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Found 13 results

  1. StarCraft II Aspire Team Update - December Time for another monthly Aspire update. December tends to be very laid-back month in terms of gaming, with everyone being mostly occupied with pre-christmas/holiday madness. However, that doesn't mean we do not have at least small update for you. First of all, after proving his dedication and strenght in his games, we proudly accepted Poche "Reere" Hu into our Academy Team, as our new Zerg player. He is a hardworking player, who went from mere Silver all the way into Grandmaster on his own. He is yet another excellent example of the fact, that if you do put in the effort, anything can be done. We hope that Reere will only flourish more in our team, to reach that greatness he strives for. We also have a new Trialee, in the form of Tae Hee "Hanism" Han, who originates from South Korea, is 29 years old and plays on mid/high Master level. So far, we believe he would make a good addition to our team, given his activity in game and potential resting within him. We also sent out our application for the prestigious IPTL; which opened its' Amateur division for sign ups. Both Academy teams are taking part. The full roster is as follows! Jana "BabyToss" Otahalova () Chris "PoSeR" Clauson Ryan "NazguL" Thornton Christopher Lee "RoboGunner" Gustafson-Nolan Adam Son "SonTran" Tran Thomas "TuFF" Parker Aaron "haphazaRd" Russell Jared "Hiei" Scruggs TJ "Fearful" Lopez Ott Madis "Oakwarrior" Ozolit Poche "Reere" Hu John Victor "NuBrGNi" Kim Brendan "GunHogz" Reid Dylan "Infested" Warren Wish us luck! The end of the year is approaching - and our team is dedicated to stepping it up in the coming year of 2013. As first step towards that goal, we aim to have a friendly/practice war with another team each Wednesday at 8 pm EST. Our first opponent will be Soviet Gaming, whom we fought during our participation in URTL and we faced a defeat. Will we take the win this time? The match will start on 9th January at 8 pm EST, BO7 allkill format, starting map Daybreak. Despite of recent slumber due to Holidays and all, the Academy team will certainly be back to climb to the highest heights in 2013. You all are welcome to join us on our journey. Last but not least, our team is still looking for Assistant Manager and Team Coaches. More informations on the positions can be found on it's usual place HERE.
  2. BabyToss

    vVv Gaming's Aspire - Introduction

    We are often being approached as to if our lineup in this and that tournament is our main vVv Gaming's lineup. It came to our attention that there's not a huge knowledge about the so-called "vVv Gaming's Aspire StarCraft 2 Team". And thus, allow me to shed some light on the team. Take it as a belated introduction, if you will. Aspire.SC2 team was officially launched in July 2012 - with the intent of accepting hardworking, dedicated players, who aim higher than playing couple of games per week, to help them grow, as equivalent of an Academy team, to fill a void on the scene, where only the top players usually have the chance to compete in tightly organized and motivated team. We strive to reach higher levels of the competition and thus, proper commitment and dedication are required, as well as tight organization, similar to one in a professional team, adjusting it to the conditions of the individuals, who are part of the team, as well as the fact, that we are an Academy team, thus a training team. The idea is to harbour three players per race; both to make the team small so people can relate to each other and create positive team atmosphere in the team, as well as to give the team enough space for practicing with each other, further encouraging the team spirit and growth within the measures of team. The players are encouraged to play in individual tournaments, as well as the team managment looks out for the opportunities when it comes to playing in the team leagues. We aim to provide the competitive part of the venture, as we see, that it is needed to further motivate the players to try even harder, especially if they wish to eventually break into the competitive scene of StarCraft 2. We've seen it many times, that an Amateur/Academy team was established, but it's members quickly lost interest, because nothing was really happening within the team, to promote the activity and motivation of it's members. Furthermore, the best behaviour is required from every member of the team; traits like responsibility and ability to communicate are a must. We do not want players, who just show off their rank, we want players, who put in the time and dedication, who have a sense for team-play and understand, that becoming a top tier player means more comittment than just playing the game. Players are hand-picked by the Team Captain and the team management. We look at attitude, will to improve and in order to accomodate current team roster when it comes to practice, for players to fit into current skill level of the team. Team currently caters Diamond to mid-Master level players, but as the time goes and our players progress, this will naturally be raised upon needs of the team, should openings be created. We are currently developping and changing our internal procedures, in order to make our functionality as effective as possible. There are currently two mandatory nights, when the team practices together, other than that, we put huge emphasis on the teammates practicing together and we are attempting our first tokens of competitions in two team-leagues, with the major goal being our improvement & tournament experiences, rather than winning alone. As a side note, our team originally started out as a bunch of inidividuals in Diamond league. As of now, five out of our nine members reached Master league & turned into strong teammates, who aim to improve each other, and we intend to keep that trend growing, in order to provide stronger competition for our adversaries in upcoming competitions. Of course, the team doesn't run on player base alone. We have management and leadership positions, which help the team to run properly - coaches, caster, manager & assistant manager. These are the backbone of the team and are vital part of the organization, in order to provide the players with the strongest experience possible. Jana "BabyToss" Otahalova - Founder Johnatan "Ein" Ballard Jana "BabyToss" Otahalova () Chris "PoSeR" Clauson Ryan "NazguL" Thorton Adam Son "SonTran" Tran Nathan "Wakai" Pigeon Thomas "TuFF" Parker TJ "Fearful" Lopez Ott Madis "Oakwarrior" Ozolit We are hoping that this little introduction post clarifies all of the questions, as well as that it would prevent the future possible misunderstanding as to who we are and what our main goal is. You can follow our team at official vVv Gaming's Twitter - @vVv_Gaming.
  3. Rapture

