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  1. I've been watching. I probably should tell you that I'm not writing this as the owner of vVv Gaming, or even as someone who works in the video game industry. I'm writing to you as someone who has had the pleasure of experiencing vVv Gaming as a community member. I want to share with you some of the things I've noticed, and I want to point to an observation about something. Let's call it, "something special." I was struggling with where to begin this. I was going to talk about the move to LA and starting at Riot. Those are just facts, though. The right place to start this is at the League of Legends' World Finals. I was sitting between Rob, Kevin and Jordan. Rob leaned over to me, and he showed me a Forbes article that had come out while we were at the world finals. I think it was right there that the journey that has been vVv Gaming culminated in a very special moment for me. Indulge me. I want to take you back in time. I want you to know something very important. Everything about the World Finals moment... I did not know that any of it was possible six months before. In six months, what was possible changed. In that moment, a 14-year-old, annoying, emo kid, who was at best a B+ Gears of War player had grown into a 19-year-old that accomplished a win for himself and vVv Gaming solely because of his passion for eSports and commitment to vVv. After that moment, I've been looking and watching what the people in vVv Gaming have been doing. There is something very special going on here. I'm not sure I can list everyone who has caught my attention. I certainly can't list every act of awesomeness I have observed over the past couple of months. What I can do is share with all of you some of my observations. Friends. I'm just amazed at how many of you are actually friends.Think about it. How many people in vVv Gaming make up a part of your daily life? Just for myself, Kevin, Nick, Rob, Greg, have all visited already. Nick is visiting again in December, Nathan is visiting in January; it's actually pretty amazing. In 2013, I'm going to make it a point to attend many more eSports events. I look forward to meeting more of you in person. Great gamers. Has anyone noticed that even some of the worst vVv Gamers are probably better than a vast majority of players out there? I've played with people in the gaming industry. I've played with people in the eSports industry. You should all know that you're better. If you think for a moment that the people in vVv Gaming are not skilled then I encourage you to actually get a group of your real life friends together and compare them to the people you play with daily in vVv. Personally, I choose vVv every time. eSports. I'm amazed at how much eSports continues to grow and change. 2013 will be a huge year. New games like Hawken arrive. Season 3 for League of Legends. SC2 Heart of the Swarm. And the eSports leagues will finally be coordinating and working together. Each of you are witnessing an industry emerge, driven on passion and a consistent commitment to excellence. Social. The way we socialize has changed. When we were primarily a console organization, everything relied on the vVv Gaming forum shoutbox. XBL limited us to 100 friends. Chat parties were limited. Now that we have a focus on PC gaming, we use Mumble to connect. I want you to think about this the next time you feel the shoutbox is empty. We don't need to type to communicate anymore. We can just hop on Mumble, have a short conversation and build stronger relationships. Finally I want to give a few shoutouts. Sontran. You have that "something special." You make people laugh. Your positive nature and energy are infectious. vVv Gaming is a better place because of people like you. Voided. Your consistent financial contributions to vVv Gaming are deeply appreciated. You demonstrate that vVv Gaming has real value to you, and you're willing to support our humble efforts. What you contribute is critical. From our servers to our Mumble server, your contributions help keep vVv Gaming running. I appreciate your consistent commitment Paradise. I can see you growing up. You're starting to leverage your experience in vVv Gaming to drive positive results and set yourself up for success. Your work is part of the DNA of vVv Gaming. There is not a day that goes by that I am not deeply thankful for your loyalty, commitment and efforts in making vVv Gaming better. Your potential as a leader in vVv Gaming is unlimited. What happens here in vVv Gaming matters. People are watching. Never forget, everything you do counts. Medusa. I miss you. I miss talking to you. I see your work everywhere. Your signs idea, although it may have seemed simple, has changed the way we interact at events. You have made vVv Gaming better. I can't believe that no one had the idea to make signs. Even if someone had the idea, you took the step that counts. You made them. You brought them to events, you raised them high for the world to see. I'm very proud of your work. Every time I get a chance to hop into a staff meeting, I hear the voice of someone who deeply cares about the quality of people in vVv Gaming. Thank you. Sugarbear. You remind me that vVv Gaming can have a positive influence on a wide variety of people. After the opportunity to come interview at Riot, your laser focus on vVv University is awesome. Much as I mentioned to Paradise, what you do with this really matters. There is a larger opportunity here than I think you know. You have quietly guided Starcraft 2, attended and contributed at events, and been a thoughtful, consistent, practical contributor to what we do. Every team needs a Sugarbear. vVv Gaming is so very fortunate to have one. SC2 Aspire. What Babytoss has started here with the help of Sugarbear and others, is very important. What you are trying to do is very hard. This is about the journey. Please remember that. The habits and skills you learn will carry throughout life. It matters what happens here. I don't need to tell you that. What you put into it, you will take out of it and more. I'm watching. Sometimes, when you only have two or three people on stream, one of them could very well be me. This is already too long. There never seems enough space or confidence in peoples' patience to write down everything. There are so many new faces in vVv Gaming. Website traffic is the highest it's been in the history of the organization. Under Jordan and Rob's leadership, vVv Gaming has continued to grow. I have tasked Jordan with grooming Rob to take over vVv Gaming at some point next year. I'm so excited at what Jordan has done with the organization, and realize that I should have been giving others a greater opportunity to lead. With Rob moving to LA, Jordan will personally be able to groom him. This also means there are many more staff opportunities for the greater community. I expect our current staff to grow in their responsibilities. We are grooming future leaders. Think about that. A tiny group of gamers in 2007 has grown into a global eSports brand that develops players, contributors and leaders. Your efforts as both individuals and a collective community make the lives of others better. Who gets to say that? There is something very special about vVv Gaming. I don't know what it is exactly. I know it has to do with the people. The people of vVv Gaming have created a very special culture. Being able to experience that culture instead of always having to shape and lead it has been so valuable. I look forward to growing old with all of you. I see myself gaming for the rest of my life. I imagine many of you do, as well. I hope that what we are building with vVv Gaming will not only serve all of us as we grow old and game together, but also serve as a special place for future generations of gamers. Some of your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, may very well one day wear the three V's. For many of us, we have gotten more out of vVv Gaming than we have contributed. This place is a force multiplier for success. Onward! Continue to do great things. Stay hungry. Stay humble. Never forget that the world is watching. You are all better collectively than you are individually. Take nothing here for granted. More importantly, this is yours. Own it. Most importantly, become stewards of it. Be stewards for future generations. There is "something special" here.
