I'm nearly 28 years old soon - yes, birthday incoming! I live in the Czech Republic, I am married and have a 8-year-old son." Well now that the hardest part is over, lets move to the fun! To the people who haven't seen you around and/or read your blog, could you talk a bit about your early days in StarCraft 2, and how did you end up playing it? "Hardest part over, hm? Getting tricky, aren't we? (laughs) It's a long story actually, so, let me try and shorten it a bit. Originally, I come from an RPG'er background. I love a good story and heroics, so, StarCraft 2 is actually my first RTS and I originally played it only because my husband and son enjoyed it and they simply needed mommy to come play with them. Naturally, I was terrible, as I had literally no idea how to play - so you can imagine, my enjoyment was close to zero. Although, me being me, I didn't want to be the one who was the worst, so I looked into the game and began to learn the ropes of the game. this is how I got to know about Day[9] too, and partially because of his knack for explanations and humour, I finally began delving deeper into the game. Honestly, if you told me, that I'd be so passionate about the game when my husband first brought the game home, I'd just laugh at you. But today, I am happy for that little discovery." Tricky is my trademark I'd say! I reckon it must have been quite the leap from one genre to the other, but you have managed to keep it together in an exemplary fashion, in my humble opinion. How did the next steps in your StarCraft 2 career pan out and what led you to vVv? "Well, the leap was huge, that I can confirm. You know, in RPG's, when you die, you either just load your old saved game or get “rez'd” by teammates if it's an online one. So, much easier (grins). In StarCraft 2, every little thing matters. One mistake and you can easily go and type “gg”, even if the game lasted for half an hour, where you fought a fierce battle. Let alone, the aspects of the game, they were very foreign for me. But, I guess, the fact that the game poses so many challenges in front of me, is the exact reason why I love it so much. The first team I joined was from the Czech Republic and I hoped to learn a lot from them. But, you know what, they only picked me up because I was a woman and I never really got anything from that. I wanted more and this whole female issue in the community really bugs me. I want to get better. Not to be a mere team mascot. That is why I looked elsewhere, ending up in female-only Team Fem-FX; only to find out that both I work better with guys as well as the team was way way too casual for me. I needed more motivated and dedicated people around me. Which is how I actually found out about vVv Gaming. In fact, I'd been watching them since like end of 2011, but I never had the courage to ask to join. In the end, it panned out wonderfully, because I was originally approached by SugarBear if I wished to write for their SC2 section." Talk about a bumpy ride. I guess that's something to be expected when you are in the search for "your own place", so to speak. How is it in vVv right now, with you being the captain of the trainee Aspire team? Everything working out? "Things got really up to the speed once Aspire was launched. It helps to be around like-minded people greatly. Of course there are occasional bumps here and there, but that is to be expected. Nothing is flawless, there always will be stuff which needs to be improved. But you know what? I always wanted to be part of the team, which accepts me for being a StarCraft 2 player, not because I happen to be a woman. And I have to cut slack to vVv Gaming - they never treated me any different because of that. So, it is easy to feel like home, part of the team." That's really good to hear! How has Aspire affected you as a player, in general? You mentioned starting out as a writer, but I reckon that did not stop you from tearing up the ladders and/or training. "Actually, I never took up the offer of being an official writer for vVv Gaming. I straight out came to SugarBear and Jerry, that my main dream was to pursue the dream of improvement as a StarCraft 2 player and a person. I was looking for serious improvement and then idea to form an Academy team in vVv came into my mind. I wrote up a couple of pages about the idea, sent it both to Jerry and SugarBear, with hopes they would support the project. It took some nagging - yes I am highly impatient (laughs) - but here it was. I didn't expect to be put in the charge of the team though, so that came as a surprise, but when you think about it, it makes sense. I know the best what the vision and goals of the team are. Who else was supposed to lead the team than me? Can't blame the old guys, and in the end, I find that particular experience truly enriching for me. I love learning and growing, so, this is an awesome opportunity for me. Annnd well... it is no secret I am not a fan of ladder for practice. In fact, since I began playing with Aspire, I barely even laddered. Either I practice on my private account or pick up my teammates for practice. You know, it helps immensely, when you can go to your teammate and say, ask them to 1/1/1 you a couple of times, so you grab firmer grasp as to how to deal with it. Imagine anything you struggle with, and you can compare it to power-leveling with a higher level group in a MMO! (laughs) Aspire gives me motivation to go on. Before Aspire was formed, I was on a huge depression and it stopped me from playing for nearly 6 months. Because of Aspire, I have a road in front of me again. (smiles)" Wow, your perseverance really paid off, and as for ladder, every player has his own way of improving Now, as indicated by your handle, you're a Protoss player. What's the story behind the race choice and how does it equate into your nickname (cute Zealots aside )? "I was actually wondering if you'd ask! Yes, of course. “My life for Aiur!”, Protoss is the race of my choice (laughs). I originally picked Protoss, because you know, I played Protoss campaign in original StarCraft, purely because of their awesomesauce lore. Remember, I am a RPG'er, so it makes sense. Protoss have the most moving lore and story. And no, I never played Terran nor Zerg and I even used cheats to get through the campaign! (laughs) Just for your information, I was like 12 years old by then, so laughing is not acceptable. My handle is actually a funny story too. You know, originally I went by my old RPG name I was using literally everywhere. But then, my friend and me began playing 2v2's - his handle being PapaToss - and since he was basically helping me with the game, an idea to change my name to "BabyToss" came; it sort of represents the fact that in terms of StarCraft 2 experiences and skills, I am merely a baby, who learns to walk, fight and tear stuff apart, as well as by then, he was really my Protoss daddy back then - symbolically speaking (laughs)." Ah, good ol' “power overwhelming”… I, too, hold a very special place in my heart for the Protoss lore, although I am a Zerg player - I find it's very well written. How about your playstyle though, are you more of an offensive player or do you like to play it more on the safe side? "Well, I am in love with long played out macro games. It's, I'd say, my biggest strength, as back when I started, all I'd hear hurled around at me, would be "learn to macro, learn to macro". It's literally the only thing I ever did since my early days. I play way too safe, sometimes sadly to the point of playing "scared" rather than safe. It often costs me the games, as you have to take a risk at times. Although, this is where mindset kicks in - I am not exactly confident in myself, nor my skills, so it actually soaks into my gamestyle. Something to address, so to speak. On a funny note though, because of that, I am probably one of few Protoss players, who never proxy gated nor cannon rushed! (laughs)" Whoa! Even I tried out cannonrush at one point Who do you look up to, as players or idols, in the StarCraft 2 scene? "The first person coming to mind is always White-Ra. His attitude as well as wisdom, its something I really look up to. He is what I believe should represent the term of "pro-gamer". Being a professional is not only about kicking every ass you meet on the tournament. You need to be a personality. Because, frankly, if we want this industry to grow, we need people, who inspire others, who make others to say "This is what I want to do, and this is how I want to be.". White-Ra is a genuine personality, has a great love for the game and for the scene. I'd like to be like that one day, if I manage to reach these heights, in terms of skills. There are more people I look up to, but White-Ra is the one who I admire the most, thus he is getting a little shout-out here. (laughs) Reminds me I still owe him some beers since DreamHack Summer." It's very heartwarming to see a player with such a mentality, makes me warm and fuzzy inside (laughs). Can you tell me what are your more immediate goals concerning StarCraft 2? A little birdy told me you are visiting the Ministry of Win house early next year! "Ohhh, now I regret plaguing the people I interviewed with this question! (laughs) But it's almost a must, so, let me think about this. My goals are, to actually prepare for my training at Ministry of Win - damn birdies flying everywhere and sharing my oh-so-not-secret... secret (laughs). Right now, because of my personal struggles, lack of self confidence and being prone to tilting/frustration from not playing well enough, my practice tends to be erratic, unorganized and inconsistent. I need to grow stamina in order to be capable of enduring the house's schedule, as