    SC2 Lab Sessions - Day 2

    Normally, I tend not to have a schedule when I make blog posts, but for a daily journal such as this, it's hard not to keep up with the precedent set so far. However, because there has only been one blog post before this and, as far as I'm concerned, 0 hits, who cares what the result is. I could just stop posting all together. But I guess this is more for me than anyone else. Unfortunately, I was unable to sit down last night and type this up, so I'm getting to it the following day. Most likely I'll have two of these go up on the same day, but whatever. Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me, but it didn't start out that way. After classes, I was determined to take a nap before getting to any activities that day, but my inability to dose off prevented that from happening. Instead, I decided to go for a run, which actually turned into going to the gym and working out by myself. I'm not a gym rat at all, in fact I'm rather frail and skinny because I don't work out ever and my exercise mainly came from sports (which I don't really play much of anymore in college). It'd be a bit of an understatement to say, plainly, that I'm sore today following my workout yesterday. After cooling off and showering, I made my way to the library for another lab session. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, so thankfully I was able to grab my usual seat on the 3rd floor next to the window. I opened that shit up and let the amazing breeze and clean spring air flow in. It felt pretty awesome to have the breeze coming in as I played on ladder. As I said yesterday, my goal for each day is to play a minimum of ten games before coming to a decision on either leaving the session or laddering more. Yesterday was quite not like that routine, but it certainly started off normally. My home...the Silver League. Maintaining my high Silver league status, I was put up against two Silver players, a Terran and a Zerg, both of which I lost to. I was keeping my notes from the previous day in class – don't do stupid builds, scan and scout often, don't let the opponent stabilize, etc. And, personally, I felt like I did a good job. In both games, however, I was essentially out-macroed. The first ladder match, the TvT, probably came down to an early marine/marauder push I made that dropped my army numbers much lower than they should have been, and I just could not recover. I wasn't too happy, but they weren't the worst losses in a row. But then my next two games were much easier. I got paired against two Bronze players in my following matches and one without difficulty. This bothered me a bit – the game felt confident in pairing me against Bronze players, which means it may be suggesting that that's where I belong. However, I solidly beat these players, which means while I definitely do not belong in Bronze, I cannot consistently beat Silver players in the same way I beat Bronze players, so I won't be in Gold or higher until I can do that. I quickly moved on and stopped concerning myself with the issue. In my fifth 1v1 ladder match, I got another TvT, which was certainly an odd match. The game started out simply – I began with a standard Terran opening and was essentially building up a marine/marauder/tank army that would just push out alongside an upgrade timing or something. However, my opponent had a different plan in mind. After a small bout in the middle of the map, things quieted down, until I found that he was massing tanks outside my base and was inching closer. I couldn't do much at first; walking right up to the siege line would be suicide. I had some Thors popping out, but they couldn't do much from my natural and would only get damaged if they tried to creep down the ramp. I even lost a bunker and some depots thanks to the siege line and a few scans gaining my opponent vision temporarily. Without any avenue to leave my base or expand, I was effectively pinned down, and with each passing minute my opponent's mass of tanks was growing larger. Even marines were streaming towards my base. He had all my options covered, it seems. Times a million. However, in reality, that was not the case. My opponent was so concerned with moving closer and closer to my base while picking off any outlying buildings that he could that he wasn't paying any attention at all to what was going on in my main base. With all of his scans being used up for my ramp and a small distance into my natural, he could not see that I had transitioned into starports. I plopped down tech labs on all three of my new structures and began to get the resources necessary for the newest additions to my army: three battlecruisers. Before I had begun making them, however, I had sent out a couple of medivacs and a viking to support my army and scout, respectively. Seeing that he only had his natural expansion as the only base other than his main, I took this opportunity to drop into his natural mineral line. Of course, he had no army to defend it because his whole army was sieged outside my base. He decided to send a small squad of marines, but he underestimated the power of 1/1 marines and marauders supported by two medivacs. Another squad of marines fell to my drop, but it would end up meaning very little – three battlecruisers created a large presence in my base. They inched toward my ramp, over my army, closer and closer to my opponent and...ragequit. “Victory!” my screen read, he had left the game without even a good game exerted. Obviously, once he saw that my battlecruisers existed, there was no other option. Tanks, as many of you may or may not know, cannot attack air units. Battlecruisers fly. Put 1 and 1 together. I was happy to finish my first 5 games with a 3-2 record; not the best performance, not the worst. As for now, my 1v1 ladder practice was over with. A few friends had gotten online, so we had enough to run 3v3s. And let me just say this – fuck team games. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love team matches. They're a great way to practice macro, and it all takes place without the seriousness of 1v1 (at least for me, that is). We all shot insults at each other, scoffing at one's micro or whatever, but we had a fun time. However, it seems to me that everyone else that plays team games does not want to have a fun time. Or maybe they find just the mere mention of cheese to be really hilarious, because we got cannon rushed, 6 pooled, dark templar rushed, several times in the 6 team games we played. All of which fucked up my builds and all of which frustrated me. The team games we did win were the ones without cheese, except the final match. Another friend had logged on, though this friend was as amateur as you could get. With only 7 games under his belt within the four days he has owned the game, my friend actually didn't do that bad, except that he really wasn't adding to the team. That meant when we got into a heated match in our final game, it didn't go to well. He did good for a new player, though. I'm proud of his progress! Toxic Slums was the map for our last match, a 4v4. The match was solely Terrans and Protoss. Not an ounce of cheese was found in the first minutes (and not for the whole match, either). Finally, a regular game! The only problem with a lot of Protoss in a team game...a lot of Void Rays. For a long 47 minutes, our teams struggled for the gold expansions in the middle. One of my Protoss teammates dominated with his blink stalker/Colossi build, while I dealt damage with siege tanks and a fuckton of marines. Our armies fought each other off constantly. It seemed like there wasn't a single moment in which an engagement wasn't going on. I was dropping marines into their bases, one of my Protoss teammates had his charge zealots making rounds in the middle of the map, etc. But their armies were just as strong as ours. It seemed like it would be a game of of who can survive for the longest, as the resources on the map were getting severely diminished. The fortieth minute hit and my team found itself slowly losing map control. Reapers were hitting our outside expansions just as I quickly grabbed a far right expansion that had no activity within it. The other team was able to land a huge drop into the weakest of our teammate's base, allowing the other armies to move in through the front, and though we would hold it off for several minutes, at that moment we lost the game and could never get it back. Our buildings began to get ravaged, just as I began an ultimately unsuccessful mission to nuke enemy bases with ghosts. The only nuke that would actually get used almost connected with a small cluster of thors. They escaped with only a few feet from the explosion. I was salty. After that game, which was finished with a number of positive comments from each team on how exciting and good the match turned out to be, everyone on my team logged off. My five hour session came to a close there, as well. I ended the day with 3 wins and 2 losses in 1v1; 2 wins and 1 loss in 3v3; and 0 wins and 3 losses in 4v4 for a total of 11 games played yesterday total. Because I only played 5 1v1 games yesterday as opposed to the 10 I usually play (it's assumed that 10 games means 10 1v1 games), but I still got practice either way, even while having some fun. And I definitely learned from the session, which is good. I found mostly that what I had found yesterday was 100% correct – don't do stupid builds. When I play textbook and solid, with good marco and micro, I have a good game, even if I don't win. That goes for team games as well – I dominated in one 3v3 match thanks to my smooth transition to mass thors in the late game. With several upgrades, my glacier of steel and rocketry, so to speak, steamrolled our opponents with little effort needed. And, obviously, I play better when I'm not getting cannon rushed or dark templar rushed, either. Tonight should be a good day for Starcraft. My dad is picking me up in the afternoon after my classes and his doctor's appointment. I'll eat lunch, try to catch a nap, watch some television, etc. But eventually I'll log in and, hopefully, I'll be playing for a very long time into the late hours of the night. I'll be taking this opportunity to better myself and get much more experience with the ton of games I plan to play. It'll be quite the lab session.
  4. Rapture

