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    I can finally use the Shoutbox

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    Derek Charniga
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    Columbiana, Ohio
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    Gears 2 F.E.A.R. 2 CODMW2 Bioshock
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    chicken and macaroni pizza dr pepper
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    The Waterboy the dark knight australia hellboy 1/2
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    As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Bullet for my Valentine, Killswitch Engage
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    i like to play gears play guitar spend time with my band and jus chill most of the time. my town sucks and filled with whores and nothing to do. and i love my gf mishele.
  1. finally back. with a new sense of... well... i dont exactly know yet!

  2. finally back. with a new sense of... well... i dont exactly know yet!

  3. Fobia

    GnomepoleaN's App

    wats good little man lol. good luck cam and hope you make it. you better mr vVv by the time i come see you and your brother this summer. =)
  4. lol it's an epic title. I have no issue with people randomly bowing down to me if they want XD

  5. prolly was the coolness kids its a title you cant hide in public

  6. LOL yeah i'm gonna attempt the ZZ Top-like beard man. It's gonna be epic XD

    Oh yeah, and 4 people bowed down to me at school today. I think it was the coolness.

  7. damn straight kid now grow that beard out and wear it proud ur a damn man now. go get chuck norris on some ass!!!!

  8. You gave me coolness. <3

  9. Fobia

    Trivial vVv App

    i like this kid. hes polite (most of the time ;D jk) hes agressive and competitive. team works needs work but hes pretty good. overall i think hed be a great addition to the community and i approve of this application. good luck Triv. See ya round bro.
  10. Fobia

    HomeSick's vVv App!

    this kids pretty sweet its funny to play with him on cod cuz he says he hates british people and hes like british lmao. pretty cool guy good at cod and gears. good addition to the vVv Community I APPROVE
  11. Fobia, you know cus you love me, drop a comment on my vVv app =]

  12. Fobia

    Halo 2, Xbox LIVE and You

    this is gonna suck =( no more H2... im gonan miss you old bungie!!!! hopefully this will be a sweet night and maybe we can change their minds =) one can only hope
  13. Fobia

    Chibees re app

    yo man thanks for the revive. chibees. u need to get back in white boy. we miss you. goodluck. and hit em up for scrims. only on the weekends tho, cuz my parents r boxblockers
  14. do you take apprentices? =D