  2. The vVv Gaming community had a great time at the 2013 MLG Winter Championship and we have an entire gallery of pictures to show it. Not only did our Call of Duty team finish in third place at the event, but nearly twenty community members gathered together in Dallas to enjoy the MLG festivities. Below are three of our favorite pictures from the event and we would like you to caption them for the chance to win a vVv Gaming QcK+ surface by SteelSeries and a vVv Gaming Wristband! You can enter this contest by clicking the picture above that you would like to caption and creating your image! After you have created your image, link to it here in a post. You can create unlimited entries! The winner of this contest will be selected by creativity and humor. The staff here at vVv Gaming will select a winner by Tuesday, April 2nd and contact the winner. One winner will receive a vVv Gaming QcK+ SteelSeries Gaming Surface and a vVv Gaming Wristband. This contest ends on Monday, April 1st at 11:59pm EST. We look forward to seeing your entries! Good luck!
  3. The 2013 MLG season is officially underway and vVv.CoD made a strong statement at the Winter Championship in Dallas by taking third place! While on the road to MLG Dallas, the team focused on MLG pro scrims instead of grinding on the ladder, and this decision paid off as the team earned the #3 seed heading into the event. With this seed they started the tournament in an early Saturday morning match against FaZe. vVv.CoD vs. FaZe in Championship Bracket Round 1 vVv.CoD would be no stranger to photo finishes throughout the weekend and this trend started in their first match. While playing Hardpoint on Raid, vVv Realize grabbed a two piece in the last seconds of the game to secure a one point victory with the score of 214-213! vVv rode this momentum forward and swept FaZe 3-0 in their series. http://youtu.be/jEBAnR6oqVQ Game One of vVv vs. FaZe ends in a one point victory! Round Two of the event pitted vVv.CoD against Curse Gaming with the chance to attend the Call of Duty Championship on the line. The conclusion of this series was voted one of the top plays of the MLG Winter Championship when the third map was played to a double overtime in CTF on Raid. A mistake almost cost vVv the match as Curse Apathy attempted to cap a flag for the win. At the last possible second, a clutch lightning strike from vVv Realize set up a counter cap from vVv Theory to win the series and guarantee the team a trip to Hollywood for the Call of Duty Championship. http://youtu.be/FIuWBoXqxh4 Game Three of vVv vs. Curse ends with one of the most incredible plays in Black Ops 2 history! In the next round our team was knocked to the Loser's Bracket by MLG Champions Fariko.Impact, but vVv bounced back to eliminate tournament favorites EnVyUs and CompLexity in their following matches. In the Loser's Bracket finals the team was defeated by Unite, but took a 3rd place finish and a $7,000 prize purse home with them. The team now looks to train for their trip to Hollywood in two weeks for the Call of Duty Championship where $1,000,000 will be on the line. Stay tuned to vVv Social Media for updates on our team as they prepare for the upcoming tournament! vVv.CoD - vVv Theory, vVv Realize, vVv PapaRealize, vVv Replays, and vVv CompleX About vVv Gaming vVv Gaming is a competitive video game organization with a dynamic and vibrant community. Top players and upcoming talent from numerous video games flock to vVv to have an experience best summed up by our motto: Entertain.Educate.Dominate. With entertaining podcasts, educational articles about teamwork, competition and strategy and dominating finishes at major tournaments around the world, we deliver unparalleled value to anyone interested in competitive video gaming.
  4. Vote: https://twitter.com/MLGSundance/status/252507902177337345
  5. Oh hello there! vVv Rinzler here bringing you another SteelSeries product review, this time covering the now official mouse of MLG, the SteelSeries Sensei MLG edition. The box tells no lies. In contrast with the RAW, the Steel Series MLG Sensei has brought back the original Sensei's on board LCD configuration and CPU, as well as upping the potential sensitivity to a completely ridiculous, but Steel Series approved 16400 DCPI. As you'll note, your popcorn shrimp of a mouse probably functions at around 1/3rd the speed of the the MLG Sensei. If that's not impressive then you should probably stick to chopsticks. If you're more of a "shiny peripherals" kind of person, the newest iteration of the Sensei has you covered. The LCD configuration menu acquired from the original Sensei can be found on the bottom rear of the mouse, which is able to hold custom bitmap images corresponding to your favorite eSports teams. Advertised as the "most customizable mouse in the world", the MLG approved mouse sports 16.8 million available colors and three separate areas of customization. These zones include the rear of the mouse, the scroll wheel in the middle, and CPI sensor in the center. If you're still not sold, I'm sure you'll enjoy the 32 bit ARM processor which happens to include an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for optimal customization. This feature will be available upon completed installation of your Sensei's driver. Did I mention that the Sensei and all of its features have been tested and abused by some of the biggest names in eSports, including DeMuslim and iNcontrol? On top of this revamping of internals, the MLG Sensei sports a solid body metal shell, weighing in at a solid 102 grams while keeping the trademark SteelSeries button layout and ambidextrous ergonomics. Still not satisfied, you say? How's this for super secret tech: while it's not mentioned in the official product description, it's very clear from personally using this product that it takes significantly less pressure in order to generate a successful click compared to the original Sensei or Sensei RAW. We have some sneaky beavers over at SteelSeries. Feel free to check out the link below for a full SteelSeries product listing and table of specifications for the newest addition to the SteelSeries family. As of now, this product is not yet on the market, but head on over to the aforementioned link, give Steel Series your email, and they'll notify you when your Sensei is ready to ship. Thanks for tuning in to this vVv product review, and as always, Entertain, Educate, and Dominate. Full SteelSeries MLG Sensei Product description
  6. Source: Click here! -- SAN DIEGO and NEW YORK – Jan. 25, 2013 – Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), and Major League Gaming (MLG), the world’s largest eSports league, today announced a robust partnership to introduce PlanetSide®2 to MLG’s burgeoning competitive gaming audience. The year-long collaboration will span all of MLG’s properties including original broadcast programming, online competition and presence at MLG events. Over the next few months, the PlanetSide 2 and MLG teams will work closely to develop ideal competitive gameplay features and settings to showcase the massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS). With MLG’s consult and significant community involvement, SOE has committed to creating a long-term eSports initiative within PlanetSide 2 that will highlight an exceptional massively multiplayer competitive gaming experience. Additionally, SOE and MLG will collaborate to create original programming to air on the MLG network at www.majorleaguegaming.com and www.Twitch.tv/Team/MLG. Details and a complete broadcast schedule will be released in the coming weeks. PlanetSide 2 players around the globe will soon after be able to compete via MLG’s GameBattles online competition site. Additionally, PlanetSide 2 gaming stations will be featured at MLG’s first Pro Circuit event of 2013 – the Winter Championship in Dallas, Texas, from March 15-17. “PlanetSide 2 players are extremely loyal to their chosen Empires and when it comes to battling, they are beyond competitive and truly enjoy the in-game rivalries so it was the natural next step for us to bring PlanetSide 2 to the most competitive eSports organization,” said John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment. “We’re excited for this opportunity to work with MLG and are confident that their competitive gaming expertise can turn PlanetSide 2 into a premiere eSports platform, allowing us to extend the game experience and deliver new ways for players to interact with other players and the broader community, while helping to further diversify and grow our audience.” “From the first time I played PlanetSide 2, I knew that it made sense for the MLG community,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO and co-founder of Major League Gaming. “I am excited to introduce the game to our audience and to see how it evolves along with the growing and evolving eSports landscape.” Through the partnership, MLG and PlanetSide 2 fans will have greater access to the game through the community-driven programming, GameBattles and Pro Circuit event presence. Launched in November 2012, PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play title that has set the new standard for first person shooters. PlanetSide 2 offers an unparalleled gaming experience where players battle in massive environments alongside and against thousands of others engaging in intense air and ground combat that spans the alien planet of Auraxis. Players join one of three Empires – Terran Republic, New Conglomerate or Vanu Sovereignty – to fight in an epic war for ultimate control and territory domination. To play PlanetSide 2 now, visit: http://www.PlanetSide2.com. -- Pretty unexpected news to say the least. What does everyone think about the addition of Planetside 2 to the MLG season?