    SC2 Lab Sessions - Day 1

    (Original post date - 3/7/12) I've decided to post up the first of my practice journal, SC2 Lab Sessions. Though I've been practicing Starcraft 2 for a couple of months now, today is the first day I'll be going over my day. I feel like recapping what I did today will help me with practice and keep things in perspective. Hopefully some analysis will help me with future matches. Of course, it's sort of weird to just say, “HEY DIARY I PLAYED SOME STARCRAFT TODAY AND AND AND” and it's equally as weird to simply post on a blog about it, so let me give you some context. My goal is to become a top Starcraft 2 player. Being a freshman in college, it's surprising that I have a lot of free time, but I do. With it, I try to get in several hours of ladder play a day. If I miss a day, I go harder the next day. I am coached by a friend, I practice with peers, and I go over tons of replays, including my own. Today was another “lab session”, in which I sit down either in my room, at the library, wherever I feel like I can concentrate and play, and get to grinding. Currently, I'm a high-ranked Silver league Terran. I'm pretty booty. But I'm trying to get better! Usually what I like to do is to play at least ten games of SC2 a day. Once I've played them, I decide whether or not I have the time and/or will to continue forward. In a several hour session today, I got in 11 games. However, there were several games that lasted very long, so it seems skewed. In the amount of time I played today, I could have probably hit 15+ matches, but I digress. Here were the stats: 11 games played 4 wins 7 losses Longest win streak – 3 wins Longest loss streak – 7 losses The day started out pretty well, as I clocked in a solid victory in a TvP Shattered Temple match. It lasted for only twenty minutes, it was a great warm-up game. However, it didn't prepare me for my next seven games, all of which I would lose. Some were close, some were atrociously bad on my end. Ultimately, what mattered was that I knew I had a lot of work to do. What struck me was odd was my terrible TvZ play. The TvZ match-up had been pretty good for me earlier in the week as I began to figure out ways to deal with banelings and infestors, two units that were giving me a lot of trouble when I entered the Silver league. However, they weren't necessarily the problem this time around. Three games in a row, I found myself the victim of early game roach all-ins. As hard as I tried, I just could not keep up with the production of marines to keep them out of my base so I could stabilize. Bunkers didn't work, more marines didn't work, and I couldn't get tanks out in time. I felt at a loss. Fuckin' roaches... I began to analyze how I was playing. I went back to the replays and looked at what I had done, and I tried my best to figure out what it was that was going wrong. Still, it would take an outside party to help me out. I ended up asking a friend for help with the roaches, and I was told that marauders were a good solution to the roach pushes, except I'd have to get my second gas a bit earlier to maintain marauder production. I was really happy with learning this, despite not actually having any more TvZ problems after that streak because I had no more roach all-ins against me after I asked my friend how to deal with them. I felt a bit of improvement, mostly in my knowledge. But then I learned, the hard way and once again, that I still was not the most knowledgable in build orders. My coach, and many others, have told me how doing a simple build until Platinum league, while working on my macro, will make me a better player and only after then should I get into specific builds. Nevertheless, I still have the urge to try different builds, and I do. Sometimes I go more mech heavy, others I push harder with marines, still others I try a strong 1/1/1 or something like that. I like to mix it up, and it does work if I play well. However, when sometimes I lose because I'm not playing well, others it's because I am simply an idiot. In one particular game, I got a TvT match-up with close spawns. Thinking I was smart, I decided to go with reaper aggression while expanding and pumping out marines. However, I know absolutely nothing about reaper builds and the timings behind them, so by the time I had about 4-5 reapers (which you don't need that many of, by the way), his army was ready to defend it and large enough to clean it up quickly. He then realized I had a small army and home, so he walked over, squatted over my face, and took a dump. I had to gg my way out of there. So far, I was getting discouraged. The losses were piling up and I felt like I should just get off before I began to tilt. Finally, I got another TvZ pairing, and while I wasn't subject to a roach all-in, I had a long battle ahead of me. That was certainly not what I wanted – dealing with a maxed Zerg army can get difficult if the Zerg is maintaining a strong economy. My harassment skills are just not what they should be, so the Zerg was able to keep his economy strong and his army stronger. There's a chance I could have won the fight, but I'll never know, and that's because my army micro, particularly when I have my units clumped onto each other, is terrible. My tanks were sieged, my marines stood before them, my thors in the mix, medivacs flying above, and 4/5ths of my ground army was washed away as banelings rolled in. Unable to micro effectively, my army literally disappeared before my eyes. If I had taken the banelings out, his army would have been toast. But I didn't. My lack of micro was splash-damage heaven. Don't encourage the banelings, Husky! I realized that I need to be more precise and