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Found 36 results

  1. Muhdewsa

    Rocket League CGN

    Click here to join us on our Discord Server! For more details on this event and how to get involved, as well as how to register to save your spot, visit this link! Want to watch the action? Visit our Twitch.tv channel!
  2. Muhdewsa

    FFXIV Raids

    Click here to join our Discord server! For more details on this event and how to get involved, click here!
  3. d4rkcide

    Free to Play Documentary

    At TI3, the world championships for DotA 2, in August last year Valve previewed the full length version of a movie called Free To Play. Soon the movie will be released to the public. As a person invested in Esports I urge everyone, regardless of the games you play to watch it. Not only watch it, but urge others to watch it, especially those not involved in the pro gaming scene. The documentary is something that will help the general public have more of an understanding of the professional gaming scene and Esports industry. Even if you are a LoL fanboy, DotA/valve hater, or an MMO/FPS/RTS/other genre gamer with no interest in the MOBA genre games. Its a good flick. More information is on the official website The movie will also be available for free on March 19th on steam at this link
  4. PRE-ORDER THE STEELSERIES SENSEI WIRELESS GAMING MOUSE NOW - SAVE & ACCESS ALL SETTINGS WITH CLOUDSYNC CHICAGO – March 13, 2014 – SteelSeries, a global leader in the gaming peripherals and accessories market, today announced the Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse is available for pre-order now along with new SteelSeries Engine 3 CloudSync compatibility. The new Sensei Wireless matches every level of performance as the award-winning Sensei Mouse, which has been recognized as the world’s best in tournament-level mice. With an industry-leading 1-millisecond response time, the Sensei Wireless has no detectable lag, meaning full wired-level performance in wireless mode. Available for $159.99/€159.99 MSRP, the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless can be pre-ordered starting today from the SteelSeries Web Shop at http://steelseries.com/senseiwireless. “Until now, a wireless gaming mouse meant compromising performance in exchange for removing the wires. We believe gamers should not be forced to make any sacrifices when it comes to their gear and that wireless doesn’t have to mean there are accepted limitations. The Sensei Wireless finally delivers what gamers should expect in a wireless mouse, said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. On every mark, the Sensei Wireless hits what is considered a tournament-level gaming mouse. We have also delivered it in a beautiful package, with customizable illumination and the industry’s most durable 30-million-click switches. These features are all backed by the power of SteelSeries Engine 3, now available with CloudSync.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQpelhzf6NE Powered by SteelSeries Engine 3 software, the Sensei Wireless mouse will also offer cloud support via SteelSeries’ new CloudSync feature. This opt-in feature provides gamers with the ability to save and access all of their peripheral settings wherever they are. SteelSeries Engine’s privacy policy is provided before signing up and reassures users that their personal information will never be sold or shared with 3rd parties. CloudSync’s unlimited space is available now as an option for all new SteelSeries peripherals that have SteelSeries Engine 3 software support. The full list of compatible products can be found here. For more information regarding CloudSync and the new SteelSeries Engine 3 software please visit: http://steelseries.com/engine. About SteelSeries SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of top quality gaming peripherals from headsets, keyboards and mice to controllers, surfaces and software. For more than a decade, SteelSeries has been on the forefront of designing and creating gear for gamers. The company’s continued innovation also comes in collaboration with the world’s leading professional gaming teams and partners. SteelSeries is a global brand that continues to support the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and electronic sports leagues through professional team sponsorships, partnerships and community support. For more information, please visit www.steelseries.com.
  5. A few questions for all of you. I want to ask if you've ever thought about a way to quantify a reduced time in a flip turn vs. an open turn, taking into account where the turn started given a set point in the pool. How long did it really take you to get back to that set point in the pool, and how much energy did you use doing it? Several other factors would come into play even if this was set up in a controlled environment: How fast the swimmer was going, did they start their turn at the exact same point on both runs, how many breaths were taken getting to the turn, how much inertia was carried from the push off of the wall getting back to the set point, etc., but for the sake of preventing cataclysmic frustration and unrealistic expectations for an experiment, we'll assume these as environmental constants if we were to recreate it. The reason I'm asking these questions runs back to social acceptance in relation to techniques used in competitive sports, and the amount of peer pressure that can come with it. I highly doubt any high school swim coach set up a high speed camera to accurately benchmark when a swimmer passed a given point in the pool, and how long it took them to reach that same point upon turning, nor would they even have thought to, as it would've conflicted with their already solidified schema of how "real" swimming should look. Here are some of the common "arguments" for open vs. flip turns that don't even bother taking a numerical standpoint on the issue: - But you look ridonkulous doing open turns - I don't care, I'm not here to look cool, this isn't a popularity contest, and I'm not in high-school. I am here to be the fastest swimmer I can be. - But you don't streamline properly - You can learn to streamline in an open turn or a flip turn. - But it helps you control your breath - So don't breath when taking an open turn. - You can't grab a wall in the open water and take an extra breath - Last I checked you don't flip in open water and push off a wall either. Something I want to point out, "it adds yards" is a really silly standpoint to take if there is a possibility that open turning may be a faster way to get your feet to and off the wall. I will never take linear one-issue-covering counter arguments on variable heavy subjects seriously. "Longer distance swam" means nothing to me if someone can cover that distance in a shorter amount of time by doing something that is "against the grain". In the spirit of the internet, "pics or it didn't happen". If flip turns are quantifiably faster than open turns, then please show me. I could probably talk about this for days, but I'll stop myself here and leave you with some space to ponder. Someone think me up a punch line for swim blogs!
  6. vVv Gaming is proud to announce our Youtube partnership with Machinima! After talking with Machinima about the state of competitive gaming and the future of vVv Gaming, we have joined in a partnership that will make videos created by vVv members on our channel part of the Machinima network! As the next generation video entertainment network for video gamers, Machinima and vVv are aligned for the future of amazing content. So what does this mean for vVv Gaming? vVv Gaming will both support Machinima and earn revenue from videos uploaded to our Youtube channel, vVvGamingTV! All of the revenue earned through our videos will go towards sponsoring vVv teams and players, vVv Gaming giveaways, or the many ways vVv helps to grow and support the gaming community! Check out this Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build guide from vVv Seiryss! This partnership is a big step for us, but this is only the beginning. As you can see, 39 videos, 234 subscribers, and ~24k video views is far from impressive. Now's the chance for you to help! The great thing about having such a large and engaging community is that there are always many people looking for ways to help us to improve in any way possible. So what kinds of things can you do help us given our new Youtube partnership? Subscribe to our channel and watch our videos! Video views are the most important metric for our channel, not to mention many of you are already doing this anyway! Like, Favorite, and Comment on our videos! Doing these things will help our videos stand out from the thousands of other videos vying for the same viewers. Share our videos with social media! Promoting our videos on Youtube and our site is a great start, but we can do better! With tens of thousands of unique visitors, if many of us were to share our uploads on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit, as well as other gaming sites like Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, etc., our channel will take off in no time! Create videos for our channels! Although creating many videos and uploading them on a set schedule is preferable, we will be happy to upload any and all high-quality gaming videos to our channel! Have an idea for a new video series that you think people will enjoy? Let us know and we'll work with you to see that your ideas will lead to success! Submit video footage for us to use! Even if you're not the best at editing, we have a growing team of content creators on staff who can turn your footage into awesome content! In addition to ALL this, we will also be announcing new regular video series in the coming weeks! Thanks for subscribing to our channel, and let us know about your ideas for videos for our channel! ABOUT MACHINIMA Machinima is the next generation video entertainment network for video gamers, providing comprehensive gaming-focused editorial and community programming to the hard-to-reach core 18 – 34 year old male demographic. Across our global network, over 189 million unique gamers viewed in excess of 1.9 billion videos in June 2012,* making them the number one all-time Entertainment Channel on YouTube. Machinima properties are found across the largest global distribution platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iOS and Android.
