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  1. Understandable, however i was told: So that is what i did.
  2. Having been around these forums for seven years, i have seen a ton of posts where people are no longer content and leave. Back in 2012 it was honestly pretty easy to shrug it off as those people would never return, however vVv had so much going on at the time that there was always a positive growth of viewership and/or members. However, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So i would like you to humor me for a moment, as i have kept my true intentions of writing this article hidden. Writing is such a fascinating thing to me as individually, the 24 characters of the English language mean absolutely nothing... yet arranged in the correct manor, can create a world of possibilities. The title and first paragraph were written with the sole intent of getting people's attention. If you cannot get people to care by the end of the first paragraph, you have no hope of getting your opinion across. So i picked "Thanks for the Memories" and intentionally wrote the first paragraph to get the attention of everyone i possibly could. To be honest, a lot more people came to read my post than i would have thought, and even some went out of the way to login to the forums and make a response, or at the very least conveyed their thoughts on my facebook. I do not claim to understand everyone, and while my personal opinions have been stated in the article as to why i no longer had a drive to interact with this community, i wanted to get opinions of others in the hopes that the current vVv Gaming staff would have an idea on why old members quit and possibly reflect on why this community is no longer important to them. I agree with your point that you cannot move forward by always looking back, yet if you never take the time to reflect on why things are not getting better, you may never move forward. I understand that leading is hard; i have been thrown into a leadership position, both in gaming guilds and even here on vVv, and I realized it wasn't something i enjoyed. I'm not going to pretend i can do something i cannot and instead i focus on my strengths. So lets go back to my intentions for actually writing this article. First, i wanted to drag people, both new and old, into reading what i had to say. Second, i wanted to paint the picture on what I personally enjoyed about vVv Gaming and why i no longer have that motivation. Lastly, I wanted to give the current vVv Gaming members and staff my opinions on what i think could be done better, and hopefully drag other previous members into the conversation to share their thoughts as well... all in the attempt to try and drive the conversation on what could be done better. If all of these things failed, well then at the very least i would be content on the fact that I did something rather than just leave. People will come and go, and i get your philosophy on focusing on the best way to utilize your time for the maximum outcome. In a way, that is exactly what i did. I utilized my skills to in some way create an impact on vVv Gaming. It is what i have always done here, and sadly it takes something like this from me to actually get some interaction on these forums which used to be incredibly lively. You can prefer to have three very motivated people over 100 lazy ones, but if you don't have members nor an audience that cares about those three people, then you become that small group of people that Jerry always talked about. Sitting in your voice comms complaining about how others are wrong and just blindly agreeing with each other. It may make the world satisfying for that small group but does that contribute to a better world? When you originally asked me what i would do to make the world a better place, i took it more as a general opinion and large scale. I see now what you meant and i could give you a much better answer. I want to make the world a better place by getting them to interact within the hobby that I and so many people here love... gaming. I feel the best way that i can achieve this is through my writing. For the two years that i wrote here on a consistent basis i feel i achieved that in some small manor as i grew a viewership and made people care about the things that I cared for. I never felt that I reached a very high level of importance, however i do recall going back to may articles several years ago and counting up my views. Every article achieved several thousand views with some reaching into the tens of thousands. Obviously I did achieve my goal in some small manor. In the future I would like to do the same thing again, however I would love even more if i could make it into a job. Finally, I would like to say I do appreciate that both you and Bagzli still have a lot of passion for this community, and I am very happy that you chose to interact with me rather than just closing or ignoring my thread. I just hope you can also see that I still do care about this place and I have seen and participated in more interaction on these forums due to my post in the last three days than I have in possibly the last year. Until this forum closes down, i will always come and visit and if people want to talk about things I am interested in, i will always join in the conversation. Unfortunately right now, i do not have the motivation to contribute to this community as I once did, which is why I accepted some of the responsibility to how things seem to have gone downhill. While it can be said that if you want to see change you need to put in the effort to make it change, i can also say "But if i can do it else where, why would I choose to do it here?"