  7. With MLG Dallas just around the corner, it's time for some spotlighting. I am bringing Bryan "Glon" Gemler in, who will be representing vVv Gaming in StarCraft 2. This young and promising talent has been causing some major upsets in tournaments lately, and we look forward to seeing him continue that streak at this upcoming MLG! The competition will be tough, but Glon has been preparing himself to face the best of the best! Glon was kind enough to spend some of his time answering our questions to provide insight into what we can expect from this rising young star. Check it out below to see his perspective leading up to the last MLG of 2012. We wish you a good luck, Glon! Pre-MLG interview with Bryan "Glon" Gemler (Written by Ott "Oakwarrior" Madis Ozolit) Hi Glon, how's it going? Pretty good. Just finished my first round of college applications (that are due November 1'st), so now I'm in the waiting game to hear back from colleges. How has StarCraft II been for you lately? I've heard you're quite busy with real life obligations. College and school have gotten in the way, but I've still been pretty active with StarCraft. I try to play at least 2 weekdays, and during the weekend whenever I have time/am home. Overall, I think that at the moment I have no weak matchups, and am ready to go! So, MLG Dallas is right around the corner. Can you tell me a little bit how you've prepared for it? Basically, I've been laddering like crazy while working with practice partners to iron out specific builds for each match up. Yesterday, I hit top 10 Grandmaster, so ladder has been fairly successful. It's hard to compete with the people who ladder all day and have three times as many ladder games though -- so I just look to use ladder as a means of improving game by game rather than setting a rank goal. How do you feel about participating in the tournament? Are you in top shape? I believe that I have been seeded into WR5 of the open bracket -- this is because of my performance in the Invite-Only MLG qualifier. With notable wins over ROOTVibe, dSelect, and MasSan, I ended up in the top 16 group. However, due to some people not showing up to MLG Dallas/qualifying through the MVP Invitational, I believe that I have been bumped up to the right seed. WR5 Will be big for me -- it means that I only need to win 2 series to get into group play. I believe that, with the proper mental preparation, I'll be able to post a big performance at MLG. Wrapping this up - are there any of your StarCraft idols present at MLG? I'm getting very excited to see Soulkey and how much of a dent he can put into the group play. I also want to play the Kespa players very much -- Believe it or not, I'm actually HOPING to play Rain in the Open Bracket. I'd rather win or lose big than win or lose small. Any shoutouts or other comments? I'd like to thank vVv Gaming for their support of me in the beginning stages of my professional career. I'd also like to thank all of my fans for supporting me, come up and say hi @ MLG!
  8. Award-Winning Sensei Design with Core Hardware Essentials Now Available in Glossy and Rubberized Editions CHICAGO – July 17, 2012 – SteelSeries, the leading manufacturer of premium-quality, competitive gaming peripherals, today announced that the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Glossy and Rubberized Editions are available now online for $59.99/ €59.99 in the SteelSeries Web Shop. The SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] features the core essentials of a premium-quality gaming mouse, but for users that may not require all of the customization that the 32 bit ARM processor inside of the SteelSeries Sensei, has to offer. The Sensei [RAW] will provide users with the same Sensei shape and size as well as: • BEST-IN-CLASS HARDWARE From tournament-grade switches for intense clicking, to a pro-grade laser sensor and a CPI range from 1-5,700, the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] delivers the best in gaming performance. Flip it over to find XL-sized UPE material feet for a smooth and consistent glide. Give it a tug or roll over it with your desk chair; the 6.5ft anti-tangle black and white cord is braided nylon. • ILLUMINATION Its bright-white LED illumination is featured in 3 zones and can be configured with multiple levels of pulsation. Powered by the SteelSeries Engine software suite, users are equipped with advanced customization options and the ability to create and store an unlimited number of profiles. • GRIP OPTIONS The SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] has an ambidextrous, all-grip design and is available in 2 different versions, each offering a very distinct feel for the user. For gamers who worry about sweaty palms, the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Rubberized features a rubberized black, hand-sweat resistant coating that allows for an exceptional grip and soft-touch comfort even during the most frantic gaming sessions. The SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Glossy features a glossy black, smooth exterior that both looks and feels sleek. Additional details and images of the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW], Rubberized and Glossy editions can be found on the SteelSeries website. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for new product updates, contests and promotions. ABOUT STEELSERIES SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of top quality gaming peripherals from headsets, keyboards, and mice to controllers, surfaces, and software. For more than a decade, SteelSeries has been on the forefront of designing and creating gear for competitive gamers. The company’s continued innovation also comes in collaboration with the world’s leading professional gaming teams and partners. SteelSeries is a global brand that continues to support the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and electronic sports leagues through professional team sponsorships, partnerships, and community support. For more information, please visit the SteelSeries website for more information.
