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    SC2,COD-BO2,WOW and plenty of other games
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    My favorite food has to be the just plain Burger and fries lol with a vanilla shake
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    Bond movies any and all,and some funny crude comedy
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    slipknot,metallica,disturbed,korn,and so many more rock metal
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  1. I would Listen to the MLG stream with those bad boys also my favorite death metal and rock genre music Woot vVv
  2. needing starcraft 2 friends lol Hey guys im back if you dont remember me i was in Warhammer and AIon with you guys comp broke long story no job but now i got me a comp :D

  3. hitzsu

    AionDatabase.com wonderful resource!

    REALLY great site for Aion Info
  4. hitzsu

    Aion Live Crafting Plans

    Im all about the armor and weapon smithing
  5. hitzsu

    Crafting Guide

    Yup Ill be armor and weapon smith too help out all the Glads in the Guild or legion lol
  6. hitzsu

    Hitzsu-Gladiator-Aion Siel

    Name:James Age (minimum 15):20 Alias:Hitzsu In Game Name(s):Hitzsu MySpace profile name and URL:http://www.myspace.com/jameschaffin89 AIM Screen Name:None MSN Messenger:None Skype Name:None Why you are interested in becoming a member? I am interested because i was in VvV in warhammer online and would like to continue being a part of it in AIon How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom?I heard about VvV while playing warhammer online and it was lithyum or spylock who referred me How will you add value to vVv Gaming? I will stay active in the forums and shout box and im always in the ventrilo. Have you been to a LAN event before? If so which one and did you play or spectate?No i havent been too a LAN before. Please list any and all LAN achievements here, and indicate the prizes you have won.None Any future games? i am getting L4D2 when it comes out How many hours per week can you devote to gaming?at least 30 + Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis?Yes i do have access to these. What personal goals do you hope to achieve? i hope to achieve just gaining new friends and having fun while dominating people in the game What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? i like too read and draw anime also watch alot of tv lol Do you know anyone currently in vVv Gaming? and if so, whom? and how do you know them?
  7. is bored today wantsn too play aion but ..... LAGGY :P

  8. is bored today wantsn too play aion but ..... LAGGY :P