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  1. Red has always been an accent color and pushed to the background the bright red V removes all color balance from the image the red is just too overbearing. If we use the red V we have to lose the wings theres too much going on of the one color. And the wings will look like shit on print If we run them white or black. The Vs have always been white so that they stand out in the rest of the image. Running them red also runs the risk of the logo blending into many of our backgrounds as one of our primary colors we use to place the color on is red. Also making the V red limits us to white tshirts based on the design for the black Vs will not be truly viable on black and printing on a red shirt steals the uniqueness of the red V as for it's just too overly dominant of one color.
  2. Im still a fan of white/ silver letters, its been out goto since the beginning, would like to see this element remain. Also the Red V in the middle runs too in your face and would end up being the same logo for pontiac, a product of GMC and a white storke on the red text would make it pretty much the exact same
  3. Sometimes you have to be super fucking extra for no reason at all.😂😂😂
  4. Okay, so this is probably going to be my last visual post, until sunday~monday as for I start My work week, I will be gone thurs friday sat, night. I took the image provided, it seems every one is liking this design and layout. I figured we move the 2 outer V's down so that the ends of the V's hide behind the one in the middle. However rather thinking, what can we add, start thinking what can we improve. So far we have a flat image, that fills the space perfectly. think of it like a city, our boundaries allow us to only go so far outward. So when we have no room to build outward we start to think upward. Now we want to build the image upward so it isnt so flat, look at the shape what do you see? How can you fill in the area to complete the image image? We can start by using the center shape my giving it some color and depth looking at it I immediately notice 3 v shapes, I start by defining the shape of the V and adding some color to the inside, following up I can start to see the image take place. as we start to notice the image looks a little flat I Begin by adding a shadow effect around the letter, this allows me to make the the letter beveled and gives it some three dimensional pop. Finally as we finish up the letter, having our shading outline the letters look rather dull. we can clean this up by using a white storke tool, to add some lighting flares to our letters, this will give them a little bit of shine and help bring the letters to life.. Since this is a draft we can move in a few directions, should we incorporate lighting flares to give the outline contours of a bird since it does in fact look like a bird swooping down, the red flares are the bird breaking through the sound barrier or some shit i guess... kinda like wind resistance lol. Or some kind of alien spaceship from galaga or something. 😂 even just the solid V's are awesome But anyway we do It I know it will turn out bad ass this I promise. I quickly put this together to give you a visual representation. so measurements, alignments, lighting effects are not accurate.
  5. see previous post, stars are staying thats final. the wreath needs to go, the wreath really reminds me of Harcore Punks, and hipsters. especially with the 2007
  6. Removing the wreath for sure, still need re develop the bottom portion of the bird, Keeping the 2007 and shadow effects around it, the 4 stars at the top will be replaced with 5 stars to represent the 5 pillars of vVv Gaming
  7. this is just a general idea of what i mean not using this exact design though just showing how i plan to fill space.
  8. vVv Gaming text will be displayed both below and to the right of the image, and the image as a stand alone. The V's are in the image no need to design the tail minimal typeface is the goal, I will upload another image in a few min on paper of what I am thinking.
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