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    Zach Kaufman
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    San Diego, California
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    Gears of War 1 and 2, cod4
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    Pizza, Hot dogs, Hamburgers
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    Liar Liar, Happy Gilmore
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    Everything i like
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    Soccer, Basketball, track, cross country, girls
  1. Sluts call me the lion

  2. Sluts call me the lion

  3. Arterials

    Count to 10,000

    1321 I cant believe were still on 1,000 grrrr
  4. Arterials

    Fobia vVv app

    Dont be jealous of his sex life haha
  5. Arterials

    Arterials vVv App

    Thanks my mic is messed up right now and im running on a 48h parents kinda mad at me right now so idk when ill get those things but yea sometime
  6. Arterials

    Arterials vVv App

    ight bro hit me up with a friend request
  7. Arterials

    Fobia vVv app

    Seems like a cool guy gave me a 48h code and flash back maps code dont know why people be hating on him on the shoutbox for talking about girls
  8. which college u doing to?

  9. playing cod4 scrims with prophet and prerogative u?

  10. Hey whats up hunny buns LOL :) jk

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