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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys came across this interview that an LoL app named Ahryse held with vVv Natural and give great insight about a person who is very goal oriented in vVv. Should deff give this a look. http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/blog/359/entry-5875-11-qa-with-vvv-natural/
  2. Article on Kotaku --> http://kotaku.com/this-is-the-new-call-of-duty-coming-to-current-and-nex-486232800 In a news release, Call of Duty: Ghosts was announced for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC and "will also be available for next generation platforms," which would include the PS4. No mention was made of a Wii U version. The game is back in the hands of the series' creator, Infinity Ward. "Everyone was expecting us to make Modern Warfare 4, which would have been the safe thing to do," Mark Rubin, the studio's executive producer, said in a statement. "We saw the console transition as the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter for Call of Duty. So we're building a new sub-brand, a new engine, and a lot of new ideas and experiences for our players." Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's Xbox division, joined the statement released by Activision, saying that Call of Duty "has firmly established its home on the Xbox 360 with the game's largest and most engaged community." If Call of Duty is going on stage with Microsoft on May 21, that probably means Respawn Entertainment's shooter—rumored to be a next Xbox exclusive—won't be revealed at the same event, as that would make for a palpably awkward appearance. Respawn was started by the Infinity Ward founders Vince Zampella and Jason West in 2010, after an acrimonious departure from Activision that culminated in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit settled a year ago this month. Still, having close ties to both Call of Duty and a rival is a plus for Microsoft, said to be behind on producing its own content for the new console. -- Thoughts? What would you like to see in this next Call of Duty title?
  3. The vVv Gaming community had a great time at the 2013 MLG Winter Championship and we have an entire gallery of pictures to show it. Not only did our Call of Duty team finish in third place at the event, but nearly twenty community members gathered together in Dallas to enjoy the MLG festivities. Below are three of our favorite pictures from the event and we would like you to caption them for the chance to win a vVv Gaming QcK+ surface by SteelSeries and a vVv Gaming Wristband! You can enter this contest by clicking the picture above that you would like to caption and creating your image! After you have created your image, link to it here in a post. You can create unlimited entries! The winner of this contest will be selected by creativity and humor. The staff here at vVv Gaming will select a winner by Tuesday, April 2nd and contact the winner. One winner will receive a vVv Gaming QcK+ SteelSeries Gaming Surface and a vVv Gaming Wristband. This contest ends on Monday, April 1st at 11:59pm EST. We look forward to seeing your entries! Good luck!
  4. The 2013 MLG season is officially underway and vVv.CoD made a strong statement at the Winter Championship in Dallas by taking third place! While on the road to MLG Dallas, the team focused on MLG pro scrims instead of grinding on the ladder, and this decision paid off as the team earned the #3 seed heading into the event. With this seed they started the tournament in an early Saturday morning match against FaZe. vVv.CoD vs. FaZe in Championship Bracket Round 1 vVv.CoD would be no stranger to photo finishes throughout the weekend and this trend started in their first match. While playing Hardpoint on Raid, vVv Realize grabbed a two piece in the last seconds of the game to secure a one point victory with the score of 214-213! vVv rode this momentum forward and swept FaZe 3-0 in their series. http://youtu.be/jEBAnR6oqVQ Game One of vVv vs. FaZe ends in a one point victory! Round Two of the event pitted vVv.CoD against Curse Gaming with the chance to attend the Call of Duty Championship on the line. The conclusion of this series was voted one of the top plays of the MLG Winter Championship when the third map was played to a double overtime in CTF on Raid. A mistake almost cost vVv the match as Curse Apathy attempted to cap a flag for the win. At the last possible second, a clutch lightning strike from vVv Realize set up a counter cap from vVv Theory to win the series and guarantee the team a trip to Hollywood for the Call of Duty Championship. http://youtu.be/FIuWBoXqxh4 Game Three of vVv vs. Curse ends with one of the most incredible plays in Black Ops 2 history! In the next round our team was knocked to the Loser's Bracket by MLG Champions Fariko.Impact, but vVv bounced back to eliminate tournament favorites EnVyUs and CompLexity in their following matches. In the Loser's Bracket finals the team was defeated by Unite, but took a 3rd place finish and a $7,000 prize purse home with them. The team now looks to train for their trip to Hollywood in two weeks for the Call of Duty Championship where $1,000,000 will be on the line. Stay tuned to vVv Social Media for updates on our team as they prepare for the upcoming tournament! vVv.CoD - vVv Theory, vVv Realize, vVv PapaRealize, vVv Replays, and vVv CompleX About vVv Gaming vVv Gaming is a competitive video game organization with a dynamic and vibrant community. Top players and upcoming talent from numerous video games flock to vVv to have an experience best summed up by our motto: Entertain.Educate.Dominate. With entertaining podcasts, educational articles about teamwork, competition and strategy and dominating finishes at major tournaments around the world, we deliver unparalleled value to anyone interested in competitive video gaming.