well as more immunity to tilting. Of course, will have to hit the ladder, as when in the house, it will be the quickest way for me to get games in. Another goal would be to fix my personal schedule, as even that one is pretty bad at the moment, me going to bed around 4-6 am, waking up at 10 am, barely sleeping at all. So, my goals kind of encompass more than just StarCraft 2 - but again, the mental side, physical side and the game are very interconnected. To fix certain issues you have to work on other, seemingly unrelated issues. It's a challenge in front of me. But I want to face it, and face it fully. Hoping that my teammates will help me on this little quest too. I want my stay at Ministry of Win to strengthen me, both as a player and a person. For me, StarCraft 2 has become part of my life, a way for me to grow as a person, due to many aspects and layers the game hides within. And hopefully, want to cause couple of upsets and all-kills in the team leagues upon my return from Ministry of Win (laughs)!" Noble goals I hope it'll work out great for you! And wow, look at the time flying - I promise, only a few more questions. How would you say is StarCraft affecting your other interests? It would seem that your family, at least is quite hooked on SC2, reeling you in over time. "Well, StarCraft 2, to be totally honest, affected the person I am, completely. I had some rough times in my life, which caused, the loss of all self-esteem and self-confidence. Before, I'd give up on stuff when facing struggles really easily. While I still have the struggles with me, I now have something, which I love so much and which makes me to push forward. I began practicing Karate a year ago as well, to improve my physical shape and mindset, purely because of StarCraft 2 as well. As for my family - well, no, they actually gave up the game, when I began playing better than them. My husband, when we played our last game and I beat him like, 5:0, flew away with his Command Center and was like: "Not playing again, this game is a stupid speedclick" - and this is how he was done with the game (laughs) But, they do support my ventures to grow as a person and player; it's why I actually can go to Ministry of Win, because my husband took it on himself to handle the household and our son during my absence. So, I am not complaining, I am hoping that I can give it all I have, both for my own sake, as well as for my son and husband, who trust in me, despite me being really difficult at times." It's really nice to know that you have their support. Do you have any suggestions for other aspiring (pun intended) players as well, who want to "Go Pro", so to speak? "I cringe when someone says "I want to go pro". Frankly, my goal is not to be a pro and I am not even remotely close to that skill level either. My highest goal is to be as strongest player as I can be, as well as better person, while doing something I love. And this is what I would suggest to anyone "aspiring" to be a pro. Just put your heart and best effort into what you love doing. StarCraft 2 can be an awesome journey, if it's something you truly enjoy and love." Agreed! Another quick one: most memorable moment in your StarCraft 2 career? "Definitely attending DreamHack Summer. I had to face my personal struggles and fears there, being really shy and anxious person, as well as I got to see the most awesome StarCrafty atmosphere in my life. I felt joy, I nearly cried when I lost my game against Merz, but in the end, such an overwhelming event. And I got to meet White-Ra as well! I am hoping to attend DreamHack next year as well... and cause some upsets too! (grins)" Hope to see you kicking ass soon So, wrapping this up, do you have any special thanks you want to give out? "Yeeeah, my favourite part! So, my shout-outs to team Aspire, vVv Gaming - glad I can be part of something bigger, then, my thanks to certain Ryan Rushia, he knows why, can't forget to mention people like Rob Feeley, Allen Rulo and Fraser Bedwell, they also know why, love you guys, of course, huge appreciation and hearts to my husband and little son, who keep me going despite of me being a difficult pain in the ass at times and also to my mom, who still waits for me to stream my games. Hearts all out! (laughs)" Thank you so much for the talk! I hope you enjoyed doing this as much as I did, and I wish you the best in your coming ventures. "It was the biggest interrogation I ever went through. Thank you and will see you around!"
  2. vVv Paradise

    IPL5 Information Thread

    IGN Pro League 5 Information Wh​en: November 30th to December 2nd, 2012 Where: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Official Website: Click here Hotel information/booking: Click here Tournament Titles: Starcraft II League of Legends Shootmania Ticket Sales: Click here
  3. We had the chance to watch our very own vVv BabyToss compete at DreamHack. BabyToss entered into the tournament in a group consisting of some rather skilled players from Liquid's Hero, Dignitas's Merz and also her very own friend, Guilly. She didn't pass the first group stage, losing to both Merz and Hero, but nonetheless she seemed to learn a lot from her first international event. This interview was to learn a little more about her experiences at DreamHack. vVv BabyToss with EG.HuK at DreamHack What did you expect from DreamHack before flying out to Sweden? vVv BabyToss: I tried to have no expectations of the event in all honesty. Expectations usually lead to letdowns, so I just wanted to be finally there, to experience the event in person. What would happen, that all was to be uncovered. No need to burden myself with unnecessary expectations. How was your practice regime in preparation for DreamHack? vVv BabyToss: The basics, they are the safety net of every StarCrafter. I didn't make an exception from this. I very well knew that my game wouldn't be top notch, due to very strong inclinations towards so-called "choking" - basically making mistakes under pressure, that kind of mistakes you'd normally not make - so I knew I needed that safety net for myself. Also, coming back from a long break, it was necessary for me to focus on the very basics. Mechanics, macro, refining my builds. StarCraft 2 is a game which requires consistent practice, otherwise your skill sets will get rusty. Repetition is a good way of solidifying stuff so I kept that in my mind while practicing before DreamHack. Did you have any difficulties preparing for DreamHack? vVv BabyToss: You could say that. I was very excited to go. My mind kept being distracted by this fact. Imagine a small kid standing in the candy store, seeing all these yummy things. Do you think they'd be focused much on anything else? It was difficult for me to focus on other things, even though there were things I needed to finish and work on before leaving to Sweden. Did you encounter any problems traveling to Sweden? vVv BabyToss: Except the lack of proper sleep? Not really. The trip was long, due to me not flying over there, but traveling by a car. Couple of energy drinks and coffee could help with that, though. Have you ever competed in Sweden before? If so what were they? vVv BabyToss: Nope. This was my first international StarCraft 2 event. I certainly hope that it's not the last one. Again, it depends on money, and they seem to be a problem quuuite a lot. Who would you say was the favorite to win the tournament you were in? Have played him or her before? If so what was the result? vVv BabyToss: I thought Liquid'HerO was honestly going to take this tournament. I played against him in the group stage and he just was top notch. He of course schooled me as if I was a little school girl, but it was a good, interesting experience for me. Although, I really rooted for WhiteRa, who is my favorite player and I really wanted him to win the tournament! Did you meet any people that you haven't met before? Players, staff, etc? vVv BabyToss: As I said before, DreamHack was my first international event. I met many people that I had only known online until then. I liked that. You can put a face behind the person and it's generally easier and more comfortable for me to talk to them then. Even though internet provides me with anonymity, it's not bad to get to know people in person from time to time. I of course met many professional players too. The whole Team Liquid crew, which was present on DreamHack, Evil Geniuses' Sir Scoots, who apparently thought I was much taller, based on my pictures on the internet. That one was actually funny too, as I'm really a midget, so his comment really made me chuckle a lot. Can't forget mentioning WhiteRa - I brought Czech beer for him, we agreed to meet up in the Player Lounge, but in the end, we just had to miss each other, so I brought the beers back with me. Poor Aleksey got no beers! But, there's always another time, I extended an invitation to him to the biggest Czech LAN where he may get a huge beer if he comes! (laughs)" What did you enjoy most about the event? vVv BabyToss: There are so many things, really. Meeting people I look up to, trying to face the huge challenge in the form on the tournament, the StarCrafty feel of the area. You could feel the enthusiasm all around the place. I could literally breathe just that and be happy. It was awesome to see the games casted live too. It adds so much to the event compared to when you just sit at home and watch the streams. Everyone who loves the game should try and attend an event like Dreamhack. I can't describe it with just words. There's so much. How did you feel about your performance at DreamHack? vVv BabyToss: To be honest, not very good. Especially shortly after I finished my games. There