  3. Yeah it feels quite unfortunate that we did not spend much time together as you seemed to be a great person when i did meet you. I do still play games and likely i always will. Right now i mostly play Black Desert Online. MMO's have been something that have always captivated me over the last 15 years and honestly i have a hard time playing other types of games for a very long period of time consistently. Honestly if i had the power or influence there would be things i would love to change the world, but i would more likely focus on making my life great and enjoyable. Unfortunately, my life was rough at the beginning of this year due to the passing of my stepfather and leaving me in a position where i had to take care of a mess i did not wish to. What is important in my life right now is to get back to a comfortable place and hopefully pursue a job, or create one, that i can enjoy and make a living off of. @bagzli - I did not intend to make this out to be a "Goodbye" post. Honestly vVv Gaming has meant a lot to me over the years and i would hate to ever see it close. I understand the position you picked up the mantle in and i do really hope you and your staff can turn vVv into something even greater than it has been. This post was more of a way to convey my thoughts, explanations on why i feel vVv Gaming has become less than it once was, and hopefully some insight as to why many old members no longer feel motivated to be here. But as i said in my original post, i no longer have the motivation to be here regularly, and i haven't for some time now. Since i didn't even bother to replay to your e-mail last month asking those of us who did not have much activity if we still wished to join in your efforts to rebuild this community (and it seems i was not alone due to the list of people cut) i recently felt that i owed this community at least something rather than just ignore it and walk away. The best way i know how to do that is through writing, so that is what i decided to do.
  4. Thank you all who took the time to read, it honestly means a lot that even though i haven't talked to many of you in so long, you still logged back in one more time for me Haha, yes a lot of good times were had at events! you can always hit me up if you come out to Vegas, ill come party with you for sure Indeed, I always tell stories about the MLG DC trip to people as it was one of the best vacations i've ever taken! I miss you sir and if i ever find my way back out to the east coast i will have to come visit you! Your words humble me and you have always been a great person since we first talked. I to wish the best for this community and would love to see it rebound stronger than ever. Although i don't post much on facebook of my personal life, but i check in on it frequently so you can always reach me! Thank you sir, it was always great fun playing games with you. you can always hit me up on facebook whenever you want
  5. Well, it certainly has been some time since I have written an article around here hasn’t it? I have been thinking sporadically over the last few months about vVv Gaming as to why I just don’t really have the drive to visit the forums or bother to jump onto teamspeak anymore (well I guess it would be discord now… see how long it’s been >.<). It is a bit strange to me as for more than five years I spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours talking with members and applicants, writing articles, going to events, and generally just having fun all thanks to this community… and now I no longer have the drive to even respond to an email… However, today I feel that I owe it to this community at the very least some words, some form of what originally made me love this community, and hopefully ways for current and future members to reignite that spark that I once cared so deeply for. This community has given me so much over the past seven years that I believe you all deserve one last article from Sean “vVv Blazek” Emes. Let us take a stroll back to humble beginnings... I recall joining up with vVv Gaming all the way back in 2009 when I started playing Aion. I had originally followed a friend into the guild in-game over a random invite. At the time I honestly had no real reason to join one guild over another, and quite honestly when I was told by the person who invited me (Spylock) that I had to make a forum account AND post an application, I was already thinking that this was a bit much just to play a game. Still, I followed through the application process and quite quickly became attached to the community. It was quite a change of pace now that I think back to that time. Before I joined vVv I had always just been kind of transient between guilds in other games. Even when I found a guild in Dark Age of Camelot that I had put quite a bit of effort into working with, eventually becoming a guild officer for, I never really felt attached to the people I played with. Somehow, this guild was just... different. Likely one of the major reasons this guild felt different was due to the heavy push for voice communication. I recall some conversations from discussions on ventrillo back in the day, a few conversations stick out quite well in fact. For instance, one of the first times talking to Jerry, aka Lord Jerith, for the first time… it ended with him yelling at everyone and he abruptly logged off for the night as people would not organize to make a show of presence in PvP. I actually felt so bad, like I had done something wrong, that I wrote him an email apologizing that things did not go well. XD After being accepted and gaining my V’s I wound up with some real life issues that drug me away from gaming and put me in a very odd spot. By the time I had returned, a vast majority of the guild had left and I honestly didn’t find myself wanting to play Aion any further. Generally in the past this is where I would just cut my ties to everything and move onto the next game… But for some reason I didn’t feel like letting go of vVv. While the two friends I had originally joined up with had moved on, I decided to continue to visit the forums and talk with others, many of whom I never spoke with before due to playing completely different games than I. It wasn’t until around March of 2011 that I really felt that this community was far more than just a gathering of gamers, but rather a community that had a passion for gaming. A vast majority of the people who have come and gone from vVv over the years were all great people who wanted a place to enjoy their hobby, and favored real debate and others opinions rather than personal attacks and thoughtless banter. I loved being around these people so much that I wanted to do something more… Unfortunately I have never been good at engaging others or being someone who