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  1. Logged back in to read this. You've always been one of my closest vVv friends since the start man. It's really amazing what a gaming community can do and how it can bring people together from across the globe. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I honestly feel the exact same way and I wish this community the best. I've been donating up until last year I think and I truly believe there is hope for a new generation of vVv members. All it takes is someone to rise above and rally the member. A voice of reason. Let's keep in touch via facebook bud and hopefully we can reunite again sometime soon! Sincerely, Anthony Kraft Amenta
  2. vVv Kraft

    LCK W11D1 - Kraft's Fantasy Picks

    Wasn't a money team this week, but the picks were strong.
  3. vVv Kraft

    LCK W11D1 - Kraft's Fantasy Picks

    I've been doing well with the LCK in Fantasy drafts so I thought I'd share my picks this week. It's actually a tough week because upsets could easily happen with these two best of threes. However I am going with the stats and based off previous performances the following picks I believe are going to put me in the money pool. TOP Apple - $1136 JUNGLER Chaser - $1252 MID Crown - $1332 ADC Fury - $1412 SUPPORT IgNar - $930 FLEX Roar - $1260 SHOTCALLER FLEX TrAce - $1209 FLEX Pilot - $1321 I avoided all players from SBENU SONICBOOM. They are trash. So I started off my draft by picking the best to players from SG, hoping they get decent points. SAMSUNG GALAXY: Fury Crown After reviewing previous match ups I went through and made my picks. LONGZHU INCREDIBLE: Roar Apple IgNar JIN AIR GREEN WINGS: Pilot Chaser TrAce These picks are based off performance from the pervious two weeks and from their first match ups against each other from earlier in the season. Thanks and good luck if you use my picks. Kraft
  4. This one failed today because of Amazing getting -0.08 Niels getting 2.18 Dexter getting 4.64 And sOAZ getting 8.13
  5. Sweet! nice draft, going to use it. Just won $10 on LCK with my last minute picks. Ive been consistently winning on LCK, so much easier then NA.
  6. CW upsets bigtime! What a low scoring game too..UoL with the huge base race win though! soo sick!
  7. I've been on vacation so I didn't check vulcun all week. Time to get back into things and see what I missed from last week!
  8. Dude I sure hope so. GL on your roster today, keep me posted on how you do.
  9. Thanks for the info, today is a very hard day to bet on. This was my roster, we had very similar picks. TOP: Impact - $1306 JUNGLER: Move - $1238 MID: Keane - $1475 ADC: Piglet - $1373 SUPPORT: Bunny FuFuu - $1305 FLEX: Xmithie - $1162 FLEX: ZionSpartan - $1255 FLEX: Dodo8 - $875
  10. Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to this before but I had some doubt on your lineup this week. I feel like H2K was going to be an upset but it was close enough where I thought Hjarnan would either do really really well, or just ok. So I thought Id take the risk of putting him as shotcaller.. BAD IDEA in the end.. haha This was my lineup for day 2 UOL VIZICSACSI - TOP UOL KIKIS - JUNGLER GIA PEPIINERO - MID H2K HJARNAN - ADC (SC) GMB GOSU PEPPER (EDWARD) - SUPPORT UOL POWEROFEVIL - FLEX GMB CABOCHARD - FLEX ORG SOAZ - FLEX I expectected GMB to preform better but I was honestly not sure what would happen so I only picked two from that team this week. I'm glad I did because Pepper gave me 1.69 points and CABO gave 7.69. These were my two weekest picks which put me in top 10 instead of top 5. PEPIINERO WAS ON FIRE TODAY! Unreal game from him and he just crushed the boards. Wish I made him my shotcaller. I only had one bet going in for today, it was: $25 Gosu EU LCS W7D2 I placed 10/60 Which only scored me $5 but I'm happy my picks still worked out. Looking forward to NA LCS, Let's discuss picks bro!
  11. Awesome, we had a very similar lineup. I'm going to do two drafts, one of each. Today is a fun day with so many matches that can go either way. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts on todays matchups If anyone is interested the following is mine but its more high risk as I am putting some bets on GRV. TOP: Impact (TiP) - $1224 JUNGLER: Rush (TiP) - $1215 MID: FeniX (TL) - $1308 ADC: Altec (GRV) - $1550 SUPPORT: Bunny FuFuu (GRV) - $1083 FLEX: Piglet (TL) - $1462 SHOTCALLER FLEX: IWillDominate (TL) - $1168 FLEX: LemonNation (C9) - $977
  12. Let's chat tonight and work on some day 2 picks. My team did really well but yours did better! Nicks picks on day 1. Hope we can find some time for day 2 picks! Cheers. Kraft.
  13. vVv Kraft

    NA LCS W6D1 - Vulcun Fantasy Picks

    With just over 10 hours till the NA LCS Week 6 Day 1 begins, here my roster for this day. 3x TDK / 3x TiP/ 1x TL/ 1x DIG Safe Picks IMO: Shiphtur - is consitent and he's going against T8 so he should ultimately do well in this matchup. Quas - dominated C9 they last played. TiP Picks - is going against Enemy Esports, Last time they crushed them. The risky picks of the week: TDK Picks - I'm going for a 3 person TDK. Seraph is great, he's one of the best top's in the game and has fought hard to get back to the LCS. They had a very rough start but now that Emperor is back as their ADC, Smoothie should have a good game. The whole team will build momentum off his return and their dominant game last week. This is a bit of high risk Roster but if TDK hits off, this should be a top contender. (TDK) TOP: Seraph (Kina) - $899 (TiP) JUNGLER: Rush - $1363 (TiP) MID: XiaoWeiXiao - $1577 (TDK) ADC: Emperor - $946 (TDK) SUPPORT: Smoothie - $831 (TiP) FLEX: Apollo - $1516 (Shotcaller) (DIG) FLEX: Shiphtur - $1431 (TL) FLEX: Quas - $1395 I'm really looking forward to hearing what you guys are doing for Week 6 Day 1 NA LCS. -Kraft
  14. Hey Ballack, Awesome lineup this week, I love your reasoning behind it and if Rekkles can go off today, that Shotcaller bonus could be huge! I entered one with this lineup, can't wait for the match to start! Looking forward to your NA LCS Week6 Day1 Picks! -Kraft
  15. How did your lineup do? I missed this post, wish I got to it earlier. Can you suggest a W6D2 lineup? Stick with the same? What changes would you make? -Kraft