  9. I wanted to update the community on what can only be described as a historical event. It was amazing! Let’s get right to it. Fighting Games The interviews with CDjr, Reo, Romance and RTD tell their story better than I could. Please check out our YouTube Channel for their interviews. Keep in mind that CEO in Orlando and EVO in Vegas is upcoming, and our players will be practicing hard for the next events. They all represent vVv, their games and themselves like true professionals. I can promise you that fighting games are here to stay. League of Legends This is one of the most important games in the history of eSports. You should play this game. It’s free. Trust me. Learn this game. We have an AMAZING LoL community. In fact, vVv Ockiral was so impressive that he is now our new LoL manager. Our team learned a lot. From horrible issues with the Astro Mixamps game one (that first loss was not our teams fault) to learning how each played under pressure, this is what attending your first major LAN is all about. SteelSeries was very supportive in helping our team ensure their equipment worked, despite the issues with Astros. They will be replacing TriDream, and are looking forward to the LANcouver event in Vancouver. Did I mention you should play LoL? Seriously. Starcraft 2 I do not need to say much, as you all know this is the biggest game in town. We will focus on developing players. We will end WNS and focus on developing and promoting both Glon and Ruff. All players could have performed better! Guild Wars 2 Every MMO fan will be playing this. Get it. You have been warned. Pre-order now! And now, something for the casual members! The Secret World This is for those seeking CASUAL Fun. Like MMOs? Want something filled with puzzles, riddles and a blend of Alternate reality Game (ARG). This is worth looking into. DayZ, ARMA2 Zombie Mod Google these videoes! Seriously. Average life expectancy is 30 minutes. You can thank me later. Looking Forward It is clear now that our role in identifying and developing talent is even more important than ever before. We used this event to create more content to better promote our players. We also are going to make a few changes and all for the good, and all motivated by good things we learned. I will share with you some changes. We will be focusing on our talent factory, and launching development programs in SC2 and LoL Players in these programs will receive customized scorecards to benchmark their performance We also will develop eSports professional staff via intern program In order to be on vVv Staff (not intern), you must have attended a major LAN event or have professional promotional experience (street team or trade show). We have media and player checklists for events to ensure that everyone comes prepared We will no longer have staff dinners or meet and greet dinners to ensure we are all at the event during key matches. Drinking in my suite after all our players are done for the day is still encouraged for those over 21. We are going to focus on promoting certain players and their brands We are going to end WNS, as we will allocate those funds elsewhere For future events, Doom and I will be arriving on Friday, getting right to work, and leaving Sunday (for Raleigh and beyond). Staff should expect to do the same. Halo 4 and Gears: Judgment are both worth looking into. If Halo 4 gets a spectator mode, it has the highest potential of all games to come back to the circuit. The New GoW has a great new mode called Overrun that has a cool class system. Please reach out to vVv Radiation who went to E3 and has hands on experience with both games. I also want to thank Alex (vVv Radiation) for giving us a ride to LAX on our way home! Thank you! Staff Changes I want to thank NoControl, Medusa and Plattypus for their service. All of them did great work on staff. As I mentioned earlier, vVv Ockiral will take over the LoL Division (so no need for Plattypus or NoCOntrol). We just don’t need a D3 manager anymore nor do we need an event coordinator as we are not doing staff dinners or any meet and greets. Although Medusa did great work, we just don’t have a need for anyone in either role.
  10. Winning and Learning at MLG Anaheim Over and over again, vVv has pulled the jaws of the gaming community to the floor with outstanding accomplishments across multiple titles and platforms. With the coming and going of this past weekend's MLG event in Anaheim California, this idea was tested against the storm of competition brought to the west coast. In the end, MLG Anaheim was no exception, adding another 10,000$ to our total winnings, and racking up three more top 4 finishes in SCV, KoF, and MK9. While CDjr's confidence in his MK9 main character Jax was apparent heading into the event, his post fight interview reveals his regret for having such a level of confidence at an event with an equally high concentration of top talent. That being said, CDjr took 4th place losing to Perfect Legend in the Losers semifinals in an amazing 7 game series, and he has stated the mistake will not be made twice. He plans to come back swinging with twice as much preparation time under his belt at his next major event, EVO. Reo unfortunately did not break top 8, and subsequently announced his retirement from professional gaming. Our goodbyes go out to a truly talented player and best wishes to his future endeavors. RTD matched CDjr's 4th place finish in the SCV bracket, falling to Lost Providence in a nail biting series that left the entire crowd and stream audience gasping and screaming. Lost Providence's Viola play being top notch combined with RTD's preference to a turtle style Mitsurugi, caused the MLG arena to divide by zero and implode in such an epic match up. RTD's explanation and thoughts on the match can be found in the video below, and he will also be attending EVO with CDjr. Romance told a similar story to CDjr's in his Losers Bracket Finals loss coming down to an absolutely epic game 5 against Reynald, which resulted in Romace taking home 3rd place in KoF and bringing home a nice chunk of change. Even after the game was over and the closest match of the day lost, the crowd continued to chant for Romance. If that doesn't give you the fuzzies, I don't know what will. Click here to watch vVv Romance's final match!! On the League of Legends front, vVv's fledgling team fell early in the competition to fatal errors in equipment and inexperience shortly after coming back from a one game deficit to take out MRA. Even so, they will be back in the near future with team changes at their next big event, Lancouver 2012, which they took 1st place in before MLG Anaheim. Having such a young team will be a challenge for all parties involved, but rest assured they will take big risks, make big plays, and reach for great rewards. Last but not least in the form of Starcraft 2 WCS news, RuFF made top 24 in the all american tournament, with Glon managing to make it to LBR5 in MLG before dropping to SlayersChoya. All other players were knocked out earlier in the competition. Let's give a round of applause to our digital commanders and we hope to see the intensity turned up in the next event. In the scheme of things, this was a solid finish for vVv's fighters, but more importantly a learning experience for the community as a whole. Anaheim allowed our League of Legends team to lose their greenhorn status, shaking off their first major LAN jitters, and it humbled our fighters to the point of extreme focus, while still raking in a solid 10k$ prize pool. EVO better be ready, and we must as well. Good luck to our fighters, and let us look towards the future with a new sense of perspective in both competitive gaming and life. Congratulations to all of our competitors!