gets out there and pushes an idea forward. I have always been the type to sit back and listen to the conversation at hand and try to formulate my ideas when I have time to think upon them. By this time I had already written a few guides, including a leveling guide back when I was playing Aion in order to help the community. It was so widely liked, even from outside of vVv, that I was getting demands to finish it during the time that I was unable to return to the game. I realized I should continue writing other game related articles, so I applied to join the vVv staff as a writer. Originally I was only writing a review or opinion article once a month whenever I felt like doing something; however I started to get pushed by both Jerry and Jordan (Doomhammer) to keep a much more consistent schedule with my writing if I wanted to be on staff as a writer. Their persuasion and praise are really the main reasons I moved my writing up to a weekly basis, and thanks to vVv I was able to extend my audience through social media and even the Chicago Now! blogs, in which we were guest writers on almost a weekly basis. At times it was hard to keep up, but in the end I managed to continue for nearly two years of consistency with my articles, and I feel I do owe a lot of that to both Jerry and Jordan. While writing was a big focus of mine, It barely hit the cusp of my time spent with vVv Gaming. I ended up playing many different games with the community, from Rift, to WoW, to Star Wars the Old Republic… hell I even bought an X-Box 360 just so I could support the Gears of War 2 scene. I learned about the competitive side of gaming and saw the rise of e-sports in North America… I recall the first MLG event I went to, spectators didn’t require a pass and the event hall had so much free space it was easy to get around and watch the competition… however there was only 2 benches for the Starcraft 2 tournament and most people would just sit around on the ground near the players. Fast forward a mere two years and events were jam packed with many rows of seats and… well people still sat around on the ground watching the tournaments. Sadly all good things do in fact come to an end. Jerry had obtained a job working for Riot Games and decided to hand off leadership of vVv to Jordan. I was optimistic about the change, and really Jordan did a great job, however my motivation seemed to slowly wain from this point forward. I stopped keeping up on weekly articles and really didn’t have the motivation to get excited to write the next one. Once again in less than a year, Jordan had also moved on and passed the lead of vVv Gaming to Rob (RobZ). If I had to pick a point where I no longer bothered what would happen around the forums, this would be it. Many of the people that I had wonderful times playing games with had either moved onto other jobs or communities, simply left due to time constraints or boredom. There was still some activity around the forums and people to converse with, however I was basically back to playing games with one or two people with an occasional burst of life, generally when Jerry attempted to start back up in an MMO. Unfortunately, while it has been seven years now since I first joined, the last two have felt like an elongated exit that just never happened for me. So that brings us to now. What has happened and what can really be done to fix it? While I am somewhat sad as to the state of vVv Gaming over the last two years, I do not blame anyone in particular. In fact I am willing to share the blame as I did nothing to really try and create a better palace for the community to thrive. I cannot give an opinion on why this place is no longer enjoyable for all that have left, but I would like to share the reasons as to why I no longer feel motivated to get on a VoiP program, share my opinions, or write a lengthy article anymore... (yes, yes, I know I'm being hypocritical right now ) What made vVv Gaming great to me for five years were the experiences I shared, the friendships I made, and the conversations I had both on the forums and over VoiP programs; and that has all but gone away for me. Sadly there was no one that ever replaced Jerry in my mind as both the authoritative figure who lead with an iron fist but also was someone who was just fun to talk to and play games with. The experiences I shared with other members started to dwindle the more we switched games and the less frequently people would get motivated to play together again. The conversations which used to be varied from real life to hard strategy in PvP, basically got reduced to short 30 minute intervals of playing games together and then everyone would leave. To me, I can only ever see vVv thrive in the future if the members begin to do more than just login and play their individual games. Interaction between the entire community needs to return, people need to get excited and share their passion with others, and really vVv members have to want to do more than just have the vVv tag on their name. Whether it be creating a talk show (like Rapture or Paradise did), write articles, or just get people excited to play games together, for the love of the hobby that we all share... To the current vVv Gaming Staff; I wish you the best of luck, and I hope in some way my reflection on the past motivates you to greatness. Create a Vision, Game with Valor, and Achieve Victory my friends. In my closing paragraph, I want to thank everyone who made this place special to me. In my time with this community, I have met many people; plenty of whom I have had the luxury of speaking with in person at multiple events. While basically everyone I have met over the years were amazing human beings, I have to give a heartfelt thank you to those of you who really made this place special to me… Connor (Addiction), Blake (Guttzu), Jason (Paradise), Jorge (Nynjatic), Dan (Sylph), Kenny (Voison), Lee (Brock), Chuck (Buzz), Nick (Enmity), John (Lithium), Matt (Jolly), Anthony (Kraft), Ryan (Perilous), Rob (RobZ), Jordan (Doomhammer), and of course Jerry (Lord Jerith). Sadly I do not talk to most of these people anymore, but I will never forget any of you for the rest of my days, so thank you all for the memories. -Blazek
  6. Blazek