  7. Fixing the Player vs Player Experience in MMOs Written by Sean "Blazek" Emes Two years and 100 articles ago I wrote my first article for Geek to Me. In that article I made complaints about how Player vs. Player combat in MMO games seems to die down after the initial launch, lose meaning, and generally become another grind for players to do week after week. Overall the feeling of PvP in MMO games for the last eight years has been nothing more than a time sink for more gear. Even if the players finish a round of PvP rewards, we just wait until the next big patch to give us a new set of items to grind for! The problem was that every new title made the exact same mistakes so PvP fanatics had no choice but to return to previous games over and over again. Well in these past two years developers have finally started listening to gamer feedback and nearly eleven years since the launch of Dark Age of Camelot we have the return of three-faction PvP! Since it is a game design that hasn’t been explored much, it may not be obvious why it is a good idea. Most MMO games with PvP will fall into one of two styles. The first option is a free-for-all in which you find a guild, or go solo, and start trying to kill each other whenever/wherever you want. This method is okay and can work as long as the game provides a means in which you are penalized for excessive harassment, such as the karma system in Lineage 2. If there is no penalty, then you end up in the situations that are found on the PvP servers in TERA: constant gank-fests with nothing but frustrated new players. The second method is the standard two faction games, a la World of Warcraft. While this does provide a means in which players can enjoy a PvP focus it has two major issues. First, the community for every server is divided. Players of opposite factions on the same server can never play with each other so you only have half (sometimes less) of the server population available to complete any in-game content. The other major issue is faction balance caused by a higher population on one faction than on the other. There are very few ways to entice gamers to switch sides once they have established themselves, so it is an issue that can never truly be resolved in a two faction system. So with free-for-all and two-faction PvP designs having been proven unsuccessful, models which have cause numerous new games and millions of dollars to fall flat, it’s time to look at a three-faction system. Put on your helmets, cause it might blow your mind. The Beauty of a Three Faction System Now you’re probably asking, “Blazek, how in the world can you fix the problem by adding a third faction, when two factions has so many flaws?” Three words: player generated balance. With two factions it is impossible to get players not to play with their friends, join the winning side, and generally overpopulate one side instead of another. Sorry developers, gamers like to win and play with friends. But with three factions, an organic process of strategy and balance can happen without needing to give artificial benefits to the losing side. This comes from players and their drive to have a fighting chance. What happens when one faction becomes too dominant? In my many years of playing Dark Age of Camelot, each realm on my server had its periods of dominance. But even if Hibernia actually gained control of all of the relics, the realms of Albion and Midgard would form a temporary truce to assault Hibernia simultaneously from different points. This would last until the server balanced out again and all three factions could break apart and continue with their own goals to try and obtain server dominance. Realistically, the strategy involved in three faction PvP system could fill an article all on its own, so for now we’ll leave it at that outline. Solving the Server Division for non-PvP Content Now that we have the balancing issue under control, we have to solve the division in the player base that limits the people you can play with for content outside of PvP. Back in the early days, games that focused on PvP generally had very little “end game” PvE content; though what was available was generally manageable with fewer players. This helped, but it really limited the size of the audience to which a game could appeal. A better solution has appeared in two very new titles: The Secret World and Guild Wars 2. In The Secret World, all factions are allowed to work together to help protect the world… so that they can one day control it. This very specific game lore allows the factions to work together while still being at each other’s throats, and while it somewhat limits the possibilities of PvP it has played out well in each beta test. Since PvP still affects your faction overall it still feels worthwhile to participate on both sides of the spectrum. For Guild Wars 2, players of a server work together for both PvE and large scale PvP. Instead of having three distinct factions on a single server, Guild Wars 2 instead pits three servers against each other in World vs World combat. This is very similar to the system from Dark Age of Camelot, but it eliminates player division within a single server, allowing everyone to freely group up for PvE content and still get the benefits of epic, balance PvP action. The Verdict Player vs Player combat has seen a rough road for the past ten years, and in many cases developers have defaulted to a system that has already been tried and tested, rather than taking a risk with something. While three-faction PvP is not a new idea, it hasn’t seen the same amount of use that other systems have, but developers have finally begun to see the value of giving purpose to PvP beyond just individual gratification. In fact Trion almost has me convinced to give their game Rift another chance with the addition to their own twist on a three faction PvP system. Finally, the players can get the advantages of a more complex system? Now I can stop complaining and get back to gaming!
  8. Rinzler

    vVv Staff Changes

    Change is in the air this week for vVv! Following EVO 2012 and the release of the vVv fighting division, the organization will be undergoing some major changes to staff. The first and most important is LordJerith stepping down as President of vVv Gaming! Having signed a contract to work at Riot Games, the developers behind League of Legends, LordJerith will be moving out to California to begin his new position and will no longer be able to dedicate his time to the day-to-day running of vVv Gaming. LordJerith will continue to support vVv as the owner, and will remain as a consultant to the organization. However this means he will no longer be a part of the Losers Bracket podcast. His passionate rants and straightforward discourse on the latest news in eSports will be absent from the show and will be deeply missed. Stepping in to take his place as president of the organization will be the previous vice-president Jordan “Doomhammer” Kahn. Doomhammer has been on the vVv staff since 2009 in numerous roles, giving him the knowledge and experience to take the organization forward into the future of competitive gaming. Additional changes to staff, though with less cross-country relocation, include vVv Rinzler taking over as the Guild Wars 2 manager. His efforts will be focused on making sure the organization is prepared for the upcoming beta event and throughout the launch of the game. We look forward to continuing the legacy that is vVv Gaming, and are excited for these changes and opportunities for the future! Let’s go, vVv!