  5. Justin "vVv Spikemouth69" Saboo was a Halo player, team coach, and podcast co-host during his time with vVv Gaming. Justin "vVv Spikemouth69" representing vVv Gaming at an MLG event in 2010. Spikemouth met with vVv Gaming staff at MLG Orlando 2010 to discuss the possibility of joining the organization as a coach. This quickly became a reality when vVv sponsored the Halo team Active Rush in May of 2010. While coaching under the vVv Gaming banner, Spikemouth and his teams secured multiple top 16 finishes at MLG. Additionally during this time, Justin became a regular contributor to The Loser's Bracket podcast. Spikemouth made a quick impact with vVv Gaming, but left in 2011 when he became a part of Fnatic. Recently, we caught up with Spikemouth to reflect back on his times with vVv Gaming and to find out what he is up to nowadays. vVv Gaming: How did you end up joining Fnatic? FnaticSpike: Back in April of 2011, while still apart of vVv Gaming, the Halo team I had joined began to look into acquiring sponsorships. I ended up reaching out to Fnatic after speaking to another member of their team briefly. After about two weeks of continuous talks with myself and the player manager, we came to agreement that would bring the Halo team Classic to Fnatic. vVv Gaming: What exactly is your position with Fnatic? Tell us about what you do with the organization. FnaticSpike: When I joined Fnatic in May of 2011, I was only the coach of the Halo team that signed onboard. Since that time, on top of being a professional coach, I'm also considered a professional gamer and the team manager of our console team. On the side, I try to help where I can. I've been known to help the management as well as the journalism team when needed. Spikemouth with his team at a recent competitive gaming event. vVv Gaming: After you becoming a part of Fnatic, you were chosen to be a part of Season Two of reality show on YouTube called The Controller. What was that experience like and how were you chosen for the show? FnaticSpike: After growing as not only a player/coach but also as an individual with Fnatic, I began to receive a lot more recognition from the eSports community. I'd heard from Kelly Kelley (Formerly vVv Mrs. Violence) that Bunim and Murray Productions had been holding auditions for season two of their reality show called "The Controller: Medal of Honor Warfighter." I decided to throw my name into the hat and hope for the best. I was shocked when I received a response and a scheduled interview. After a few weeks of interviews, I found out that I'd been chosen to be on the show. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. The day had to come to fly out and I didn't know where I was going. I flew down to Georgia and ended up meeting with Bunim and Murray Productions as well as famous YouTubers Optic Hecz, xJawz, and Faze Temperrr along with four intimidating military guys. We went to our hotel and ended up meeting up with FPS Russia, Paintball Kitty and a few others. At that very moment, as bad as this sounds, I hadn't heard of any of these people. We spent the next few days using FPS Russia's amazing weapons to blow up random stuff. It was my first time ever getting to fire real weaponry. After going through all the live fire challenges, we flew out to LA to film the gaming portion of it where I ended up meeting SlyFoxHound, Syndicat, and Mr. Sark. We did our gaming challenges and unfortunately I came up short in the finals, but none the less, I had an incredible time working with Bunim and Murray, EA, and Machinima on this amazing show. Of all the things I've been able to do in my life and gaming career, this would definitely have to be the best experience I've had. To be recognized by big time companies like Bunim and Murray and Machinima made me realize that all this hard work is finally paying off. The show was also a learning experience. I learned so much about the YouTube industry and I was able to make so many new friends because of this show. The memories will never be forgotten and I'm thankful for being given the opportunity. Justin "Fnatic Spikemouth" Saboo. vVv Gaming: How did your time in vVv Gaming prepare you for Fnatic? What skills did you take with you? FnaticSpike: I learned so much throughout my time with vVv Gaming. If I hadn't learned what I did with vVv, I wouldn't be where I am today. Being able to learn from influential people like LordJerith, Paradise, Doomhammer, etc... Oh and did I mention LordJerith? I don't think one person can move on from vVv Gaming without saying they didn't learn from Jerry. Truthfully, it wasn't just the people I named before that influenced me. The entire vVv Gaming community plays a big part in individual growth. I joined vVv as a business/gaming noob. Throughout my time I took in all the knowledge I could, not only about the gaming but about the industry and business in general. Gaining that knowledge with vVv Gaming helped me join Fnatic. It helped me understand how to grow as an individual. I look back and thank vVv Gaming everyday for what the organization taught me. Spikemouth coaching his Fnatic Halo squad at MLG. vVv Gaming: You recently started focusing more on YouTube content. What kind of content will you be producing? What is next for Spikemouth? FnaticSpike: While I was on set for "The Controller," I learned so much about the YouTube market and industry. We would talk practically the entire time about all things