do those actions when I'm in a conflict like that. My multitasking and microing has gotten better, but I still know it's a problem. Things like that, though, are inexcusable. I should have scanned to know exactly where his army was, sieged up, and split my army so I could avoid as much splash damage as possible. Eventually, I lost my 7th game in a row. But I wasn't done yet. Shakuras Plateau was the map of choice, TvP was the match-up, and I found myself in another match. I was determined to win this one (against an opponent named SHEEK, cool name?), no matter the cost. Lately, I've found that I've been doing a much better job of taking out expansions, and that's exactly how I won this match. As our Terran and Protoss armies got close to maxing, with all tiers of units being represented, I decided to make my way to his farthest right expansion (he had four bases at this time) as I expanded to my third base. Sieging tanks up, I took out pylons while he oddly advanced into the tanks. He also had Archons, for some reason not using High Templars, and ultimately I was able to hold it off, but just barely. His Dark Templar harassment was shut down very effectively, as were his drops. I definitely learned a bit about the drops just by how I handled them, very proud of myself! After retreating a bit and bringing my army back in numbers, I hit the same expansion again, fully taking it out this time. Raging, my opponent began to curse me out and simply gg'd, giving me the win without me even stepping foot in his natural expansion or main base. Granted, my ground army had 3/3 upgrades and my air units getting close to it, and I was on a gold mineral expansion with bunkers churning out marines, but at least he could have invited me into his natural for a house warming. Needless to say, I was happy, and after that I got another win on Metalopolis. Ten games down. I decided to stay in the library for one more game. I wouldn't leave for another hour. You see, it was a long struggle in a TvT match-up, but a rather uneventful one. Our armies maxed out, fought in small battles a few times, but nothing actually happened until the half hour mark, when I began to push out toward the middle of the map after he successfully took out my third expansion. He probably got excited, seeing as my main and natural were getting close to empty in terms of minerals. However, I had expanded to a fourth and fifth base on another corner of the map, giving me much more of a steady income. And once I was able to push through to his expansions, using the siege tanks I had to keep his army away from my thors, his income literally stopped. However, he was able to get another base going, and while I pumped out marines and was at max, as well as repairing my thors and tanks, he tried to max his army, as well. He got close to putting the gap a 50 supply. His army may have eventually matched mine, but after baiting him a bit with marines, he got edgy. Then I dropped into his natural to take out gas-mining SCVs and some buildings, prompting him to take all of his marines to stop this. This is when I moved closer to his sieged tanks. For some reason, just as I sieged up, he un-sieged and moved in, getting dealt tons of damage before he actually attacked. By the time his entire mass of marines raced back to help, it was too late. I had 6 more thors on the way and about two dozens marines marching closer and closer. Without so much as a good game, he left and the victory was mine. Ultimately, while my record became worse, I learned a lot from this session. Here's what I learned: 1) Roach all-ins are very effective if you're not prepared to deal with it in the early game. Scouting for a roach warren and seeing little gas being taken can help find a roach all-in before it happens. Marauders mixed in with marines are a good option in holding off these kinds of attacks. 2) Don't try builds you don't know, stick with what you know. 3) Don't build too many reapers if you plan to harass with them, and actually have an army being built, or make your economy stronger, while making reapers so you can hold off a counter-attack if need be. 4) Microing large armies is key. Do not keep your units bunched up against banelines. Use stimpack to get out of there if need be, and don't clump up large mech units next to each other. 5) Scan and scout often. Make sure you know of all transitions, tech, upgrades, everything. 6) Don't let the opponent stabilize. Constantly make sure you know what is going on after you deal a large blow to the enemy. Keep the pressure on, keep the attack on (if you can) so that way the opponent doesn't bring it back. Don't blow opportunities to deal a game-winning knock-out. Knowing these things, hopefully I'll do better tomorrow. I definitely felt like today's session was a good one. I learned a lot, even though I lost a lot. Winning is good, but you learn more when you are defeated. Until I'm the perfect SC2 player (which I will be, curse you DRG!), I will always have more to learn. That's how it goes. Tomorrow, there's more SC2 to play. Fuck yeah.
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  6. This Sunday, the best StarCraft 2 teams from around the world will compete for $10,000 in prize money in the IGN Team Tournament. Having this tournament in a 2v2 format gives StarCraft 2 fans something different to watch than the usual 1v1 games. Instead of the players playing for just their own glory, they are also playing to win for the team they represent. With IGN starting a large 2v2 StarCraft 2 tournament, it will be interesting to see if other competitive leagues, like Major League Gaming, will start to run 2v2 tournaments in 2012.
  7. MurDeR

