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  1. are you a fellow amazonian as well?
  2. welcome to day one my friend
  3. vVv Buzz

    Wanting to join

    so we just hand out interviews to anyone with 5 less than 5 posts when ALL 4 of their posts were on their app!!! That doesnt even meet the minimum requirements to use the shoutbox. How can we even say this is remotely close to understanding the community, history, or have gotten to properly aquait them selves with the other members. What happened to the drastic changes we were going to see? We were promised the folllowing a cracking down on the forums increasing, posts and web traffic?
  4. whats crackin fear hmu sometime
  5. xbox drv lets u transfer clips like that? Is it in original source file like is it a full HD capture? with video its best to work with the most recent or original file, the more times a video up/downloaded. In this day, quality in videos is key. really beats the days of having to collect and have people properly cut their clips to meet bandwidth restrictions?
  6. Great, I would get in touch with some of the people who stream, im pretty sure they would have some clips laying around. looking forward to see what you come up with.
  7. the fuck did i just read? overall the design is great, just needs to lose the red stroke around the flares and have better spacing on between them on the stamped version everything will be perfect
  8. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=huion+kanvas+pro+12&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 If you act soon there is a digital coupon attached to save 28 bucks
  9. So I Decided to pick one of these bad boys up last week (Huion KamvasPRO 12), and have not had the time to sit down and use it until today. . Ive always been a fan of drawing up, or sketching out my ideas when starting a project from scratch this allows me to skip the process of using a pen and paper. and saves the time of scanning or photographing the image into my computer. I have used several pen tablets in the past and have had issues with the computer recognizing where I placed the nib On the tablet, and or trying to guess where to place my pen since my previous tablets have not had a display but were just a flat black canvas that read where the nib of the pen was located. The Huion Kamvas Pro offered a great display and canvas to work on the pen feels almost like writing on paper. The installation process was a little rough, because there were no real instrucuctions as how to set up the device which was an issue, because I had run into several issues while setting up the device. Thankfully for my prior knowlege was able to guide me the rest of the way. I only took the time to start on this one file, to see how the device operated in which i scrapped the file so if you were looking to get ur hands on it, thats a no bueno. after several sit downs, I finally came up with a somewhat completed image to have to show. as for the quality of the product once I got everything up and running the tablet ran smoothly and there was no lag time from when I placed the pen to the surface. my lines came out smooth and followed exactly with the flow of the pen on the screen and was not offset. However I do wish there was a little more friction to prevent the pen from sliding out of place from where i put it this will have to take some getting used too. Its been several years since I have worked with a design tablet and I have had many successful projects in the past, and from what I accomplished today, I can see my self completing a lot more. If anyone is intrested in the product and has any questions I would be glad to help share my expereince with you.
  10. Tried it no one gives a fuck, they say they want it but dont buy it, Its a waste of time and resources. Dont ever donate to an "awarness" foundation either their main objective is to inform people of the issue rather than supporting a solution for the issue, My suggestion would be if you want to "raise awareness" start a support group, or strike up a conversation with the person next to you. If you want to make a difference donate to a company that supports finding a cure for the suggested health defect. Not saying its a bad idea, but the community is not really big enough to support it making a lack of a demand for it.
  11. I LOVE WHAT IM LOOKING AT WHEN I SEE THE STAMP!!! THIS IS THE SHAPE! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS SHARP AND SEXY. EVEN IN A 1 COLOR RUN!!! but we need to add a tiny bit more space between the seperation of the flares, They will not show up at smaller prints at that scale no more than 1-2 spaces (not sure you method of measurement youre using) though, because we dont want it too wide either. as for the top part of this. the silver stroke should go, the gradient looks a lot smoother, but gradients are really tough to work with though, if were using a gradient I would add a drop shadow into it to make the middle V pop out as if it were actually towered over the V's on the wings if were using lighting we need depth. Do the same for the white, but rather than a dark gradient use like light off white or really light gray, colors to pure white, should make it look smooth add a drop shadow here as well. the solid black with the 3 different colored flares isnt selling it to me. but Love it when i look at the stamp version. and the 3 colored flares need to be with the gradient version. The stroked variations on the bottom, I really see no purpose in using them ever, but they did look great on the presentation, to allow visual of the skeletal structure of the logo.
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