  11. MLG Columbus was awesome. Yes, I'm sure (at least, I hope) most of you know this. Many of you went, but a huge majority were left at home to enjoy the streams. I honestly could have written a huge blog about my experiences at Columbus and how awesome it was and all the stuff you probably expect and have heard before. Seriously, I could have done it, but I didn't. I'm a bit lazy, sometimes. However, weeks later, I do want to comment on the event, because there's one thing I really do need to talk about, and it's not necessarily about the event, actually. I'm taking this time to write this mostly because I'm taking a break in between Starcraft 2 practice sessions and I need to update this blog here. But don't focus on the reason, focus on the content. I learned something really important from MLG Columbus, which is the first MLG event I've attended since Meadowlands 2008. There's a stark contrast between those two events, to the point where I was actually overwhelmed at first because I just didn't expect the kind of event I was walking into. It had a great vibe to it, almost more like an event (with booths and special side-events and all of that) rather than just a tournament. It had a very E3 vibe to it, and being such a fan of E3 after attending last year's expo, I fit right in. And, of course, I enjoyed all the competition. But what I really enjoyed was finally meeting a ton of vVv Gaming members, from community gamers and competitors to the boss LordJerith himself. And even in three days (and almost a day's worth of driving total), I came to find out how important communites are in competitive gaming and how awesome this one is. Columbus certainly reminded me of how much I actually like the community. Meeting my fellow staff members, and just community members in general, all of whom provided a very warm welcome to my antics and tallness, was really awesome. I had not met any vVv members before this event, aside from Gears and CoD players at NJ Halo and former vVv member (and now at Boss.tv) Freedom, so this was quite the experience. I think people seem to forget that there are actual people behind our usernames, and this just reassured it. The entire event was a highlight – from the couple of dinners we shared as a community (one being staff members only, mind you) to drinking together while listening to the life and times of Jerry (and telling us about RobZGod as if he was RobZGod or something) to chatting with Roar and Sugarbear about SC2 to meeting high-profile people and other awesome figures like SirScoots, TheAnswerKoF, and so many more. It was all one continuous awesome memory, so much so that I can't remember a dull moment. With that said, I'm more reassured than ever than communities in competitive gaming are, and excuse my language, so god damn fucking awesome. It's what keeps people playing games by giving gamers others to connect with and play with. We can all share ideas, thoughts, opinions, content, and so much more in such a familiar venue. And, most of all, it creates the ideal family, one that may not be perfect but is always there when you need it (provided you don't act like a complete jerk off). It almost amazes me that there aren't more organizations out there copying our model. More importantly, communities generate fans. Jerry said this on The Loser's Bracket once before, but I feel it's necessarily to bring it up again. As a community, we can all cheer together for our players, and that's a great feeling. We were loud and proud when our Mortal Kombat players were destroying the bracket, hell we even got loud for our new King of Fighters player Romance (who needs to brush up on his English ) and our new Halo: Reach team, vVv Ability. And, you know what else? That certainly makes our top players feel even better when they know they'll always have a crowd behind them cheering them on. We couldn't give enough love to Daisuki, RuFF, and Glon as they broke expectations and played amazingly in the Open Bracket. We even cheered on Spike as he tried to unsuccessfully Thor rush in one of his sets. No matter where our teams or players were, we were standing right behind them, being the loudest fans and the most numerous. Now, I have to say this with all honesty, but I'm so glad to be part of vVv Gaming. There have been numerous times I've considered possibly stepping down from any position I've been in or even leaving vVv altogether (all of which mostly fueled by teenage angst or something equally as stupid or irrelevant). And, in those occasions, I knew the decision was not the right one, I felt like vVv was my home and I didn't want to leave. Well, after this event, I can safely say that not only I made the best decision to continue to stay with vVv, but also that I'm extremely grateful to be part of this community. I may not be an admin putting in hard work to keep the community afloat, but I feel like I put my own spin on things and, so far, that's worked out for me (3 years as a vVv member coming this September!). I always feel welcomed and I love (most of xD) you guys to death. Without vVv, I wouldn't have had an awesome crew to roll with throughout the weekend, a family to stay with in the hotel, a community to cheer players on with. And by being in vVv, I got awesome wisdom from Jerry and the rest of the crew. And I had tons of people to talk to about how great spending the weekend with vVv was. So, as I said, I don't have a huge warstory on my time at Columbus (maybe when I start competing in SC2!), but I did have to say this. All of you, be glad you're here on the forums, vVv member or not. Because what you're a part of is something special, something that will develop you into an even more awesome person...or, at the very least, give you something great to be part of in your spare time. Whether you're a competitor, staff member, community member, or shoutbox troll, appreciate your time here. And I'm glad to spend that time here with all of you. Sugarbear, you're gonna have to pay me my $60 son!
  12. Pour yourself a pint of ale from the breweries of Auir, grab some buffalo mutalisk wings, and get ready to experience the fun of Barcraft this weekend right from your own home! vVv Gaming will be hosting a virtual Barcraft event for the MLG Winter Arena on our Mumble Server all weekend long! As that the vVv Gaming Mumble server can support 400 people, there is more than enough room for everyone to join! Virtual Barcraft! Just like this... but with the addition of food, drinks, and we never run out of chairs! During our Virtual Barcraft we will collectively be discussing match ups, predicting results, and talking in detail about one of the biggest Starcraft 2 events to ever be held on US shores! Even if you've never watched a game of Starcraft II, feel free to come learn about what makes this game so exciting to watch! Join us during these times to get in on the fun: Friday 2/24 - 7pm Eastern until matches conclude! Saturday 2/25 - 2pm Eastern until matches conclude! Sunday - 2pm Eastern until the event concludes! Have you purchased your PPV pass for the Winter Arena yet? If not, click above! Information for the vVv Gaming Mumble can be found in the spoiler tags below! Join us in the PPV Winter Arena channel all weekend!
  13. Written by vVv Apollo "What an event! Another year, another Columbus!! Tis the tale of vVv Ability at this year’s MLG Winter Championship 2012! A little background on the team, Xploits, FragThat, Expozur, and I all live within an hour of each other, Xploits and Expozur are closer, while PappaCat is from Kentucky. PapaCat flew up Wednesday for some Halo/Floor Hockey boot camp! When Friday afternoon rolled around the team had assembled in Columbus Ohio, getting ready to tackle the weekend. Friday started really late for the Halo Free-For-All, which would determine the teams seeds for the event. This was taken with mixed emotions for much of the community. Many of the “professional” halo players had not played split screen, where you are sharing a TV and Xbox with one of your teammates or another person, since the very beginning of Halo 3, some maybe longer. There were several pros who had been knocked out early on and were blaming the new equipment and the split screen. Ability had a decent amount of success. PappaCat, unfortuantely, was knocked out in the first round, and FragThat and Xploits were knocked out in Round 2 of the FFA. Expozur made it the furthest, going to the fourth round and having it come down to the wire, but he had a few bad spawns and some bad luck, which ultimately knocked him out in Round 4. vVv Ability playing MLG Columbus We left the venue late and ended up ordering some Domino's to the hotel room around 1am. Where we chilled, ate, and generally messed around until getting some much needed sleep. Saturday morning rolled around and we overslept by a small bit. Wanting to be up and at the venue around 8:30, we ended up sleeping until then, only to get up and grab a quick bagel from the continental breakfast and running down to the venue. We arrived at the venue around 9, only to find out that they pushed the start time back to 11am! At least this gave us some great warm up games. We ended up going 7-0 in warm-ups against a few semi-decent teams. From the Halo FFA tournament the day before, we ended up as the 82nd seed, which by no means was a bad thing. If we could not have a top 16 seed, then we defiantly wanted a middle of the road seed because it would give both a challenging bracket, but reduce the chance that we played a top 16 team until later in the bracket. Ability managed to secure a bye in Winners Round 1, which gave us even more down time which was both a good thing and bad thing. It both gave us time to relax and grab some lunch, but it also made us a bit anxious to play. In Winners Round 2, we played the team GodSpeed, whom we defeated 2-0. In winners Round 3, we played the team Evolution, which we also defeated 2-0. In winners round 4 we played one of the top seeded teams from the Free For All, 15th seed UoR Stay Dreaming. They won the first game, but we rallied and defeated them 2-1! Next we would face the only professional team in our bracket, Carbon, which consisted of Ryanoob, Blaze, Assault and Snipedown a team that would later move on to take 7th in the entire tournament. The winner of this game would place within the top 12. However, we were defeated pretty soundly in a 3-0 loss for it was the first round in the best of 5 series. We were disappointed, but we kept our heads held high because if we lost, we wanted it to be to a professional team that would go far in the tournament. We headed back to the hotel to get a good night rest. vVv Ability after winning a match Sunday morning we woke up early and grab breakfast to head to the venue. We arrived to a nearly empty venue. We were to play the European team, Apex Devastation, for top 16 and professional status. We played hard, but ended up losing 3-0, placing within the top 24. While Devastation continued on to place top 16, by being defeated next round by another professional team, Warriors. After the defeat, it definitely shook us. We were hoping to outplace the 21st placing that we got in Anaheim, only to place in the top 24, with no definitely seeding, due to there not being any consolation matches. As a team, we are ready for the next event, though we will be losing Kevin (FragThat) who is going to serve our nation by going to boot-camp. He will always be a part of Ability. If you see him on twitter or the forums, make sure you thank him for going. We plan to go into the next event even more prepared and wearing our three V's!"