  9. vVv Gaming is releasing its fighting division. This announcement comes after the recent changes to the vVv staff and leadership, and the final decision was influenced by each player’s difficulty with meeting the needs of the organization. In their time with vVv Gaming, the players proved their prowess as some of the best competitors in the world. vVv Hall of Fame We are proud of what the fighting division has accomplished in their time with vVv Gaming, and we regretfully bid them farewell. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. vVv Accomplishments at EVO 2012 vVv Accomplishments at CEO 2012
  10. While the EVO experience may be behind us, a weekend of bloody knuckles for some and life long commitments for others, for our fighters it was a different story entirely. While the results were not unanimous victories in all titles, vVv brought the heat to EVO delivering a grand finals match in the form of vVv CDjr vs PerfectLegend (1-3), a 5th place finish with Romance falling in close games (1-2) to IGL Bala, and MLG Spring Arena champion vVv RTD winning his pool only to face Keev in the winners bracket, playing one of the tightest games of Soul Calibur ever seen. Bracket Information: http://evo.shoryuken...streaming-live/ The road to EVO was a long one, ending with our vVv Fighters accumulating numerous top 4 finishes, major tournament victories, and garnering the respect of all in attendance at the biggest fighting game tournaments of the year. For those who had their doubts, our fighters are the real deal, and it would be a mistake to not look out for them in the future. We'd like to thank everyone that tuned in to support the vVv fighters this past weekend, and a huge congratulations to our fighters for once again showing that they came to compete, and played to win. VODs will be posted as they are uploaded to the EVO Youtube channel, which can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/evo2kvids
  11. vVv Gaming Takes Down Lancouver 2012 After a team split a week and a half before Lancouver, RoshanNow and Altecx put together a new team for Lancouver consisting of the top lane player HolyitsDon, the mid lane Auke, and new jungler Long Le. The vVv Gaming team had swept the competition without dropping a single game all tournament, and were subsequently placed against The Vancouver Dream Team in the finals. The Dream team, led by their old team mates Tsunamiie and Skilly, who had left the team a week and a half week prior to the event, had shared their success leading up to the finals and also not dropped a game all weekend. The first game of the finals, the Vancouver Dream Team first picked Malphite who would ideally lead his team with a strong initiate. The rest of the Dream Team chose the champions Irelia, Nidalee, Corki and Janna to back up Malphite's strong capability for forcing engagements. The vVv team had gone into the finals knowing the meat hook jungle strategy that Tsunamiie was going to use, and allowed follow through with the pick. To everyone's surprise, vVv gaming chose a triple ability power team composition including a Karthus jungle. After an excessively long match, vVv Gaming came out with their first win of the best of 3 series. In game two, the Vancouver Dream Team stuck with their brutus beefcake muscle team, but opted to produce a tankier composition chosing Graves, Taric, Cho ’Gath, and Morgana, whilst vVv Gaming switched from the triple ability power team to a higher damage/lower health, force picking Janna, Kayle, Karthus, Ashe, and Nocturne. After a very intense game, in which both teams had given up large leads, The Vancouver Dream Team came out on top of game two. The final match of the series looked to be an all-out war for first place, with both teams throwing previous strategies out the window and picking new compositions. The Vancouver Dream Team switched from their usual composition to an area of effect team picking up Ezreal, Lee Sin, Leona, Amumu, and Kennen, with vVv Gaming changing their composition yet again choosing Janna, Corki, Ryze, Urgot, and Nautilus. No one could have expected that from gaining two kills early in the match, the vVv Gaming team would have completely dominated the game and destroyed the Dream Team’s Nexus before the 19 minute mark, yet here we are. After a stunning final, the vVv Gaming team took first place at Lancouver with a commanding finish. Each member of the team won an ASUS VE258Q 25″ LED Monitor (MSRP $289) + ASUS Vulcan ANC Pro Gaming Headset (MSRP $139) + $20 RP + Triumphant Ryze skin, and acknowledging their recent success, the vVv team plans on finalizing their roster and preparing for MLG Raleigh in late August.
  12. CHICAGO, IL, March 12, 2012 -- vVv Gaming would like to extend a warm welcome our new competitive Halo team, vVv Ability. Team vVv Ability will be vVv Gaming's only competitive Halo team, and will be attending the MLG Winter Championship coming up towards the end of the month. vVv Ability's roster consists of captain vVv Xploits, along with team members, vVv fragthat, vVv EXpoZUR, vVv PappaCat, and their coach vVv Apollo. vVv Gaming is pleased to bring them on board and cannot wait to see the team duke it out at the Winter Championship event! Best of luck in Columbus, and again, welcome to vVv Gaming!
  13. vVv Gaming continues its success in rhythm gaming tournaments at the start of 2012! vVv Paradise has secured another tournament win at Project: Storm Surge in Orlando, Florida! Additionally, vVv Acai28 has taken gold at the Rockage event in San Jose! vVv Paradise wins the Guitar Hero tournament at Project: Storm Surge 2012! Hosted during a local fighting game tournament, rhythm gaming community member SteveMightSay worked in conjunction with Guitar Hero Eric to bring rhythm gaming tournaments to the Orlando area. With tons of swag, free games, shirts, and more on the line, vVv Paradise swept through the Guitar Hero tournament without dropping a single song. Paradise took the tournament home after a 700,000+ score run of Sudden Death by Megadeth in the finals. Congratulations to Paradise on his victory! Guitar Hero finalists from Project: Storm Surge: vVv Paradise (left) and XXR (right). Tournament host @stevemightsay in middle. Just one day later, Ciji "StarSlay3r" Thorton hosted another Guitar Hero event on the other side of the country in San Jose, California. The reigning WCG Grand Final champion Alec "vVv Acai28" Castillo made the journey from Los Angeles to compete in the tournament. While competition was fierce, Alec rocked his way through the tournament while acing the hardest Warriors of Rock songs in the process. With this win, vVv Gaming has taken first in all three major Guitar Hero tournaments of 2012 so far! Congratulations to vVv Acai for the win! vVv Acai28, winner of the Rockage Guitar Hero tournament, accepting his prizes. We look forward to more Guitar Hero tournaments as the year progresses! Congratulations to our rhythm gaming division on an awesome weekend and two great wins!
  14. vVv Gaming is pleased to announce our new Call of Duty division Manager, Theodore "vVv Bizkit" Molling! A Florida native, vVv Bizkit began his Call of Duty career back in Call of Duty 4, and after hearing stories from MLG events, as well as experiencing the very popular competitive scene for CoD 4, Bizkit became much more passionate for the franchise. To this day, Call of Duty is still his game of choice. vVv Bizkit His love for Call of Duty has brought him to accepting the position of CoD Console Manager for vVv Gaming. As the new Call of Duty manager, Bizkit stated, "As the CoD Manager, not only do I want to get vVv's name out there to other CoD players and continue helping everyone as I do now, but I also want to recruit them to further do so. I want to get a team contracted as well as get out new CoD content to help out any players who want to have helpful tips of the game and to help them on a competitive level as well." He went on to say, "As of this year, the relationship between CoD and vVv is even better than before." Bizkit is very optimistic about Call of Duty in 2012 and what he will be able bring to the table. His high hopes ride on the large support for CoD content and competitive play found in recent vVv Gaming community surveys. vVv Gaming is very excited to have Bizkit leading the way for Call of Duty competitive play, and we hope that his passion for the community brings us new faces and huge results in 2012!