were mistakes I couldn't forgive myself for. I thought of myself in the darkest way possible. I nearly cried after my first game, which was streamed by GLHF.tv casting duo, I felt so ashamed and low. I didn't expect myself to be visible to such extent and the pressure seemed to be way too high, much bigger than I was prepared for. Nothing can prepare you for this. No amount of words of wisdom will help you, this is a fight you have to cope with on your own. In retrospect though, I realize that I'm still learning and growing, both as a person and a StarCraft 2 player. Giving up at this point would mean just me wasting all the time, efforts and my heart I've already put into this. So I know that there's this long road ahead of me, and this were the very first baby steps I needed to take, in order to become stronger and better player. And I try to hold that thought very closely in my mind, especially when self-doubts come. I managed this, which may as well be one of the hardest things I did in my life, when it comes to trying to face the personal obstacles and my lack of self-confidence." Were you comfortable playing at the game stations? How was the equipment? vVv BabyToss: Physically speaking; the tournament area was very well made. Well, the chair could be better, as I'm of a small size. Otherwise, the table was roomy enough and the fact you could bring your own keyboard, mouse and related stuff was a plus. I'd think that it's a standard during events like that, as these things influence how you play too. When it comes to the psychological side; not really. I expected the group stage to be played in the BYOC Arena, on my own computer, while not watched by anyone. There were plenty, plenty of people there, so it'd be so easy to just get lost in there. I originally had no idea we would be playing on designed tournament area, with having huge monitors above our heads, which were showing the game for the viewers and passerby's. I always struggle with performance while people are watching, that is no secret. Cold fingers, stiff neck, growling stomach, you know it. It's something I have to overcome tho, so again, a learning experience there, albeit unexpected and surprising." Did the tournament run smoothly? Were the referees easy to deal with? Did they understand the game? vVv BabyToss: The tournament itself seemed to run smoothly enough. Referees were mostly young guys who seemed to know the game. That is always a plus. Nothing worse than having a referee who'd look at the game as if it was from another planet. We were given enough time to setup our stuff, to get comfortable and all that. I felt no rush and when I asked for a short break in between my matches they completely understood and I had no problems coming down from them. There were no delays and, as I said, the whole organization of the tournament seemed to be smooth, at least from my point of view. Did you have any problems with the staff? vVv BabyToss: Not really any real issues, except the fact that the crew at the entrance gave me wrong ID band. I was supposed to get a player and press one, but they didn't ask, so I only obtained the event pass one. I had to run around the venue to find out what the issue was, but it seems that the crew at the entrance simply didn't ask me, so they thought it was all okay. Generally, I think that the staff members should at least know the basics like where the sleep area was. It was also a bummer when I wanted to sleep some and nobody from the staff I encountered in the venue was able to tell me where the sleeping area was. I was a bit frustrated by this fact too. I don't expect everyone to know every single piece of information there's to be known, but again, there should be an outline of the very basic information which the staff members should know. Maybe something for the future. How was the venue? Was it big enough? vVv BabyToss: The venue was huge, are you kidding me? (laughs) I'm good at getting lost, the only map I understand is the damn StarCraft 2 minimap, don't laugh. I liked the fact that the air was breathable and it was not hot in the venue either. Admittedly, it was a little more cold than I'd like, but it was bearable if you moved around a little and didn't just sit down all the time on your pretty bum. Was there anything that can be improved at future events? vVv BabyToss: Better staff organization. Like I said before, some of the staff members had no idea about the very basic things regarding the event. Again, putting emphasis on the fact that nobody can know everything. That's simply impossible. They could outline the basics and work with that. It'll make it much easier for people to find the information they need, as well as the event will be much smoother. Anything you'd personally like to add about the experience? vVv BabyToss: I loved the event. It was awesome learning experience. I met many people and got out of my shell for a bit more. I definitely know that this is great part of being a StarCraft 2 player, knowing the community, people. Competing and overcoming personal hurdles and difficulties. Nothing can really compare to that. Seeing places outside of your country, playing with the best players in the world. I could say so much more, but I think I'll just point out to my personal write-up about my experience there. We are proud of vVv BabyToss in her personally successful venture to Dreamhack. We wish her massive amounts of luck in the future and we look forward to continue watching her growth as a player! Interview by vVv Killzmane
  4. I wanted to update the community on what can only be described as a historical event. It was amazing! Let’s get right to it. Fighting Games The interviews with CDjr, Reo, Romance and RTD tell their story better than I could. Please check out our YouTube Channel for their interviews. Keep in mind that CEO in Orlando and EVO in Vegas is upcoming, and our players will be practicing hard for the next events. They all represent vVv, their games and themselves like true professionals. I can promise you that fighting games are here to stay. League of Legends This is one of the most important games in the history of eSports. You should play this game. It’s free. Trust me. Learn this game. We have an AMAZING LoL community. In fact, vVv Ockiral was so impressive that he is now our new LoL manager. Our team learned a lot. From horrible issues with the Astro Mixamps game one (that first loss was not our teams fault) to learning how each played under pressure, this is what attending your first major LAN is all about. SteelSeries was very supportive in helping our team ensure their equipment worked, despite the issues with Astros. They will be replacing TriDream, and are looking forward to the LANcouver event in Vancouver. Did I mention you should play LoL? Seriously. Starcraft 2 I do not need to say much, as you all know this is the biggest game in town. We will focus on developing players. We will end WNS and focus on developing and promoting both Glon and Ruff. All players could have performed better! Guild Wars 2 Every MMO fan will be playing this. Get it. You have been warned. Pre-order now! And now, something for the casual members! The Secret World This is for those seeking CASUAL Fun. Like MMOs? Want something filled with puzzles, riddles and a blend of Alternate reality Game (ARG). This is worth looking into. DayZ, ARMA2 Zombie Mod Google these videoes! Seriously. Average life expectancy is 30 minutes. You can thank me later. Looking Forward It is clear now that our role in identifying and developing talent is even more important than ever before. We used this event to create more content to better promote our players. We also are going to make a few changes and all for the good, and all motivated by good things we learned. I will share with you some changes. We will be focusing on our talent factory, and launching development programs in SC2 and LoL Players in these programs will receive customized scorecards to benchmark their performance We also will develop eSports professional staff via intern program In order to be on vVv Staff (not intern), you must have attended a major LAN event or have professional promotional experience (street team or trade show). We have media and player checklists for events to ensure that everyone comes prepared We will no longer have staff dinners or meet and greet dinners to ensure we are all at the event during key matches. Drinking in my suite after all our players are done for the day is still encouraged for those over 21. We are going to focus on promoting certain players and their brands We are going to end WNS, as we will allocate those funds elsewhere For future events, Doom and I will be arriving on Friday, getting right to work, and leaving Sunday (for Raleigh and beyond). Staff should expect to do the same. Halo 4 and Gears: Judgment are both worth looking into. If Halo 4 gets a spectator mode, it has the highest potential of all games to come back to the circuit. The New GoW has a great new mode called Overrun that has a cool class system. Please reach out to vVv Radiation who went to E3 and has hands on experience with both games. I also want to thank Alex (vVv Radiation) for giving us a ride to LAX on our way home! Thank you! Staff Changes I want to thank NoControl, Medusa and Plattypus for their service. All of them did great work on staff. As I mentioned earlier, vVv Ockiral will take over the LoL Division (so no need for Plattypus or NoCOntrol). We just don’t need a D3 manager anymore nor do we need an event coordinator as we are not doing staff dinners or any meet and greets. Although Medusa did great work, we just don’t have a need for anyone in either role.
