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  1. vVv Brock

    PAX South - Are you coming?

    Really wanted to this year. Last time was an absolute blast, but it looks like I'll need to wait until PAX East this coming MArch to get my PAX fix. Have fun, everyone!
  2. vVv Brock

    vVv Bagzli as new President of vVv gaming

    Congrats man! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with this community and organization!
  3. Congrats Jordan! I'll be interested in seeing where vVv will be this time next year!
  4. vVv Brock

    JayC's resignation

    Sorry to see you go, man. Best of luck to you!
  5. vVv Brock

    PAX South 2016 - JAN 29-31

    Still not absolutely positive what my plans are, but I'm still hoping to go. Haven't booked a flight or room yet.
  6. RT @GoldenboyFTW: #THANKYOUBOB

  7. The Joy of Painting Marathon! I could watch this all day! #bobross https://t.co/KEQxd2sotH

  8. RT @UbiParadise: Less than 24 hours until my #GuitarHeroLive marathon on #Twitch. So damn excited! Hope you'll come hang out tomorrow start…

  9. Foley Run 5k!! Final time was 23:53, my fastest 5k ever! http://t.co/EOqCBKER7m

  10. vVv Brock

    PAX South 2016 - JAN 29-31

    I'm in! I'm not sure if I'm staying with a couple Guitar Hero buds or not, but I have my pass bought and will almost definitely be going. Can't wait!
  11. RT @Hell_Ashes: Sight read on drums is first place lawls #RockBand4 http://t.co/ffKuS7YEEH

  12. RB4 24 HOUR STREAM! expert guitar! http://t.co/fWB1FKdBZk

  13. vVv Brock

    vVv Gaming Returns to Guitar Hero

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Awesome to get the team back together, and with George repping the three V's now, we're in as good a place as ever! Can't wait for events to start popping up!
  14. @vVv_Gaming SO. FREAKING. PUMPED.

  15. RT @UbiParadise: http://t.co/IBjqJas6DC -- Only three weeks left until #GuitarHeroLive! Starting a bit earlier than norm. Let's play some …