business. At the time, I didn't have a channel and knew nothing about it. I left with so much knowledge that I had decided to start my own channel and work on it full time. I thank everyone on the show for kinda taking me in and teaching me about the YouTube scene, especially Optic Hecz. My channel won't be focused on just one game or topic but actually a wide variety of games. I'm taking a similar approach like famous YouTubers SlyFoxHound, PewDiePie, Syndicate, and others. Why only showcase one game when you can showcase many? Some of the things you'll see soon are games like Halo, CoD, Minecrack... err I mean Minecraft, and Amnesia. I plan on creating video blogs of my everyday life, and travels, and product reviews. The possibilities with my channel are endless and I really want to have my fans and the people that support me play a big part in my channel. I want to bring you all in and be apart of my videos as well as choose the games I play and the things I do. I feel without the support I receive from all of you, none of this would have been possible. What better way to thank all of you then to have you all involved in my content creation? Currently, my channel is quite small as that I've only worked on the channel full time for just under 2 weeks. With consistent content everyday and the support from all of you, there's no way I can fail! For those of you that are interested in checking out my channel, you can find it by clicking this link here. Want to keep up with Justin on social media? Following him on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/FnaticSpike Are you interested in who else has been a part of vVv Gaming over the last six years? Check out the entire list of vVv Gaming Alumni by clicking here. We will be featuring other vVv Alumni in future articles to showcase the talent that has been a part of vVv Gaming throughout the years. Would you like to see a specific personality showcased? Leave a comment below!
  6. Tonight at 7:00 PM EST, vVv.CoD will be taking on Donut Shop in an MLG Pro Scrim! This series will be casted by both Chris Puckett and SoaRMethodz! vVv.CoD is currently undefeated on MLG broadcasts. Will the streak continue? Watch and discuss the match here in this thread live starting at 7:00 PM EST! Best of Seven Series Current Map Count - (vVv.CoD - 4) (Donut Shop - 1) Map 1 (Standoff - Hardpoint): vVv 233 - Donut Shop 211 Map 2 (Raid - Capture the Flag): Donut Ship 2 - vVv 1 Map 3 (Meltdown - Search & Destroy): vVv 6 - Donut Shop 4 Map 4 (Slums - Hardpoint): vVv > Donut Shop Map 5 (Standoff - Capture the Flag): vVv 2 - Donut Shop 0
  7. The State of vVv Gaming Let's have some fun ;-) With the year half over, it is time for me to update the community on our progress in 2012. I was debating how to best to do this, but I will start with the one thing I want to focus on. I know this is going to seem really strange coming from me, but I want to focus on fun. Yes, fun. Look, we have worked really hard this year. We have made a lot of changes to make our processes and community better. Applications are streamlined. We grew a very successful fighting games division. We are growing a fantastic League of Legends community. Here are my thoughts in order of our priorities for the rest of the year. League of Legends This game is front and center. We have an awesome community. We have great in-house matches. We have a young core team (partial team) with great personality, and they’re starting an awesome journey. I think this game has so much more potential as time goes on. With Riot’s great support, this game looks to explode as it enters its 3rd season next year. This is front and center for me. To be honest, I can’t imagine anyone not playing this game. OK, maybe not vVv Amped. He loves Dota2. But then again, League of Legends is free. . . and dare I say, fun. Guild Wars 2 I know. It’s not out yet. How can you put GW2 before Starcraft? Starcraft is established. It’s kinetic. Guild Wars 2 is all potential energy right now, and I want vVv Gaming prepared to grow a lasting, well-respected guild. With the return of vVv Jolly, and so many new faces, this is a game that will not only grow our membership and reach, but it will be fun. (There is that word again). Finally, I know many of you can’t wait. Might I make a suggestion? In the meantime find vVv Rinzler and PvP with him in Bloodline Champions, another game that is free and fun. If you prefer PvE, you can join me in The Secret World, a unique MMO that gets high praise for its strong influences from H.P. Lovecraft and other famous horror settings, along with innovative storyline and unique structure. Starcraft OK SC2 fans, don’t hate, but our growth here will always be players who are looking to develop their skills. You know we would never invest the amounts other teams would to purchase top talent. In fact, we reduced our investment by removing WNS and reducing our sponsored players to just Glon and Ruff. Why? Good question. I am happy to announce that we are going to launch a Starcraft Training Consortium (League of Legends will have one also). More will follow in the next two weeks. If you like SC2, and want to develop as a player, this will be the place to be. Just look at what happened to our very own vVvToXSiK. Plus, our training consortium promises to be fun. Fighters We all know CDjr, Romance and RTD. If not, checkout our YouTube channel for interviews. We were sad to see