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  1. Doctor

    Hey Guys. :D I'm New.

    What's your MM?
  2. Doctor

    Voison's HotS application

    I like this guy. You all should keep him around.
  3. Doctor

    First Annual vVv Get-Together: GenCon 2016 Aug 4-7

    Am I invited!?
  4. Doctor

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    There's a plethora of stuff I want to say in response to these concerns but typing all that may cause carpal tunnel. Where the mumble meeting at my dudes!?
  5. Doctor

    Stitches is back

    Ayyy look at this guy. How you been Matt
  6. Doctor

    What does vVv mean to you?

    vVv used to be the place i'd visit - more so live on day in and day out. Life has gotten in the way and I cannot be here anymore but I still love you all. vVv is special and it felt great to be a part of something meaningful and vast in the gaming world.
  7. Doctor

    Cuz hes got swagg

    He's got something Chuck doesn't.
  8. Doctor

    What are you reading?

    Doing a lot of reading regarding Philosophy. To me, the best reading is the most thought-provoking. Of course I delve into Psychology much given it is my major; although, it can be boring because it merely offers definitive answers. I love how in Philosophy almost everything is destined to be open-ended rather than just answer plainly.
  9. Doctor

    Hello friends.

    Trying to move away from that vagabond style. As if you were any competition... *insert here* <3 Oh, you.
  10. Bad aspect of F2P games; content is not as crucial in the developer's eyes.
  11. Doctor

    Arkaine's vVv Application

  12. Doctor

    Hello friends.

    Hey all, After a long hiatus I'm back to vVv...yet again! I've really missed this place and I'm happy to get back into the community. It has been a long time and I'm looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces. My contact info is in the my signature if anyone ever wants to play something or conversate; I'll be around.
  13. Doctor

    Favorite/Best YouTube Video?

    As in legal or physical means? Either way, that version is the bomb.