    MurDeR vs MakaPrime



    vVvMurDeR vs MakaPrime on Ladder.
  8. Hey, i've been thinking of different unit comps i could use to make a stupidly amazing zerg style that would just ruin people as little would be known about it, anyone got idea's?
  9. OmegaZ

    Omega's Application

    Name: Nick Fournier Age (minimum 16): 17 What is your in game name: Omega.407 Link to your Twitter page: https://twitter.com/.../Rock_the_Omega Link to your Google+ or Facebook page: http://www.facebook....hp?id=730605942 How frequently do you use Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or Google+? Facebook is used everyday. Twitter is never used but I plan on starting How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I heard about vVv from friends who also play starcraft 2. They know many of the famous clans and say vVv is very interactive and causal. Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? Absolutely no one. But i would like to make some new friends Why you are interested in joining vVv Gaming? I wish to enjoy the scene of starcraft 2 with others who enjoy this great hobby. To be able to learn and practice more with friends on the greatest game made is the greatest experience ever. Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value? I will add value to the clan to participate as much as possible in events and to represent the clan with pride. Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what some of your favorites and why? No. How long have you been playing video games? Since my first SNES - when i was 3 How many hours per week do you devote to gaming? 20 hours at least. Now ranging to 30 hours. What current division are you in and how many points do you have? Masters 1v1 - 377 points Do you see yourself as competitive or causal gamer? I see myself as more of a competitive gamer because i strive to become much better at the game and involve myself in many tournaments. What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? Guild Wars 2 due to the addiction gained from Guild Wars 1. As well as Skyward Sword because every Zelda game is a good game. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Many sports including hockey, football and golf. Where do you see yourself next year at this time? I see myself in university, studying in a field of engineering, as well as play games. You are expected to add 3 Vs to your battle.net ID in front of your alias if accepted: Will be no problem, name change not used
  10. SlippySocks

