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  1. vVv Toxicity

    Thoughts on discord?

    I have used both the browser and client version but I was having a lot of problems with the browser version. I was getting crazy spikes in game and the voice quality would go to shit at random times. After I switched to the client I had no problems though.
  2. vVv Toxicity

    Who's Actively Playing WoW?

    I just came back recently and have been playing my Lock on KJ. BattleTag leo#13184
  3. vVv Toxicity

    Favorite Energy Drink

    Grape NOS by far
  4. vVv Toxicity

    Deck Lists

    Main Deck atm: Ballin on a budget http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=42628/ballin-on-a-budget
  5. vVv Toxicity

    Currently Playing

    I still play. Thinking about xfering to a different server because of lack of activity/if anyone was active the raid times are days I cannot make it anyway.
  6. vVv Toxicity

    10 Man Core Group

    Lock is 545, Resto/Enh Sham 540/523 atm. Probably doesnt matter because I will never be able to make 50%, let alone 90% of raid times lol.
  7. vVv Toxicity

    Are Ranked Games really equivalent to this?

    This some ignit shit, yo.
  8. vVv Toxicity

    Guild Meeting

    I dont have a set schedule for work so weekdays are probably not the best for me, so I vote Saturday/Sunday.
  9. vVv Toxicity


    I have a Sham, Mage, War, and Priest with full tyr/grieve.
  10. vVv Toxicity

    Elemental Shaman DPS rotation advice

    Basically keep flame shock up on as many targets as you can to proc lava surge and use ele blast and lava burst on cd.
  11. vVv Toxicity

    Current level 90s?

    lock is now 534. Also have a 535 resto shaman/ele sham http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Dtmarklar/simple
  12. vVv Toxicity

    Possible New Rig

    http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=23014645 Comments?
  13. vVv Toxicity

    Stitches app <3

    I, endorse Stitches LFG. How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? I've known him for about 4 years. What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? I thought he was pretty funny and that he says "Lets go!" way too much. What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? I'd scrimming on GoW was always fun in game and out of game I'd say Njhalo. What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? He is very active within the community and is passionate about what he does. How could they improve to be a better potential community member? Nothing really, as long as he stays active. Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? I heard hes a catcher or something. Do you feel that they know and understand the five pillars of vVv Gaming? Yes he definitely knows these
  14. vVv Toxicity

    Stitches app <3

    Post whore and you wish you had an audi
  15. vVv Toxicity

    Stitches app <3

    I would give you an endorsement but Zodyak already did for this week. It's good seeing old faces from 08-09 around here again because there are only a few of them still left.