REO quit MK9, but we are excited to keep supporting and being entertained by our players. This is probably the easiest category of games (fighters) in the eSports arena to watch. I should also mention that watching fighting games is not only easy, but fun. Counter-Strike Can you believe we have Counter Strike: Source team going to ESEA Finals? With the 4th seed, they are sure to entertain. You can read all about here. I should mention that this puts us in a great position n to support the new CS:GO for all those shooter fans who have waiting for something new. And our team is really fun to watch. FIFA We recently had our very own Michs09 explain why MLG should look seriously at FIFA13. I would not be surprised to see more sports games show up in various leagues as they compete for growth and to increase their reach. Did I mention that Michs09 is a fun player to be around? CoD4:PC Yes, we still play. Yes, we still have vVv Cubed making this game awesome and showing it off with is amazing videos. Yes, we are still one of the top teams in North America. Yes, it's still fun. Halo4/CoD BO2/GoW: Judgment These three titles all have potential. Halo looks the most polished, CoD by far has the largest fan base, and GoW started vVv Gaming dominance in console gaming. We will support all and any of these games if they have LAN events. Period. We hope they all do. Until then, don’t think we forgot how much fun these communities, drama and matches can be. We keep our eyes out on other titles like Firefall, Smite and Divekick. There are more, but you get the point. We look at any opportunity to recruit great people, create a great experience and win. We will look to develop fun content. Everyone is doing news and serious stuff, we are looking for something creative and unique. Something about eSpoets that is FUN! Think about our mission statement, as I find it helpful to read it again sometimes to keep myself focused.. My advice this summer: Have fun. Seriously. You all deserve it.
  8. Name: Andrew Age (minimum 16): 16 Gamertags (for all systems you own): oiTalent- (ps3) iTalent sC (XBL) iAmTalent (sc2) Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes, at all times. What are your screen names (all that apply)? (AIM, MSN, Skype, Steam, Xfire) TheZerkHQ (Skype) Link to your Twitter page (twitter required): https://www.twitter.com/esn_Talent Link to your Google+ or Facebook page (at least one required): http://www.facebook.com/AlphaScrub?ref=tn_tnmn How frequently do you use Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or Google+? Everyday How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Team Obey and Golden Boy, they said if I was going to look for any sort of community vVv is the best one out there! Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I have played with a few vVv members (vVv Medusa being the most memorable) I just faced them in a few scrims. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I am a competitive player and I want to step my game up by facing better players, they say losing is learning but I'm not learning enough from the players I am playing. Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value?: I will be tweeting all the vVv stuff and interacting with players of all skill levels as much as possible, unlike a lot of players I have the ability to forget and move on, I don't stress about every loss, I gain a lot of respect for doing this alone, I want to help create a more friendly community in vVv's name! Also I try not to have the cockiness of a lot of players do. Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what are some of your favorites and why?: I have only seen one of the losers bracket with Sundance on it but I found it really interesting to see what he had to say and also the question's vVv was asking him were well thought out. How long have you been playing video games? 10 years, starting with my good old PC and Sonic 2, I was a competitive Warhawk player at the age of 10 and got mw2 on March 10th, started playing competitively in August 2011 with a lot of "clan battle" experience I picked it up really quickly. How many hours per week do you devote to gaming? 40-50 hours, 5-6 on week days and 7-8 on weekends, times can vary depending on what I have for that week. What’s the hardest game you’ve ever beaten? Sonic 2, took me really long to complete that, I was 5 years old. What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? Halo 4, Starcraft 3, I'm really into RTS games even though I just picked up sc2 for Christmas I've been hooked, Halo 4 because I was a big fan of halo back in the day but never really got the chance to play it too much. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Extreme sports and normal sports, skateboarding, snowboarding, baseball, basketball and swimming. Where do you see yourself next year at this time? I see myself with a extremely successful stream consisting on strategy and entertainment that players will turn to because it helps them. What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? I have participated at a few LAN events placing 9th out of 16th with my friends for fun and playing in a few IcoN's tournaments only getting beaten by pros. Have you attended any national events (MLG, WCG, CPL)? Travel costs from Canada to the U.S. are fairly expensive so I have not been able too but should they have a Toronto event I'll be there! How long have you been playing competitively? With clan battles I have been playing for about 2 years, 5 months on MLG rule sets. What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? I clutched 3v1 on the offensive side of SnD while the round count was 5, 5, it was on villa winning us the game. Worst would be my choke at a LAN event, I was last man up on CTF and they pulled it, I tried knifing the flag carrier but missed and got turned on. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? I want to be a top player, I will practice and keep grinding even after I hit my goals, its just something I want to do, in the background I want to have my starcraft/CoD streaming running in good shape. What was your toughest competition? Getting picked up for scrims by pro players, I was playing for their respect because thats what I used to believe was the only way to get "big", I dropped 20s and gave Optic Merk a run for his money putting up 20s and getting my first major shoutout by ProoFy, it's all been uphill from there. How do you see vVv Gaming adding value to you? Respect, I'm known as a random and when I beat other players I get kicked and trash talked, I'm not one to talk badly back so I don't get invited to scrimmages anymore, when I was on VWS I never had this problem but since they went corrupt I've been just another AM playe Of vVv Gaming's accomplishments, what is/are the most surprising one(s)?: The most surprising as well as my favourite vVv achievement would hands down be vVvRuFF placing 1st in the W3X SC2 TeamLiquid tournament, I'm a huge fan of starcraft 2 and I really respect Team Liquid and it just so happens that RuFF is one of my favourite players, 1st place in GM? Thats just insane and is something to talk about. What is the best TLB episode you listened to, and why?: My favourite TLB episode was episode 95 where you guys brought Sundance on and discussed the future of MLG and what they plan on accomplishing in 2012, that was useful information and I watched every second of it and was able to relate to the things he was talking about.
  9. vVv Gaming is pleased to announce our new Call of Duty division Manager, Theodore "vVv Bizkit" Molling! A Florida native, vVv Bizkit began his Call of Duty career back in Call of Duty 4, and after hearing stories from MLG events, as well as experiencing the very popular competitive scene for CoD 4, Bizkit became much more passionate for the franchise. To this day, Call of Duty is still his game of choice. vVv Bizkit His love for Call of Duty has brought him to accepting the position of CoD Console Manager for vVv Gaming. As the new Call of Duty manager, Bizkit stated, "As the CoD Manager, not only do I want to get vVv's name out there to other CoD players and continue helping everyone as I do now, but I also want to recruit them to further do so. I want to get a team contracted as well as get out new CoD content to help out any players who want to have helpful tips of the game and to help them on a competitive level as well." He went on to say, "As of this year, the relationship between CoD and vVv is even better than before." Bizkit is very optimistic about Call of Duty in 2012 and what he will be able bring to the table. His high hopes ride on the large support for CoD content and competitive play found in recent vVv Gaming community surveys. vVv Gaming is very excited to have Bizkit leading the way for Call of Duty competitive play, and we hope that his passion for the community brings us new faces and huge results in 2012!
  10. Hello my name is Austin or Prod and im looking to shoutcast for VVV. Im currently 15 and am schedule to cast a few LAN events this year. Im looking to grow and get myself more involved in the community. I understand that VVV doesnt currently stream MW3 but i figured i would post anyways. At the age i am after these events in the next month i will be the youngest pro COD Shoutcaster. If theres a possibility that we can work together please let me know and i will supply my work.
  11. Can we get a new forum category for MW3? Also I am an F/A rite now so if anyone is recruiting hmu, info in sig
  12. so what did everyone think about all the matches at MLG Raleigh, NC? Would've been cool if vVv would have made it to the finals and won, but there's always next time.
  13. One of the most important parts of games involving any sort of combat is weapon balancing. Gamers who frequent the online realms of their favorite games are usually very in-tune with the balancing between every weapon at their disposal, as are those who play fighting games and understand the balancing between each character in the roster. For gaming, weapon balance is key to making the community happy; no one is going to play a game in which someone can gain access to a shotgun that has a reload time of .3 seconds, a fire rate of an assault rifle, and damage output of a catapult using whales as projectiles. Every weapon must have pros and cons, and this applies to both campaign modes and multiplayer, as when there is less of a balance, the game itself suffers as a whole. For campaigns, weapon balancing is essentially for keeping a game challenging and, at the same time, worthwhile to play. In an obvious example, it makes no logical sense to give the player access to a weapon early in the game that allows them to kill every enemy they see with no effort. There has to be a scaling factor
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