  5. I've been running a stream for a little bit to show my progression as I get better at sc2, I am a new player but hopefully with the help of coaches and viewers I'll be able to get somewhere someday, if you want to show your support follow the stream at www.twitch.tv/iAmTalent If you wish to contact me twitter is the best place to go https://twitter.com/esn_Talent! Thanks for reading!
  6. Pour yourself a pint of ale from the breweries of Auir, grab some buffalo mutalisk wings, and get ready to experience the fun of Barcraft this weekend right from your own home! vVv Gaming will be hosting a virtual Barcraft event for the MLG Winter Arena on our Mumble Server all weekend long! As that the vVv Gaming Mumble server can support 400 people, there is more than enough room for everyone to join! Virtual Barcraft! Just like this... but with the addition of food, drinks, and we never run out of chairs! During our Virtual Barcraft we will collectively be discussing match ups, predicting results, and talking in detail about one of the biggest Starcraft 2 events to ever be held on US shores! Even if you've never watched a game of Starcraft II, feel free to come learn about what makes this game so exciting to watch! Join us during these times to get in on the fun: Friday 2/24 - 7pm Eastern until matches conclude! Saturday 2/25 - 2pm Eastern until matches conclude! Sunday - 2pm Eastern until the event concludes! Have you purchased your PPV pass for the Winter Arena yet? If not, click above! Information for the vVv Gaming Mumble can be found in the spoiler tags below! Join us in the PPV Winter Arena channel all weekend!
  7. SourPatch

    SourPatch Starcraft 2 Application

    Name: NicK Kim Age: 18 What is your in game name? SourPatch Character Code: 542 Link for twitter page you: https://twitter.com/#!/K2DMC Link to your google+ or Facebook page: http://www.facebook....100000163059698 How frequently do you use Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or Google+?: Every other day How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? MrAlucard bugged me lol he deserves prop Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? No one. I hope to get to know a lot of you guys though xD Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? To improve my gameplay and get to know new people in the team. Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value? I am fluent in both Korean and English so if any translation needs to be done, I can handle it quite easily. I also devote a lot of my time in starcraft 2 and who knows, maybe someday I'll make it to the pro level and promote the vVv tag? Hahaha that is just a dream I guess but who knows? Think of it as a cheap stock investment with no losses? xD Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articels and Losers Bracket Podcasts? If so, what some of your favorites and why? Not yet, but I'll check it out ^^ How long have you been playing video games? 13 years. How many hours per week do you devote to gaming? 35 hours approx. What current division are you in and how many points do you have? Masters rank 41 503 points Do you see yourself as a competitive or casual gamer? I'm competitive in a sense that I don't enjoy losing lol. I play all of my games to win. Also casual in a sense that I put my school work before my gaming... At least for now. What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? HotS. Starcraft all the wayyy What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Sports, Watching Movies, Traveling. Where do you see yourself next year at this time? Doing the same thing. Going to college and gaming... I think it's more about improving what I'm doing now, than changing anything at the moment. You are expected to add 3 V's to your battle.net ID in front of your alias if accepted: That's perfectly fine. It's a cool tag. vVvKtheMC or maybe vVvKDMC whichever sounds better xD
  8. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    Name : Joshua Franklin Wiedeman Age :17 What is your in game name :EGRorschach.248 Link to your Twitter page :https://twitter.com/#!/TachyonXL Link to your Google+ or Facebook page :http://www.facebook....100000490464530 How frequently do you use Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or Google+? Facebook is my most frequent. every 30 min or so i check it. twitter is once a day. G+ is once every month. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? vVvspectral, i did some graphics work for his stream and he pointed me this way. Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? vVvclout , i did some graphics designs for him, very fun person to talk to. has a thing for kid buu from dragonball z / vVvspectral , ive personal friends with this guy. really great player and a truly honest guy to talk to. / vVvturtle , a community member that i met and i play against as we train each other in game play tactics. Why you are interested in joining vVv Gaming? I want to join vVv because... it seems like a amazing community and a awesome opportunity to become a better player and a great place to meet friends. but mainly i want to be a part of vVv to have the ability to watch and play against fellow players to hone and sharpen my skill as a starcraft 2 gamer. Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value? Adding value is something i intensely focus on. i LOVE to interact in forums and attend smaller scale tournaments. such as the mass amounts @ z33k.com i am a regular on the Daywalker daily tournament. but overall contributing to the team. i am a prolific player but very well mannered so not only spreading the awesome word of our team i regularly pick up players under my skill level and coach them to be even better than me. i do this mainly because its always fun to see them in a month or so 1-2 leagues above what they used to be. and i always do this for free. in general the forums, i love discussing strategy and putting out pointers that i learn from one of my mentors , EGmachine and EGstrifecro. Not to mention as a livestreamer i love to interact with my community and try to be the best stream all around even if my skill isn't the best. but i believe my general contribution would be my unwavering dedication to starcaft. ive been playing this game since i was 6 years old. that's over 11 years. starcraft 2 (according to xfire) ive logged nearly 10k hours of gameplay since beta. and even then i don't have xfire on all the time. ever since i watched my first GSL as a kid and saw incontrol vs flash and incontrols DT harass etc.. its been my dream to achieve that. maby not GSL but its my dream to go to MLG and be a competitor of note. and recently ive been taking giant leaps in that direction. in the past 5 months ive gone from forever bronze to being able to hold my own and nearly beat masters players. this is my dream and i am dedicated to this to the core. if i can have vVv and its awesome players behind my back as i continue up the ladder. it would be a incredible honnor for me. Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what some of your favorites and why? I sadly do not partake in podcasts or blogs. i will probally begin soon though How long have you been playing video games?Since i was about 5. long live Mario kart How many hours per week do you devote to gaming? I devote regularly 50 hours a week. sometimes more. about 6 hours a night and about 10+ on Fridays and Saturdays. im pretty hardcore =/ What current division are you in and how many points do you have? Gold - about 150 ( i cant play much lately because my ram is terrible. can barely run sc2 alone. getting new ram today as a birthday present from vVvspectral :DD) but my current MMR has me reguarly defeating platinum players =/ yet it wont rank me up. funfunfun >.> Do you see yourself as competitive or causal gamer? I am very competitive. but i do enjoy hopping on 4v4,s and derping out in the bronze league with my friends. gotta play a few casual games every once and a while What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why?Minecraft,Starcraft2HOTS,Battlefield3,MW3,CIV5 What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I practice the art of "wing chun" ( a passive yet highly effective martial art ) Hardcore Parkour , Building tables ect , Drawing , Reading , Building custom computers , working on my gradnfathers farm , hanging with friends , MUSICCC , playing with my cat , and much more. Where do you see yourself next year at this time? I see myself graduating from high school and maby entering the air force. if not i will be attending full sail academy for graphics design ( masters degree) and attending MLG as a player if not as a photographer for vVv You are expected to add 3 Vs to your battle.net ID in front of your alias if accepted (ie vVvRoar) I will buy another Sc2 Account for this as my friend used my last name change but it will be no problem Additional notes :This seems like a awesome team and i hope to be accepted and to prove myself to you guys that im worthy of the honorary vVv tag. if >anybody< want to talk to me my skype is TachyonXL, id love to get to know you all
  9. SuGaR


    I'll leave this here... I'm fucking addicted to K-pop lately. I find it incredibly soothing while laddering in SC2, playing Minecraft, or playing Dota 2. *NOTICE* I am not responsible for any ensuing K-pop addictions that may arise within or externally of vVv.
