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  1. vVv Buzz

    Do you have a pet?

    I have a dog and a cat who do everything together. the two of them are the best of friends.
  2. vVv Buzz

    Looking for people to play with

    Currently playing Fortnite, Gears, and currently downloading the new call of duty for xbox. I also have been playing league of legends, rocket league, and fortnite for PC I Downloaded guildwars 2 but have yet to install it.
  3. vVv Buzz

    so uh it happened

    UDYR PENTA BITCHES. After about a year of playing straight udyr. finally raked in the penta.
  4. vVv Buzz

    who still plays

    anyone still play league at night I sign on all the time and get no one really on anymore and team speak literally has no one in there ever where has everyone gone?
  5. vVv Buzz


    Forreal tho everyone who said u would give me a skin better send em to me
  6. vVv Buzz

    Boever CoD application

    I like this guy hes funny as fuck! Im not a cod player so Idk how he is on the console side of things but hes fun on mumble, I would like to see him earn his V's he can take my shit and my jokes so hes good in my book.... but to move on further I wannna ask u boever What are u gonna do to add some real value? If u need some help just ask me I would be glad to help!
  7. I my self wear a Medium.... So im sure u will need a large or XL
  8. I would like to see the hats come around, I designed a mock up about a year and a half ago, I think RobZgod has the file somewhere as for it was on my last hard drive let me look if I have it on this computer I found it, It wasnt on my computer but I had it upladed online somewhere
  9. vVv Buzz

    UMG California May 15-17! Let's get HYPE!

    Fuck me for being in debt
  10. vVv Buzz

    Fuck You Thread

    I dont care what anyone here thinks about me, Im not slamming anyone in this thread just no one is thinking about what they post before they post it and not realizing what they are actually posting . The above post said that this thread has nothing to do with the cod division but if u look at every single post on the fist page of the thread every single post is by someone in the division slamming another member in the cod division, the thread quickly became a dick measuring contest.
  11. vVv Buzz

    Fuck You Thread

    are you sure? Well at first it was not, but then.... Sure the OP of the thread did not have to say anything about this topic, But after certain events occur, you need to understand one thing. Nothing in vVv is kept secret. People talk... when people talk, the word gets around the community. When the gossip tree starts growing, threads like this get created. then when threads like this are created... The first people to drown them selves are the ones circulating all of the drama because your the first ones to throw out a fuck you to someone you don't get along with. No offense but it does nothing but dig a deeper hole for that person... Its a nasty world isnt it. hmm... this post explains the exact difference between you, the rest of the cod division and me.... See you assume that I am just some raging alcoholic drunk with no direction in the world. which throws you in the bottom of the barrel of the people im talking about. Instead of gathering your facts before you spill them out there. You just go straight for the kill. But little do you know about me I have multiple months of sobriety under my belt. And its not so much "me being worried about the cod division" that I am worried about its more so the future of this brand and the immaturity of the console players. Come on man use your head, Is a player who comes to one of the CoD draft leagues when you have people arguing back and fourth all night? Nah, Their going to rather play pubs where their going to deal with the same shit. Don't get me wrong the only reason im in this thread is cuz ive been there and Ive done that.. I know how the console division works here probably better than anyone else. As for if I am so worried about "The Cod Division and I should take over." Go ahead start a kickstarter fund for me to buy me an xbox one, and a copy of Call of Duty. I will gladly take over the division.... But if I do just understand this, I will make sure every person is dropped and asked to reapply with a minimum 60 day app process... except bizkit who will be working closely with me on CoD staff. But chances are that won't happen so you are safe for now.. By the way B Easy.... you just might be right though. Cuz i dont know shit im just a shitty drunk graphic designer right?
  12. vVv Buzz

    Fuck You Thread

    Open your eyes and realize this forum post was to point out your division is hanging by a thread and instead of cleaning up your act and attempting to improve the division or community, your more worried about who is going to shit talk who in the next post.
  13. vVv Buzz

    Fuck You Thread

    A team is a good Idea and i think its important for any console division in this community, But lets be real with the way you guys act now is a horrible time to get one, the representation of this organization by the community is on the very low end. But maybe when you guys finally grow up and realize how to get a long with each other, and lead the division to bigger and better things you may be rewarded with one. When vVv Gaming Sponsors a team they are not only a reflection of vVv Gaming, but we as a community are a reflection of the players. Since the team will draw more outsiders to the community and you guys act the way you do, are our players going to want to stay with an organization that gives them a bad rep?
  14. vVv Buzz

    Fuck You Thread

    ^^ The second most educated person in this thread