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  1. The game is definitely getting bigger by the week. The Internet's largest Splatoon community is over at Squidboards.com, you should definitely check it out! It's still a small, growing game, but the competitive scene is taking root.
  2. This is my favorite thread
  3. Damn, this dude Rob came in and did work. From Gears to President of vVv. Not bad. In all seriousness, though, congrats to the both of you. Rob, your work ethic and determination is a admirable to such an unfathomable degree. You are the best man for the job, I'm glad it went to you. I did see it coming, but who didn't? I honestly haven't seen anyone do what you did in an organization, at least not with my own eyes. I'm really happy for you, my man, you deserve everything you've worked for. I'm glad that this succession from Jerry to Jordan to Rob has happened, putting vVv in the right hands each and every time. Jordan, whatever you're doing now, I know you'll own that shit and I can't wait to see what you do. Same with Rob, can't wait to see what you do with vVv. Also I fully support JayC makin' moves. People's champion.
  4. <3 I got you. We'll be chillin' in the future. I'm gonna try to teach myself DotA so we can play. xD
  5. Very appreciated, my man. I absolutely will. Thanks for being one of the OGs stickin' it out around here. Always had great times on the Xbox with yah, let's try to play again sometime! Much love, my dood
  6. Although I've decided that now is the day that I confirm this decision, this is something I've been preparing for a long time and ultimately wasn't an easy decision to make. Now I think I'm ready to go forward with it. I joined the forums in July 2009 as a Gears of War player and was accepted into the organization a few months later in September and since then I've progressed in competitive gaming farther than I ever had. I joined vVv to become a better Gears player...instead, I became a better person (and definitely not a better Gears player). Not only have I gotten to meet and become friends with some of the best people in gaming, I've traveled to do coverage for major tournaments and events, I hosted my own podcast and was a co-host of The Loser's Bracket, I had a successful blog and I cherished every moment of my time here. Over time, I realized that vVv was not a place you stay a long time as a gamer. I've seen hundreds upon hundreds of people come and go over the past four years – some I've stayed in contact with, some I've never spoken to again, and some are still here. Not many, though. And with that I realized that I came to vVv to learn and I did that, and now I am ready to move on and continue with the next part of my career. That's what vVv is ultimately about – learning and finding who you are and what you want to be, then setting off and doing that. For all the good times and the bad, the successes and the failures, vVv has always been my home and a place for someone like myself to come back to. I'd say Call of Duty really lowered the bar and changed this organization for the worse in some aspects. The quantity of applicants may have rose but the quality heavily suffered. The community changed to seemingly pander to the lowest common denominator of gamer and it's a shame because we have done really great things. Sucks that our most recent greatest achievement is barely keeping a Black Ops 2 team together. It seems like it went from developing players to just trying to get whoever is available to play for us. Call of Duty lessened my interest in vVv and being a part of it because the game is so lacking as a competitive title and it absolutely dominates the forums, unfortunately. As it stands, I'm focusing once again on Smash Bros and fighting games and vVv is not going in the same direction. But, that obviously isn't the reason I'm leaving. I've been here for a while without necessarily following the same goals at vVv as a whole. I have also returned to writing about Nintendo games over at NintendoEnthusiast.com and I have started up Directional Influence again over at ClashTournaments, which is run by ex-vVv member Chibosempai. I'm a regular commentator on his streams and now a contributor as a podcast host. And I hope to be working with others concerning Smash and fighting games going into the rest of this year and next year. However, thanks to all I've learned at vVv, from interacting with a community to podcasting to eSports development, I'm able to continue forward with skills and experience while still being a young gamer in the industry with a lot of time on my hands in the near future. I think that's why this decision feels right at this very moment – I have fully accepted my development here at vVv and I'm ready to move on. I'd like to personally thank both Jerry and Jordan for, well, everything. You both took me in, despite my age, as a staff member and developed both my writing and administrative skills. You