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      We have moved to Discord   08/04/2016

      There has been a strong desire among the community to migrate to Discord for quite some time. As of today, our community will be using Discord and as a result, we will no longer be actively using our TeamSpeak Server.  The TeamSpeak server will temporarily stay active to help inform all of our move to Discord. Within the next couple of months, it will be shut down completely.  For a quick invite to our new Discord server, you can click here.  
      For a full detailed guide visit http://www.vVv-Gaming.com/Discord
    • vVv Bagzli

      New Supersonic Series Start Time   10/17/2016

      We would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent survey regarding the start time of our tournaments.  After reviewing responses from the survey sent out to tournament participants we have decided to make changes to the start time of our events to try to better accommodate everyone.  Beginning on Monday, October 24th, all of our tournaments will start an hour earlier - at 8PM Eastern.  This means that registration will close at 7:30 EST, and that check-in starts at 7:30 EST and closes at 7:45 EST.


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  1. High Defined's Re-App

    lol calm down casperz. No one is leaving anything unless they simply don't play, in which case gutta and I will look for 2 instead of 1. Anywho, good luck again defined.
  2. High Defined's Re-App

    Hey good luck and all that, but I will not be on that team. No offense. I already have an almost set team, they just haven't really been on since the beta ended and probably won't be getting back on until Gears 3 comes out. If you three are all looking to team together then awesome but I'm pretty much just filling in. Just to clear up any misconceptions.
  3. Why gas prices are so damn high

    The demand isn't really more or less than what it's been in the past ten years. And ten years ago gas cost around $1.20 per gallon. Fiat currency is a major cause. I don't think you understand how big of an impact that has on the price of not just gas but all goods especially considering the amount of money that was printed and then pumped into our country via the bankster bailout. Fiat currency is paper currency backed by nothing btw and when more of it is created it becomes less valuable and thus has less purchasing power. Now taxes also play a part because the taxes on gas have also increased over the past ten years whether directly on gas itself or on those who make profit on the gas. The third, peak oil, is just starting to come into effect. Peak oil I'm not going to get to far into but essentially what you have is a product that is a finite resource meaning you cannot simply grow or make more oil once it is gone. It's a process that occurs naturally over thousands of years. Peak oil specically is the point in which oil production reaches is maximum extraction rate and then begins to decline. As a world we are coming to that point in which oil is reaching it's maximum extraction rate. This has been talked about since oil became such a major commodity. If you sit and just think about the amount of oil that used everyday to power peoples cars, to make millions plastic based products that come wrapped in plastic, to heat homes, to cook food, to ship the plastic products around not just our country but around the world. Now I'm not going to get into it much more than because honestly this should be common sense by now but it obviously isn't. I can send you my economics paper if you'd like which talks specifically about the issue of gas prices. It's not naive at all, those are the major causes. It's naive to sit and think,"oh man, people just want more gas"(demand).
  4. Why gas prices are so damn high

    Not really considering they're all complex issues that are intertwined with the issue of gas prices. I just don't really feel like elaborating as I've already had to do that before on the issue.
  5. Why gas prices are so damn high

    The reasons gas prices are so high is due to three things. 1) Inflation caused by fiat currency(aka paper money backed by nothing) 2)taxation 3) finite amount of oil in the ground(aka peak oil).
  6. Eternal Team app

    Yeah i was holding you back from going over things... what a joke
  7. Auhbility re-app

    good luck bro hit me up for a scrim sometime
  8. JayC vVv App

    shouldn't this be in the professional apps since you 15th at orlando? oh wait its jayc nevermind <3 kidding
  9. Eternal Team app

  10. Eternal Team app

    yes i care very much about my post counts. infact, i would have to go and say that my post count is probably the most important thing in my life. If came down to finishing a term paper or getting my post count up i would immedietly start posting. all the sarcasm aside casperz you did help us get out am thank god and jayc you're the biggest random to ever get t16 <3 time for the shower scene
  11. Eternal Team app

    wooooooooah buddy who you callin a random? didn't we discover you? lol jk
  12. Eternal Team app

    oh agreed. columbus and dallas <. lol
  13. Eternal Team app

    woah woah woah buddy lets not get all crazy here. I'll give you orlando...my first event we don't speak about tho <3
  14. Eternal Team app

  15. Eternal Team app

    lol thanks. I was kinda nervous at first but then gutta started doing his little dance I just started cracking up. putting up more points on both their host maps than my own host > . good luck btw with the next event. Hopefully you're not scrambling around last min for a team again =/ also to all those saying we're not active enough my connection is hardlined and seeing as i'm constantly playing and a senior in college I won't always have time to get on and post but i will def get on every few of days or so to say something. thanks for all the support, shweaty