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S1ayer Brehh

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  • Birthday 08/18/1992

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    Brendan Lionel Anthony Robertson
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    S1ayer Brehh
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    Gears of war 2 and Halo
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    watermelon and Chocolate
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    Harold and Kumar 2
  1. S1ayer Brehh

    S1ayer Brehh

    Ive been busy and yeah no interview yet lol
  2. S1ayer Brehh

    S1ayer Brehh

    Im available tonight after 8. Anytime until 11. its 1:27pm now. PM me Back FearJin.
  3. S1ayer Brehh

    Memorable vVv App

    Kids a beast get him on vVv.
  4. S1ayer Brehh

    S1ayer Brehh

    Thanks memerable and HULK
  5. S1ayer Brehh

    S1ayer Brehh

    Alright awesome i ahve PM u FearJin and im looking forward to it. This wait was worth its while
  6. S1ayer Brehh

    AKA Z0MBIE vVv App of the year :)

    GL on ur app and i dont think ur going to app of the year sorry to bursst ur bubble lol
  7. S1ayer Brehh

    S1ayer Brehh

    lol thanks jerebear
  8. S1ayer Brehh

    S1ayer Brehh

    its all about fun and we were just trying to piss everyone off lol it was so much fun. so dont get hype dude.
  9. S1ayer Brehh

    S1ayer Brehh

    yay two months woot woot!!! <3
  10. S1ayer Brehh

    Hobbss vVv App

    Gl on ur app dude
  11. S1ayer Brehh

    Nick Egan's vVv Application.

    Gl on ur app dude
  12. S1ayer Brehh

    Me7aphoR's Application

    Gl on ur app
  13. S1ayer Brehh

    Au7oBoTz vVv App.

    gl on ur app dude
  14. S1ayer Brehh

    FaMouz o9 vVv Application

    gl on ur app dude