  15. vVv Gaming invades the MLG Winter Championship in Columbus this weekend in full force! This thread will be all of the live updates from the floor, twitter, reddit, facebook and a lot more! Brackets, times and the schedules will be posted here, along with a complete following for vVv's teams and players attending this weekend! Halo: Reach vVv Ability Congratulations to vVv Ability for placing in top 24! Halo Reach Winners Round 1: Winners Round 2: Winners Round 3: Winners Round 4: Winners Round 5: Losers Round 8: Fighting Games vVv CDJr vVv Reo Congratulations to vVv CDJr on 1st place and to vVv Reo on getting 2nd place! MK9 Winners Round 2: Winners Round 3: Winners Round 4: Winners Round 5: Winners Round 6: Winners Round 7: Losers Round 10: Losers Round 11: Finals: Along with our King of Fighters player: vVv Romance. Congratulations to Romance on a 3rd place finish! KoF Winners Round 3: Winners Round 4: Winners Round 5: Winners Round 6: Winners Round 7: Losers Round 12: Starcraft 2 vVv Glon vVv Ruff vVv Daisuki Congratulations to Glon and Ruff who Tied for 49th Starcraft 2 Winners Round 1: Winners Round 2: Winners Round 3: Winners Round 4: Winners Round 5: Losers Round 2: Losers Round 3: Losers Round 7: Click here for a Full Broadcast Schedule.
  16. Warning: Contains Spoilers Sometimes being a competitive gamer gets in the way of being, well, a gamer. As much as I'm practically addicted to Starcraft 2, the hours upon hours a day I put into practicing the game does take away from actually enjoying most other games I would otherwise be playing. Sure, I get to play some fun N64 sessions with my roommates often, but mostly I dedicate my own gaming time to competitive SC2. However, being on spring break this week, I decided to dial back my practice time a bit and instead enjoy what the rest of the industry has to offer. When I decided today this week that I was going to play some new games, I then realized that the only thing I had with me gaming wise was my laptop, which has SC2, as well as other games I've beaten. I needed a new console game, something to run campaign by myself, just like the old days. I have too many multiplayer sessions so I need some alone time with just me and the game, I thought to myself. Thankfully, an opportunity presented itself – my friend had recently picked up the new SSX game for his 360 and, after managing to run to Gamestop after lunch today, I picked up Vanquish (which was release in October of 2010) after seeing that it was on sale for $15 and that the clerk mentioned that it was “severely underrated.” I couldn't resist. First, I want to start with SSX, the latest installment in the extreme snowboarding franchise published by Electronic Arts. Let me start off by saying that SSX comes into my view with a disadvantage – it is not SSX Tricky, the second installment in the series and by far my favorite snowboarding game of all time. I've put countless hours into Tricky, making it one of the most played games to ever be popped into my Gamecube (it was also the first Gamecube game I ever owned, too!). So, unless this SSX was SSX Tricky 2 or something better, it was going to disappoint. Can't beat the classics. Immediately, I felt the prophecy unfolding. The cheesy intro to the game's plot started to dig a hole for itself – apparently, veteran riders Mac, Zoey, and Elise form a team of snowboarders called SSX (which stands for Surfing, Snowboarding, and Cross Country...or something like that) that square off against the just-as-unoriginal Team Griff, which is led by, you guessed it, Griff, a former member of SSX. The objective of the game is to defeat Team Griff on the world's 9 Deadly Descents, winning races and grabbing points by doing insanely awesome combos. Unlike in SSX Tricky, once again setting the highest bar for me in the series, the new SSX felt...well, bland. Yeah, the graphics are good, the sense of speed is there, and the realism is taken up a notch. But the problem is that, well, it's just not very fun. For one thing, the beginning of the game moves at a terribly slow pace, and by that I mean it took me a long time to get myself to run another race after finishing another one. First of all, one of the greatest things about SSX Tricky was that there were a bunch of racers causing tons of calamity down the track, knocking each other down violently, and scoring crazy amounts of points in any way they could. But in the new SSX, that's not all necessarily there. Many races, for example, have 4 or less snowboarders to an event (as opposed to the 6 racers in every event featured in Tricky). Some races were just trips down the mountain against a “ghost” of another snowboarder, the snowboarding equivalent to masturbating while trying to break a speed record set by Ron Jeremy. There's no tension, nothing to stir up excitement. I can't even violently stiff arm opponents as I race down the mountain, mostly because I'm not even racing against an actual opponent half the time! Nope, I really don't enjoy racing by myself, sorry. Then there's the fact that SSX is trying to “reinvent” the franchise. Tricky was fun because it was outlandishly cartoony and over-the-top. But SSX is simply trying to take itself too seriously, incorporating armor and health into the game, as well as items like wingsuits and helmets with flashlights (I've always wanted a game version of one of those!), as well as having more cheesy intros to mountain runs (according to the narrator, apparently Team SSX will simply get the funding it needs to survive by having big livestream numbers on its PornHub account). Oh and, obviously, none of the mountain runs are anything but, you guessed it, downward slopes of snow on top of rock. At the very least SSX Tricky's courses had flavor and personality to them, with warp pipes, ridiculous pipelines, and snowflake combo upgrades galore. Apparently when a franchise is reinvented, that means taking out all the good stuff for the real stuff. Realism does not always mean fun. That's simply the problem here, actually, as I said before. SSX just isn't fun. With Tricky, scoring combos wasn't necessarily hard, but it brought a lot to the game. Characters yelled and screamed at each other, as well as having distinct moves and looks; courses were colorful and amazing rides; graphics bounced off the screen in a way that doesn't make you sick (looking at you 3D technology, god I hate you). But with SSX 2012, I get to look at the same environments over and over while the characters, who all wear similar body armor, lack a lot of personality (no, Zoe pathetically shadow boxing in the helicopter before her first run does not count as having personality) and make no effort to make me care about the game. In Tricky, I absolutely loved suiting up as my boy Mac, stiff arming the living hell out of Elise any chance I got, then seeing the engagement at the winner's platform between the two stir up fire. Instead, I get a cheesy narrator, an annoying helicopter pilot that lets me know that I'm actually a functioning human being with the ability to snowboard (why is it that I need to here from a helicopter pilot, by the way?) and no fun at all. Oh, and the game has absolutely no local multiplayer, and the online multiplayer is essentially time trials against ghosts. So much fun! Thankfully, just before I wanted to return the game for my friend so he could use the money on something more useful, the Xbox randomly red ringed, forcing us to end our SSX session. I happily took this opportunity to pop in Vanquish and give the first two missions a test run. I mean, it couldn't be any worse than a pathetic excuse for a snowboarding game, right (EA, I just want SSX Tricky 2, come on!)