    Overwatch Launches Today!

    Played for about 6 hours last night and besides a few D/C issues the launch actually went smooth. (far better than the mess that Diablo 3 launch provided )
  7. Blazek

    So who played in the beta?

    Sadly didn't get to play the beta, but i know far too many people that already plan to get the game so i don't i have much of a choice but to buy it at launch
  8. Sadly the game is quite a mess (more so on PC version than the others). Not just on a cheating/exploit/hacking level but on a content level as well. It really feels like the early days of Diablo 3 and unfortunately the game has basically run its course for everyone i know that was playing it. Perhaps they will fix up the bugs and crack down on the cheating on a serious level; but unless they make the game more about having fun rather than a ridiculous grind, in which they punish players more who didn't take advantage of exploits, i don't see The Division lasting very long. Ubisoft really needs to take a good look at what blizzard did to turn D3 around and find ways to creatively do the same thing.
  9. Blazek

    Favorite anime Only.

    holy crap i actually forgot about this anime, and i even own the manga and anime of it It would be pretty hard for me to pick just one as i have seen many amazing anime shows and movies... But if i am going to have to pick a favorite, it would have to be one that i am willing to watch over and over; thus it would come down to either Appleseed (the movie from 2004) or Redline.
  10. The game certainly looks great and im in total support of what the developers are trying to accomplish; however I am in the same boat as Pherz. I want to play it, however i am going to wait to see how it develops and when the game actually can show closer to launch game play then i will start to get interested.
  11. Blazek

    Life Choices

    You may be surprised, but quite a few people around here will read and try to help you with advice as this community tends to care As far as any advice i can give, i can understand the struggle of choosing between something you enjoy and trying to be financially stable, specifically when going through a rough time. Most people here don't actually know this as i have kept it fairly quiet, but about a month ago my stepfather passed away and i have been doing my best to provide for my mother who has been under a lot of stress and unable to pay her bills. It has been pretty rough for me as well, as just before this, I was financially in a good spot and was starting to work on writing again as it is something i enjoy and would eventually like to do to at least make some income on the side. Unfortunately this all has taken a back seat as i try to get both my mother and I stable again and moving forward with our lives. I am grateful that i have a job with a solid income, but unfortunately a lot of my free time has been removed for the time being. As far as what you should do? that's a choice only you can make, but perhaps i can give some advice. I have always said that people need to do something they enjoy to make a living as then you aren't hating your job even when it gets stressful. At the end of the day you feel more accomplished with the work you do and you enjoy going to work (at least most days ). However, for starting a career as a content creator on youtube/twitch/etc. there is no guarantee on success and you need to have something to fall back on to pay the bills until you reach a point where making videos and streaming can become a viable option for income. What i can tell you, as someone who generated articles here for about 2 years, the most important thing for content creation is to have consistency in your schedule. Even if it is just a single video a week or one stream a week, having that consistent schedule will keep people more interested and know when to expect something new. This is how you begin to build an audience and keep them interested. If you are able to throw in an extra video/stream every now and then, great! But maintaining the consistency is the most important thing. The best option in my opinion would be to start off slow while maintaining your current life with work and school. Due to having a hectic life style, videos would likely be easier to start for consistency as you can work on them over time and post them more consistently rather than trying to keep a consistent stream schedule. Finally, don't go and spend a bunch of money on higher end equipment. You need to make sure it is something you truly enjoy doing and are able to try and maintain. While quality is always great, quite a few now popular youtubers and streamers didn't start with high end equipment, or even extensive knowledge of graphics, video editing, etc. (These are things you learn over time by reading up on them and applying the knowledge to become more proficient). It is almost always their personality, consistency, and interactivity that keeps people coming back. Hopefully my advice gives you at least some idea of what to do, and I wish you the best of luck!
  12. Just a funny video Wargaming put out for the holidays as, every year, they give the players a free tank... unfortunately they generally kinda suck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLmsrSM0qic
  13. Blazek

    Fallout 4 worth it?

    I believe a lot of it comes down to: Do you like/enjoy open world games (such as GTA, Elder Scrolls, Just Cause, etc.) If yes, then Fallout 4 is likely something you will enjoy. If you dislike them (as i do... in most cases), than probably avoid it. Fallout 4 does have its issues and i believe is hyped beyond what it actually delivers, but i think even with the flaws it does what it sets out to do (and 2 of my friends have already put about 100+ hours into it, so i kinda take that as a sign that it does appease those that like the genre). If you are brand new to the genre entirely then it is hard to say; Its fun, at times silly, and can give you many many hours of things to do, although there generally isn't much direction on what to do (aside from the main storyline) in open world games and the fun comes more from either the lore (IE: the people, quests, and events that make up the world), the tools the game gives you, or the modding community (which fallout has a fairly large modding scene).
  14. Blazek

    Visit Cyprus 12/9-12/21

    Have a great trip!
  15. While i wasn't really bothered if new characters or maps would cost anything (not a big fan of it but it is pretty standard in the market today), i believe this is probably best overall; second only to doing large scale "expansions" every 1-2 years. The main reason i say this is that when you start charging for additional content (specifically in an online only game) and put it out at a more rapid pace (ie: every 3-6 months) you start to segment the community. While i think Overwatch will do just fine for some time, other games such as Evolve and Titanfall dwindled quite rapidly, and their DLC model made it so that the pool of players people could game with grew even smaller.