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  1. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    Alright I will hit you up.
  2. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    When are you free?
  3. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    @An1; Who are you with? We need to scrim together.
  4. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    I actually feel a lot better as of now. I threw up two more times this morning but I think it has passed. I can't stress the fact of how important it is to me that F/A's hit me up for the King of the Couch/NJ on the 21st of April we would need to start practicing as soon as possible and hopefully Havik and I can start something up.
  5. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    Lets do it, I'm totally down. The past two nights and including this morning I've been sick with a stomach virus. I threw up 23 times yesterday during the day and overall I don't even wanna know how many times. Tonight I will be on if I'm feeling better, as of right now I feel like I am going to pass out I just want to try and stay active. Sorry guys.
  6. Tears

    gunnars? are they worth it

    Even if you have to pay for a prescription pair?
  7. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    F/A for Team, KotC went well for me as a player, I learned a lot of individual skill and how I can improve.. however, my partners didn't all that well. We ended up getting double elimed, that's not good. Anyone wanna scrim and start a team that can play at NJHalo/KotC please don't hesitate to contact me.
  8. Tears

    o IEpiphany o Gears 3 vVv Application

    Good luck and have fun. If you need anything let me know I'd gladly help, add me on xbox for matches; Tear Rex
  9. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    I would love to change that, it's just that I've been super busy trying to put my KotC team together. Whenever you see me on hit me up if I'm free we can play.
  10. Tears

    The vVv Gaming Guitar Hero Invitational!

    This is gonna be pretty sweet, have yet to watch a GH tournament but I can't wait. Good luck to all.
  11. Tears

    Black Ops 2? Really

    Black Ops was one of the best CoD games that came out. CoD4>CoD:BO>MW3 If there is a Black Ops 2 it might not live up the original, but we'll see.
  12. I heard that hype is dead too, anyone else hear this? Is it true...
  13. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

  14. Tears

    Tears vVv App | GoW3

    Definitely, I sent you a F/R just now. Are you looking for a team?