? I was certainly right – Vanquish ended up being better than SSX, much better. Yeah, the games are different (who compares third person shooters to shovelware...um, snowboarding games, anyway?), but they're still both games. I can definitely say, without a doubt, that I walked away from the first two missions of Vanquish with a lot more excitement, hype, and fun had than when SSX tried to commit suicide in my friend's console. Thanks red ring of death, high five! Honestly, I think the reason why I like Vanquish so much is that it's more like SSX Tricky than SSX 2012 is. Right from the get-go, the game is completely ridiculous – protagonist Sam Gideon, who's voice sounds like the result of being strangled by a group of orangutans constantly for a period of several months, is tasked with stopped an evil Russian ultra-nationalist from destroying New York City and the rest of the United States after using a huge American space station to destroy San Francisco. A long, but extremely awesome cutscene (which is awesomely capitalized by Gideon straight not giving a fuck and blowing cigarette smoke, while in full armor, at the face of his commanding officer, who looks like an old Marcus Fenix [badass!]) precedes an epic rush into a Russian ship which forces Gideon and the rest of Bravo Company to destroy waves of Russian robotic infantry. To do this, I got my hands on Gideon's DARPA-funded battle armor that makes him the closest this game's universe will get to having Master Chief in its wars. Gideon has access to a pretty standard array of weaponry (a shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, the usual culprits), but they all have a strong sense of power and punch when the trigger is pulled. However, Vanquish's best mechanics are the cover system and the boosted power slide. The cover system, most certainly inspired by the Gears of War series, works very well, if anything a bit quickly. I certainly didn't mind the insanely agile movements that Gideon makes from cover to cover, though. The slide, however, is probably the coolest thing Vanquish has to offer – with the press (and hold) of a button, Gideon races across the ground on his knees. From this position, he can simply blast by enemies, fire his gun, and take cover. If you decide upon the second option, however, Gideon goes into “bullet time,” which is exactly what you think it is. Though Vanquish isn't exactly going to win awards for its story or voice acting, and neither will it find comfort in innovating weaponry in video games (at least give the guns cool names!), the most important thing is that it's fun! Sliding towards enemies so I can give them the business with the shotgun is extremely exciting, while taking pot shots at far away enemies with the sniper feels just as good as it does in any other shooter, if not more so. There are even boss fights! You heard me right, boss fights. The infection of Call of Duty games oddly started a trend of the decline of boss fights and the rise of “set pieces”, which are pretty much just big climatic events that consist of you doing the same things you were doing previously in the mission but with more explosions and curse words. Vanquish, however, doesn't give a damn about trends, so instead I got to face off against a towering robot with some glowing weak points I got to aim at. At first, I fear that the boss battle would simply be just as dated as ones found in older console generations – fire at the weak spot, dodge attacks, rinse and repeat. Vanquish was able to throw a curve ball in this department thanks to giving the bosses much more to do. While I peppered bullets into the number of soft spots on the boss character, I had to do my best to slide away from rampant cluster-missile launchers, gigantic lasers, and direct physical slams from the robot. Even on Normal difficulty, the boss gave me a challenge as ammo constantly ran dry while I barely managed to escape its multiple attacks. Oh, and then it transformed into another form, which was even harder to deal with. No, Vanquish's boss battles are not completely reinventing how those work, either, but again the most important part was that fighting the big Russian robot was a ton of fun. It didn't feel scripted, it didn't feel slow. It took all of my known skills and technology to defeat the menace, and I walked away with a sense of accomplishment. Now, it is fair that I put the new SSX on a bar raised by SSX Tricky, and that it ended up failing to impress me because it was not as good? Of course. I would hope that sequels are better than their predecessors. And is it fair to recommend Vanquish despite having faults even though I do not recommend SSX for also having faults? Definitely, because despite its faults (which are less like faults and more like really hilarious offerings to the comedy gods), Vanquish is still a really enjoyable game. However, for SSX, despite its faults, it is not a fun game. EA, you're going to have to do better than that. As for all of you reading this, give both games a try and see how you like them...but mark my words, beating the living hell out of Russian robots and being a total badass in space armor is much more fun than beating the living hell out of snowboarding ghosts and being a totally bland character dressed in garbage cans and package peanuts.
  17. Just thought i would post here. I have a lot of experience when it comes to running tournaments. I was wondering if vVv would be interested in running a tournament? I would love to help, promote, set it up and do this!! I think it would totally be fun and awesome!! Let me know what you think. If its doable, games, prizes and what not. Kitten
  18. Happy Holidays! 2011 has been another amazing year for vVv Gaming! Our event attendance and our website traffic continued to grow, and our podcast show saw some amazing conversations and controversies. In addition to this, our social media presence grew with our Twitter crossing 5k followers and our Facebook page crossing 3K Likes! I want to personally thank you. It is you, the vVv community and competitive gaming fans and supporters, that make vVv Gaming so special. We have the best community in competitive gaming. Your faith in my leadership and the reputation you bring to our brand and sponsors is known throughout competitive gaming. Again, I want to thank you. During this holiday I ask you to please do three things: 1. Enjoy yourselves! Skyrim, SWTOR. . . we have so many amazing games that offer us a wonderful break from heated competition. 2. Thank our staff members. They are amazing people who work so hard to make sure that vVv Gaming lives up to its mission statement. 3. Take this survey to possibly win a $60 Amazon gift card As I reflect on all our accomplishments from 2011, I can’t help but also think about all we plan for 2012. Instead of making all kinds of announcements, I want to share something with you. Last year, an acquaintance of my boss attended a 100th birthday celebration for his great aunt. During the festivities, the guest of honor was asked to share a few pearls of wisdom acquired over the course of her long life. After thinking quietly for several moments, she simply said, “Things change. And always take a sweater.” That’s brilliant advice for everyone, including eSports organizations. No matter what the circumstances, you can’t count on the continuation of the status quo (no Halo pun intended), and you certainly can’t control the climate. Just when you think you know what normal looks and feels like, there’s a change. Just a couple of years ago, CEO Mohamed El-Erian and his colleagues at Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO), the world’s largest bond fund, coined the phrase “the new normal” to describe the changing investment climate brought on by the economic crisis. He explained the term by saying that “the new normal speaks to what is likely to happen given current conditions, rather than what should happen.” Nerds have always had a tough time with “should.” The term “cheese” is a great representation of that trouble. I’ll let you ponder that awhile. One thing I have noticed from where I sit in vVv Gaming is that there is a large talent pool of players out there, to be sure, but the paradox is they don’t all have the skills to participate at the highest levels of competition, particularly those skills needed to drive innovation and growth, such as their marketability and ability to grow a fan base. And a full talent pool teeming with the wrong candidates makes the process of trying to invest in the right people externally all the more costly and risky. I think you can guess where this is leading. In the new normal, many players and organizations are at risk of being left out in the cold. They are at a point where they need to be more proactive, strategic and effective when it comes to investing in the development of their players, as well as growing a fanbase. For eSports leaders, that means playing a crucial role in defining and preparing for what the new normal looks and feels like in their organizations. It will be up to league owners, team managers, competitive gaming journalists and content providers to assure that eSports is not reactive but adaptive enough to speak to what is likely to happen given current conditions. We plan to do our part. I ask you to please participate in this survey. This survey will help us to provide more of what you want, as well as help us tell the world why the eSports community is worthy of more investment. Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for your continued support.