  14. The Loser's Bracket - Episode 101 The Future of Gears of War & more.. Where does Gears of War go from here? With the exclusion of the game from the MLG Winter season, what should Gears players do? Tuesday night we will be joined by CDNthe3rd and CaptnBarbosa on The Loser's Bracket to discuss this topic and much more. Rumor has it that Jerry plans on ranting as well... We will be live Tuesday night (2/7) at 9pm East. (8 PM Central) (6 PM PST) www.twitch.tv/livevvvgaming Make sure to tune in live and join in the conversation!
  15. vVv Gaming invades the MLG Winter Championship in Columbus this weekend in full force! This thread will be all of the live updates from the floor, twitter, reddit, facebook and a lot more! Brackets, times and the schedules will be posted here, along with a complete following for vVv's teams and players attending this weekend! Halo: Reach vVv Ability Congratulations to vVv Ability for placing in top 24! Halo Reach Winners Round 1: Winners Round 2: Winners Round 3: Winners Round 4: Winners Round 5: Losers Round 8: Fighting Games vVv CDJr vVv Reo Congratulations to vVv CDJr on 1st place and to vVv Reo on getting 2nd place! MK9 Winners Round 2: Winners Round 3: Winners Round 4: Winners Round 5: Winners Round 6: Winners Round 7: Losers Round 10: Losers Round 11: Finals: Along with our King of Fighters player: vVv Romance. Congratulations to Romance on a 3rd place finish! KoF Winners Round 3: Winners Round 4: Winners Round 5: Winners Round 6: Winners Round 7: Losers Round 12: Starcraft 2 vVv Glon vVv Ruff vVv Daisuki Congratulations to Glon and Ruff who Tied for 49th Starcraft 2 Winners Round 1: Winners Round 2: Winners Round 3: Winners Round 4: Winners Round 5: Losers Round 2: Losers Round 3: Losers Round 7: Click here for a Full Broadcast Schedule.
  16. For those unfamiliar with the current discussion about the fighting game community, know that it started with an article that appeared on SRK (Shoryuken) written by Tom, the co-owner of the EVO event. He stated that the article was in response to a rant by Evil Genius’s COO SirScoots. Basically, this article explained that eSports leagues get it all wrong and don’t understand fighting games or the fighting game community. In short, if you want to “get it,” you have to partner with Tom because he understands all this and eSports leagues do not. Interested in both his “version” of history, and who he was as a person, we had Tom on Round 95 of the Loser’s Bracket. We asked him to explain his position of “I reject the idea that the only path to more money for players is through the traditional eSports model.” Listen for yourself. We had no issues with Tom. Of course, he does avoid a few questions and his answers are shaky at times. Let's just say there were some statements that others had a very different recollection, especially when he blames leagues for not having Capcom games when he knows that Capcom won't give them the license. Yea, I challenge him. Three days later, Trouble Brewing (Starcade) wrote this article about the show and the FGC. Clearly, Tom’s shakiness to answering questions meant that “eSports leagues do not seem to be able to relate to us on a very basic level, as demonstrated by many of the questions asked to Tom Cannon (inkblot).” I was tickled with the idea that asking questions was an "inability to relate at a very basic level." He ends this article with a call to inaction. He tells the fighting game community, “Don't buy those MLG sticks. Don't buy their T-Shirts. Don’t watch their streams. Don't attend their events. Despite what they say, they are not here to support us. They are here to profit from our hard work.” I want you to know that not one member of the EVO ownership outwardly condemned this article. Following that article on Monday, Dec 12, David aka UltraDavid, Evo caster and attorney, wrote this article. I was stunned, but I also smiled at the sheer brilliance of this article. David, like many lawyers, has great skill in rhetoric, and he flashed his prowess in the art of discourse in this piece. Although I would love to attack his article and explain how MLG is so different from NASL, or how he does not get Halo, GoW or CoD, I will instead address this gem later. Stay tuned, you might be surprised. Anyway, the following day we had Team Spooky on, and although I upset him when I said that Tom was looking to protect his piece of the pie (EVO), the show ended on a positive note. Of course, Spooky’s fans rallied to him “keeping it real” and Tom’s brother made a melodramatic post about how “extremely vitriolic” I was and how we were “extremely irresponsible” in how we handled the show. Again, here is Episode 96 . I will let you decide how we handled it. Please take special note when Spooky says, “Shove it up your ass” and how I handle that. On YouTube, his fans end it right there. I think what follows is even more important. Again, I leave this all to you to explore and decide. We’ll call it “convenient” that they leave out the rest of that discussion on YouTube. Now, it’s important to note that many top fighting players such as Justin Wong, Marn, WolfKrone, PR Balrog and Alex Valle have tweeted POSITIVE things about seeing leagues include fighting games. Other examples include... Latif, the second place finisher at Evo 2011 for Street Fighter IV, tweeted "i hope FGC give MLG a chance to see how everything would go!!" This was retweeted by top player Ricky Ortiz. Mark Julio (@MarkMan23 on Twitter) recently tweeted "While I know they don't represent the entire FGC. People on SRK forums that post about eSports this and FGC that are really dumb. lol," and this was then retweeted by multiple top players including Mike Ross and Juicebox Abel. Gootecks replied to MarkMan's tweet with "did we read the same post? lol," and then "140 chars just ain't enough. and I don't have time to write a 9000 word dissertation like @ultradavid." Additionally, Gootecks also retweeted "You all can keep arguing about what to call competitive gaming and who is in or out, I will keep doing my part to grow it. Deal?" which was originally tweeted by Sir Scoots. So, this brings us to the BIG question: If the IPL and MLG want fighting games, and the top players want to see their games in these leagues, why are those involved with EVO not enthusiastically supporting this? There are three answers to that question, one given By Tom, the EVO co-owner, one by respected community member Trouble Brewing and one by EVO caster and attorney UltraDavid. It is important to note that NONE of these articles addresses the Tweets made by Justin Wong, Marn, WolfKrone, PR Balrog and Alex Valle in SUPPORT of the leagues. Here is a simple reduction of their three positions. I will refer to them affectionately as the “Three Stooges.” Moe (Tom) says that eSports leagues do not get fighting and always gets it wrong. FGC is unique and leagues don’t get it. Larry (David) says the fighting game community is too different and too rowdy for leagues. FGC is unique. It has unique demographics and a unique culture. Curly (Trouble Brewing) says that leagues are trying to profit from the fighting game community’s hard work. They don’t get the uniqueness of the FGC. Don’t care about it. Let’s pause here for a minute. I want to point out the common theme of unique. FGC is just SOOOO unique. I want to remind to you all of something: Sorry, that just had to be said. Now, I do love the fact the Three Stooges are telling their own audience that they “are so special and no one understands you the