  10. With the announcement of MLG's PPV plan for the Winter Arena, vVv Gaming is proud to announce that we have now officially partnered with MLG! This partnership means new ways for vVv to fund our teams and players. Starting with the Winter Arena, vVv will be providing a banner link that will allow us to receive a portion of the proceeds for all stream passes purchased HERE. So when you're buying your MLG Winter Arena pass, make sure to use THIS LINK so that vVv is supported by your purchase! Although StarCraft 2 is not everyone's preferred game, it's significance as an eSport is unprecedented. We are on the cusp of reaching critical mass and breaking out into mainstream popularity – but there are still challenges ahead. For eSports to remain viable, we have to make full use of this opportunity and make sure that MLG becomes a financially viable organization. To you, that means supporting the Winter Arena with your dollars, regardless of your gaming affiliation. Remember that StarCraft's success now paves the way for all future eSports going mainstream, while the failure of StarCraft 2 could signal a withdrawal of sponsorships and funding. If you want your game to be next to break into the mainstream, MLG needs your support now. In order to help, vVv Gaming will be holding a live event on Mumble all weekend during the Winter Championship, a "virtual barcraft" to allow people of all stripes to come together, learn together, and share in the experience. Whether you do not know anything about StarCraft 2 or if you're on the verge of making Grandmaster League on ladder, please feel free to come on and enjoy the comeraderie and community. Here are the details: MLG StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Winter Arena MLG’s first Arena, on 2/24-2/26 in New York City, will be a PPV event. For just $20, you’ll get access to: - 20 hours of live gameplay o Every single match from the tournament will be streamed with commentary o 32 of the world’s best players will be competing for $26,000 in prizes, as well as Championship seeding o Broadcast airs LIVE – o Friday, 2/24 – 6pm – midnight ET, o Saturday, 2/25 – 2pm – midnight ET, o Sunday, 2/26 – 2-8pm ET - FIVE live streams in HD for the entire weekend o The MLG Main Stream: the highly polished content you’ve come to expect from the Pro Circuit o Three gameplay streams: constant action and commentary from some of the best up-and-coming StarCraft 2 casters o The Dr Pepper Ultimate Access Stream: go behind the scenes for a candid look at your favorite players that will feature interviews, polls, chat, and more - MLG’s new Premium streaming experience page o Never miss a moment– watch up to all five streams at once o Quick access to the brackets, schedule, liveblog, chat, and more o Instantly switch audio tracks and position each stream on the page; customize your own experience - Instant access to VOD o VOD will go up immediately following each match, right on the page o VOD will be released for free for those who didn’t purchase an Arena pass one week after the end of the competition For $20 you get a full weekend of nothing but the absolute best StarCraft 2 in the world. That’s roughly the same cost as a movie, a large pizza, a concert, or a round of drinks. Don’t want to buy anything without seeing it first? We agree, and we wouldn’t ask you to. You should know exactly what you’re getting. The Dr Pepper Lounge stream will be free to all, without an Arena pass, all weekend long. And we’ll be streaming the first hour of all five streams on Friday and Saturday for free! The MLG Winter Arena PPV Event is not included in any of MLG’s current Membership packages, so be sure to buy a pass today!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIn0H7VAOjQ&feature=youtu.be&a
  12. The StarCraft world was impressed at MLG Orlando this weekend! vVv Gaming's SC2 division was present in full force, and Hasuu, Titan, and Ruff matched their skills against some of the best players in the world! Alongside our SC2 players, community members such as RKTBizkit and vVv Brewmastah were in attendance to cheer our teammates on! From left to right: vVv Titan, vVv Ruff, and vVv Hasuu. All of our Starcraft sponsored players started the tournament strong with quick wins, but round three of the winners bracket would prove to be a roadblock for the vVv crew. With the third round bracket set, Hasuu would run straight into DdoRo, Ruff was matched against GSL Super Tournament champion TSL Polt, and Titan was placed into a tough series against the unpredictable QxG SaSe. While all three of our players started strong, they were knocked down into the lower bracket. With one loss each, high placement at Orlando would come down to the gauntlet known as the loser's bracket. In LBR4, vVv Ruff and Hasuu showed dominance in their respective series versus both 4KGerbil and skYfiVe, knocking their opponents out of the tournament with 2-0 wins. Titan would come from behind in a stellar match vs. x6Mystik to win 2-1 and set up a showdown with QxG Destiny in LBR5! vVv Titan shakes hands with QxG Destiny before their match. While Titan conquered Destiny with an impressive 2-0 win and Hasuu also won his LBR5 match, Ruff would not fare as well against QxG.Agh, and was knocked from the tournament after losing in a game three. vVv Hasuu versus TSL Polt at MLG Orlando 2011. With Titan setting up to play on stream versus White-Ra, vVv Hasuu entered into a series with Polt. Although he fought hard, the former GSL Super Tournament champion was too much for Hasuu, who was eliminated from the tournament after a 2-0 loss. When asked about the series, Hasuu stated, "I made mistakes. Polt played wonderfully. It was an honor to play him." vVv Titan, a few stations down from the Hasuu vs. Polt matchup, engaged in an all-out war with White-Ra, splitting their first two games at one apiece. The crowd roared as Titan claimed a game two victory. With everything on the line in an excruciating game three, vVv Titan fell just short and was eliminated in a stunning 2-1 series. vVv Titan vs. White-Ra at MLG Orlando 2011. vVv Gaming is proud of the performance of our players at MLG Orlando! The team played impressively against some of the top players in the world. We look forward to seeing our SC2 team training hard together in preparation for the MLG national championship finals next month in Providence, Rhode Island! Let’s go vVv!
