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  1. Been over 3 great years here and I'll still be around all the time. Currently I play for one of the top teams in Smite and it is causing a conflict of interest. As such at this time I am resigning to pursue this. Thanks to everyone and I have no doubt that all roads lead back to vVv.
  2. Going LIVE today in about 15 minutes, make sure to stop by and ask some questions! www.twitch.tv/roxsick
  3. Yup Baka new god, tiny Agni nerf. Guan Yu nerf happened about 3 weeks ago sure you heard about that. Other than that not alot of balancing mostly UI improvements and bug fixes. And yeah check out Zhuu as well! Joint effort trying to get more people into the game ^^.
  4. Glad to hear, really hope it can grow as an esport.
  5. Hey guys, Rox here. For the last month or so I've been putting a lot of time into this game. For those of you who do not know it is a third-person MOBA consisting of all skill-shots. I like to imagine it as a cross between traditional MOBA and MMO sense of movement and style. Anyway, the purpose of this thread is to hopefully interest people in checking out the game, it is pretty unique, and a crap-tonne of fun. If you're just getting into the game there are a few sites already dedicated to this game that can be a great help; http://www.reddit.com/r/Smite/ - If you're familiar with reddit then you know the deal here. Community posting boards discussing every facet of the game! http://totalsmite.com/ - An almost TeamLiquid style site. Constantly updated news and events happening in the community. One of a few that have popped up but this one for me makes the best impression. http://forum.hirezstudios.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=276&sid=beacf1f9d4afd8168c6d89c27add717c - The official SMITE forums from Hi-Rez. Always a great source for patch and bug fixing information. Further more the dev/mod team are really involved with the community, so you can always find sneak-peaks for whats in store with the future. And lastly - http://www.twitch.tv/roxsick - My stream, I stream quite often. I interact with chat and always discuss balance/meta etc. If you ever feel like stopping by for a quick chat or playing some games please do! Any chance to get more people involved in this game I'll take. I really want to see it flourish in vVv. Please don't hesitate to add me in game, my ign is 'roxsick' and if you need a beta key and are interest in testing it out just let me know!
  6. He seems like a lot of fun, not my style of play but I may just try him out.
  7. Yeah I'm so stoked for this, finally 5 mans.
  8. No one would use Jesus, such weak AP ^.^
  9. http://smitedb.com/m...-in-game-files/ 16 to be exact, including some awesome names like Loki, Ares, and Medusa. Pretty excited! Many Unreleased Gods Found In Game Files Over 16 new gods have been found at various stages of development in the game files. The gods range from completely finished to reserved black squares in art assets. A full list of gods and some artwork can be found below. Aphrodite (Greek, Goddess of Love) Ares (Greek, God of War) Bakasura (Hindu) ! Pictured below Chamunda (Hindu, Aspect of Devi) Dionysus (Greek, God of Grape Harvest) Fenrir (Norse, Monsterous Wolf) ! Pictured below Freya (Norse, Goddess of Love and Fertility) ! Pictured below Guan Yu (Chinese, General of Liu Bei) ! Pictured below Garuda (Hindu, Mount of Vishnu) Isis (Egyptian, Goddess of Motherhood and Magic) Loki (Norse, The Trickster God) Medusa (Greek, The Gorgon) Qi-Lin (Chinese, The Chimerical) Rakshasa (Hindu, The Man Eater) Shiva (Hindu, The Destroyer / Transformer) Yen-Lo-Wang (Chinese, The God of Death) ! Pictured below What do you guys think?
  10. Actually the complete opposite, new controls are meant to complement the increased speed of Judgment (with no stopping power etc). Edit: I'm really excited, the whole metagame is gonna be completely different its gonna be like learning a whole new game. With all our concerns being addressed the only thing I would like to see is more KotH friendly maps and maybe another competitive gametype, but the latter is doubtful.
  11. I'm diggin' it. That game type looks really fun. The class system makes it look like 3rd person Natural Selection which I like. Also that Kantus is like the TF2 medic which is awesome.
  12. Welcome back. If you decided a few days earlier coulda got you in some cycles for gow.se. GL dude.
  13. If you're into grinding (I find Diablo grinding awesome) dungeon-crawlers with a lot of inventory, item and money management fun then by all means. Personally love the game.
  14. I'm pretty torn, will probably end up getting it for PC but that comes out two weeks after console T-T. So excited for the game though.
  15. Personally I think this is awesome. Takes a lot for a massive company to admit their mistakes. They anticipated Bnet 2.0 to be flawless, even though it took them this long to realize its weaknesses they're fixing it.
  16. Just pre-ordered my game and have it downloaded and ready for that midnight launch. Looking for some players who wanna grind all night, hoping to stream it too. (Experienced players preferred ).
  17. Phew got scared for a second there. Thought the title said "So I'm a Mormon." False alarm.
  18. Product lists from newegg: Power Supplies 700-800w http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007657%20600014023&IsNodeId=1&name=701W%20-%20800W Hard drives 400-900gigs http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007603%20600003274&IsNodeId=1&name=400GB%20-%20900GB Its a long list so may take you a couple mins to find whats best for you I suppose. Nothing wrong with what you had before can just save a few bucks. Mainly with the PS.
  19. Ok my opinions: You're overpaying for that hard drive, 500gb at 7200 rpm for $110.00 is a bit much. Same goes for your power supply, should be able to get a similar for half that price. And lastly I would go with an MSi card, specifically the Twin Frozr model : http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814127608 Less chance of compatibility issues since your mainboard is an MSi as well as the core and shader clock come stock faster than the EVGA. Not a big deal since you can OC yourself easily but just a few little benefits with that card for the same price. Other than that its pretty good I would say. No expert in intel processors so I won't provide my input on that. Edit: And you're gonna put windows on that ssd I'm assuming?
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