way we do.” It’s really a great message. The politics is brilliant: eSports leagues are a bunch of corporate suits who just want to profit from you and don’t understand you. They would destroy our culture and ruin the fighting game community. Now, I am sure a bunch of Gears of War and Halo players are saying, “Huh? WTF? You’re not fucking good!” CoD players are like, “got ham?” Stracraft players are like “How BM!” and League of Legends players are like “Really?!” Anyone who has ever been to an MLG event before is like “WHAT THE FUCK are they talking about?” Trust me, I have no clue either. I don't wear ties. This brings me to that little gem of an article by David who wanted to give us a history lesson. Mind you, I am 41-years old. I was putting quarters in Space Invaders when I was 9 years old in 1979 when it was in our local store and 7-11. I played in arcades in Chicago starting in 1981. I played Street Fighter when I was 17. I returned coke bottles for deposits and aluminum cans to recyclers so I could get loose change to turn into quarters to play games. I saved lunch money during the week so I could get to the arcade. David sir, I can assure you, you have NO CLUE what arcade culture is about, you fucking poser. That’s right, you have no fucking clue. See, I don’t need the Three Stooges to tell me about arcade culture because I lived it. I rode my bike to the arcade in rain, Chicago winds and Chicago snow storms. After I got my driver's license and car, I spent way too much time and money at the downtown Aladdin's Castle. My parents hated it. So, you can take your history lesson and shove it up your ass you condescending prick. I mean this in my typical kind and loving way, of course. :-) However, I do think David is right. Surprised?! Don’t be. I agree. We do NOT want fighting games. He’s right. Read his article! Here are some important warnings to us. "You might have heard about us trying to get hype with side bets." He’s right. Do really want betting at our events? We saw what happened with Brawl. We value good sportsmanship and spirit of competition. We don’t let side bets influence our players performance. We act swiftly and harshly when it is revealed. “...our community is very deeply different in ways that make us less accepting of and less fitting for professional tournaments and corporate influence even as they’ve given us the ability to stay so cohesive for so long. We are very deeply ourselves, and not many of us want to see that go away.” Do we really want a community who believes that their “cohesiveness” comes at the price of being less accepting of and less fitting for professional tournaments and corporate influence? We are working so hard to build roads to bigger and better brand supports. We want our players to be household names. Can we afford to let the FGC fuck it up for us? “...the SC community selected for a more business friendly, professional-ready culture and individuals who are much more likely to know how to navigate the professional corporate world.” “Arcades weren’t for girls...” I know MLG events have plenty of women. Players, fans, wives, sisters, daughters. . . yup, we know how to treat ladies. Can we risk a misogynic culture affecting our women’s experience? “...this crappy negative feedback loop started, with young males getting used to being able to speak negatively about women, which put women off...” Do I really want my sister or Mother to be openly disrespected at an MLG event? “And as I said, our in person culture has not always been the most welcoming to women, so we’ve consistently missed out on a gigantic chunk of players.” Again, most players and fans enjoy meeting members of the sex they are attracted to, and we want them to feel comfortable. Can we risk having their “in person culture” make our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters feel unwelcomed? “The fighting game community is louder, more hype, and more insular. It also tends to be less wealthy, less educated, much more racially diverse, much less diverse in gender, and not quite as big.” Do we really want a loud, rowdy, gambling, insulated, less affluent, less-educated, woman-disrespecting community? Do we?! Do we want to risk the FGC fucking up what we have worked so hard to build? "Our new players have largely adopted the established culture and tend to fit the same demographic molds as their predecessors.” Do we really want a community stuck in their culture? Is this good for us? Our sponsors? Our future partners? “But keep in mind how arcade culture looks at outsiders and how our demographics aren’t quite as business friendly.” Can we risk a culture that is less business friendly? Do we want to GROW eSports? “Nobody should be mad about this. The goal of any business, including my goal with my own, is to make money. “ Yea, no one’s gonna doubt you or Tom on this one! “That said, I also don’t think it’ll be the end of the world if we don’t work with professional gaming organizations.” Nope, I agree. It sure won’t. “We also don’t really feel the need to work with eSports.” Do we really want to partner with a community that does not “feel the need?” Do our sponsors, supporters and partners want us to work with a community that does not “feel the need?” Surprised? Don’t be. David is a caster and well respected member of the FGC. If he tells us that the FGC is bad for us, why argue? I know, the FGC top players get screwed, and they don’t get to grow their audience, but. . . so what? I mean, if the Three Stooges hold more sway over the FGC than their top players, then maybe we should take David’s advice and stay far away. I know, we should all try and encourage people to bring out their best! But seriously, if the FGC community leaders like the Three Stooges respond with fear, and warn us about how bad their community is. . . what choice do we have? THEY certainly are not trying to move their culture to be more business friendly, so why should we? If anything, we should protect all our partners and warn them about why the FGC is not a good partner. We will continue to support and sponsor top fighters (as will EG and other organizations). Funny, when we picked up REO and CD Jr, and when Latif got sponsored by Razer, all the community tweets were positive, congratulatory and supportive. I guess those members didn't get the memos from the Three Stooges. Maybe these three "leaders" are POOR examples of what the fighting community really feels? I wonder if the fighting community thinks of itself and sees itself the same way that David writes about them? David ends his article by attacking the word eSports (a word many of us don’t like, but’s it’s shorter than competitive gaming or competitive video gaming) by saying, “You know the only thing we’re opposed to? The word “esports.” Shit is straight clown shoes son, for reals.” Well, I’m gonna put my clown shoes on, walk over to McDonalds and ask those clowns, “Have you heard of eSports? I have these two fighting game players who I think can add a lot to your latest marketing campaign targeting . . . ”
  17. Just as the title said I'm wondering, why do you play call of duty? Chances are it gets you angry and makes you feel like you dont want to play it but what keeps us from coming back? I myself have been wondering that for a long time and I've never been able to find an answer to that, perhaps someone can pinpoint the absolute retarded addictive aspect to this game that will make me throw my controllers at the wall and snap my disk and still bother to buy a new one.