  13. Pretty interesting, especially with so many MOBA games on the market right now. Will Blizzard DOTA be more of the same or could this be a title we see played competitively? Thoughts?
  14. MONDAY October 17, 2011 at 6PM EDT >>>Stream Link Here<<< The Gosu Complex is a new interview-style podcast series that provides the community with a platform to develop a greater understanding of the StarCraft players we have come to adore. Each week we will feature a different StarCraft pro and uncover the histories of how each player came to be. Join us every Sunday night at 6:00 PM EST to learn about your favorite players. Episode 4: vVv Gaming The fourth episode of The Gosu Complex is a special edition that will feature a live interview panel from MLG Orlando 2011. Tristan "vVvTitan" Johnson will be interviewed about the history and plans for vVv Gaming as a team, as well as his personal gaming history. Teammates vVvRuFF and vVvHasuu will be joining us as well to discuss their histories as professional gamers, and their experiences with vVv Gaming. The episode will wrap up with some live replay analysis from vVvRuFF. This special edition will be broadcast live on Monday, October 16th, at 6:00 pm EDT! About Our Host Andrew "Zyori" Campbell Zyori is one of the many fanatics on the forefront of the eSports movement in North America. Having traveled around the world to meet, interview, and observe professional gamers, he maintains an insightful perspective on the current eSports scene. Zyori has been involved with StarCraft 2 since the game was released in August of 2010; after only a few weeks of playing StarCraft, he was quickly engulfed by the incredible StarCraft community and launched his first project, HyperCrewTV. Since the disband of HCTV, he's been supporting the community with the launch of his newest project, Zyori.tv. Don't forget to tweet us your questions at: http://www.twitter.com/TheGosuComplex http://www.zyori.tv/thegosucomplex Past Episodes:
  15. The question is: If we could open a Starcraft themed Restaurant what would be on the menu? All unit, player, map, and race themed ideas are welcomed and appreciated! We'll collect all the ideas, nominate them, and make a menu from the best ideas. Have fun and be creative!
  16. vVv LordJerith

    State of vVv Gaming

    As the donation drive comes to an end, I want to personally thank all of you for your participation. We had about 50 people contribute, which is roughly 30% of our community. I am proud to say that we met our goal of $4,500, and when our new website launches, you can thank the donors that made it happen. Our growth for 2011 is explosive. Our site gets nearly double the visits we got last year, and I expect this will only continue to grow. Of course, we want to further that growth by adding more reasons to visit the vVv Gaming website. To fully understand HOW MUCH we have going on, I wanted to break it down by division. I promise to keep it as short as possible, so forgive me if I leave anything out. Brawl vVv Gaming has officially partnered with Apex. Currently, we are sponsoring the The Road to Apex: ONLINE EDITION! We also have formalized our sponsorship deals for Apex 2012 and our sponsorship structure for 2012. Chibo continues to do a great job leading the division, and you can expect more from vVv in Brawl for 2012. Call of Duty With Modern Warfare 3 releasing on November 8, we will keep a close eye on what Major League Gaming (MLG) will do with the title. Meanwhile, we look forward to our Call of Duty 4 PC team coming to Chicago for the Ignite LAN from October 21-23. I look forward to meeting Cubed and the team in person. We do not expect to sponsor any CoD console teams for MLG for the rest of the year. Crossfire Our Crossfire team has been busy with it preps for WCG. We are waiting to hear when the WCG Nationals are for Canada. The WCG World Finals will be held in Busan, Korea from Dec 8-11. As always, vVv Lifeline is our one and only Crossfire team, and we fully support the relationship we have with them. Gears of War I can’t say enough how excited I am for this game. We will be launching our Gears academy, and I expect the competition for one of the spots to be fierce. This will be a chance for teams to train in a structured environment, as well as a chance for the top team to earn their team pass and hotel for the first MLG event. I am looking forward to experimenting with the maps and game types. Our official position is to remain silent on changing any settings until we first determine the best maps and game types to go with those maps. I encourage all of you to contribute your ideas to the best maps and gametypes HERE! Think about the SPECTATOR experience when you make your suggestions. Expect to see TNO at DEVASTATION. Also, expect vVv Gears players to attend the NJHalo/KotC event on the east coast. Both events are the weekend of October 8. vVv Gaming’s Gears team will be at the New York invitational event from October 21-23.. We wish our Gears players, Enmity, Monk, Leon and Myth the best of luck! Halo We will be supporting Believe the Hype for the rest of the season. Next season, we'll see what MLG does with Halo before making any other decisions about teams. BelievVve! League of Legends Our League of Legends (LoL) team continues to surprise people. Not only has the team surprised people, but I see many of our core members playing League of Legends. Expect our focus, coverage and content surrounding this awesome game to grow. I want to say so much of LoL, but for now, just know that we have been very impressed by the game, our players, Riot and the opportunities. JayC will be one busy manager in 2012! Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) and Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is where you will find us. SWTOR will start us off, and expect us to have a lot of fun. GW2 will be much more serious as we try and build a top roster for the game. Mortal Kombat vVv Reo will be at DEVASTATION, and he will be ready to compete! Expect to see other vVv MK players like vVv Krazie at the event, as well. Rhythm Our rock band is going to DEVASTATION, so expect vVv Adrenaline to entertain the fans at this event. After DEVASTATION, expect our rhythm gaming division to be fairly quiet until either a release of a new title or a new event stirs some excitement. Sports Michs09 is going to Korea to compete in IeSF World Championship event for the game Hyundai Veloster HD. He will be in Korea from October 6-10. He will be joining 400 players from 40 nations! Also, we are keeping our eye out for top players. We just added Jrock to our roster who is a top NHL player. Welcome him, and add him on PSN if you play: vVv Jrock Starcraft Hasuu, Murder, Ruff and Titan are all getting ready for MLG Orlando. Also, Doom, Titan, Spectral and I will be attending the KoDeF event in Korea from November 1-4. We have finally formalized our mandatory practice schedules and weekly meetings. Expect Roar to take a more active role, as well. Expect Noxie to come back soon. We also launch the Starcraft Academy this week, where the top player will be attending MLG Providence. Sugarbear will have the awesome responsibility to get this running, so I ask all Starcraft players to support the academy. Be available to assit and answer questions. There has been a lot of conversation about us picking up players, and it is true we spoke with dde, Faith and Vibe. In short, these players were asking for more than we could justify, and they all took other offers. We will be picking up players after MLG Orlando, so stay tuned, but our main focus will be our players who have been developing with us and are currently sponsored. OK. WOW! That was supposed to be a short synopsis of what we have going on, but as always, we do so much, you sometimes don’t see it all until you put it all down in one place. On the content side, we will be completely restructuring everything with the new website. I don't want to spoil any suprises, so I will just talk about what we have going on right now. The Loser’s Bracket will continue. Expect us to broaden our focus by inviting more guests from outside vVv Gaming to share their insight and perspectives. I promise that I will rant more. You keep asking for it, so I will deliver. Directional Influence will not. Also, with Rapture starting college, and no longer having a quality internet connection, we have stopped the Brawl podcast show for now. We are open to others who may want to pick up the slack, but for now, Directional influence is in hiatus. We just contributed our 100th article to Geek to Me. We will continue to deliver great content to this blog. We are ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WRITERS! So, if you can handle the deadline and write consistently, let us know! Wednesday Night Starcraft (WNS) is something that we are currently examing, and more will follow in a spate update. We will add a lot of content for 2012, as well as a few surprises that only Doomhammer and I know about. Expect us to continue to support the exact same mission statement: Again, I just wanted to thank those of you who donated, and give everyone an update on what we have going on. It is amazing when you put it all down in one spot. I promise that 2012 will only get better!
