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  1. AfterMath


  2. Well damn.....vVv got updated....shit just got real.

  3. Thanks for uploading those maps.:D

  4. AfterMath

    Think you can hoop?

    I think this guy might be the hater. I love how everyone says something to me if I don't like something. I consider myself an online hero for those who need a little help in life. In a way this guy is right.XD
  5. AfterMath

    Think you can hoop?

    I'm not hating on you, you're huff lol! You posted I commented. What you thought everyone was going to like that? LOL and the weight was sarcasm.
  6. AfterMath

    Think you can hoop?

    If you respect honesty then why are you getting so mad? Sure you got an offer for basktball, I can tell you didn't just by how you play.And I'm sorry that my body type doesn't allow me to gain as much muscle as everyone else, but I still work out, run fast, and I start PG. I can't really say if you got offers or not but from what I see I would not give you an offer. Like I said before no need to try to offend me because I don't think you're GOOD lol , and people say I'm deffensive smh!
  7. All I can say is basketball isn't for everyone.>_>

    1. Smurf Jedi

      Smurf Jedi

      lol, but tricks are for kids

    2. AfterMath
  8. AfterMath

    Think you can hoop?

    Was not impressed what so ever.>_>
  9. Rich ass nigha with a mouth full of gold!:D

  10. AfterMath

    Hexticity's 2011 Application

    Not until I sat down and thought about it.>_>
  11. AfterMath

    Hexticity's 2011 Application

    And what the hell does HMU mean?