  18. With the announcement of MLG's PPV plan for the Winter Arena, vVv Gaming is proud to announce that we have now officially partnered with MLG! This partnership means new ways for vVv to fund our teams and players. Starting with the Winter Arena, vVv will be providing a banner link that will allow us to receive a portion of the proceeds for all stream passes purchased HERE. So when you're buying your MLG Winter Arena pass, make sure to use THIS LINK so that vVv is supported by your purchase! Although StarCraft 2 is not everyone's preferred game, it's significance as an eSport is unprecedented. We are on the cusp of reaching critical mass and breaking out into mainstream popularity – but there are still challenges ahead. For eSports to remain viable, we have to make full use of this opportunity and make sure that MLG becomes a financially viable organization. To you, that means supporting the Winter Arena with your dollars, regardless of your gaming affiliation. Remember that StarCraft's success now paves the way for all future eSports going mainstream, while the failure of StarCraft 2 could signal a withdrawal of sponsorships and funding. If you want your game to be next to break into the mainstream, MLG needs your support now. In order to help, vVv Gaming will be holding a live event on Mumble all weekend during the Winter Championship, a "virtual barcraft" to allow people of all stripes to come together, learn together, and share in the experience. Whether you do not know anything about StarCraft 2 or if you're on the verge of making Grandmaster League on ladder, please feel free to come on and enjoy the comeraderie and community. Here are the details: MLG StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Winter Arena MLG’s first Arena, on 2/24-2/26 in New York City, will be a PPV event. For just $20, you’ll get access to: - 20 hours of live gameplay o Every single match from the tournament will be streamed with commentary o 32 of the world’s best players will be competing for $26,000 in prizes, as well as Championship seeding o Broadcast airs LIVE – o Friday, 2/24 – 6pm – midnight ET, o Saturday, 2/25 – 2pm – midnight ET, o Sunday, 2/26 – 2-8pm ET - FIVE live streams in HD for the entire weekend o The MLG Main Stream: the highly polished content you’ve come to expect from the Pro Circuit o Three gameplay streams: constant action and commentary from some of the best up-and-coming StarCraft 2 casters o The Dr Pepper Ultimate Access Stream: go behind the scenes for a candid look at your favorite players that will feature interviews, polls, chat, and more - MLG’s new Premium streaming experience page o Never miss a moment– watch up to all five streams at once o Quick access to the brackets, schedule, liveblog, chat, and more o Instantly switch audio tracks and position each stream on the page; customize your own experience - Instant access to VOD o VOD will go up immediately following each match, right on the page o VOD will be released for free for those who didn’t purchase an Arena pass one week after the end of the competition For $20 you get a full weekend of nothing but the absolute best StarCraft 2 in the world. That’s roughly the same cost as a movie, a large pizza, a concert, or a round of drinks. Don’t want to buy anything without seeing it first? We agree, and we wouldn’t ask you to. You should know exactly what you’re getting. The Dr Pepper Lounge stream will be free to all, without an Arena pass, all weekend long. And we’ll be streaming the first hour of all five streams on Friday and Saturday for free! The MLG Winter Arena PPV Event is not included in any of MLG’s current Membership packages, so be sure to buy a pass today!
  19. I've been hearing a lot of rumors going around saying that there is a possibility of CoD Pro Circuits going online, as we know a program called Ready Up Servers has been released reducing the lag on multiplayer and perhaps that could be tied in with this. If this does happen there will be a lot more teams but it takes away from the amazing feel of going to an event and playing side by side as a team, I'm interested to see what your option is on this.
  20. I was wondering what the community thinks the main MLG/GB weapons will in MW3, my guess is acr and ump45 what's yours
  21. So I don't know about any other CoD members, competitors, ect., but mw3 was obviously a huge let down, a disappointment, mw2.5, ect. We all get crap when discussing mw3 competitively.. even amongst ourselves.. the maps suck.. the guns are beginning to narrow down in tiers.. its a very dry, unexciting, technical, shitty call of duty. On the positive side, you made it look really great Activision . thats really what we were all looking forward to.. I'm refusing to play mw3 anymore and am sticking to black ops or gears 3. i recently only hopped on mw3 to cash in on possibly one of the stupidest glitches i have seen in any call of duty.. can go under a map? fixable. can change the clan tag color? fixable. get unlimited prestige tokens? its not even the fact that you can have infinite days of 2x xp, 2x weapon xp, and unlock everything forever. its the fact not only have they let it happen, and still haven't patched it.. but how did this even happen??!! do they give a shit at ALL? your instituting a new point/unlock system, you'd think they try every little thing to prevent something like this from happening. like i said i don't care about all the xp, just the fact that this even exists and continues to exist, is a real big alarm. Activision. Epic, is working with MLG to integrate competitive settings into a default setting. Activision is.. well no one really know what theyre doing, probably working on mw4. I will NEVER buy another Activision title again Treyarch we miss you Until the next call of duty, FUCK YOU ACTIVISION.
  23. For anyone who watched the first episode of The FAQ's knows that sundance announced multiple seasons and an arena/studio for the 2012 seasons. Well Adam Apicellas twitter said two things recently. First was "Monday after Raleigh I'm flying somewhere to plan building something awesome for 2012" and then yesterday (monday) he said "Drove from Raleigh straight to Columbus, OH...cool city eh? Hmmmm" Sundaces twitter in response to the last tweet was "“@MrMLGAdam: Incredible meetings today. @MLGSundance” Is it on? Should we build it? I know they will come." I for one am relatively sure this is how and where its going to happen and i am thrilled it will be in Columbus Ohio. Thoughts opinions? Http://www.twitter.com/mlgsundance http://www.twitter.com/mrmlgadam
  24. Who else has gotten the MLG Starcraft 2 Arena beta? I have gotten it! It is great because you can get into tournaments or even create tournaments. This website and things is expected to come out some time next year, and i am so excited about this. This could get your name out in MLG and help you playing with high level players. This can help clans and organizations to get more members that looking for a team to play with. Hope to see a lot of you guys to take advantage of this because this might be a big step into getting you known.
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