  17. ssoda

    RevSoda - SC2

    Name: John Soter Age: 17 What is your in game name (ie vVvRoar.873): RevSoda.726 How long have you been playing competitively? I've been playing sc2 since the beta back in August. But Ive been competing in various games since 2007. Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/youtube channel): http://www.youtube.com/user/sSodaGames, http://www.facebook....p?id=1498452551 How frequently do you use Facebook and Twitter?: I use facebook everyday What current division are you in and how many points do you have? (SC2 Applicable): Terran, Masters 1200 Have you attended any national events? (MLG, ESEA, WCG?) I attended mlg back in 2008 for rainbow six vegas two and got 11th. I went to Dallas 2011 for sc2 this year and did ok. Are you shy around people you don't know? It kind of depends on the situation but usually no. Link us to some of your best personal achievements. I won the 2011 sc2 Pax tournament this year. Other than that I have no notable tournament winnings other than getting top 32 in pro/am style tournaments. I play in a lot of tournaments, I can't really remember which tournaments I did well in. What was your biggest loss or disappointment in gaming? Why did you lose that match? Back in 2008, when I played rainbow, I went to my first event in Dallas. Well anyway, we went through open bracket without much trouble even though we were disqualified out of winners because one of our players was late. But anyway, we played a team and we were up 1-0 in maps and needed one more round to win 2-0 but we "choked" and lost. This was disappointing for me because we would have played on main stage next round and that was my goal. How can you PERSONALLY benefit vVv Gaming? I'm a smart player and I can represent a team really well. I may be young but I have a lot of potential and I consider myself really mature for my age. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I play Golf in my free time and I'm a huge sports fanatic in general. Other than that, gaming is my only hobby and I'm really trying to take my skills to the next level.
  18. Wiebelhaus

    Wiebelhaus Application

    Application rescinded.
  19. It's time for the next stop on the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit, this time heading back to the East coast in Raleigh, NC. vVv Gaming will be out in full force this weekend as a multitude of our community members, staff, and sponsored players will be heading to the event to compete and enjoy the fourth stop this year for MLG. As vVv Gaming competes this weekend, this will be the first place to go for updates on how all of our teams and players are doing, along with general pool and bracket updates from the event spanning across Starcraft 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Halo: Reach. Also at Raleigh, we'll see an exhibition match in Gears of War 3, a four team League of Legends invitational, and of course a major walk-up Mortal Kombat 9 event with a $7,000 prize pool. It will be an interesting weekend for sure, and there will be non-stop action. Make sure to check back as things happen throughout the weekend and cheer on vVv's best in Raleigh! vVv Teams in Raleigh vVv Believe the Hype vVv MaNiiaC(Twitter) vVv Mazsik (Twitter) vVv Formal (Twitter) (Facebook) vVv Destin (Twitter) vVv Reliable (Twitter) Mortal Kombat vVv REO (Twitter) (Facebook) Starcraft 2 vVv MurDeR (Facebook) (Twitter) vVv NGry (Facebook) (Twitter) vVv Ruff (Twitter) vVv Titan (Facebook) (Twitter) vVv Xog (Facebook) (Twitter) BtH Team Page - http://www.vvv-gamin...eam?team_id=136 SC2 Team Page - http://www.vvv-gamin...eam?team_id=140 Fight Club Team Page - http://www.vvv-gamin...eam?team_id=151 Updates IF YOU HAVE UPDATES, FEEL FREE TO TWEET AT ME OR PM ME (or if you're a mod, go ahead and add them yourself. ) I won't be around 24/7, so if you can update in this thread, go ahead and do so, and I'll add it when I can. Halo vVv BtH vs. Active Rush | 3-1 (Pool) vVv BtH vs. Quantic Fire | 3-1 (Pool) vVv BtH vs. coL Final Boss | 3-2 (Pool) vVv BtH vs. Aftermath | 3-0 (Pool) vVv BtH vs. Status Quo | 3-1 (CWR1) vVv BtH vs. eon Instinct | 2-3 (CWF) vVv BtH vs. Infamous | 2-3 (CLF) vVv Believe the Hype finishes third place! Starcraft 2 Winner's Bracket vVv Titan vs. cFButterfly | 2-0 (OWR1) vVv MilyCyrus vs. VPMeMCaT | 0-2 (OWR1) vVv SugarBear vs. OntologicalPWN | 0-2 (OWR1) vVv Murder vs. SCDPetrify | 2-0 (OWR1) vVv Sweep vs. aurawashere | 0-2 (OWR1) vVv NGry vs. JEcho | 1-2 (OWR1) vVv Ruff vs. VPCursed | 2-0 (OWR1) vVv Murder vs. strobot | 2-1 (OWR2) vVv Titan vs. swirlyrolls | 2-0 (OWR2) vVv Ruff vs. Caliber206 | 2-1 (OWR2) vVv Ruff vs. JEcho | 2-0 (OWR3) vVv Murder vs. DavasiaN | 0-2 (OWR3) vVv Titan vs. a_monkey8 | 2-1 (OWR3) vVv Ruff vs. coL Drewbie | 0-2 (OWR4) vVv Titan vs. LiquidTyler | 1-2 (OWR4) Loser's Bracket vVv SugarBear vs. BYE (OLR1) vVv NGry vs. DanceSC | 2-0 (OLR1) vVv MilyCyrus vs. gyfsukata | 2-0 (OLR1) vVv Sweep vs. MarineKngXPn | 2-0 (OLR1) vVv SugarBear vs. Brunas | 2-0 (OLR2) vVv NGry vs. kevizoid | 0-2 (OLR2) vVv MilyCyrus vs. tuxedomask | 1-2 (OLR2) vVv Sweep vs. rbkl | 2-1 (OLR2) vVv SugarBear vs. QuantumRX | 2-1 (OLR3) vVv Sweep vs. Boesthius | 2-1 (OLR3) vVv SugarBear vs. tbowyer | 0-2 (OLR4) vVv Sweep vs. sTk_sooch | 1-2 (OLR4) vVv Murder vs. HITDERPANDA | 2-0 (OLR4) vVv Murder vs. aisarang | 2-0 (OLR5) vVv Titan vs. JEcho | 0-2 (OLR6) vVv Ruff vs. Caliber206 4-2 (OLR6) vVv Murder vs. LuckyFool | 2-0 (OLR6) vVv Murder vs. QxGAgh | 1-2 (OLR7) vVv Ruff vs. 4kLost | 1-2 (OLR7) Mortal Kombat vVv REO vs. Unknown | 2-0 (Ro16) vVv REO vs. John | 2-0 (Quarter-Finals) vVv REO vs. esp gangsta | 2-0 (Semi-Finals) vVv REO vs. hdcloud | 3-0 (Finals) vVv REO wins MLG Raleigh and takes home $3,000!