  19. grabby

    max 'grabby' bugrov - app

    Name: max bugrov Age (minimum 16): 20 Gamertags (for all systems you own): PC... LoL: grabbyninja steam: deadlygunsandblades SC2: grabby For the most part if the name is grabby or grabbyninja, it's probably me. Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? yes. What are your screen names (all that apply)? (AIM, MSN, Skype, Steam, Xfire) Aim: grabbyninja MSN: tuggdb@gmail.com (assuming msn you mean windows live, hardly ever use anymore) Skype: maxiikins steam: deadlygunsandblades xfire: grabbyninja Link to your Twitter page (twitter required): https://twitter.com/#!/maxbugrov (1744 following, 812 being followed by.) Link to your MySpace or Facebook page (at least one required): https://www.facebook.com/max.bugrov How frequently do you use Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or MySpace? Daily, apart from loving it, I work in Social Media Marketing. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Watching competitive gaming on youtube / searching for communities. Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? Apart from the folks giving me the warm welcome, I don't know anyone on a personal level. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? Video Games / Gaming are an important part of my life in regards to work and it being something I love. The way the vVv gaming community comes off is the right level of professionalism I'm looking for - apart from obvious success there seem to be a very active group of people who are working towards a similar goal that I want to help others reach while at the same time working towards my own. Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value? I have a wide range of experience in both Business, Marketing, Writing, Development, and of course - gaming. Without coming off as a complete ego centric dick, I think I'm a great asset to this community that - when presented with the right opportunities and allotted the right soundboards I can help foster the vVv brand and enable other members to do the same. All the while - participating in the competitive scene and help grow the community. Would love to get into helping vVv and teams get more sponsorship's. Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what are some of your favorites and why? I've read some of the articles found on the forums, getting around to listening to the podcasts... The articles I've read through are pretty damn good in getting to the point when it comes to professional gaming and especially the Geek To Me articulation of professional gaming and the market both domestically and at home. Gotta love great writing. How long have you been playing video games? Parents always told me I used to sit next to my uncle who wasn't too much older and hold the controller pretending to play (early 90's here, 92/93)... Probably really got into it around 95 on the pc and soon after more in the console scene. Been very active in game development and I guess as it's termed 'hardcore' gaming since 2001. My gaming hours probably speak for themselves. (http://www.xfire.com...le/grabbyninja/) keep in mind I don't always log in. How many hours per week do you devote to gaming? Depends on my work schedule / deadlines / class work to be done. But I've easily spent anywhere from 49-70 hours a week. On average now I'd say it's around 20-30, rough estimates. What’s the hardest game you’ve ever beaten? Hahahhaa. Haven't beat life yet... I think a lot of games don't really end. None do. They all continue because when you 'beat the game', you just finish the levels, but theres always more to be done, get all the achievements, collect EVERY ring in a level, get all the fairies, get the perfect deag around the corner... The most challenging game has been probably the Zelda Series on the old gameboys... I always got stuck in one place or another... eventually beat them - but still. They were pretty damn difficult.. at least back then. What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? Oh man, GW2! Can't wait to get back into PvP in an mmorpg... I used to be 2300+ in Arena (WoW) running a rogue rogue comp... Can't wait to get my hands on this! Also looking forward to seeing how LoL dominion plays out as well as DOTA2... What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Pretty damn varied. I'm a violin player of 13+ years. I've been a professinal actor since 2001. I coach High School Policy Debate in Los Angeles and compete for College as well. I work in Marketing and Online Public Relations so I find myself reading up on that scene pretty often... I do a lot of research for debate that deals with a lot of sociopolitical questions.... pretty academically revolutionary oriented.. Where do you see yourself next year at this time? Still working on my degree. Making mo money. Still coaching. Seeing the Southern California Gaming Squad I'm working on alive and kicking. Hopefully I'm still alive. What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? Messed around a lot in online tournaments that weren't official and did pretty well especially in WoW and inner guild tournaments. No real CEVO/ESEA/CAL/Esports experience except playing with ranked peoples. Have you attended any national events (MLG, WCG, CPL)? No. I am a Nationally ranked debater though for CEDA! How long have you been playing competitively? No experience on a professional team, playing competitively meaning there was a practice schedule, there we're stakes, and a LOT of time was put in? 04/05. What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? Best moment in 'competitive' was the rise in the WoW Arena Ranks playing one of the hardest classes I would say.... Worst would come down to moments of the team being dysfunctional and just not working together... we lost a couple hundred points in a row. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? Definitely trying to get ranked and make some paper - asides that I want to help establish the reality that Gaming is a legitimate sport and should be recognized as such. What was your toughest competition? CSS ranked players from CEVO/ESEA/CAL - it amazes me how much of a stark skill difference there is between good players and pro players in CSS... Going 20-0 just AWPING? Nothing compared to the skillsets of a professional player who can go on awpshot streaks for days... How do you see vVv Gaming adding value to you? The community in in of itself would definitely help me create a better understanding of the professional scene and give credibility to the Squad I'm working on in Southern California - asides from becoming a better player. Do you see yourself as competitive or causal gamer? Competitive.