    SlippySocks Application

    1. Luke Sassu 2. 16 in about a week 3. SlippySocks 4. www.twitter.com/slippysocks 5.http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1364946301 6. Facebook Every day 7. Stumbled upon it one day on starcraft 2 ladder met vVv Zorro 8. vVv Zorro asked him for help in game and he was really cool about it and helped. 9. A way to help improve my starcraft 2 play, and i think it would be cool. 10. I will join with one of the most kick ass personalities that someone can have, Will be open and honest to people. 11. not very fimiliar 12. since i was 5 13. At least an hour, if not more 14. plat with 373 points, recently got bumped in 15. competative ,but can be casual 16. Dead island cause its a brand new style of zombie fps 17. Mountain biking, Paintball, and walking. 18. Going through junior year of highschool 19. vVv Editor.
  11. Not my write up - another interesting write up I found while creeping reddit. Hopefully my little analysis and reposting these reads isn't breaking any rules... I think they're good insights into gaming. There's a pretty sweet comparative analysis between several gaming genres and titles and discusses exactly what is skill, how are LoL players or LoL playing different... Definitely agree on a lot of points. Give it a read - share your thoughts , we spend a lot of time in the game and I think it's equally important to read about these types of things, you gain a greater meta grasp of the game. Some Thoughts about skill in LoL; Why many Esportists from other games may think it doesn't even exist and why it's actually deeper than they think. by Roflkopt3r 1 Dec 2011 (First of the month yee!) Now, if you watch any pro player, you can often see them feeding like hell to some noobs. Many people who disliked LoL often consider this proof: Seemingly there is no thing such as skill, it's all luck. Then there even are some very high level players -right now that would be probably HotshotGG and Ocelote- who have been losing insane amounts of elo recently and playing, to put it blunt, often quite crappy. And than there is someone like Shushei who can go 10-0 against world class players but then feed 0-14-0 (as BRAND) in duoqueue with Xpeke. What does define "skill" the most in different games? You will probably agree that the most fundamental difference in LoL compared to RTS like Starcraft and Warcraft, and to shooter games like Counter-Strike and Quake, is mechanics. In Starcraft:BW, WC3:TFT and SC2, most top level players have been constantly running 200-350 actions per minute (3.5-6 key strokes per second). They have insane multi tasking and micro at many different frontiers at once with great precision, while the macro management (building units) for itself is really difficult to learn, and you have to maintain it over a full game of around 10-30 minutes. It was so astonishing that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p08QFrGa8Jo. (note: You do not necessarily need higher apm than the enemy to do more effective actions. There are players that are just highly efficient about their actions while others do lots of pointless stuff only to press 6 keys a second no matter if it helps). In shooters on the other hand, i's all about precision and reaction speed. While in high apm RTS players would do quite well with swiftly repeating difficult, but learnable patterns (select baracks - build marines; select factory - build tanks...), shooter players are far more reliant on reaction speed. This is not necessarily an innate ability of a person, but has to be learned according to a context. Means you can be a real slowpoke in real life, but after a year of playing 8 hours quake a day, you will have fast reactions within that game, trust me. That mostly comes because you know what to expect and know the according responses. In shooters, these responses consist of accuracy and response time - aim for their heads as fast as you can - and learning weapon specifics (AWP: You have exactly one shot. M4/AK: Need to be good in controling the spray. Rocket Launcher: Need to know how to really hit these slow rockets on fast players). Now, how does League of Legends fit in this? League of Legends is almost completely unreliant on these things. You do not need awesome apm or multi tasking. And during the time you have to dodge a xerath skill or even to Sivir-spellshield an Alistar headbutt, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diPonkYH0iU. Technical aspects? You only need to really press 4-5 buttons, which have cooldowns of at least 3 seconds. You don't need multitasking as you only control one character (or two at the most). The precision you need to click the right target is ridiculously low compared to Starcraft or CS. By WC3 hardcore community, DotA players already were ridiculed as "just too bad to play WC3" since it was so easy mechanically - up to the point were DotA had very complex tactical requirements and WC3 players couldn't keep up with it without learning the game for real. No, there is no noteworthy mechanics in this game. League of Legends consists almost completely on adecisionmaking level. Very little of it on the macro level -item builds are not what