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  1. Played for about 6 hours last night and besides a few D/C issues the launch actually went smooth. (far better than the mess that Diablo 3 launch provided )
  2. Sadly didn't get to play the beta, but i know far too many people that already plan to get the game so i don't i have much of a choice but to buy it at launch
  3. Sadly the game is quite a mess (more so on PC version than the others). Not just on a cheating/exploit/hacking level but on a content level as well. It really feels like the early days of Diablo 3 and unfortunately the game has basically run its course for everyone i know that was playing it. Perhaps they will fix up the bugs and crack down on the cheating on a serious level; but unless they make the game more about having fun rather than a ridiculous grind, in which they punish players more who didn't take advantage of exploits, i don't see The Division lasting very long. Ubisoft really needs to take a good look at what blizzard did to turn D3 around and find ways to creatively do the same thing.
  4. holy crap i actually forgot about this anime, and i even own the manga and anime of it It would be pretty hard for me to pick just one as i have seen many amazing anime shows and movies... But if i am going to have to pick a favorite, it would have to be one that i am willing to watch over and over; thus it would come down to either Appleseed (the movie from 2004) or Redline.
  5. The game certainly looks great and im in total support of what the developers are trying to accomplish; however I am in the same boat as Pherz. I want to play it, however i am going to wait to see how it develops and when the game actually can show closer to launch game play then i will start to get interested.
  6. Blazek

    Life Choices

    You may be surprised, but quite a few people around here will read and try to help you with advice as this community tends to care As far as any advice i can give, i can understand the struggle of choosing between something you enjoy and trying to be financially stable, specifically when going through a rough time. Most people here don't actually know this as i have kept it fairly quiet, but about a month ago my stepfather passed away and i have been doing my best to provide for my mother who has been under a lot of stress and unable to pay her bills. It has been pretty rough for me as well, as just before this, I was financially in a good spot and was starting to work on writing again as it is something i enjoy and would eventually like to do to at least make some income on the side. Unfortunately this all has taken a back seat as i try to get both my mother and I stable again and moving forward with our lives. I am grateful that i have a job with a solid income, but unfortunately a lot of my free time has been removed for the time being. As far as what you should do? that's a choice only you can make, but perhaps i can give some advice. I have always said that people need to do something they enjoy to make a living as then you aren't hating your job even when it gets stressful. At the end of the day you feel more accomplished with the work you do and you enjoy going to work (at least most days ). However, for starting a career as a content creator on youtube/twitch/etc. there is no guarantee on success and you need to have something to fall back on to pay the bills until you reach a point where making videos and streaming can become a viable option for income. What i can tell you, as someone who generated articles here for about 2 years, the most important thing for content creation is to have consistency in your schedule. Even if it is just a single video a week or one stream a week, having that consistent schedule will keep people more interested and know when to expect something new. This is how you begin to build an audience and keep them interested. If you are able to throw in an extra video/stream every now and then, great! But maintaining the consistency is the most important thing. The best option in my opinion would be to start off slow while maintaining your current life with work and school. Due to having a hectic life style, videos would likely be easier to start for consistency as you can work on them over time and post them more consistently rather than trying to keep a consistent stream schedule. Finally, don't go and spend a bunch of money on higher end equipment. You need to make sure it is something you truly enjoy doing and are able to try and maintain. While quality is always great, quite a few now popular youtubers and streamers didn't start with high end equipment, or even extensive knowledge of graphics, video editing, etc. (These are things you learn over time by reading up on them and applying the knowledge to become more proficient). It is almost always their personality, consistency, and interactivity that keeps people coming back. Hopefully my advice gives you at least some idea of what to do, and I wish you the best of luck!
  7. Just a funny video Wargaming put out for the holidays as, every year, they give the players a free tank... unfortunately they generally kinda suck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLmsrSM0qic
  8. While i wasn't really bothered if new characters or maps would cost anything (not a big fan of it but it is pretty standard in the market today), i believe this is probably best overall; second only to doing large scale "expansions" every 1-2 years. The main reason i say this is that when you start charging for additional content (specifically in an online only game) and put it out at a more rapid pace (ie: every 3-6 months) you start to segment the community. While i think Overwatch will do just fine for some time, other games such as Evolve and Titanfall dwindled quite rapidly, and their DLC model made it so that the pool of players people could game with grew even smaller.
  9. I am glad to see this project go forward however i am going to avoid this. As much fun as i had back in the old days of lineage 2 (played mostly during C3 and again in C5 and had a blast with PvP and castle sieges on my necro and warcryer) I can't say i would want to do it again. The endless hours of grinding for 10% of a level, Soulshots, Grinding for gear, having to borrow gear and adena from guild mates, Dropping said gear >.<!! Yeah, i have rose tinted goggles for the good times, but the investment was a real pain to get to things you really wanted to do. Although i kinda hope this server does well as i feel there is a void in the MMO industry for these kind of games.
  10. http://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/buy/ contains the origins edition (base game + 5 skins: as well as: Tracer Hero for HotS, Baby Winston pet for WoW, Card Back for Hearthstone, Mercy Wings for Diablo, portraits for SC2)Overwatch SoundtrackOverwatch Sourcebook (Illustrations book)Statue of Soldier 76 My guess is its gonna be around $100-$120
  11. thanks for making my decision easy Blizzard. Looks like i'm just getting the standard edition, $20 is a bit ridiculous for 5 skins and a bunch of fluff for other games i don't even play >.>
  12. I get a lot of the same feelings about Overwatch as i did when Team Fortress 2 first released (and that's a good thing). The combination of MOBA and TF2 feel is a nice deviation and the larger roster compared to tf2 is a welcome sight as well. I'll have to wait until i can actually play the game, but i do look forward to it. I haven't played TF2 pretty much since it went F2P (before that i probably had 400 hours on my steam account on the game @_@) So it will be nice to get back into a team fps based around strategy and not just personal K/D/A. Thanks for the review/opinions jerry, i look forward to trying this game out even more now.
  13. well crap guess i need to stick with a class and get on it then. Do we have a count yet on who is playing what roles? i tend to be flexible with what i will play but currently leaning towards Juggernaut or Assassin. (i have both at 65, will gear towards dps or tank depending what we need.)
  14. yaaay blow up everything! . . . <<secretly plays light side on all empire classes>>
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