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  1. ForuMemail

    Frost's Application

    Good luck homie and stay active!! -.-
  2. ForuMemail

    Most used COG Character in Gow 3

    but ill probably use drake tho lol
  3. ForuMemail

    Most used COG Character in Gow 3

    Everyone looooooooves Carmine for some reason...
  4. ForuMemail


    Welcome to vVv!
  5. ForuMemail

    Whats up it's Skills

    I remember you guys. My old GT was Frosty is iLL when you teamed with SwooZy. Good to see you on vVv!
  6. ForuMemail

    Vote for GoW

  7. ForuMemail

    GTAIV or Saints Row 2

    GTA all the way.
  8. ForuMemail

    Krisbyy (Black Ops)

    Good luck yo
  9. ForuMemail

    FraGzEe Application

    good luck on your app!
  10. ForuMemail

    Southern Comfort - Halo: Reach

    good luck guys!
  11. ForuMemail

    SbN Offering Lessons!

    This will benefit many people.
  12. ForuMemail

    Asmo's tips for Amateurs

    Very great read.
  13. ForuMemail

    Gamer Rant: Stubborn Gamers and Moving On

    Great write up. Couldnt agree more.
  14. ForuMemail

    Christmas wish lists

    A new car (Which I didnt get)