  20. Past two years I've been doing a lot of psychoanalysis research in addition to other work and being an avid gamer from a very young age I've always been interested in the psychology of competitive gaming and more specifically in things like camping other players in WoW (being the gamer who sits in crossroads and kills everyone walking by for kicks) - following enemy players and killing them - why do we do it? I know I was known as one of those folks who would intentionally run around the enemy territory and egg on horde players, /duel-ing them and making them attack me, then camp their body. How this pertains to league of legends... This reddit post caught my eye - I'm into academia and writeups when they have connections with video games and this is a pretty cool little piece about griefing/trolling, etc in League of Legends. Griefing in League of Legends: An Psychological Analysis (self.leagueoflegends) (From Reddit) by legoEngineer 30 Nov 2011 After participating in numerous tribunals for the past few months during my lunch break I have come to some conclusions about why players grief. It is my hope that some will use my theories in order to prevent or mitigate their teammates griefing. You may also notice some of these tendencies in yourself, commence the introspection! Control Griefing comes down to one thing, control. The griefer feels they have lost control of the situation and they try desperately to regain it. This is something that happens in every single tribunal case I have seen. The player first loses all hope of winning the game. Either because they are feeding or because they are on a horrible losing streak, or a teammate is feeding, maybe there are too many OP champs on opposing team ext... Secondly, if they cannot control the game in their team's favor they will control the game by purposefully losing. They will start "Trolling", by buying silly items and purposefully dying. They may also go afk, thereby crippling their team. They become the ones in control, because they are choosing to lose. The most compelling evidence I have seen for this is when a griefer says something like, "You didn't gank my lane, so now I will feed, have fun losing noobs." Especially apparent is when the player starts griefing after they initiate a failed surrender vote. Depressingly, griefer's going AFK is quite similarity to suicides. This is on a much smaller scale of course, but most suicides happen because the person feels they have lost control of their life, and the only way they can regain control is by ending it. (I'm not saying they are on par or anything, suicide is a very serious issue) The griefer may also try to gain control by verbal harassment. Just like a playground bully they will attempt to undermine the self esteem of the other players so they will think they have also lost control and give up. What to do when Teamates Grief Assuming that my above analysis is correct, you must convince the griefer that they can still positively affect the game's outcome. Say things like: We can still win, we are only down 5 kills LeBlank may be feed but she will suck late game The enemy won't be able to kill you if you buy a frozen mallet! It is important to be polite no matter how many times they call you a fag. They are hurt and scared and they just need someone to give them hope. They still want to win they have just given up hope of doing so. Like a playground bully all they really want is a friend. EDIT: Davebo suggested calling the greifer on their bullshit. LINK Do not become a second griefer It is easy to become a griefer once someone is already rusing out to commit suicide. Obviously you are going to lose if someone is purposely feeding, so why don't you just sell all your items for 6 ninja tabi, right? WRONG, there is still a chance you can convince the griefer that there is a chance to win and make a comeback, please don't add to the problem. Prevent Griefing It is important to address concerns when they first arise. Has someone died twice in the first four minutes? Give them some FRIENDLY advice, ASK them to hug the tower, or maybe abandon it altogether so they don't feed. (Though which is worse is debatable) Also, some players may lose hope at champ select, try to assure them that everything will be alright and point out your teams strengths. The important thing is that they do not lose hope, they need to feel that their team is behind them. TD:LR Greifers first feel like they lose the ability to positively control the games outcome. Then, in desperation the Negatively affects the games outcome. Be friendly and try to give them hope. Sorry if that was long winded, I tried to make myself as clear as possible. I will respond to any questions. Does anyone else have a hypothesis? EDIT: formatting, spelling EDIT 2:DEFINITION OF GRIEFING A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game that deliberately irritates and harasses other players. EDIT 3: Tons of responses from people justifying greifing or suggesting ignore is the only option. If you don't want to work with other people why are you playing a multiplayer game? Your success in this game depends on the success of your teammates, therefore in order to win the most you must help your teamates. (Note that I'm not a great player by any means, but few people can win 1v5) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think though - there is a huge difference in things like camping enemy players in WoW and trolling in League of Legends... In case anyone thinks I was drawing that parallel... Definitely a lot of validity in the writeup from how I see it - thoughts?
  21. all right. So as the topic suggests, this is going to be a thread about how to become a better gamer. And it might not be as you would think, a lot of the times practice just isn't enough to become better gamer. In this topic, I'm going to discuss a couple of things: your mind, your body, and proper nutrition. as most of you guys as gamers know, your ability to perform well in a game depends on your ability to critically think and problem solve. Practicing and again they've chosen can get you to the point where you can critically think and assess any situation you might have in your specific game, but without the proper nutrition your mind may not be able to act as effectively as you would like. What I will describe later in this topic are some simple things you can do to help exercise your mind and treat it right so you can perform at the top your game. And also another major major factor that comes into play, your body. As you go on practicing your game, your body begins to form a type of muscle memory which enables you to perform certain actions inside of your game that others who are not as practiced may not be able to do. However, if you don't treat your body right, your muscle memory may become very lagged or you may lose it altogether because of malnutrition and lack of physical fitness. So here are few tips that I suggest everybody do in order to up their game just that much more: 1) get up out of your chair and exercise! do some push-ups, situps, and go for a run at least two or three times a week. It doesn't even have to be very far, maybe a mile or two. This will get your heart rate up, preferably to a good high heart rate in order to start burning fat, and also give you that endurance for those long gaming crunches. 2) eat. And I don't mean those Dunkin' Donuts that everybody goes and grabs on the way to work. Think back to your childhood, what did your mom and dad make you eat everyday before you went to school? Dish that doughnut and coffee in the morning, and have yourself a nice bowlful grain cereal and possibly a piece of fruit. This will fill you up nicely, give you the nutrition a push to the day, and make you feel better at the same time. Mom and dad weren't so wrong now were they? also, ditch that piece of pizza that you have stored in the fridge for dinner and cook yourself up a nice steak and some pasta. The state gives you plenty of protein to help rebuild the muscle that you tore up during your workout, and the pasta is full of natural healthy complex carbohydrates, giving you plenty of energy to push through your gaming sessions. 3) start taking a vitamin supplement. If it's one thing I've noticed nowadays, it's that people aren't getting the nutrition they need due to lack of proper diet and exercise. I'm going to list a few vitamins and some of their beneficial effects down below: Vitamin C: May Fight Stress (Stress is gained through various means, and isn't limited to physical stress, but can also be attributed to Emotional/Mental Stress) Thiamine (B-1): Thiamine may enhance circulation, helps with blood formation and the metabolism of carbohydrates. Can help your reaction time and energy levels/energy output. Focuses on the brain and neurotransmission. Riboflavin (B-2): Similar to Thiamine, works as a coenzyme in energy releasing reaction for various parts of the body, Niacine (B-3): Similar to Thiamine and Riboflavin. Vitamin B-5 Pantothetic Acid: Similar to other B-vitamins, also helps produce adrenaline.] Biotin: Energy Metabolism Vitamin A: Supports Vision Clarity Sodium: Maintains fluid and electrolyte balance, supports muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmissions. Potassium: Maintains fluid and electrolyte balance, cell integrity, muscle contractions and nerve impulse transmission Magnesium: Protein building, muscular contraction, nerve impulse transmission Iron: Carries oxygen throughout body's cells. Copper: Needed for absorption and utilization of Iron Caffeine: Stimulates many systems in your body, blood circulation, nerve impulse transmission, causes adrenal glands to release hormones into body, effects dopamine levels in the brain (as does sugar) that tends to give people a generally better feeling. For your male gamers, in order to get all of these important supplements minus the caffeine I strongly suggest taking a One-A-Day men's health supplement. It's not expensive, and it's extremely easy to take. Just once a day with food, typically with her breakfast. If you follow these three simple steps, I can almost guarantee that you will see an increased improvement in your gaming. Whether it be a higher frag count, quicker decision-making, or just increased reaction timing, you will definitely notice at least a small change. *Disclaimer: I am not a licensed or registered dietitian, and these suggestions are purely from experience and my gaming career. Any adverse affects that may or may not occur during your following of these suggestions is purely your own fault, and I hold no liability for such adverse effects. Have a nice day, I hope this helps some of you out.