both always had great advice and even dealt with me whenever I could be insufferably annoying or troublesome. And when an MLG event rolled by, I was allowed to stay in a vVv room regardless of my situation. I always felt welcome and wanted thanks to you two and I've learned far more from the two of you than I have from most people. I want to personally thank the both of you in person for all you've done for me the past four years. This won't be the last you see of me and I hope we can continue to stay in contact and whatnot, especially at big events. Sincerely, it means a lot not only that you accepted me into your organization, but that you kept me around and realized both my value and potential. You made vVv not only an organization, but an experience that sticks with you and changes you as a person. I can consider myself bettered as a person and gamer thanks to vVv and you two. From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful for everything. As for everyone else, for the close friends I've made, Team Rapture, the Gears players, the Loser's Bracket cast, everyone I've squadded out with at MLG events, and everyone else I've come to know for a long time and still know that I've got you, thank you for making vVv great. Thank you for making vVv a place I want to be and being people I want to be around and be friends with. I don't want to list names because I don't want to exclude people, but for anyone that reads this that's OG, you know who you are. And for everyone else besides everyone else, keep vVv strong and growing. Please don't turn it into a stupid sniping clan. Because sometimes reading some threads, it feels that way. So I'd like to officially hang up my V's today and make my resignation from vVv official. While I will not be around the forums like I usually am, you can always find me on Twitter and Facebook as always. I want to cross all our paths as much as possible, so please do not hesitate to keep in touch. I don't plan on vanishing or anything. XD -Ya boi, Rapture
  7. I hope one day all this builds up and competitive CoD just rolls over and dies. Only a matter of time.
  8. There is someone definitely trying to screw with you
  9. Yeah due to SC2 not being at Columbus I am 100% not going to this event.
  10. Because people are born into situations they cannot control and, in many cases, cannot control much of their own lives to begin with. No one chooses to be poor or hungry.
  11. MCHG is definitely pop rap and if you think Kanye's only good song is "Through the Wire" then the only song you've ever heard by Kanye is indeed that song. MCHG is trash, not only by Jay-Z's standards but by quality music's standards and, in comparison, Yeezus outperforms it. Considering Kanye and Jay-Z are two of the most popular rappers of all time and just recently released albums (as well as being long-time collaborators and friends), which is why I made the comparison.
  12. Well, you never said what your opinion was or what you were basing it on, so I asked. I know it's your opinion, but this is the debate area, so you don't have to explain to me how opinions work or how this process works. Anyway, IMO aside from a few lackluster songs, Yeezus is not Kanye's worst. There's a lot of quality sampling and lyricism (despite not being near his best, by far) that keeps it Kanye without it being old or repetitive. I wasn't a fan of his last two albums (besides Watch the Throne), and although I'd prefer more work like older Kanye, I also understand that artists change and never make the same music throughout their career. Nevertheless, Kanye has consistently maintained the soul and style in his music (evident in tracks like Bound 2 and Blood on the Leaves, for example) that first made him popular. He still sounds like Kanye, his flow is still Kanye. Jay-Z, on the other hand, has lowered himself to what populates pop rap today - flowless lyrics rapped on repetitive, casual beats. Few new artists are actually establishing some well-earned real estate (Kendrick, J. Cole, etc.), but Jay-Z decides to mime crappy flows and rhymes of shittier rappers and collaborates with the banes of modern rap (see: Rick Ross). He has so much to say, but does nothing but brag about how rich he is or where he came from. As I said earlier, it seems like a sub-par parody of himself. It's like a bad rapper with the voice of Jay-Z sometimes. At the very least, as a Kanye fan, I've been able to consistently enjoy each and every one of his albums, while I certainly cannot say that for Jay-Z.
  13. LOL you still haven't contributed anything. You haven't answered any of my questions. You fail to explain exactly why Yeezus is bad and/or why MCHG is good. Yet you're so quick to throw out yet another question. Irrelevant. Sales do not necessarily equal quality (see: Twilight, Call of Duty). Plus, MCHG was given for free to Samsung owners/subscribers/whatever it was.
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