makes the pros better than the rest and the rest mostly depends on your team, like when to try dragon- but on the fast estimation and response-level. What you need to do is to judge "Go in? go back? Use my condemn now or safe it to kick away bruisers when they come? How to position?". Also, LoL does not require constant attention. CS does usually - one second missed, someone headshots you, or you get flashed and die. Quake does -you constantly need to time items, and fights could happen almost any second. And Starcraft does - or suddenly all your bases are on fire, or you just get outmacroed and lose the next big fight easily, even when that happens minutes later. How does this make LoL skill often beeing so hard to see? It's mostly because the mechanical level is very small. A really good CS player has the reflexes and aim and even when he doesn't pay attention, against a worse player he will still do his headshots - I've been there, high and drunk at 4:00 am, rocking my noob friends on LAN. A quake pro has a great rythm for the movement and the insane aiming skills. Good SC2 players always have insane macro - once you have a sense for that, you just keep getting more ressources and spend them faster than worse players, and you almost cannot lose. In LoL in comparison: Mechanics don't help. Even a pro player like HotshotGG has to be constantly fully aware of what happens. In SC2 you usually don't get baited, because if you have better macro than the enemy, you cannot get baited - you are stronger than him, anyways. And in shooter games it's hard to pull such a move, anyways - in doubt, pros just play it careful. Whenever a LoL pro lacks the immediate attention of what's going around, you will notice. Suddenly a 2300 elo player can go 1-6 and lose a 1300 elo game, easily. And why people are just not as aware as in other games... LoL requires very very little attention of players compared to other esports games. During laning you can often easily eat or get something to drink or anything. AFK for a minute? Sometimes they might not even notice. Beeing only there half heartedly? You won't miss anything important usually, someone will ping you were to go and your pure presence can often be enough. I'm not saying that you can play the whole game half-heartedly, but the punishment for not paying full attention for a few moments isn't nearly as big as in other games! But in general there are quite a lot of situations in LoL which require basically no decisionmaking, even though decisions are the only thing you actually have to make. And many situations are just... really simple. A 4-1 Irelia really does not need to be afraid of a 0-3 Chogath with low creepscore. In comparison, a Quake or Counter-Strike or even SC2 opponent who is behind can still be damn dangerous! Even without much money plus low health on the enemy team, a single desert eagle shot can kill. And even if the enemy is behind in SC2, if he can pull a hellion drop that kills all your workers in six seconds, you can easily lose. I mean, honestly - you wouldn't believe quite as hard that a team can comeback at a 6-20 scoreline compared to (for all non counter strikers: in these scenes Khrystal kills several guys who each carry a gun that is worth 400% of his weapon). It's a team game - Correctional factors for mistakes. But, no matter how much you can see individual pro players feed the heck out of their champions - in the end a team of pro players will win 10 out of 10 games against a team of 1500 elo dudes. How comes I'm so sure? Because it adds the decisionmaking of five people, against five people. One guy in solo queue can easily miss the gank and ooops, suddenly the enemy has baron. But a communicating team makes up for individual mistakes, and helps preventing them. In other games these correctional factors also exist. In SC2, it's because most games consist of many little fights between the two players, not that one snowballing gank situation that makes it impossible to win the lane. Even if the better player gets baited into a bad engagement; first, he will be careful enough to not lose it all. Second he will make up for the disdvantage just by building units faster. And because matches usually consist of more than one fight but often a lot of little harassment, he will win the game on the long run. And in shooters it's usually just that there is much less of a snowball effect. Lost a round? CS 1.6 needs 16 to win (also, again there are 4 teammates to make up for mistakes of one guy not paying attention) and Quake goes over rounds of usually at least 10 minutes; also it offers a macro level (timing and planning items and routes to collect them) that can make up for lacking aim on a bad day. Finally: TL;DR. Individual skill in LoL is much harder to see than in RTS or shooter esport titles. It contains almost no mechanical level but is pure decisionmaking which requires constant awareness, so even a good player can truly suck when not paying enough attention. For a full tournament level skill comparison, it's really the team that counts over individuals. Further adding, the danger of comebacks is low at most times in LoL, so it's easy to lose attention.
  12. crbox