  20. I'm not a member of vVv as of right now. I hope to become one soon. I was wondering if I could enlist a few vVv members though to help me out. I'm a Protoss player currently in platinum. I believe with enough games I can achieve Diamond with in 2 weeks. However! This just doesn't work for me. I want to be better than a simple Diamond player. So let me explain why I creating this post. I was looking to enlist a Protoss, Terran, and Zerg vVv members. Preferably Masters+ that could help me out. Now I know you all are thinking "Another freeloader wanting help and coaching" while this is half true I don't want to be a free loader. So this is what I was thinking: School starts back up on Sept. 21st and I have plenty of time after work to practice on Sc2. Where do vVv guys come in? Well here is the deal. If 3 people are willing to help me get to high diamond/low masters by Sept. 21st I will be in your debt and I was thinking of a fun way to pay you all back for the help. The Incentive: This is a win/win deal! If I accomplish my goal of High diamond or low masters by then, then I will ordera large Pizza for the three people (This is per each person. everyone well get their own large pizza) that helped me! That's right. I will call up your local pizza hut (Or what ever pizza shop you prefer) and have them deliver a pizza to your house. But what if I don't make it to my goal? Well I said this would be a win/win so I want to make it worth your while. Instead of ordering you a pizza I was thinking of ordering you something like a p'zone/breadsticks. The reason: I have people that I practice with but realistically our "Practices" aren't really helpful because well.. They are all lower leagues than me. I have a couple Masters+ friends but they don't always have the time. I'm just looking for a few good guys willing to help... For some pizza. I know I am asking for a lot... I really wish I could offer more. For now though this is what I can do. If you want to discuss some terms or just talk hit me up here or in Sc2: Eisenhower.204. Hopefully I can get into vVv because that would make this all the more fun!
  21. After watching a local lan this weekend and saw how amazing some communities are running their lan, I was left with a feeling that chicago is absoutley pitiful. There is nearly a tournament every month, however they are terribly ran, not promoted, and complete failures. I was looking to run a tournament in Chicago-land area, most likely at Game Pazzo. However, I have a problem, I am not sure what direction I want to take this tournament. Either keep it small and uneventful for this first event and see how many people will actually show up to such an event, or go big, and take a risk and try to make this huge. Currently there are 300 people in the Chicago starcraft facebook group (which is the hub for the community) So I am thinking if this tournament is big enough we can atleast fill a 32 person bracket with the help of near by vVv. I had jotted down some ideas over the past week, and would love to hear some feedback. Keep in mind I haven't discussed any of this with anyone of importance yet, and this is all skeptical. Venue- hosted at Game Pazzo in Downers Grove, IL. Entry fee - $10 or BYOC, 2 dollar spectator. Bracket - Pool Play or Double Elim Prizes - There is a lot of options we could go with this, ranging from straight up Cash prizes, hardware prizes (steelseries gear ect.), or possibly vVv Academy invites, or even sending a player to an MLG of our choosing to represent vVv / the lan center, possible coaching from an A-Team member. (Keep in mind I haven't contacted anyone directly about the sponsership prizes, this is all just ideas as mentioned before) Casters / Streaming - would love to get this on the vVv stream live from the event, with either Crota casting or some other vVv faces. Player Invites - Possibly with the right prize amount, or hype we could attract some popular players who would draw more people to the event. Promotion - With the help of vVv and the sheer number of people we have we could definetley create hype for this event using our streams, wns, losers bracket, forums, Hype Videos for youtube Ways to recoup the expenses of the event - hardware raffles at the event, entry fees, event t-shirts available at the venue. Staff- Would need to fill these slots. - Casters - Observer (may be same as caster) - admin (players resolve disputes/questions with this person) - doorman (provided by venue?) - collects entry fee for first 15 minutes then anyone can walk in (typically) - Video editor (for promotional videos) - without source material from previous LANs what will promotional videos include? - Community manager - someone to keep a thread on TL bumped and answer questions people ask - Chat moderator for stream - Grunts - people to make runs for supplies/water/food for staff members (RO32 will take most of a day with a double-elimination style tournament) Schedule - Edit in later when I return from class Rules - Edit in later when I return from class If done correctly and with the right cooperation, I truly feel we can create a great event in the Chicago land area that has been embarrassing it self week after week. If you would like to get involved with trying to set this up let me know, and we can shoot ideas off each other. Looking forward to hearing your criticism ideas, ect. EDIT: I'll edit in ideas as you post them, or if something comes to my head.
  22. This weekend, watching both Anaheim and EVO, I felt a childlike exuberance I have not felt in a long time. I was reminded about two things sports does so well: inspire and entertain. I have done some reflecting on my experiences this weekend, and it has prompted me to make some changes to vVv Gaming. Before I get to the changes, I want to take you on a journey with me, in case you missed some of the highlights. First, I want to point to an interview with Korean Starcraft legend and founder of the Korean Team Slayers, Boxer. He said this about what he hoped to accomplish: I was deeply impressed with Boxer. What an endorsement of his team and organization! Such a simple sentence, but it really was pure elegance. Even DJWheat and Day[9] commented on it. I know Boxer was a legendary player, but he instantly became a role model to me (I know he is already for many). I then saw a Korean Starcraft player thanking MLG at the start of the match using in-game chat. I thought, when was the last time I saw that? They are so polished with the crowd. Respectful. It FEELS right. It feels like professional sports. Finally, I want to turn my attention to vVv Reo. He single-handedly made me a MK9 fan. To know his story, to know that he almost didn’t make the event, to know that his teammates started a collection for him because they were so confident in his performance. I was and still am humbled. More importantly, and I was not sure why at first, but I watched Doomhammer watch him. Paradise’s family was watching him play, and Starcraft players were watching on Mumble. We were all there with him, every step of the way. When he finally made into the Grand Finals, the shoutbox erupted in cheers, the mumble erupted, allies sent congrats on Twitter, and Doomhammer leapt from his seat. But why? Why did we all care for this player whom we didn’t know, and we had never met? It was because he wore the three V’s. It was because he was one of us. It was because that black shirt represents so much to so many of us. I texted Napalm, and told him I wanted to talk to Reo. Napalm called me, but before he handed over the phone, I asked Napalm, “How are you doing?” He replied, “I am still shaking.” Needless to say, I had the honor and pleasure of congratulating vVv Reo and letting him know that he won’t need anyone to take up any more collections for him. He was now a sponsored vVv player. I realize this post is long enough, so I will now cut this short. I can promise some fundamental changes coming to vVv Gaming. Expect another post detailing changes alter this week. Expect us to have jerseys, more sponsors, new partnerships and more player development, as well as higher standards regarding whom we sponsor. Most of all, look for us to look for more players and teams like vVv Reo, the kind that capture our spirit and remind us that anything is possible.