  22. vVv Gaming at Hypefestation vVv Gaming's Gears of War 3 team, 'vVv Gaming' (formerly known as Simply Underrated), did phenomenally at Hypefestation this weekend with a 3rd placing. vVv had the 13th seed going into the tournament, and just came up short of the championship finals. Hypefestation is a Gears of War 3 invitational tournament hosted at Game Time LAN Center in New York, being organized and supported by some of the members of the Gears of War community. With the 16 teams invited, 14 of the teams were previous MLG Gears of War 1 and 2 professionals, such as teams like Murder by Numbers, Infinity, and the NSAN3Z. The tournament had a gracious 5000 dollar prize pool, with 1st the first place team recieving 2600, 1200 and 800 for 2nd/3rd, respectively. vVv Gaming were considered one of the underdogs throughout the tourney just shows just how good they are. They started off playing against Purgatory and win 3-0 and continued their path through Retaliation in the next round to win the series 3-1, as well. After there previous series, they moved on to play a strong, tough team, the NSAN3Z, which were the Gears of war 1 and 2 MLG champions. With a great matchup and some close games, vVv got sent to the Losers Bracket with a 3-0 loss. Still feeling confident, vVv was set to play another powerhouse team Infinity, and with the closest series of the tournament for the team, they lost a close one, 3-1. This was vVv's first Gears of War 3 LAN, and going up against veteran teams, a 3rd placing is a very prestigious placing and comes with the $800 prize for their efforts. vVv looks forward to continue practicing and looks to begin preparing for their next tournament. You can watch the teams promo video: And you can follow the vVv Gears of War team on twitter: @vVv_Enmity @vVv_Monk @vVv_TMyth @vVv_LeoN
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    grabby - New to vVv

    Hey whatsup everyone, max 'grabby' bugrov here. Located in sunny Los Angeles, southern california Mostly a PC Gamer, was pretty active and successful in WoW circa early 05 to late 08 doing mostly Arena 2v2/3v3, Double Rogue, big DPS type combos, was up in the high 2300+ brackets. Was always into CSS, early CS as well, never became a part of CPL / ESEA, etc, but always was into the competetive gaming scene both PC and watching some of the console stuff. Academically, I'm a communications major, been in college policy debate. Professionally I've worked on a pretty diverse career in theatrical lighting and now working more in Marketing and Public Relations. Working on starting up a Southern California Squad and participating in the local tournies and possibly working with some local spots to create a better brand for competitive gaming and this community seems to be doing pretty damn well for itself in creating a very productive environment. Looking forward to see what I can do for the community and how we can grow the esports scene .
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    Hi =), Name: Martin Maindl Race : Zerg Age: 19 What is your in game name (ie vVvRoar.873): crbox.922 How long have you been playing competitively? I am not, but I want to start playing seriously, like I play everyday, but I don't practice specific strategies, because I don't know anyone of my skill level except on the ladder. Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/youtube channel): I do have a facebook but it's for people I know IRL like family and friends. How frequently do you use Facebook and Twitter?: Not so much What current division are you in and how many points do you have? (SC2 Applicable): Masters, #1 in my division, currently 85 - 50. I don't like playing ladder on NA server. Have you attended any national events? (MLG, ESEA, WCG?) : No, never. Are you shy around people you don't know? Depends how they are, I'm not a shy person but I don't feel the need to talk around people that likes to take too much space :] Link us to some of your best personal achievements : Well gaming wise, I didn't really participate all that much into the community. I guess my ''biggest achievement'' would be that I have beaten several progamers on the ladder (eeeeeeee..). I'm going to attend ETS LAN in Montreal, if I win it (hoping kiwikaki won't come, because he's a sick monster) that would be my biggest achievement What was your biggest loss or disappointment in gaming? Why did you lose that match? lol many many many ladder games where I just threw the game away. I do play sloppy most of the time, I need to improve on that. How can you PERSONALLY benefit vVv Gaming? Well I need motivation to keep practicing, and the only problem I have is that I can't really play by myself, I need to talk with people between games to figure out what to improve. Also playing in a team would boost my self-confidence gaming wise. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? As funny as it sounds I like nature, even though I can't spend too much time away from my computer (T_T) I do like to climb so mountains once in a while or go camping with friends/family . Okay so, I really do believe I can improve enough to become a progamer. I have good mechanics, good game sense, but sometimes I get sloppy and lose because I play on tilt. I rarely lose when I play at 100% (not being braggy or anything.) I've been playing on and off starcraft 2 for a while now, I never felt the need to join a team because I did not care enough about the game, but now that I've been injured for a while and just started playing back (for about a week or two) I realized that joining a team would be a huge asset for my play. I hope you guys consider my application even though I never been in a professional team before. Good day to you guys and get back to me!
  25. So, I know that a lot of you aren't casters, and may not know what exactly goes on behind the scenes when that camera isn't on. Well, to be completely honest, it's a week-long process that can, at times, be quite draining, as I've found out over the past couple of weeks. There's all kinds of work to be done (and never enough time to do it!) The first and foremost thing that a caster should do is, of course, find material that he/she is going to talk about. If you have nothing to talk about, it'll make for a dull show that no one will ever even think to watch. Why would you just stare at a stream of a guy sitting there talking about nothing? You get my point! Next, to research...and research...and research. This is by far the most draining (and FUN) part of the casting workload, at least in my opinion. For those of you that don't know, I put on a show Thursdays at 10PM EDT on vVv's Live Community channel called, of course, "The Raging Gamer (New title to follow)" which follows all things happening in the League of Legends universe. Most of the time, it's reading notes, seeing what the community and competitive scene is up to, and of course, playing the game to see how changes are going! THAT is the fun part! Now, of course, we're getting to a day or two before the show. Now, it's crunch time. You basically scramble for last minute things that the viewers may want to hear and discuss, then work it into your show. This is the perilous part. I know for one, this week's show has content coming in right at the last minute, and it has me scrambling to work it in! And one can never forget the guests...sigh, the guests. The people you want on the show who cancel at the last minute, or make an obligation to come on the show and then just don't show up. This is probably the most irritating part of being a caster (moreover a not very well known one, like myself...YET!) When things go south and a guest doesn't show up, it throws a whole kink in the chain, forcing you to react and adjust at the last possible moment. This can be very frustrating, but also very rewarding! I know I, for one, thrive on the last minute tweaks to get the job done (don't know if that's a good thing or not.) So as you can well tell, there's a lot going on behind the scenes in order to put on a Great show for the viewers. Often times it goes unappreciated or overlooked, but hey, we love what we do! And we're proud to do it!