    crbox - Sc2

    Hi =), Name: Martin Maindl Race : Zerg Age: 19 What is your in game name (ie vVvRoar.873): crbox.922 How long have you been playing competitively? I am not, but I want to start playing seriously, like I play everyday, but I don't practice specific strategies, because I don't know anyone of my skill level except on the ladder. Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/youtube channel): I do have a facebook but it's for people I know IRL like family and friends. How frequently do you use Facebook and Twitter?: Not so much What current division are you in and how many points do you have? (SC2 Applicable): Masters, #1 in my division, currently 85 - 50. I don't like playing ladder on NA server. Have you attended any national events? (MLG, ESEA, WCG?) : No, never. Are you shy around people you don't know? Depends how they are, I'm not a shy person but I don't feel the need to talk around people that likes to take too much space :] Link us to some of your best personal achievements : Well gaming wise, I didn't really participate all that much into the community. I guess my ''biggest achievement'' would be that I have beaten several progamers on the ladder (eeeeeeee..). I'm going to attend ETS LAN in Montreal, if I win it (hoping kiwikaki won't come, because he's a sick monster) that would be my biggest achievement What was your biggest loss or disappointment in gaming? Why did you lose that match? lol many many many ladder games where I just threw the game away. I do play sloppy most of the time, I need to improve on that. How can you PERSONALLY benefit vVv Gaming? Well I need motivation to keep practicing, and the only problem I have is that I can't really play by myself, I need to talk with people between games to figure out what to improve. Also playing in a team would boost my self-confidence gaming wise. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? As funny as it sounds I like nature, even though I can't spend too much time away from my computer (T_T) I do like to climb so mountains once in a while or go camping with friends/family . Okay so, I really do believe I can improve enough to become a progamer. I have good mechanics, good game sense, but sometimes I get sloppy and lose because I play on tilt. I rarely lose when I play at 100% (not being braggy or anything.) I've been playing on and off starcraft 2 for a while now, I never felt the need to join a team because I did not care enough about the game, but now that I've been injured for a while and just started playing back (for about a week or two) I realized that joining a team would be a huge asset for my play. I hope you guys consider my application even though I never been in a professional team before. Good day to you guys and get back to me!
  13. Hey everyone Im GT13 This channel is going to be one of the best ones out there and you guys can be one of the first people that subscribe. Im underground at the moment but then again I have only been on YouTube for about 1 month. The games are always between Masters-GM players (so no noobs are allowed). I dont bite (unless you have long dark hair, big eyes, weigh under 100 pounds, and is not a guy ) so send me a message if you want to tell me something or have a question. I plan to get better, but it is hard to fix perfect (JK), and so you guys can help. Also if there are people who know how to do overlay softwear let me know. Here is the channel go check it out: http://www.YouTube.com/GThirteenSC2 Please give any feed back, and go ahead and hit that Subscribe button. Thanks, GT13